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Huawei P20 Pro vs iPhone X SPEED Test

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Huawei P20 Pro vs Apple iPhone X Speed and Performance test, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management. ►►► SUBSCRIBE for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 The Huawei P20 Pro features The Kirin 970 with 6GB RAM, Android Oreo 8.0 with a 6.1" OLED FHD+ Display, 18.7:9 ratio and a 4000 mAh battery with SuperCharge. The iPhone X features the Apple A11 Bionic Chip with 3GB RAM, iOS 11, a 5.8" Super Retina OLED Display and a 2716 mAh battery. Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (869)
Xzocker Pro (25 minutes ago)
iPhone sucks Huawei wins
Gavin Tso (5 hours ago)
P20 pro🇨🇳😍
NAme xXx (5 hours ago)
what makes apple chip powerful because it can run cores without rooting and download kernel root while in android you need to.
AR (13 hours ago)
iOS 11 is so utter garbage,
ピーナッツ王国 (13 hours ago)
I want iphoneX but i want P20 Pro too
Hot Sauce (1 day ago)
why does it have to look like the iphne x . LOL
Wael Alshamere (1 day ago)
P 20 is the best
Mensa (1 day ago)
I don't think any of those were a true winner. It depends on how you use your phone. And just to mention both of them are quite fast. Anyway, i loved the comparsion, and that you showed more aspects of their ram management. Great video.
Adrian Sebesan (1 day ago)
Take in consideration that the iOS is much more optimized for IPhones than Google Android for Huawei P20. From here comes the major differences.
sakura li (1 day ago)
Why does the new iPhone look so much like an android phone????
Christjohnny33 (1 day ago)
Huawei ... $$$ and Performance. No wonder USA Telco ban Huawei. Apple stand no chance.
Bayar Tahlo (1 day ago)
P20 pro kill all phones in market 💪
disadadi (1 day ago)
P20 shat on iPhone.
more smal is better, iphone win on design , in OS loses , android win ever
latip 25 (1 day ago)
6gb ram man
Dhannush Awesome (2 days ago)
iPhone X is the best phone in the world
Bassel Othman (2 days ago)
Waaw p20
Slime Corgi (2 days ago)
What is the price of the P20 pro?
gamer ray (2 days ago)
Bro u should have seen the lite version
poortaiwanese (2 days ago)
iphone overpriced piece of junk
Sorin Vasile Bogdan (2 days ago)
The iphone looks so much better without that fingerprint reader damn
poortaiwanese (2 days ago)
with the price difference I would pick p20 pro over iphone x any day.
Hubert Jadczak (2 days ago)
iphone is still not worth that much. I'd go for Huawei. But because of the notch, I'm staying with my Note 8.
I'm Black horse (2 days ago)
The p20 is the best
Sharnjit Kaur (2 days ago)
Price of p20 pro
Salih Chester (2 days ago)
P20 pro
Jharol Gamez. C. (3 days ago)
P2O Pro Win :v
緑POKER (3 days ago)
Is good iPhone p20 pro but The device Huawei P20 pro device magnificence, but the design of the device on the one hand screen and button finger is not good and price is very expensive compared to iPhone x.....If you see my message, do not forget to subscribe to my channel😘
Sohan Poojary (3 days ago)
Huawei is awesome
Mihai de Mihai (3 days ago)
P20 Pro is better
Arnab Das (3 days ago)
Huawei is best in ram manegment
Arnab Das (3 days ago)
Batter gaming in iphonex
Matt Stiles (3 days ago)
Those notches look so fucking terrible Wasted screen real estate
pipipidapadapipi (3 days ago)
why am i getting a samsung ad before this video
cleverinsane trump (3 days ago)
Thank you. I am buying Huawei
Christian Geagea (4 days ago)
P20 pro 😍
p90 way better
Sejuani (4 days ago)
Im an iphone user but iphone X is a total disgrace. How embarrassing for a 1000 usd smartphone. Ew
Nguyen Thi Hoa (4 days ago)
Ip x noob super noob
The Sming (4 days ago)
samsung and iphone wins huawai
Saam (4 days ago)
Apple is not providing any thing new to the table for a quite long time, all they did is maximize the screen and change camera place, plus fucking with customers phones batteries and all of that will lead them to a very big loss, me and 3 of my friends sold our shitty iphones and we bought P20 pro and it is quite amazing y
saad alshehri (4 days ago)
P20 showed iPhone how to copy like PRO
Fabian Picado (4 days ago)
P20 didn't close Any app!!
Hidayat Khan (5 days ago)
Iphone is a biggest loser front of android haha🤣😂😁😄😆😀😝😝😝😝😝😝
shane schoeman (5 days ago)
he clearly clicks on the Iphone icons first😂
Jinbin Lv (5 days ago)
made in China or Chinese brands are not rubbish anymore...thanks
MrKingx11 (5 days ago)
hey Guiiizzzzz LETZ COMPARE WINdoWZZ wit LinUx OGGKKAY ?
Wex (5 days ago)
Android phones made months after the latest iPhone are faster...for a year...(until it becomes fragmented)
Kapsol (5 days ago)
trust me I own a pixel 2 xl I owned the 1gen had a problem forget it.. Good luck people... Let's not forget Huawei is loading more graphics larger screen and it's also has sub programs loading..
Kapsol (5 days ago)
don't get a pixel google is a bad company
Apisit O. (6 days ago)
What should I buy?
Anatoliy Federer (4 days ago)
OnePlus 6
ThePina558 (6 days ago)
Iphone cheating,like always U.S always cheating
The GamerS (6 days ago)
Fricus X (6 days ago)
550$ vs 2000$ ahahahahaha
Anatoliy Federer (4 days ago)
Huawei - $1,110 vs Iphone X ($999 or 1149 $) - According to US prices..
alpha girl (6 days ago)
Wow Huawei is showing..😘
Athaou Salam (6 days ago)
Wow I'm chock
Yeah but the P20 Pro doesn't have iMessage and it doesn't cost $1149. So there.
M Digital (6 days ago)
Really depends on your perspective, preference and how you use the device... Apple programs iOS to only use resources for the three most recently accessed applications, anything prior is shifted to a static state which for people shifting gears and simply moving on to the next thing allows the user to do so more quickly. For people multitasking between more than three apps on a consistent basis they may prefer different ram management, such as on Oreo.
Netix (6 days ago)
The X is the best 😂💪🏼❤️
GK 360 (7 days ago)
your tuchuing timing is diff
Gonez (7 days ago)
what's the point of comparing iphone's speed with other phone? In the end, apple's gonna slow it down when new models come out.
pro 131 (7 days ago)
Huawei p20
Jamrin Jimin (7 days ago)
Hallo.. Can u testing water resistant for p20 pro?
Fedric Fernando (7 days ago)
i think you should mention the OS version they are running
InfiniteZ100 (7 days ago)
p20 still using 2017 soc.
TalosPCR (7 days ago)
Câmera, performance, notch more small.... They say "but antutu IPX got 10k!". Ok, Go and buy a Benchmark phone,
Hagfog NM (7 days ago)
P20 pro is winner :P
Ridzuan HM (7 days ago)
The notch in P20 Pro is ugly
Philipp Ladermann (7 days ago)
And in 1 year p20 pro needs 10 sec to start an app and just feels slow like any android device after a while
Jimmy Kuek (7 days ago)
Hi I want to ask some question about gaming test on P20 Pro vs Iphone 7 Plus, Which will be better ?
Ioana Gogonea (7 days ago)
Though i am an iphone fan, i would say that huawei is absolutely the beest!!! I have an iphone SE which ia working really good for me.
Zain Ulabdin (7 days ago)
Huawei is better than iPhone.And you are great
Melvin Clemente Soto (7 days ago)
Melvin Clemente Soto (7 days ago)
Utkarsh Singh (8 days ago)
if someone is making there decisions of buying these smartphones based on this speed test then you must admit that you are the dumbest person on this planet. I can understand the build, camera, battery life comparison but how on earth this comparison matters?? it is just difference of microseconds that may happen because of different platform and running altogether different codebase for these applications.
David C (8 days ago)
excellent, informative video. good stuff!
not jeremy (8 days ago)
iphone is good for gaming lol
Queba Hombre (8 days ago)
Ip uselles
Ganjaman (8 days ago)
Wow thought iPhone X gonna win due to it's more powerful SOC and all kind of optimization things of its IOS, but Huawei surprised me.
李小光 (8 days ago)
厉害了我的为 我下个手机就用华为
F. Moussa (8 days ago)
Who opens 6 games in a row, and than plays each game again?
Naz Mask (8 days ago)
P20 pro win all the time..iphone x rubbish
Kaz Fernandes (8 days ago)
i must buy P20!iphone need reloading in everything
clash with chenu (8 days ago)
Fool saf you touch iPhon first in Temple run and subway suffers and other apps
alex loko grone (8 days ago)
William Legg (8 days ago)
P20 pro definatly proved to be a much better device, although the iPhone did load the later apps faster what use is that if its gonna keep closing the stuff you used earlier. Overall it just means you lose time as it reloads stuff you had open earlier in the day. The P20 keeps the apps open meaning that in an actually daily use you will save a LOT more time than the iPhone and its constant reloading especially if you are a heavy app user as a lot of people are starting to be. The iPhone X as a "flagship" device is really starting to show that apple are losing their lead to newer companies like Huawei who are making better devices with better cameras for the same price as a top of the line iPhone and the device is quite a bit cheaper to boot.
Zoviy (9 days ago)
P20 Pro is boss
Sk Rehan (9 days ago)
Aisa konsa mobile hai jiska capture photo zoom karne se phatta nahi hain
Jarod yoel (9 days ago)
RIP IPhone X
Jonthegenius (9 days ago)
In the comparison of Tech Buffalo, P20 pro is way slower than this.
kandoosh Taha (9 days ago)
أعتقد p20 pro هو الاسرع
Doodle Time (9 days ago)
Watching on my p20 pro
Stuart White (9 days ago)
2 seconds is not a few.
Wai Phyo (10 days ago)
the_Chil1One (10 days ago)
P20 👌🔥
chafer gaming (10 days ago)
Huawei p20 pro is still best phone
arjun bro (10 days ago)
p20 pro
Low Jackson (11 days ago)
I don't understand what the point to make compare speed with 2 different Operating Systems

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