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Shitana Land Issues (Official Music Video)

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Lt. Shitana- Land Issues Optimistic Pictures 2016/ Album: Kula umone
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Text Comments (29)
Foxxy Shikulo (1 month ago)
Rachel Halukonga (2 months ago)
it is true
JTox Hanghuwo (5 months ago)
oshoshili osho 2018.
Sigrid Nestory (10 months ago)
Yadjani oland
Tangeni Pedur (5 months ago)
Sigrid Nestory Evinng
Ngunda J.Paulus (10 months ago)
good job, Shitana i wish the town cncels in all towns watch video.
Rachel Halukonga (10 months ago)
this song really touches my heart because I am experiencing the same issue.
Efeny Shiwa (11 months ago)
nice song.....I like it..hand ups to shitana👍👍👍👍
Peneyambeko Petrus (11 months ago)
be blessed Shitana we are behind your back . ...truth must be told one way or another
Simeon Nghifikepunye (1 year ago)
Keep on telling the truth bra
Ruth Kauhitwa (1 year ago)
u are tllng the trth shitana,,,Kalunga neku yambeke tatekulu
moses nghinamwaami (1 year ago)
news paper
Elizabeth Hautoni (1 year ago)
This is great
Local is Lekker (1 year ago)
max jonas (1 year ago)
dankie boh
nanghambe abraham (1 year ago)
keep it up bra
Tough track..
Reginalda Dume (1 year ago)
Erastus Nambala (2 years ago)
Keep the ball rolling ma boeta. ....
Paulus Shigwedha (2 years ago)
I've not watched NBC or One Afria in a while...but d the play these songs? if not, why is that? This the type of music that should be on television... Sensible music!!
Johnson Haikonda (2 years ago)
Well done man..
Shawelaka Tunga (2 years ago)
salute Mr shitana
Adriano Erick (1 year ago)
Shawelaka Tunga
PAULUS HATUTALE (2 years ago)
Well done man.....
Hole R4power (2 years ago)
Well done,iam rally behind y bro.God continue to bless y with that talents.
Ndinelao Paulus (2 years ago)
moei moei Lt Shitana!Pula komesho
Eino Shapopi (2 years ago)
Go ahead my brother. God is good.
Eddy Tuhafeni (2 years ago)
Its dope
veikko thomas (2 years ago)
Job well done my nigga ... God bless you

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