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Kamulu Heights With Maina Kageni

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115 ratings | 37477 views
A Soil Merchants Project. (c) PichaClear Films & Studios
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Text Comments (23)
Hamza Watheq (17 days ago)
I need one actually
Carol wanjiru (1 month ago)
Ineed one
just Maureen (2 months ago)
How much is it
Irenaw (5 months ago)
I would never invest or live there , Kenya houses are so mediocre , nothing attractive about them and yet people shell million of dollars
mwendapoleee (8 months ago)
No green !
Faith Carol (8 months ago)
Poor poor finishing. No sense of style at all.
Broken wings (10 months ago)
I will pass.not my kind but it's ok price.
Lovely Day (11 months ago)
kitengela 15yrs ago....thats a good one !
Jakleen Gakleen (11 months ago)
hey maina, am house keper and I need plot for cheap prices pls where can I found
Nene Fondo (11 months ago)
heaven knows l want one of these.
Kobo (11 months ago)
talk to them
kit fit (1 year ago)
maina probably got paid quarter an M to be an 4 minute advertisement.
kit fit (1 year ago)
low end market
kiatu kichafu (1 year ago)
looks like my servant quaters
Salic Ann (1 year ago)
wow very nice I really appreciate and I like it so much
Betty Muthaura (1 year ago)
Mary Wairimu (1 year ago)
till when is the offer
Jenn Aqua (1 year ago)
Good price indeed but the interior decor not even close to my two bedroom in kinoo. Wardrobes i expecting to see even a mirror and the kitchen cabinets, at least improve on the interior decorations. This is supposed to be a home not just a simple house.
Kobo (11 months ago)
It looks like new owners will have to spend about 500,000/= redoing the insides.
margaret wanjiru (1 year ago)
Dennis Oduor (1 year ago)
Good Price but poor finishing
mike wangwe (1 year ago)
They are no different from the one bedroom flats of Umoja. , very poor finishing.
justus katunga (1 year ago)
mike wangwe

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