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Top 3 Battery Myths!

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This video applies to every lithium-ion battery-powered gadget out there. Have you ever "calibrated" a lithium ion battery? Old battery tech was nickel based: ni-mh for short. New battery technology is lithium based: li-ion for short. Upvote this on Reddit: http://goo.gl/EczMg Nickel batteries vs Lithium: http://goo.gl/9Z3CU What Apple has to say: http://goo.gl/cNzYS Another great read: http://goo.gl/Lms0N -- Subscribe on Facebook: http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee Follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MKBHD Circle on Google+: http://gplus.to/MKBHD Like on Facebook: http://facebook.com/MKBHD --
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Text Comments (1385)
Benjamin HD (3 days ago)
if you see this please make a new and updated (todays tech) version
Jus Badd (1 month ago)
Yes.. ive just gone all the way back to this year when you were younger to get the info i just this second needed to know.. GWAAN
FortNikitaBullion (1 month ago)
I seem to remember the memory effect only happened when one was very precise. E.g., satellite equipment that was charged the exact length of time each time, e.g., the amount of time spent in sunlight which was very precisely equal.
Navjot Singh (1 month ago)
Honestly, you are the first person I consider if I want a review about any tech. You're good ! BTW you look better these days and not in this video lol !!
Arctic Fox (1 month ago)
Holds hair dryer up to the computer while charging. It overheated, I wonder why?
SageModeLuis (1 month ago)
Fredri Hej (1 month ago)
Anyone else watching 2019
Andoru Amatsuka (2 months ago)
Thanks dude, luckily my phone is exactly 100% and I removed it when I saw this video
Yash Rautela (2 months ago)
Any indian watching
Merry Gill (3 months ago)
Gaius Normanyo (3 months ago)
Whoa... I'm glad I found this. 1) I wanted to dispel my friends battery myths. 2) I've MKBHD subscribed since like my sophomore year of high school (freshman in college now) and seeing how this channel has grown is AMAZING
Wayne Johnny (3 months ago)
Sandro Ace (3 months ago)
great big leap for ma brotha marques
GAME SHOW (3 months ago)
Wtf u changed a lot
Tony Horvath (3 months ago)
And just like that you sir gained another subscriber. Thank you for this video it was extremely helpful.
Titanium Fish (3 months ago)
High five or thumbs up? Idk... Both?
Mithat Etka Eroglu (3 months ago)
who else watching from 2018
HuSaIn NaDiR (3 months ago)
Hello, I am a person who uses his laptop the whole day for photo editing stuff. I recently bought a new 2016 MacBook Pro (15 inch). What is the best way to use it so that the battery is least affected? Should I keep my laptop charging full time and use? (plugging in the charging cable and use it) or Should charge it 100% and then unplug the charging cable and then plug it in when the battery is drained off, andkeep repeating this the whole day? or please suggest me the best way to use my laptop the whole day. Thank you.
Ferrit Rat (3 months ago)
Anyone else watching in 2018
Ahmad Moustafa (3 months ago)
me :)
Abhijith S (3 months ago)
Who's watching this in 2018? 😀
Blake Owen (3 months ago)
Anyone else watching in 2018? Heck yeah
Yash Rautela (3 months ago)
Anyone watching in 2018
Adomas Poniškaitis (1 month ago)
yesss :)
Dragon Lord 66 (2 months ago)
just now
Ratón Chamán (2 months ago)
No, 2022.
Abhishek Katewa (2 months ago)
yes we excites
Swaroop Kamble (3 months ago)
SoldierAlex (3 months ago)
Anyone else watching in 2018?
Abdul Kareem (3 months ago)
Anyone else watching in 2018?
Ahmad Moustafa (3 months ago)
+Abd al-hamid I think so, because it is not very old as it was launched in January 2015.
is grand neo plus included :/
Ahmad Moustafa (3 months ago)
+Abd al-hamid no need with new smartphone 2016 ++
yup but I am still confused about the "I should drain my battery to 0% because it is better"myth
Ahmad Moustafa (3 months ago)
me :)
fawaz fawaz (3 months ago)
thank you the info it was very useful
Shivam Chauhan (4 months ago)
Success is moving From Nexus to Red.
BlocksMC (4 months ago)
Anyone watching in 2018?
E' (4 months ago)
this guy is trying to fuck up our batteries lmao
Agga Viriyo (4 months ago)
Watching in 2017
Benjamin Komeh (4 months ago)
Woooooooooow look at you!!!!! Hahahahaaaaa!!!!!!
Anudeep R (4 months ago)
note 7
Himanshu Dubey (4 months ago)
I'm watching this video end of 2017 , it's awesome.
Aniruddha Patil (4 months ago)
Damn! Now I know why you've became such a great youtuber!
Aarib Anwar (4 months ago)
Why am I stalking you?
Mohammed Abdul Aowal (4 months ago)
Bro is that you? 🤣🤣🤣
John Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Watching in Late 2017! Awesome Video, Aloha..
-xXx- Brent (5 months ago)
You just save me hours of searching. Thanks man!
swadhin nayak (5 months ago)
From filming on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus to Red Dragon...great job Marques
Youngster joey (5 months ago)
Wow I found this in late 2017 I was just kinda searching for battery videos but then I came here and I didn’t realise the date of the video then I see a little Marques. wow this shocks me!
etheain (5 months ago)
This video makes me so happy, young MKBHd is great haha
mo ni (5 months ago)
I am watching in november 2017 ! ;)
Nano Reef Freak (5 months ago)
Throwback!! I’m from the future in 2017, 6 years from 2011 you will be very popular on YouTube young MKBHD
David Ponce (5 months ago)
From a Galaxy Nexus to a Red 8K camera
Saurabh Sharma (5 months ago)
Watching this in late 2017. MKBHD if you are watching give me a pin.
David Ponce (5 months ago)
Saurabh Sharma you're not getting shit 😂
Ryan Fausnaugh (5 months ago)
Thank you
Ben Rajan (6 months ago)
I actually contacted Samsung about my S8+ to ask if it was fine to leave my phone plugged in overnight, they said it's bad for the battery.
Oahidur Islam Roman (6 months ago)
anyone 2017? and almost 2018?
Marconaut (6 months ago)
What about the myth that the zink in lithium batteries get worn of and result in faster battery drainage? It's true by the way
aaron stelmach (6 months ago)
Thanks for making these videos very informative
vigneswar B V (6 months ago)
@marquess brownlee. Hope you are doing good. I have problem with my charging of my phone. Am using a moto g4 plus. Problem is the charge starts reducing probably immediately after i remove the plug.. should i check for any background apps running(if so how should I disable it). Or should I change my charging technique
mohammad sharafi (6 months ago)
Dude u were so young and good top for that time line 💪🙏 wish you all the best
Moiz Shad (6 months ago)
Avirup Mitra (6 months ago)
25th Sept 2017.. Still a relevant video😊
Benjamin Wong (7 months ago)
Wow, I am watching this in 2017. U have improve so much. Great!!!!
Ariq Syahrafif (7 months ago)
is playing gadgets while charging will make battery broken?
Pranish Khadgi (7 months ago)
regisdamillionaire (7 months ago)
Came such a long way. Started from the Bottom
Rishikesh Shinde (7 months ago)
I didnt get the third myth
Andrew Clarkin (8 months ago)
✋high five
Ihavenorights Ever (8 months ago)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I got kind of worried about my phone
Ben Otaku (8 months ago)
Thanks, man!!
Studio Papa (8 months ago)
I gave him a high-five!
Energized Gaming Guy (9 months ago)
If you leave it plugged in it will lose battery percentage then charge back up. If this happens many time you're just deteriorating the battery because you'll have less charge cycles left.
Gary R. (9 months ago)
six years later i watch this 😂
Yashen Raveesha (9 months ago)
heres my high five✋
Whispered Metsutan (9 months ago)
I have a smartphone that constantly overheats. I'm not exactly sure if it's the phone or the battery that is getting hot. Otherwise generally you want to at least keep 40% in the battery as li-ions degrade quicker when the cells are nearly depleted. Has to do with the chemistry of the battery degrading if you are generally charging from 0%-100% It's less problematic if it was 50-100%.
TS funtrip72 (9 months ago)
thank you for the information as I have just bought a new battery and was wondering if i shd charge it overnight.
Debra Dukes (9 months ago)
✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋And this is for Better Batteries in all Phone's and Products Period 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞in 2017 on.Thanks again Deb 👍
Ben Braceletspurple (10 months ago)
cadmium based. ni_mh batteries don't need much for memory or anything. nica batteries do, and have much lower capacity than nimh.
Magical Markus (10 months ago)
OMG when he said it would go from 100 to 97 I looked my battery percentage and it was 97 😂
Rudy Loera (11 months ago)
Shout-out from 2017.
Patches Esmail (11 months ago)
Hmm.. overheating, where do I know that from? cough cough Note 7 cough cough
Denny Imler (11 months ago)
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Matthew Humphrey (11 months ago)
Tyler Mitchell (11 months ago)
thanks bro. u just saved me a lot of time
Lord mings (1 year ago)
*Thank you for your help reconditioning my batteries .I was just about to throw out 3 old batteries that I thought were completely dead. But I was able to recondition them using your methods in less than 1 hour [Check Details Here==>**https://plus.google.com/100351090281822647456/posts/Ct2x2kZGdNN** ]! This just save me hundreds of dollars.*
OREOwillEATyou (1 year ago)
What about Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Batteries?
Zeyd Awad (1 year ago)
Aditya Shah (1 year ago)
2017 anyone?
OG Bread (1 year ago)
aleksa petrovic (1 year ago)
is it bad to stop charging battery at. any precent other than hundred?
fUll 951 (1 year ago)
do these things you say apply to 18650 batteries used in vape mods for example?
ArmorKingEmir (1 year ago)
holly shit you are black as fuck!
Dk4K (1 year ago)
Anyone else watching in 2017 ? ;) that's dope
Life_with _Micky (3 months ago)
Dk4K now I’m watching in 2018
Troy Starkey (3 months ago)
I just watched in 2018!!
Paul Cory (3 months ago)
I am
Mubeen kp (3 months ago)
My eyes are bleeding when i have watched all of his latest videos
fawaz fawaz (3 months ago)
Arnold K (1 year ago)
Come a long way, he has truly come a long way!
Blank Omega64 (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot man.
Thx dude, helped a lot
Blessed Isaac Conde (1 year ago)
what percent should i start charging my battery?
Luis JR (1 year ago)
half i think
Blessed Isaac Conde (1 year ago)
What should I do when I accidentally disconnected my charger when charging and its not fully charged? will it damage the battery?
damm. I dint know about it till date
The Duck (1 year ago)
Anyone else watching in 2016? ;)
Martin Vancl (3 months ago)
toba thene (3 months ago)
The Duck 2018
Chess TownKing (5 months ago)
2017 bih
queny2 (7 months ago)
Watching in the distant future. The year 2000....
Lalala lalala (10 months ago)
The Duck 2017
ahmer trin (1 year ago)
*Learn how to easily recondition old batteries back to 100% of their working condition.>>[ **https://www.facebook.com/Restore-battery-1123300471065849/?sk=app_190322544333196=dfhg-vbn5** ]..........*
DIAS FASILI (1 year ago)
Top Android Battery Apps 2016/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.diasapps.batterysaversilver&hl=fr
Nicholas Haddad (1 year ago)
*High fives computer monitor*
Hafiz Azmi (1 year ago)
A lot of improvement guy, 5 years ago. Nice!
broderp (1 year ago)
Very informative. You are well spoken, Thank you. Thumbs up.
Frostyy (1 year ago)
Thank u
Trippy Dust (1 year ago)
insane to see a old video
orangeflip (1 year ago)
started from the bottom now we here
lavon Wilcox (1 year ago)

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