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Nigeria's female oil tycoon

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Amy Jadesimi is the managing director of LADOL, an oil and gas servicing company, based in Africa's most populous nation -- Nigeria.
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stevo Stevo (22 days ago)
I am trying to see what hard work she is doing when you are telling people what to do - by the virtue that your dad was in oil business with stolen money. She graduated as a medical doctor but she was working as investment banker. Really !!!!!! You are telling me that the British are the biggest fools or SHE is the greatest LIAR. She did not even do internship which is a requirement for QUALIFIED degree holders. Nigerians are full of success stories when you are corrupt. Nigerians are full of success stories because even media will not try to confirm or corroborate these fathom lies. Here is my take on this. Let her show to the press her paperworks and salary to prove that she easily transitioned from medical to a banker. If it is a fairly tale and fairy tales are full of fables. She has no experience in oil and gas industry. These are the people who are selling the future of Nigerians born and unborn to big oil companies here in the West. She is not an engineer but a glorified secretary. The brochures she was showing were designed by the Western oil companies and not by Ladol. These oil companies are parasitic blood suckers. Theyare in the business of deceiving gullible people like Nigerians. They don't have fuel Shortages in US and Europe but Nigeria does. They don't have over 75 % unemployment but Nigeria does. Nigerians need to stop making a fool out themselves. Stop selling your country short.
Innocent Magaji (1 month ago)
Proud to be a Nigerian, proud of Jadesimi.
Gasp Gasp (3 months ago)
well they say that they are the queens of africa.
Luc Desprets (5 months ago)
4 years in the US and that was sufficient to have an American accent for life... These jokers with the fakery. Well I must say I'm happy to see women take on male dominated rolls in Africa.
robert manoa (2 months ago)
Her accent is more British upper middle class. I am an American and she definitely does not have an American accent.
Luc Desprets (4 months ago)
Mr. Abiodun Onile guy if only you know how long I tay for your land. Wish you all will embrace yourselves. It breaks my heart for una. Una want talk like oyinbo no be so? So who wan take una seriously when una no even like una own accent? Person go Dubai 2 weeks come back de yan like Britico. Wetin jam Britico man accent with Arabo man accent? Shame never catch una tire? Well Abiodun, you can see I'm no mugu to the naija man's way of thinking. Be proud of your accent. It's beautiful. IF ONLY YOU ALL WILL EMBRACE IT the way Ghanaians are embracing theirs. It needs to start from somewhere. No one's going to take you seriously or cherish you if you don't cherish your own uniqueness. I CAN ONLY TELL YOU THE NIGERIAN ACCENT IS JUST AS BEAUTIFUL BUT THAT'S LEFT TO YOU TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Shebi na oyinbo man yansh una wan kiss? Carry go. I don yan finish.
Mr. Abiodun Onile (4 months ago)
if she speaks in a way you can't understand you will say she's salvage, but now she does it your way and she's fake
Luc Desprets (4 months ago)
Neanderthal Extinction I love how you wrote, " ... sort of has a British accent ..." , which means that you somewhat do agree that when she talks the American accent is more dominant and one can slightly hear a British accent. Now let's analyse this together; from what you say, she's lived more years in the UK, than the 4 years she's spent in the United States, which should mean her British accent should be stronger and not the dominant American and Nigerian accent I hear with a slight British accent. And doesn't the it say in Anthropology of language that it is impossible after the age of 11 to uncounsiciously acquire an accent? Meaning that after age 11, any accent you've picked up is just well practiced and you have the ability to switch between accent if one so chooses and not the default accent a person will always return to behind closed doors. Also dear friend, since you said you've been to Nigeria, ever noticed how we foreigners with British sounding or American accent never pick up their accent no matter how many decades we spend there? Or even our kids? My kids weren't born there. But I have friends who've had a couple of kids there. But not 1 of them have uttered a nigerian accent when speaking. Not even BY ACCIDENT!!!
Neanderthal Extinction (4 months ago)
I have been to nigeria while I agree that may be the case with some this woman said she hasn't lived in nigeria since she was 4 years old until she went back she still sort of has a british accent to me
hola hola (10 months ago)
There is nothing inspirational here, medical degree in oil field is the reason Nigeria is bastardize. Take away her dad's success and connections and she would easily be fustrated. Where are the cranes....engineers dont seat in the office they do the core field work. Not flashing the fields for the cameras. We know happens in the oil sector, Nigerians get the field and partner with foreigner partners who do the real work more than 50yrs after oil was first discovered we are still partnering not bcos we cant purchase the expensive equipment but bcos ppl like her have no experience to operate and manipulate equipments on the field.
jj (11 months ago)
I hope damn Devils don't kill her
David Adeyi (11 months ago)
she's a hard worker indeed if you have a clue what it takes to earn an MD in the UK or US. Of course a good support system helps
Rob Green (11 months ago)
Love This She's Truly Awesome
Swiss express (11 months ago)
Great to see Africa Rising.She is a great leader.
BlueTaurianBull (11 months ago)
female tycoon but she makes money because of the DOMINATING men who work for her....
Felix A (11 months ago)
wow shes smart
Jason (11 months ago)
thanks to daddy? that ain't so hard isn't it?
PWill PrinceLevii (11 months ago)
Jason keeping up a business is hard work, especially in such a field.
d (11 months ago)
i like this trend of looking up to "sucessfull" people who preach hard work and that any one can make it if only they work hard ,but then you realize all their success was given to them at birth in this case probably by some corrupt government official or state sponsored corporation.
Ma Jesty (11 months ago)
TheJoker 254 👍👍👍👌👌👏👏👏👏
TheJoker 254 (11 months ago)
So true man, infact the poorest people actually work the hardest but in this life there isn't a direct correlation between hard work and success, in fact most of these successful people got lucky, their environment and them being in the right place at the right time really increased their odds of success, ask them to do it again with different circumstances and you'll end up with a different story altogether. The formula for success is as hard to properly define as that of happiness. Much of success like life in general is determined by chance after all in the end reality is just a confluence of chance and circumstance.
thatguy34603 (11 months ago)
nepali hercules (11 months ago)
papas business
nepali hercules (11 months ago)
her medical degree has nothing to do with what's shes currently doing
Toussantlbisso (11 months ago)
Papa Did'nt earn that Medical Degree ! Or The Masters Degree !

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