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Southwest Airlines: How we de-Ice a plane

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You know when you are sitting on the plane, nice and warm and the guys are up in those bucket trucks de-icing it? Have you ever wondered what that would be like? Watch this video to find out about the cold but exciting job...
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craigers37 (20 days ago)
If it weren't for these people you probably couldn't fly to see your family for Christmas in some cases
Linda Beaga (27 days ago)
Loz caminantes
carl burton (28 days ago)
Momoh Yaya (1 month ago)
Mi love,mi joy mi heart and inspiration.
Yvonne Boules (1 month ago)
beautiful work gentlemen working as a team and communicating as a team at all times is very important to a job like this and it doesn't matter of a job like this any kind of job if the employee works as a team and communicates at all times everything works as planned great teamwork guys
Lee Johnson (1 month ago)
Noone has a cubicle on the 13th floor
Steve A (2 months ago)
Best way to de-ice an aircraft...Land in Fla ;-Q
Robert Brown (2 months ago)
How much does it cost to deice a B-737?
Rusty Nail (2 months ago)
Chicago O'Hare has an awesome crew !
Pita Elizalde (3 months ago)
da wae
Angela Clarke (1 month ago)
Ron Ron
ToasterrOvenn (3 months ago)
Plane is getting a cold ass shower lol
Johanjonz (3 months ago)
not really, the fluid is about 80 degrees celcius, (or 176 degrees Fahrenheit if your one of those using that)
Tina Laugel (4 months ago)
very cool
YVR1975 (4 months ago)
This is a very old way of doing things ...bigger airports the driver is enclosed in the cherry picker and is able to driver the truck as well.
Bryan Marden (4 months ago)
Please make a video on how you run out of deicing fluid because you guys seem to be the only airline that can do that
ND 11 (3 months ago)
Bryan Madsen in x
Pranav Peddinti (4 months ago)
like number 1000
Martin Kennedy (6 months ago)
Keep plugging airplane jet engine warm cold night.
Ikaros (8 months ago)
That's another good way to break the ice.
Joey Wang (8 months ago)
That's not type I, is it?
Monika Donohue (1 month ago)
Joey Wang and
Dyl Connaway (10 months ago)
Ah AirTran, how we miss you.
Steve Runkle (3 months ago)
Adult stories
DJ M0NK3Y (11 months ago)
Ibrahim Adem (3 months ago)
DJ M0NK3Y photo
Ibrahim Adem (3 months ago)
Ibrahim Adem (3 months ago)
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Lynn Lien (11 months ago)
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Simone James (3 months ago)
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Noelle Brown (11 months ago)
Math for 5th graders
Fallout Fan (11 months ago)
Ahhhhhhh. These 737s seems very happy being well treated by Southwest!
Vela Baybee (1 year ago)
What if your ex is on that plane 😂😂
Terry Bowen (28 days ago)
Larry Leary (28 days ago)
Vela Baybee [koo Ok
Abc Abc (28 days ago)
ko nghay
Hawa Flumo (28 days ago)
Vela Baybee
sunnylilme (28 days ago)
papanator 79163 Wow, not nice. Easily triggered, I see. It was a joke.
Matthew Campbell (1 year ago)
I worked for FedEx for 4 years and I was the lead deicer. I wouldn't wish this on anybody.
Bob Boberson (1 year ago)
I want this job! It looks fun. And it's important.
FGX318 (1 year ago)
Nice vid however windshield spraying must be avoided, part as no spray zone lads !
Rodd Danpour (1 year ago)
Larson Wells (5 months ago)
Fuck you. Fuck your friend. Fuck your entire family. I hope he's divorced because he found out his bride has a penis.
Ivan Salcedo (1 year ago)
Rodd Danpour buddy I think you're on the wrong area. This is a de icing video.
melvin arias (1 year ago)
these are the untold heros i know they are just doing their job but as a passenger i am very greatful
Brenda Hendrickx (3 months ago)
melvin arias //
Lee Nix (5 months ago)
Well said!
Ram Sharma Poudyal (11 months ago)
melvin arias Thor
Trump Nemesis (1 year ago)
"Enroll in Rapid Rewards today and start earning towards your next vacation! No blackout dates and no point expiration means that every seat on every flight is a reward seat and that makes your rewards within reach like never before." They are absolutely 100% full of shit. If you don't book a flight under your name (you can buy tickets for others all the time but it has to go under YOUR Rapid Rewards account) within 2 years, they will inactivate your account and steal those points back from you. SO THEY DO EXPIRE AND THEY ARE LIARS!
derek frost (1 year ago)
What is the purpose of de ice a plane?
Juanita Ward (3 months ago)
If you have ridden on an unclear airplane, you would know the difference.
jose luis Aguirre (3 months ago)
derek frost
gaming with pat (7 months ago)
derek frost so it doesn't freeze because it might break something like it might freeze the engine
RKBA300WM (8 months ago)
+Justin Justin is the only one that got this right. Ice typically accumulates on the leading edges of wings first, this increases the stall speeds as it delaminates the airflow and lowers the Angle of Attack needed to induce a stall (typically 18* or more), critical during landing phase(s). Most instrument probes, however, are heated; example the pitot probes.
XxRainShotElitexX (1 year ago)
derek frost because the ice can freeze over the plane flaps which would cause the flaps not to open and you need the flaps to help the plane climb higher in the air and to slow the plane down while landing
Judy Cannata (1 year ago)
Southwest Airlines in truly the best. All my experiences with them have always been efficient, pleasant and helpful..........always with a smile.....Their heart insignia truly signifies who they are. "Thank you" Southwest for caring and being there.
PIKACHU (1 year ago)
Wouldn't it make more sense to use an enclosed bucket? I mean really, MSP has them. So why not Denver of all places?
Arie van Eck (1 month ago)
PIKACHU cost 5 times more.
PIKACHU ahrjs0
Preston Dozsak (1 year ago)
PIKACHU I live in Denver and just got back from trip but I don't know why
Jordan CO-TV (2 years ago)
+Southwest airlines can you billed a 777 x
Zachary Legaspi (1 year ago)
Michele Ewer (2 years ago)
God bless you guys for caring about all those on board.
Basem Benyamin (7 months ago)
True.United is nicer to thier employees then passengers.
Von Paters (11 months ago)
Michele Ewer may God bless you
Fallout Fan (11 months ago)
Something United would NOT do.
sulosky (2 years ago)
Hint.. You'll get quicker if you spray a bit closer ;)
AJ Tate (28 days ago)
sulosky and 4red
Pat Okeze (1 month ago)
Ben Byland
Lee Nix (5 months ago)
Bump that plane and you ruined everyone's flight because that plane will be parked and inspected for months. When I'm at 30,000 feet and doing 450 mph I want no dings in that plane.
Ben Byland (1 year ago)
+Arrowkiin What...?
Arrowkiin (2 years ago)
all could chemically damage the plane
josh chute (2 years ago)
Denver and no enclosed bucket!!
lrobles99 (2 years ago)
too bad i live in ft. lauderdale i would like to do this job
Ziviozerk (2 years ago)
someone give that little thing a blanket =P
Chihin Chan (2 years ago)
LOL Like Ice Bucket Challege
Connor Reynolds (3 years ago)
3:07 - Error: Arizona One's engine is half-painted. Part of the paint came off while de-icing it.
Lorenzo Zapeta (28 days ago)
Connor Reynolds Yiye Ávila
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Jenna Kalanni Huff (11 months ago)
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Mr.Wobert (1 year ago)
Connor There's nothing there except q plane driving by
Total Randomness (1 year ago)
Connor Reynolds where?
Christina Reynolds (3 years ago)
I remember when i was on a FRONTIER a230 from bzn-den we had to sit at the gate for an hour and it was snowing and it was 6:30am we had to wait for them to deice the plane and i was bord
De-icing of a plane delayed my flight and thus making me miss my connecting flight.
NocholasP (4 months ago)
they have good methods to de-ice while flying, but you want full control over the plane while starting
gaming with pat (7 months ago)
Los Angeles Rail Productions at least your plane didn't freeze mid-flight
Jayden TJ (1 year ago)
Los Angeles Rail Productions There has been a case when they forgot to de-ice the plane. The plane crashed. No survivours.
+Greg Sanderson Okay!
Greg Sanderson (3 years ago)
+SoCal Train Productions Well if they didn't de-ice your plane you would have missed a lot more than your connecting flight i can assure you.
quinnjim (3 years ago)
The modern deice trucks have the personnel enclosed.  The cherry picker is fully enclosed and they control the spray through remote control.  Hanging out of that open cherry picker breathing in all the fumes of the glycol has got to be bad for your health.  It looks like fun though...
wakbulcho deressa (27 days ago)
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Megan Ford (28 days ago)
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Jullien Marin (30 days ago)
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Jullien Marin (30 days ago)
quinnjim Chalino Sanchez las Nieves de enero
Jullien Marin (30 days ago)
quinnjim Chalino Sanchez Nieves de enero
Jared Metivier (3 years ago)
As a rampie who de-iced 8 aircraft today, 4 commercial, 2 private and 2 air force(Canadian single prop), I am damn sure that when I am finished spraying and tell the driver to tell the pilot that his aircraft is clean...I know that is clean, 100%...every aircraft that I de ice, I watch them take off to make sure that they have a positivie climb rate/gears up attitude. Pride in what you do!
sunnylilme (28 days ago)
Very nice😊
Thomas Mcvitty (28 days ago)
Carlos Rodriguez voyeur
Carlos Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Jared Metivier l
Mi Familia (11 months ago)
Jared Metivier dvrbrfdcwfdd zzz
Felix Aweh (11 months ago)
Cdnwmn (3 years ago)
I remember going through this when sitting on the tarmac at Buffalo Airport on New Years Eve day back in 2008.  Really neat.
Christopher Mondy (3 years ago)
Awesome, guys!  Thanks for what you do!
MiamiNice57 (3 years ago)
Wow what an interesting job...going to Chicago soon, appreciate your diligence. :)
Wang Li (3 months ago)
Wang Li (3 months ago)
MiamiNice57 china
Bryan Allison (3 years ago)
I LUV Denver! And SW!
AndroidSunner (3 years ago)
R5H4D0W (3 years ago)
If I recall correctly spraying de-icing solution directly on exposed avionics such as Pitot tubes should be avoided, but I don't see how these guys can de-ice without spraying on them. How does that work?
AJ Tate (28 days ago)
R5H4D0W 3
AJ Tate (28 days ago)
R5H4D0W 0
Ben Byland (3 years ago)
Spray above em and let it roll down
jacquedaniel2003 (4 years ago)
Great job guys.  I spent my time in the bucket.  572**  puts me at 14 years, I'm a mech. but remember in DAL we did it until a few years ago.  Quoting BunnyHaireKid "SWA is awesome".
Thomas Sliwinski (4 years ago)
An hour delay to deice a 737?? On a sunny day like they showed here, way to much fluid for frost, and nice job spraying the windshield on the Airtran 717.
Carl Anderson (28 days ago)
Thomas Sliwinski hui
Jammal Kendrick (1 month ago)
Thomas Sliwinski ? n b bu bobby vrai x j
David Z (4 years ago)
these guys are heroes
AJ Tate (28 days ago)
David Z w48
DannygsfgTV (4 years ago)
Looks fun to be a Southwest Iceman!
Cari W (28 days ago)
Brian Aguirre (4 years ago)
That looks like a cool, fun job!!
Shradha sharma (3 months ago)
Brian Aguirre cr4r21aa•64[]9]
BunnyHairedKid (4 years ago)
swa is so awesome!
Humble Mumble (3 years ago)
+DeltaFlyer443 Productions Wow, that is really bad. 
AndroidSunner (3 years ago)
+PewDuck Pie The Real Bad Company in Aviation, Too Many Delays Max Time: 23 or 32 Hours
Humble Mumble (3 years ago)
+DeltaFlyer443 Productions I don't know anything about Allegiant. Never flew with them.
AndroidSunner (3 years ago)
+PewDuck Pie Airtran was a great company, i guess you like Allegiant Air then.
Humble Mumble (3 years ago)
+DeltaFlyer443 Productions Airtran sucks anyway.
Andrew Poure (4 years ago)
Richard, the fluid is essentially harmless unless large amounts were to be literally drunk directly. We usually have PPE to protect our eyes available, but it can be difficult to see through goggles covered in fluid, so it is a trade off. 
Teresa Patt (1 month ago)
Rodrigo Espina Sr (3 months ago)
Andrew Poure by
Richard A Irwin Jr (4 years ago)
Are there any health affects from the vapor being breathed in by the crew, I noticed they don't wear any PPE to keep it out their eyes as well.
Lucia Rubio (28 days ago)
Richard A Irwin Jr go to go
Seth Warrior (1 month ago)
Richard A Irwin Jr about $7400.00
gaming with pat (7 months ago)
Richard A Irwin Jr idk but all I know is southwest gets the job done 😎

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