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Top 5 Best Smartphones in June July 2018

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Buy Umidigi Z2 Phone Here https://goo.gl/uaXSCW Buy the Best smartphones Deals ★ MOTOROLA BEST SMARTPHONES ★ Motorola Moto Z 2018 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/XwSxdn ★ Motorola Z2 Play ( XT1710 - 08 ) 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/kPFaoM ★ Motorola MOTO M 4G Phablet - GOLDEN: https://goo.gl/qdJECE ★ BLACKBERRY BEST SMARTPHONES ★ BlackBerry KEYone 4G Smartphone - BLACK: https://goo.gl/etDF9D ★ BlackBerry Motion 4G Phablet Global Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/CpLr6F ★Blackview Best Smartphone Deals ★ Blackview S8 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/KwS24Z ★ Blackview BV9000 Pro 4G Phablet:https://goo.gl/Ki1ymZ ★ Blackview BV8000 Pro: https://goo.gl/H71vR2 ★ Blackview P6000 4G Phablet:https://goo.gl/ZN6iYb ★ Blackview S6 4G Phablet:https://goo.gl/9WyY9S ★ Blackview S6 4G Phablet Gold: https://goo.gl/LL7Tgx ★ Blackview S6 4G Phablet Silver: https://goo.gl/J6vg3i ★ Ulefone Best Smartphone Deals ★ Ulefone Power 3 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/9Azqdm ★ Ulefone Power 3S 4G Phablet (BLACK): https://goo.gl/Z7n4he ★ Ulefone Power 3S 4G Phablet (ROSE GOLD):https://goo.gl/Z7n4he ★ Ulefone S8 Pro 4G Smartphone: https://goo.gl/XsnJiM ★ ASUS BEST SMARTPHONES - HOT DEALS ON "GearBest" ★ ASUS Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552KL 4G Phablet Golden: https://goo.gl/PHRtpV ★ ASUS Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552KL 4G Phablet Red:https://goo.gl/wQzUEF ★ ASUS Zenfone 4 Max Plus 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/kWS7J1 ?ASUS Zenfone Pegasus 4S Max Plus ( X018DC ) 4G Phablet - BLUE: https://goo.gl/QQzYv2 ★ ASUS Zenfone Pegasus 4S Max Plus ( X018DC ) 4G Phablet - GOLDEN https://goo.gl/HszHUp ★ OUKITEL BEST SMARTPHONES ★ Oukitel MIX 2 4G Phablet - BLACK: https://goo.gl/Yp4raa ★ OUKITEL K10 4G Phablet - BLACK: https://goo.gl/2uwejV ★ OUKITEL K6 4G Phablet - BLUE: https://goo.gl/EaSdu6 ★ OUKITEL K6 4G Phablet - BLACK: https://goo.gl/gMf4Mm ★ XIAOMI BEST SMARTPHONES ★ Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone: https://goo.gl/5X8n7y ★ Xiaomi Mi Note 3 4G Phablet 6GB + 128GB - BLACK: ★ Xiaomi MI MIX 2S 4G Phablet 6GB RAM Global Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/GbVeeh ★ Xiaomi MI MIX 2S 4G Phablet 6GB RAM Global Version - WHITE:https://goo.gl/JHiUPb ★ Xiaomi Mi 6 4G Smartphone International Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/eANbiS ★ Xiaomi Mi A1 4G Phablet 32GB ROM GOLDEN: https://goo.gl/q3qcqc ★ ONEPLUS BEST SMARTPHONES ★ OnePlus 5T 4G Phablet 8GB RAM International Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/imY1yF ★ OnePlus 5 4G Phablet - GOLDEN 6GB RAM 64GB ROM : https://goo.gl/nt3yTr ★ OnePlus 5 4G Phablet - GRAY 6GB RAM 64GB ROM 21:https://goo.gl/cH5UP7 ★ OnePlus 5T 4G Phablet 8GB RAM International Version - WHITE: https://goo.gl/tqZ8gq ★ ONEPLUS 5T SANDSTONE WHITE 4G Phablet 8GB RAM: https://goo.gl/tqZ8gq ★ HUAWEI BEST SMARTPHONES ★ HUAWEI P10 4G Smartphone International Version - BLUE: https://goo.gl/yG9wYy ★ HUAWEI Nova 2 4G Smartphone Black: https://goo.gl/NWWeHS ★ HUAWEI Nova 2 4G Smartphone Green: https://goo.gl/rS5NT6 ★ HUAWEI Nova 2 4G Smartphone Golden:https://goo.gl/7FHQGK ★ HUAWEI Nova 2 4G Smartphone Blue:https://goo.gl/m2oSDz ★ HUAWEI Mate 9 4G Phablet: https://goo.gl/3cuVPB ★ HUAWEI nova 2i 4G Phablet Global Version - GOLDEN: https://goo.gl/rq65zf ★ HUAWEI nova 2i 4G Phablet Global Version - BLUE:https://goo.gl/cMa4hR ★ HUAWEI P10 Plus 4G Phablet International Version - BLACK https://goo.gl/o3GQXX ★ Huawei Honor 9 4G Smartphone International Version - BLACK: https://goo.gl/cMa4hR Reach us On all Social Media: 👉 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Wos9Nm 👉 pinterest: https://goo.gl/XPbWpa 👉 Google+: https://goo.gl/MfPBxT 👉 Twitter: https://goo.gl/yvolRi 👉 Reddit https://goo.gl/K1NFwY 👉 Instagram: https://goo.gl/4vVsSb 👉subscribe to my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYAiZKgYSza1f_AIKuN--YA
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Text Comments (161)
Technical Desk (11 days ago)
Buy Umidigi Z2 and Z2 pro here http://bit.ly/TechnicalDeskZ2
clx qb (2 days ago)
Technical Desk /]
Vijay Garud (5 days ago)
umidigi ki price ky h india me
Tanu Verma (5 days ago)
Unofficial Lyrics
Tanu Verma (5 days ago)
Technical Desk
Unofficial Lyrics (9 days ago)
Please tell me background music name
pratima sodari (9 hours ago)
huwai p20 price in nepal
Farhan Ansari (9 hours ago)
Xperia XZ 2 more faster than one plus 6
Navesh Bhuruth (1 day ago)
sony xperia xz2 premium is the best
William Swami (1 day ago)
Simon Mbuthia (2 days ago)
Can you try download and play march of empires in huawei honor 7x tell me if it works on the device please,currently i have tried but it doesn't ,maybe I'm not doing everything that is supposed to.if you happen to find a way to make the game play i will highly appreciate it please.thanks
Shaik Khaled (2 days ago)
Shaik Khaled
sahash magar (2 days ago)
I am watching this with my OnePlus 6 😉😉
jagadesh N (2 days ago)
Hi friends jobs for available 9121040830
jemar arevalo (2 days ago)
Wasting money to buy android ,.no one can beat iOS !
ali hamza (3 days ago)
Only LG and Samsung rest is nautanki...
VICTOR FERRARI (4 days ago)
Umidigi Z2 Pro is the New King of the Hill.... : )
S UN NY MA RW A DI (4 days ago)
One plus 6 theme music
Zouhir Fernane (4 days ago)
link to the first instrument pleaaaaaaaaaaase ! thank you
jebastin charles (5 days ago)
What about price??
S9 kok ga ada hadeh. Penjualan terbanyak high end tuh s9 cek google
Bridget Lovilotte (5 days ago)
S9 plus all day.
Irshad Ahmed (5 days ago)
first one is p20 pro from huawwei
Kiran Darugoori (5 days ago)
Hawai htc Nokia 1+
udipta borah (6 days ago)
i have op6 and it's insane fast
Atul Shukla (6 days ago)
सबका बाप हैं google pixel xl2
Manish Jayalwal (6 days ago)
How performance of umidigi...can u tell me..?
Ultimate Tamil (6 days ago)
Where is S9+....
Afrin Fidhamol (6 days ago)
Huawei Y9price?
Aguda Maryjoyce (7 days ago)
There's no umidigi in the Philippines?
Snober Shah (7 days ago)
UMIDIGI is very good looking ,hard to pronounce phone !! Nice one
Akshay Jadhav (7 days ago)
One plus 6 is really awesome flagship killer mind-blowing man have all the features that no smartphone have in it's range And all know it's comes with faster Process 845 unbeatable beast at so low price range .
Roxanne Rodriguez (7 days ago)
where's Xiaomi phone
Bhushan Patil (8 days ago)
O G price bhi batao na
Zeus op (9 days ago)
😁😁😀😀😂 delire
Old is gold (10 days ago)
Plz upload midrange smartphone video
zunaira shahzad (10 days ago)
Where is the s9puls
MAGNAT NSD CR (11 days ago)
I will by this oneplus its cool
Dennis Geuke (11 days ago)
The Umidigi Z2 pro seems like a scam to me... such a good phone for that price. With what phone can I compare the Z2 pro??
Sk Sarju (11 days ago)
Very nice
One plus 6 at first wtf
Giresse Tagah (19 hours ago)
comment fait pour avoir c téléphone ici au gabon
Gautam Patra (3 days ago)
WhatsApp Status Video hind
Sahid Ahmed (12 days ago)
Bharath G (9 days ago)
Teachnical Tips (12 days ago)
Nice video
saeed Butt (12 days ago)
Chota sa fan hona chahiyah is my
Anupam Das (12 days ago)
Rupees kitna
Unofficial Lyrics (12 days ago)
Plz tell me background music name
Unofficial Lyrics (12 days ago)
Background music name
sat saheb (13 days ago)
बालू की भीत पवन का खंभा,कब लग खेर मनायेगा। आजा बंदे शरण राम की , फिर पाछे पछतायेगा!!
joy joy (13 days ago)
A sab to fika ha mara mobile I phone x ha. Oska Sam na San baca hahha
Aakash Farat (14 days ago)
Harshit Soni (14 days ago)
ye phone mujeche do
Ahmed Kassem (14 days ago)
which is best mobile nokia x6 or xiaomi Redmi note 5 pro or asus zenfone max pro m1 ?
noor leuws (15 days ago)
Official JEET (15 days ago)
Sirra redmi note 5 pro
love preet (15 days ago)
one plus 6 best
ridoy jaykar ridoy (15 days ago)
B Nagaraju (15 days ago)
One plus great smart 📱.😍 it
dib jyoti rajbongshi (15 days ago)
One+ best
Abjal Khan (16 days ago)
I love OnePlus
Roshan Thapa (16 days ago)
Vivo v9
Dm Mahmud (14 days ago)
Faul..... sets
Hafsa Fatima (16 days ago)
Its very nice quality
Nasir Majothi (16 days ago)
Umidigi z2 available in India???
NEW TECH (16 days ago)
I'AM BIT2 (16 days ago)
What about Mi8 explorer
Akhilesh Kajwe (16 days ago)
Which track is it at the start
Ankit Raj (16 days ago)
Like for the speed 💖💖💖1+ 6
tekken ranjeet (16 days ago)
Lava z90 ki unboxing karo
Sardor Sadullayev (17 days ago)
Sony xperia
Anand Kumar (17 days ago)
Umidigi z2 pro price
Smarter Tech (15 days ago)
the price for presale would be $300 or so
Technical Desk (17 days ago)
Almost $400
Azhar Shaikh (17 days ago)
Gautam Kumar (17 days ago)
Yea sab phone ka prise kay h India m loanch ho gaya h Very nice phone👌
Rashad Crooms (17 days ago)
Can the umidigi work on Verizon in the US?
Soma Saha (17 days ago)
Charles Anju (18 days ago)
arohi bundeela (18 days ago)
Mere chanal ko subscribe kro pleas😍😍😘🙏🙏🙏
king Kohli (18 days ago)
HTC is a worst company.
deepak mishra (14 days ago)
actually it becomes a worst company
king Kohli (15 days ago)
Rafi Khan mujhe utna nhi pata per maine 19 hajar ka htc ka phone kharida tha.totally crap nikala.usko hamesha high temperature ka problem batata tha.
Rafi Khan (15 days ago)
king Kohli.. Htc launched first windows phone ( Pocket PC) HTC launched first scree touch phone. HTC launched first Android phone. HTC launched first 4g phone. HTC launched first phone Supported 128 gb memory card. HTC launched a phone with squeeze technology.HTC launched first phone who can read 2TB Hard drive via USB storage.HTC is the only brand who can offer you using both ios, Windows & Android...HTC is the one & Only company who's technology is Ahead of time ...but still HTC is worst company.
Shahjad Shah (18 days ago)
Elizabeth Elizabeth (19 days ago)
For me one plus is better than all smartphones ever
Matthew Zhang (12 days ago)
Elizabeth Elizabeth wow you must be really delusional
Ajay Dabhi (19 days ago)
Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, Blackberry - they are the top companies that do research - baki sab copy karate hai, aur china se mal uthake logo chpava dete hai. I wish to see Microsoft launching their their Surface phone, they are making a phone for more than 2 years now.. Lets see what they come up with.
Robina Kousar (4 days ago)
Rishabh dev Tyagi Thankx alot 😊
Rishabh dev Tyagi (5 days ago)
Robina Kousar no. 1 HTC U12 PLUS, no. 2 s9 plus No. 3 iPhone x.
Robina Kousar (5 days ago)
Rishabh dev Tyagi In your opnion , which cell phone is the best???
Rishabh dev Tyagi (5 days ago)
Robina Kousar ya, its a top company only in terms of camera.
Rishabh dev Tyagi (6 days ago)
HTC made first Android smartphone.All others are in the market because of htc.First dual camera(m8), first metal phone(one series) then apple copied, edge sense 2, dxomark score of 103 which is more than s9 plus(99), iphone x(97).also, First buttonless phone, first and unique usb type c earphones which gives hires quality sound better than any 3.5mm jack earphone, Google pixel series are also made by htc.
Pritam Roy (19 days ago)
1+6 is bast
Technical Desk (19 days ago)
Bro These are latest Phones that are just Launch in May-June
Asif Khan (18 days ago)
Technical Desk space
Shekh Hossain (19 days ago)
Oneplus6 I have
Kopi Teasusu (6 days ago)
How if vs vivo nex s? How ur comments one plus 6?
RANJEET SINGH (17 days ago)
Shekh Hossain kaisa phone hai bhai oneplus6
Ajijur Rahman (19 days ago)
he to...no.1 pe....Samsung Galaxy biggest brand he...
Ajijur Rahman (19 days ago)
wrong....no.1 samsung galaxy s9 plus
Rahul Chakraborty (5 days ago)
Samsung is one of the most 3rd class phone.
udipta borah (6 days ago)
op6 beats again and again in speed test
Mehak matt (7 days ago)
Ajijur Rahman I just wanna confirm, so that I can buy
Ajijur Rahman (8 days ago)
mehak matt rate jitna bhi he lekin o no.1 pe he.....ye rate ke bath kaha aya.....
Mehak matt (19 days ago)
Ajijur Rahman uski rate ky hai
Sinta Sitohang (19 days ago)
huawei p20 price in malaysia?????
Manzx Zero (3 days ago)
Sinta Sitohang ambil aja honor 10,rm1599, ngak nyesal...
Jamaah Saja (17 days ago)
Sinta Sitohang kue lapi legit
Haziq Hafiy (19 days ago)
Sinta Sitohang rm 2316
Dhukka firas (19 days ago)
Chris Beda (20 days ago)
Anito sumi Sumii (20 days ago)
Rambhatt Joshi (20 days ago)
Where is Motorola
NOOR SHAMS (20 days ago)
Every mobile comes with a notch .. is monkey business ..
CRICKET LEGENDS (21 days ago)
ZenFone 5 lite
Frankwin Anthony (21 days ago)
Where's Motorola
Karthiksweet Karthik (21 days ago)
Where mi 8?
Ahmed Murtaza (21 days ago)
One plus 6t fooled by photo 😂😂😂
sunil badola (22 days ago)
Bhosdi k galaxy a6 + or a8 + se achhe tujhe ye chini mal lage akthuoooooo
prithvi bumia (21 hours ago)
sunil badola where do you think your Samsung products are built? Zara pan thook de aur bimag laga ke bol
Anshuman Chaurasia (18 days ago)
sunil badola ha ha sahi bole bhai
swapnil bansode (22 days ago)
Where is Honor 10 bro
Jetfloyd Orge (22 days ago)
Pwede magtanong ano ba ang best smartphone na high graphics sa pubg ? (Pls. Reply po)
Junald Pucot (19 days ago)
Jetfloyd Orge 3310 nokia
Jorge Lelis (20 days ago)
One plus 6😍😍
france sanga (21 days ago)
Oneplus 5 all high mas mura sa 5t
Jetfloyd Orge (22 days ago)
Ano ba ang best budget gaming smartphone na high ang settings sa lahat ng laro?
xPeke (22 days ago)
tapos one plus 5t
Midlaj tk (22 days ago)
Umidigi z2 pro price ?
Sukhveer Singh (6 days ago)
Smarter Tech (15 days ago)
The price would be $300 or so
Prudhvi Akula (15 days ago)
Approx 30k
Mohd Hazaqil (16 days ago)
一人 (17 days ago)
Tanveer Ahmed (23 days ago)
yar bhai koi acha set batae na apne bohot use kie hai na please reply me who mobile i buying
Technical Desk (22 days ago)
You should had featured the Nubia Red Magic

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