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Insurance Terms For Success [Full Version] by Primerica

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This is an updated version of the original 'Primerica ® Insurance Terms For Success' educational video. This educational video is meant for Primerica agents, agents in training, reference, and anyone studying for their class and Life Insurance State exam. It is strongly recommended that you turn on captions for this video and write notes especially if you are studying for your exam. - Table of Contents: Introduction/Welcome 0:00:38 Basics Of Insurance [1] 0:04:27 Types & Classifications of Insurers [2] 0:06:15 Application, Underwriting, and Delivering the Policy [3] 0:15:29 Types of Policies (Part 1) [4] 0:21:18 Types of Policies (Part 2) [5] 0:27:49 Policy Provisions [6] 0:34:13 Policy Options [7] 0:40:10 Policy Riders [8] 0:43:45 Annuities [9] 0:50:11 Retirement Plans [10] 0:58:24 Marketing & Unfair Trade Practices [11] 1:04:06 Additional State-specific Material [12] - - Disclaimer: This YouTube channel is not officially affiliated with Primerica. This video is meant for educational use only. If you would like to subscribe to Primerica's official channel, see the following link: https://www.youtube.com/user/primerica
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Scott Tillman (19 days ago)
I was an NYU intern at Kramerica Industries. I'm trying to track down my old boss, Cozmo Kramer. If he happens to own Primerica, or works there, please have him contact me. I'm ready to make big things happen. - Darren
Christian Samayoa (26 days ago)
Listening to this helped me out on my test alot
David Speicher (28 days ago)
Will this help me pass the exams if I live in Canada?
Michael Gee Jr (1 month ago)
IDK about Primerica
Josh Atkinson (1 month ago)
Is there a way to get all Primerica Training videos on one channels. I like the biz ops, but can't watch those now 😎
MariaLopez MyOpinion (2 months ago)
Primerica is a MLM company similar to Herbalife Amway. If you decide to join do you not share the contact information of your friends and family until you get your license first.
Raver Magik (4 months ago)
If anyone actually knew math they would know whole life that is properly set up with a mutual participating whole life policy is the best idea they could set up. Buy term and invest the difference doesnt work. You put assets at risk that are needed when you retire and are at whims of the market. 2008-2009 If you were retired and drawing on an account you saw the market fall 38-50 percent depending on what you were in. A participating whole life policy protects those assets so when you need them they are there for you. Crazy how agents cant actually do math, if they did they would not use AVERAGES and use ACTUAL returns on the investment side. Averages are a lie in the stock market and typically your ACTUAL return is roughly 5 percent over the long haul. Which i can get thru Whole life insurance.
Jayson Hunt (1 month ago)
Raver Magik if you are smart you know whole life is the worst thing to buy
Raver Magik (2 months ago)
Kayaetta Cooks actually if you set the policy up CORRECTLY with right rider you can... mine has it and that’s the point 1000s of ways to set them up the agent has to know what they are doing in order for this to happen.
Kayaetta Cooks (2 months ago)
This is incorrect. If you die your family WILL NOT get your cash value. They will only get your face value minus any outstanding balance of whatever you have borrowed plus interest owed. If you use the cash value while you are living you have to BORROW the money and pay it back double what you earned in interest! Why do I have to borrow MY OWN money???? Also, the fees built into whole life policies are astronomical compared to term. All insurance ends at 100. Also, legally you can only give a hypothetical/example. Mutual Funds have several different Rate of Returns so you have to do an average. Lastly, if you are only getting an average of 5% on your money come let us show you how we can help you grow your money for real. IJS
Whole or Index are you talking about?
Raver Magik (4 months ago)
Juan Carlos Aburto what are you talking about. Yes if I live to a hundred I get the cash value of the policy which has been growing and giving me dividends.. if this happens then just buy a burial policy at that time and give the money to your heirs while your alive .. my cash value will be 2 million at 100. Because I understand how whole life works and set it up correctly.
Austin Jones (5 months ago)
Going through boot camp.. Needed this much help! 💪🏾
Julie Zhu (5 months ago)
Thank you.
Laquenta Norman (6 months ago)
This helps soooo much THANKS!😏
IRIS FITZGERALD (7 months ago)
Thank you. This really helps.
Shifteh Ehsani (9 months ago)
Hi this is for exam cramp for the final exam for license for life insurance combo in state of califronia , thanks
kabul king (9 months ago)
Thank you
Clarence dodson (9 months ago)
Term is a good product, however we have to look at today's technology. People are living longer. So if you are a young male/female, term life, I think, is not good. A young person will definitely out live Term. Once you out live your term insurance, your monthly premium will double or even triple because of your age. If you want to find out more feel free to send me an email familyfuture@yahoo.com. Go to Invidafn.com for more information.
Kayaetta Cooks (2 months ago)
This is not accurate at all (At least not with Primerica.) I have renewed several policies and they did not have a significant increase at all. Not even for my 75 year old mother who still has her policy in force today. However we educate people, especially if they are young how to become SELF INSURED. Buy Term and invest the difference! Now what other insurance company do you know wants to show you how to get rid of your life insurance?
Chad Hayes (4 months ago)
Clarence Dobson I just saw your comment about term insurance I tend to disagree with what you're saying term insurance is good because it's cheap but you can renew it after the policy term and receive the same coverage you did before
ishthekingofkings (10 months ago)
Thank you!
damon jimenez (1 year ago)
Lupita Castro (2 months ago)
damon jimenez hey Damon are you currently working with Primerica?
jaconna jackson (1 year ago)
Needed this ! Thanks
T Brown (1 year ago)
Thanks for the upload.

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