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Huawei Mate 10 Lite Review

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With a 5.9-inch 2:1 edge-to-edge screen and a solid metal design, the affordable Huawei Mate 10 Lite is dressed to impress. We spent about a week testing the phone and found that it runs mostly smoothly, has a rather good camera, but ships with an old version of Android. Read our full Mate 10 Lite review here: https://www.phonearena.com/reviews/Huawei-Mate-10-Lite-Review_id4474 -------- PhoneArena.com is your ultimate source of mobile tech news, reviews, and info. The PhoneArena YouTube channel delivers a vast range of smartphone, tablet, and accessory video reviews, in addition to regular hands-on, unboxing, and other uploads. Visit PhoneArena.com: http://www.phonearena.com/ Check out the YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/PhoneArena Music by Ehrling: https://soundcloud.com/ehrling

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Text Comments (212)
tss92777 (11 hours ago)
Хах добро ревю. Харесаха ми българските снимки.
_ ImRaizex (4 days ago)
This phone very beatfull
WhenCatsfly (6 days ago)
you forgot about that it has face recognition
noureldin sharaf (6 days ago)
"Updates will be slow, and they might not even come" ARE YOU KIDDING ME MAN?! I have been using that same phone for a month and I had an Android update yesterday. DUMB ASS
Laura Cardona (6 days ago)
I hate that it charges so damn slow
zahraa hamoud (7 days ago)
Mate 10 lite or y7 prime 2018?
NoodlesPoodle (8 days ago)
Huawei why do you make his phone only 2.4gh internet single band and not dual band
Sayed Ameer (8 days ago)
Who is watching with mate 10 lite :-D
Balázs Karácsony (13 days ago)
take some English classes please.
lovin george (19 days ago)
Hi, I have a Honor 9i/mate 10 lite and I tried on a Huawei Mate 10 pro smart view case on, bit of a squeeze, but i just tried it on to see if I can get that side view feature when the flip cover is closed, as in P9, P10, Mate 9 pro, mate 10 pro, etc. This side window view feature seems to be unique to Huawei, and i was hoping to get it working on the mate 10 lite, but it does not seem to be working, is there any app that I can download or anything I missed out in the settings in order to activate this. Please help, thx.
Husnain Swati (19 days ago)
worst camera
Dyubos 69 (29 days ago)
Is this the nova 2i?
Mai Madkour (1 month ago)
Guys , IS it better or Sony xa2 ?
Fatima Rabat (1 month ago)
Is Nice phones
João Silvério (1 month ago)
dude you killed me with the pronunciation footnote 😂
mquinn (1 month ago)
So what the difference between mate 10 lite and mate 10
ORO 0147 (1 month ago)
Nah, it's getting Oreo and EMUI 8 with Project Treble support
ORO 0147 (1 month ago)
janajana14 Because Huawei said it themselves....
janajana14 (1 month ago)
ORO 0147 How do you know that?
FrappyTex (1 month ago)
i didnt understand how long does it take to charge...
Rahul Gohkool (1 month ago)
Friends going to buy this phone on saturday it is a good phone?
google user (1 month ago)
This one or nokia 8?
Sue Iranka (1 month ago)
Accent is lit😻, i enjoyed listening
pepsit0 (1 month ago)
Само аз ли забелязах че си от варна :Д
umair khan (1 month ago)
stop reviewing please
赤佐田菜浜 (1 month ago)
Johnny BranMuffin (1 month ago)
"I Muss Brreak You..."
Dheeraj Sawant (1 month ago)
does 4g band support in india ?
Junior Rivera (1 month ago)
- Did You Say, It Doesn't Work In U.S.A.????
Thiago Perito (1 month ago)
What's the difference between Mate Lite and Mate SE?
ugljesa jovicevic (1 month ago)
where are you from????
V3nko Dimko (2 months ago)
Are u slavic ? Bulgarian perhaps?
Murat Yıldız (2 months ago)
02:42 heyecanı yok gazapizm ? ahahaha
ronald telos (2 months ago)
i find his speaking so disturbing,..lol a nightmarish way of talking.
Patrick Cawley (1 month ago)
I wonder what you sound like speaking his language
Vassil Yuroukov (2 months ago)
Пич оправи си акцента... Просто е ужасен. Иначе страхотно ревю. Така е прави. Браво !!!
KALOYAN D. (2 months ago)
abanoub hemaya (2 months ago)
i Created Huawei ID and when i tired to activate fine my phone i cannnot find it at cloud in my phone i just found it a site only my phone huawei mate 10 lite
Yasser Raza (2 months ago)
Battery time is not good
Thor Odinson (2 months ago)
This Phone is great. Compared to my previous S6 edge i would have to say that its overall better. Huawei Mate 10 lite: Better ram, bigger build in storage, bigger display, faster finger print scanner S6 edge: better display quality, better camera.
Psycho X Gaming (2 months ago)
7:00 what game is this please ?
Pedro Duarte (22 days ago)
i dont know..
Bashir Ahmed (2 months ago)
i purchase this mobile today i like it very much the cemara result is also best video quality is very good 1080 recording
Sadequr Rahman (2 months ago)
How to open front light on video call ?
Ali M (2 months ago)
Thanks for your Great video! May I know your choice between Huawei Mate 10 Lite and iPhone 6s? I'm looking forward to your answer...
Ali M (2 months ago)
Thanks for the reply!
Ardıç Biçer (2 months ago)
Ali M iphone 6s is kinda outdated i say get the x or 8 if you cant id suggest the lite
Daniel Veja (2 months ago)
Never thought I'd see a phone for a phone that I like made by Gru. I like Gru too, so no offense here.
Malak Malook (2 months ago)
My huawei mate 10 lite is going to come on Thursday the reason is biz my dad bought it for my birthday but he will bring it from another country
DubuOnew (2 months ago)
What was the game he was playing on 7:01?
Arun Kumar (2 months ago)
Still I didn't get new updates. Why?
Sadii man (2 months ago)
It has an option to switch to the app drawer
Blaž Perme (2 months ago)
This phone is AMAZING
Hissam Yousaf (2 months ago)
no TYPE-C .. breaks my heart. :'(
Anthony Turner (1 month ago)
I don't really mind.
tzeki (1 month ago)
Hissam Yousaf it's the other way for me, I hate type-c
ORO 0147 (2 months ago)
Low light performance great for a phone priced like this, and that 1080p video isn't bad in my eyes
Misha Liaqat (2 months ago)
Huawei mate 10 lite or vivo v7 plus.
Hans Santoso (2 months ago)
Misha Liaqat huawei
Tanvir Ahmed (2 months ago)
Best phone mate 10 lite
FerA (3 months ago)
I had to choose between this and Samsung C7 Pro. And I choose the C7 Pro, it has over the Mate 10 lite , USB type-C, 3300mhz battery, and quick charges in 1h:30, stereo speakers (loud), 4Gb Ram and 64Gb storage, Amoled 5.7'', dual band wi-fi ...so that's that.. Nice review as always...
Mad Malice (3 months ago)
Mate 10 lite or Honor 9????
S Mey (2 months ago)
Mad Malice Mate 10
Nath my problem (2 months ago)
Mad Malice honor 9
Ejhay Cruz (3 months ago)
is this a Huawei Nova 2i?
Nath my problem (2 months ago)
It us
onetwo flowerz (3 months ago)
in the PH? yes
Svet the Saiyan (3 months ago)
Ejhay Cruz Honor 9i*
Clinton Quiocho (3 months ago)
can't download ROS on this phone, don't know why.. tried troubleshooting it nothing works, from clearing data caches to resetting the phone back to factory reset nothing seems to work. still cant find any solution. this problem seems to be in all games exceeding 500mb. the phone just won't dl it. the play store will prompt you with "error code 495" and directs you to troubleshooting but still doesn't work. does anybody has the solution yet? just bought the phone 3 days ago, it still a great phone and gaming runs smoothly but I just cant seem to dl "big games" (need 4 speed, gta, ROS) . . . if anyone has the solution to this, please let us all know, thanks.
Mahone (3 months ago)
Mate 10 Lite or Sammy s6?
Miro [Fin] (20 days ago)
10 Lite
Ricardo Oliveira (3 months ago)
Any one of you can put the display with the configuration without burn the eyes because of the white color.
lakyari here (3 months ago)
WTF man U peoples are never satisfied Finger will touch the camera ....lol
VIbhavi RAjapakshe (3 months ago)
what is the use of SAR Sensor in this phone?
Mufay Lohana (3 months ago)
Ben Ben (3 months ago)
Trust me, Update will come! Why you say that don't?
UFCMMA93 (3 months ago)
watching on my Huawei Nova 2i (Mate 10 lite) the camera is great u can use night time and set the shutter speed also HDR , pro mode and the battery is great I got 8 to 9hrs screen on time also 12 to 13hrs screen on time with power saving On.
Murari Rajan (2 months ago)
UFCMMA93 love this phone
UFCMMA93 huawei's kirin 659 is equal to qualcomm's snapdragon 660 and it is more up to date has a bigger screen and less bezels and camera is just great
UFCMMA93 (3 months ago)
Atir Chaudary Moto Z Play are better than Mate 10 lite ✔great battery life ✔great camera with larger pixel size 16MP 1.3ųm and 4K rec. ✔Snapdragon 625
Atir Chaudary (3 months ago)
huawei mate10 lite vs moto z play ? please tell me
S Mey (3 months ago)
which one should I go for- Samsung A5 2017 or Huawei Mate 10 Lite ?
Raj Mohan (24 days ago)
I am not happy with the low light photography
KingFlame (2 months ago)
Yo I have the mate and it ain’t bad tbh
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
BTS For ever I have the mate 10 lite it's probably top 3 best mid range phone camera out there beating most of Samsung cameras too I mean like what mid range phone has 4 cameras 13 + 2 on the selfie which is incredible on lighting and 16+2 on the front with portrait mode for the amazing blur effect and sharpens the photos for quality pics its unreal and just to add you know the snap chat filters? Yeah we got an update for the phone it's built in the camera app it's amazing and we got Face ID just like IPhone samsung
BTS For ever (2 months ago)
Sisa Mey thank you so much 💜
S Mey (2 months ago)
BTS For ever yes the camera is really good
Wai Tim So (3 months ago)
No,. The L23 model selling at Amazon support LTE in US.
Eric • (3 months ago)
Wai Tim So I've been wondering that. Thank you.
Asif Khan (3 months ago)
Great phone
Frédéric TONTON (3 months ago)
Lol he's destroying the features of the phone throughout the video and at the end "we're mostly positive about it" ???? They even made me doubt whether getting it or not!
jheng nazal (3 months ago)
With it prize. I love mate 10 lite. It amazing for me.
Muhammad Ayaz (1 month ago)
jheng nazal 31000
Anthony Turner (1 month ago)
jheng nazal you cute.
trippplefive (3 months ago)
you forgot to mention the best feature : Huawei spying on you. great feature.
RattusN (29 days ago)
So does Apple, Facebook, Google, etc etc etc ;-)
Leinad TYN (1 month ago)
It has dual front cameras, one for CIA other for China, see they have come to an agreement
Misko Urban (1 month ago)
near all systems spy on you but not lineage os and linux
Ian Moone (2 months ago)
If you are living nowadays, everyone can spy on you. For your tracking are used phones (everybrand and model), credit cards, client cards, cameras. So you cant hide nowhere.
Fr3e3 (2 months ago)
Americans have done it since the first smartphones so....
FafchoTV (3 months ago)
i buy this phone in the middle of january, and i like it verry much!
Gurjant Dhiilon london (10 days ago)
Daniya Batool which one u recommend htc ultra or this one tell me buddy
Daniya Batool (1 month ago)
I buy thx phone in the middle of February 2k18 nd I like so very much.... 💖👌
Laurence Lacson (3 months ago)
Great review!
afnan sagher (3 months ago)
mate 10 lite is it water raistence ?
EHL-İ OSMANLI (3 months ago)
afnan sagher no
TheDudeFromTheHood (3 months ago)
Unfortunately, no.
Ömer Berkcan Genişol (3 months ago)
2:42 @Gazapizm mi o :S
Catalin Ionescu (3 months ago)
I can't understand how people say the Huawei UI looks bad and they prefer pure Android. Pure Android is absolutely horrible, it looks like an old school Nokia or something like that. If I had to choose between a pure Android phone and an iPhone I'd get the iPhone, even though I hate iOS and never had an iPhone. Huawei UI is amazing, I only buy Huawei phones since the P9 Lite just because of the UI.
Black Mamba (25 days ago)
Catalin Ionescu salut române,ce faci pe aici?:))
Hesham Hammad (1 month ago)
When was the last time did you try a pure android and what was it ?
mtksbctk (2 months ago)
axel tuijten i love BMW M3 even though i've never own or even driven it, you dont have to own something to have an opinion about it
Nawaz Waseem (2 months ago)
Catalin Ionescu It is a mess.. I owned a P9 and the UI was hideous.
Gadget Man (2 months ago)
Myself, I prefer stock but not only for cosmetics, stock Android in my experience are trouble free unlike some phones I have tried from Honor, Blu and ZTE. The Honor 5x rebooted twice while I was on a phone call, hence to say I avoid those modified UI's
Yassen Hesham (3 months ago)
Huawei mate 10 lite or oppo f5 overall better?
Yassen Hesham (3 months ago)
Amro Elmalah did u try it in heavy games?
Amro Elmalah (3 months ago)
Mate 10 lite for sure dude it's a better overall phone and the Kirin 659 is no joke either it can handle anything you throw at it and the phone doesn't get slow by time
Lokey Clashes (3 months ago)
Yassen Hesham No! i dont know what they are talking about! The camera is absolutely amazing. Especially the portait mode. It provides many details due to the double camera on the back AND on the front.
Yassen Hesham (3 months ago)
one last thing some people say that the camera take soft pics that doesnt have many details is that true ?
Lokey Clashes (3 months ago)
Yassen Hesham The camera at night i have not tested but i imagine its is good. As for the gaming aspect of thing the 4 gigs of ram and the excellent cpu can handle almost every game at ultra graphics at 60 fps. So yes for gaming it is veeery good
Trev4000 (3 months ago)
Great review - I ditched 2 old iPhones to buy this Nova 2i (in Thailand) and its a fantastic phone for the money. Happy to switch to Android.
Durga Pun (3 months ago)
Huawei mate 10 lite doesn’t supports 4G LTE in USA????....
aboel santos (3 months ago)
It's only in the US or in other places also?
Durga Pun (3 months ago)
Young D.E.Q thank you for the information
famousdeq (3 months ago)
Durga Pun huawei phones don't really sell well in The USA so they don't have much band support and there phones are usually not even sold there
Durga Pun (3 months ago)
Michael Josias (3 months ago)
finally a video not featuring johnv
Kurt Dressel (3 months ago)
Very thorough review. Strange that this phone doesn't include NFC.
tzeki (1 month ago)
What can one even do with NFC? Honest question
Hamy Apple (3 months ago)
The phone has nfc i think it's region dependent
Norman Adison (3 months ago)
Kurt Dressel the back is metal
Sandra Sarmiento Jacobo (3 months ago)
Hola! ¿Es mejor comprar el huawei mate 9 o el mate 10 lite?
Liel Bouskila (3 months ago)
Sandra Sarmiento Jacobo mate 9
Sabeeh Saqib (3 months ago)
"I have been using it for a week" lmao 😂😂😂. You didn't even know this phone does have an app drawer. Phone Arena has gone nuts 😂
Sabeeh Saqib (1 month ago)
Broodjekaas ! The app drawer is right there in the main settings. I enabled it right after taking the phone out of the box. And if he hasn't used the phone well enough so why is he reviewing it? Why isn't he taking his time to review it in the right way?
Broodjekaas ! (1 month ago)
Well I didn’t discover everything about my phone in 1 week as well..
Argel joseph Dig (2 months ago)
Matt Sharief no bro..
Matt Sharief (2 months ago)
Does this phone waterproof bradah..? cause am interested to buy it..
Argel joseph Dig (2 months ago)
Sabeeh Saqib yeah waahaha bad review
Tom Alawatte (3 months ago)
Honor 7X is the better choice. It's mostly similar to this phone but way cheaper.
Denis Petkov (5 days ago)
TheDudeFromTheHood i am from bulgariaaa do u speak bulgarian?
Myah Saunders (26 days ago)
I am Australian and this phone costs $300 and the Honour 7x costs round bout $400
Anthony Turner (1 month ago)
Was honestly wondering what the true difference was... Seems similar enough.
Pogsit Pogapo (1 month ago)
lol 8mp secondary
TheDudeFromTheHood (2 months ago)
Marko Oja Yes! The best phone you can get for the price. The camera is very good!
Seyhan Çetin Videos (4 months ago)
Струва си конечно се пробва този телефон @:
Hi Moon (4 months ago)
p10 lite is better phone
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie mate 10 lite is way better they are almost incomparable
Lokey Clashes (3 months ago)
atanas Dikov hahahha not even close
yankee0949 (4 months ago)
Horrible accent!
Sam (1 month ago)
stupid comment
Don't insult your own accent dude.
13shivan (2 months ago)
yankee0949 how many languages do you speak? This guy speaks English like it's his native...
fazeel ashraf (2 months ago)
No one asked you
famousdeq (3 months ago)
yankee0949 that's just rude😕😐
haha la (4 months ago)
This phone has app drawer,you need to open this feathers in setting!
Nath my problem (2 months ago)
Lol you guys 😅😂😂😂
Ted Ehioghae (3 months ago)
like wings
David Bowie (3 months ago)
What’s feathers
yankee0949 (4 months ago)
haha la bro, do you know what “feathers” is? :-D
Ishaq Wahyu Afifi (4 months ago)
huawei nova 2i in indonesia
Trisker games (1 month ago)
Also in Thailand
nikkkuuu 29 (3 months ago)
Also in Philippines
Faaiz Accel (4 months ago)
Also in Malaysia
Ishaq Wahyu Afifi (4 months ago)
Iwan Panji sama saya juga asli pribumi
Iwan Panji (4 months ago)
Ishaq Wahyu Afifi yes i think.. Because my country is Indonesia
Hrythm Sharma (4 months ago)
Also Known as Honor 9i in India
Andrian Casuco (15 days ago)
Hrythm Sharma kaliwali
Clorox Bleach (2 months ago)
Maimung 6 in parts of Asia I got it Mate 10 lite in middle east
Wasif Mateen (3 months ago)
KIDS Poems
Mr. Hoomanoid // Khris (3 months ago)
It's Nova 2i here in the Philippines
Ibraheem Al hadede (3 months ago)
Hrythm Sharma Very similar to the Nova 2 plus.
Raj K (4 months ago)
Homor 7x > Mate 10 lite
Hogr Yasen (24 days ago)
Raj K not true
Raj K (2 months ago)
Ardıç Biçer I just told you. App crashes, Slow opening, UI isn't smooth sometimes
Ardıç Biçer (2 months ago)
Raj K you still didnt give examples on what the bugs are...
Raj K (2 months ago)
Ardıç Biçer I spoke with Both phone's users. Nova 2i (mate 10 lite) has many software bugs. which made the phone slower. even same App opening speed was slightly faster in 7x. However, I believe they fixed those bugs. I hope
Ardıç Biçer (2 months ago)
Raj K which ones? give examples.
Fruitarian (4 months ago)
Moto g4 looks way much better then this
Ardıç Biçer (2 months ago)
Fruitarian no look at those bezels and that plastic back
Norman Adison (3 months ago)
Fruitarian but not the price..haha
Brook Gall (4 months ago)
S8 Active right here💪
itsMido2 (3 months ago)
Brook Gall you're hot!

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