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Punnett Squares and Sex-Linked Traits

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Explore inheritance when carried on the X chromosome with the Amoeba Sisters! This video has a handout here: http://www.amoebasisters.com/handouts.html Support us on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/amoebasisters Our FREE resources: GIFs: http://www.amoebasisters.com/gifs.html Handouts: http://www.amoebasisters.com/handouts.html Comics: http://www.amoebasisters.com/parameciumparlorcomics Connect with us! Website: http://www.AmoebaSisters.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/AmoebaSisters Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmoebaSisters Tumblr: http://www.amoebasisters.tumblr.com Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/AmoebaSister­s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amoebasistersofficial/ Visit our Redbubble store at http://www.amoebasisters.com/store.html The Amoeba Sisters videos demystify science with humor and relevance. The videos center on Pinky's certification and experience in teaching science at the high school level. Pinky's teacher certification is in grades 4-8 science and 8-12 composite science (encompassing biology, chemistry, and physics). Amoeba Sisters videos only cover concepts that Pinky is certified to teach, and they focus on her specialty: secondary life science. For more information about The Amoeba Sisters, visit: http://www.amoebasisters.com/about-us.html We cover the basics in biology concepts at the secondary level. If you are looking to discover more about biology and go into depth beyond these basics, our recommended reference is the FREE, peer reviewed, open source OpenStax biology textbook: https://openstax.org/details/books/biology We take pride in our AWESOME community, and we welcome feedback and discussion. However, please remember that this is an education channel. See YouTube's community guidelines https://www.youtube.com/yt/policyandsafety/communityguidelines.html and YouTube's policy center https://support.google.com/youtube/topic/2676378?hl=en&ref_topic=6151248. We also reserve the right to remove comments with vulgar language. Music is this video is listed free to use/no attribution required from the YouTube audio library https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music?feature=blog We have YouTube's community contributed subtitles feature on to allow translations for different languages. YouTube automatically credits the different language contributors below (unless the contributor had opted out of being credited). We are thankful for those that contribute different languages. If you have a concern about community contributed contributions, please contact us.
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Grant Kins (10 days ago)
Your nerves deceive you it was a phantom sensation
Christopher Quillin (17 days ago)
Channels like these are Always coming through the night before finals
Fimazu Youtube (23 days ago)
Love this comment please <3 I luv ur video
Tabassum Khatib (1 month ago)
Love you for helping me understand this
Red Gaster (1 month ago)
Why do most males have to get the disease?!
Orson Macleod (1 month ago)
did your teacher make you watch this?
Sebastian Mata (1 month ago)
Hello knuckleheads
Jesus Avila (1 month ago)
Hajra Sohail (1 month ago)
Thabk you sooooo much
MrYololololo (1 month ago)
Free tay k
pete mathew (1 month ago)
Amoeba Sister I would personally like to thank you for the clarification on how sex-linked traits work and how to diagram them. This will definitely display positive effects on my Test tomorrow.
Taylor Altidor (2 months ago)
So upset I'm just discovering these videos. Only two weeks left of the semester, But so far the videos have helped extremely. Would love to see epistasis Punnett square video.
Hortencia De La Rosa (2 months ago)
if you haven't already can u make a video on alleles and genes?
Amoeba Sisters (2 months ago)
Glad you are looking for that one- we very recently released a video on that topic! :D https://youtu.be/pv3Kj0UjiLE
DrSauce (2 months ago)
This video makes me want to walk my fish
Jesus Avila (1 month ago)
rose1_ / (2 months ago)
I was watching my video in class and I ask my neighbor why did they have to be black and he told me to calm it down on your video
rose1_ / (2 months ago)
Comment down
Sean Gjoka (3 months ago)
MsDaltonScience (3 months ago)
My class loves your videos! Why are you called the Amoeba Sisters? Are there 2 of you?
nkhan247 (3 months ago)
Thanks petunia no geans but genes, lovely
Natalia Mason (3 months ago)
Good Job once more .
Smokey (3 months ago)
But seriously, how do these gals have more subs than insaneintherinmusic?
Smokey (3 months ago)
Christopher Capozzi (3 months ago)
Veey helpful thank you
J L (3 months ago)
Amoebas are hot Im writing a fanfiction about this
PROHACKER CRAFT (3 months ago)
all of theses videos suck
Chloe K. (4 months ago)
the only reason im passing bio rn
Brennen Tracy (4 months ago)
This video gave my autism
Ava Chisholm (4 months ago)
Thank you for helping right before my Biology exam!
Victoria K (4 months ago)
"The first inkling that sex chromosomes were unique from all other chromosomes came from experiments conducted by German biologist Hermann Henking in 1891… Henking saw that some wasp sperm cells had 12 chromosomes, while others had only 11. Moreover, while observing the stages of meiosis that formed these sperm cells, Henking noticed that the mysterious twelfth chromosome looked different from all the others. He thus named this chromosome the "X element," to represent its unknown nature. The Y chromosome was identified as a sex-determining chromosome by Nettie Stevens … during a study of the mealworm Tenebrio molitor … Stevens proposed that chromosomes always existed in pairs and that the Y chromosome was the pair of the X chromosome discovered in 1890 by Hermann Henking … Stevens named the chromosome "Y" simply to follow on from Henking's "X" alphabetically."
Ritwik Bhattacharyya (4 months ago)
But can you explain why it is carried by females only and expressed in males only. Or my knowing is wrong?
Pedro Zavala (5 months ago)
Elyse Huss (5 months ago)
FNDC_PowCheez (5 months ago)
my teacher assigned this for my class to watch and i loved it because it is super helpful and full of funny pictures XD
Citlali Francisco (5 months ago)
I don't get this
You saved me!thank you!
Jemaa (5 months ago)
Honestly, I never liked science/biology class but after watching your videos I feel in love with it and I'm getting a better grade in my class and I understand it so much better when I watch you.
federico lesmes (5 months ago)
That ending music is amazing
Sandesh Pandey (5 months ago)
Wow...no flaws in your explaination😘😍😍
Nijensky Isaac (6 months ago)
this explanation is way better than my teacher's Thankyou
Ohnolillam (6 months ago)
I love the cute cartoons! Makes learning something that's boring into fun and simple. In med school using this for simple breakdown of genetics. Thanks!
Mary Harp (6 months ago)
wow thanks so much! this helps a ton!
ErinVlogs (6 months ago)
These are good to watch for it simplified but also bozeman science is good
duty_boy (6 months ago)
Very helpful. Thank you.
NOBEL DJ (7 months ago)
I got an A thank you
Kaitlin Corr (7 months ago)
Y'all take 6 minutes to help me completely understand a subject that takes my professor weeks to explain.
David Li (7 months ago)
Thanks guys!
Chris Nebu (7 months ago)
Thank you guys! You guys make my life a lot easier:)
Sabrina Olivas (7 months ago)
I honestly love your videos, I'm a junior in my college career and I understand all these examples better than my teacher has explained them. Thank you all.
Tyler Myers (7 months ago)
I like how my college biology class costs somewhere in the ballpark of hundreds of dollars, I go to every single class, read the textbooks, review my lecture notes, and pay attention, but still don't pick up on topics like this. I come to this 6 minute video, learn for free, and have the topic down instantly...
BOGObiology (8 months ago)
I had an X chromosome before it was cool, too. They've gone all mainstream and it's basically ruined it ; )
Ben Saahil (8 months ago)
XX is Female XY is Male, " But Facebook Told me there are 72 Different genders?! " Is it all a Lie!!
fabiansanchez10000 (4 months ago)
Gender and sex are two different things man....
flurrynsw (8 months ago)
This channel is very helpful. Keep up the good and informative contents
Zen Squad (8 months ago)
what about when you are unisex???
3bd Al-3ziz Alhindi (8 months ago)
Awesome explanation, better than my boring prof :/
David J Mann (8 months ago)
Did you just assume their gender? Come on.
Ekaterina Ledyaeva (9 months ago)
nice job
yash modi (9 months ago)
Sir/mam. Your videos are superb...... please add a video explaining law of independent assortment.
Martin Lawrence (10 months ago)
Most useful channel ever made for my genetics class... I dont understand what my teacher says but this, I understand!
Life with Mar (11 months ago)
Your videos are awesome, I really understand
ROKMC Rec. (1 year ago)
2:06 did you just assume my gender
pimbarmentlo (1 year ago)
This is awesome
Gary4 DLC (1 year ago)
I really enjoy your videos :)
Freedomboy006 (1 year ago)
i am non binary and i find that science is triggering me with facts about sex chromosomes
Ellie Jenkins (1 year ago)
Scott Beyer Racing (1 year ago)
Plz delete ur channel
Aadi The WARRIOR! (1 year ago)
3:36 i feel bad for that woman
J_mac225 (1 year ago)
HELP!!! What if the male has the hemophilia trait, while the female does not? Is a male offspring with hemophilia possible?
2 Minute Classroom (1 year ago)
Yes. Since it is a sex linked trait and attached to the X-chromosome, the male offspring can have hemophilia if the mother is a carrier and and passes that hemophilia X onto her son. A male will always get his X chromosome from his mother, along with any associated traits. Hope that helped.
Its Epicosity (1 year ago)
There is a line from a song by Eminem (Rap God) that says "But for me to rap like a computer must be in my genes, I got a laptop in my back pocket."
Nic’s Life (1 year ago)
Wow I actually find this interesting
Ryan Alexander (1 year ago)
sonjabaaby (1 year ago)
You girls are amazing. You got me through biology! Thank you so much for these videos, they are extremely helpful!
godinkman (1 year ago)
great as always.
Evelyn Bell (1 year ago)
These videos make learning fun :D
Gabby Price (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. So much better at teaching this than my lab professor 😅
Clara Rose (1 year ago)
I love bio
Jordan Laliotis (1 year ago)
The SunChaser (1 year ago)
So, do people with hemophelia have a low white blood cell count?
Steven Monroe (1 year ago)
We just watched your meiosis video in my college bio2 class! thanks!
Isabel Reynoso (1 year ago)
I use your videos all the time. the are great videos. Thanks!
Aruwa Ansari (1 year ago)
I love your videos, they are very easy to understand and fun
Well I'm not confused anymore 😀😎
Thatpenguinkiwi (1 year ago)
Payton Kedziora (1 year ago)
It's not Thursday, but I'll do a #tbt anyways. #tbt to 7th grade science 2 yrs ago when we used to watch Amoeba sisters!! The teacher and I thought ur channel was adorable lol
Amoeba Sisters (1 year ago)
This made our morning! Thanks so much for staying subscribed even when you're done with your class. That means a lot to us! :D
ProtectTheAlphaWolf (1 year ago)
Great video! This helps a lot with my school!
tsolmon chuluunbaatar (1 year ago)
what is a carrier,please help me
Nikita Ah (1 year ago)
You literally save me!! 😀
Owen Ludwig (1 year ago)
I love this video i learn nothing! THXS
Pyrocyncal (1 year ago)
I'm just tryna get a quick Lil suck
Ricardo ZC (1 year ago)
I have a question: Is the inheritance of hemophilia a case of dominant, intermediate or codominant inheritance? Saludos!!
lilmiszmeh135 (1 year ago)
I believe inheritance is complete dominance. When you are homozygous or heterozygous dominant for the trait, only the dominant allele is expressed in both cases and you won't have hemophila. It is only when you are homozygous recessive that you will have hemophilia. Hope it helps!
lilyrosedaisy2003 (1 year ago)
Do you have a video on pedigree charts?
vix ter (1 year ago)
you guys are awesome. I always look at your videos before class. They are a great prep for class!
Ronesh Sukhdeo (1 year ago)
VGR (1 year ago)
This channel always helps with my science u guys get a sub😄
ScienceFan1859 (1 year ago)
Why not follow the custom of Capitals for labeling Dominant? Capital N for Normal, little n for color-blindness, or hemophilia, or muscular dystrophy? Using Capital H for NOT hemophilia is unnecessarily confusing...Big Fan, btw!
Arabella Isabel (1 year ago)
ScienceFan1859 it's because hemophilia is sex-linked recessive
Helpful video. Good job. I shared this with my students.
FireBolt 1062 (1 year ago)
I'm triggered
Its Epicosity (1 year ago)
Hi triggered
_BURNOUT00 (1 year ago)
i came here for porno did not expect ms paint
john tindell (1 year ago)
very helpful video! Thank you very much
Alex Parkinson (1 year ago)
Good video
Lana Bundy (1 year ago)
I love your videos ameba sisters! Almost every day my class watches an episode in class.
Laura Sánchez Pineda (1 year ago)
I love your videos guys! Greetings from Mexico!
Amoeba Sisters (1 year ago)
Yay---and so awesome to hear from someone from Mexico! Thanks so much for watching our videos!
Brad (1 year ago)
This was way less cringey than I expected it to be.
Brad (1 year ago)
+Jackson Nichols yes
David Bux (1 year ago)
why is an educational science video cringey? here is the definition of cringe since you don't understand the meaning of it: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cringe
Brad (1 year ago)
+Mary Karen O'Neil It's for a meme.
Mary Karen O'Neil (1 year ago)
Mary Karen O'Neil (1 year ago)
says the one with the minecraft username smh
Vee Couture (1 year ago)
You really have made my biology class fun. I was always afraid of the sciences but now I am highly intrigued.

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