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Galaxy S8: The Final Look

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dbrand Galaxy S8 skins: https://dbrand.com/TB With the Galaxy S9 nearly upon us, we look back at the Galaxy S8. -More Galaxy S8 Videos- Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwKVkNj8zyQ Galaxy Note 8 vs S8+: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvVNDjDhpes Galaxy S8 vs OnePlus 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRTaai9xiJQ Galaxy S8 Two Months Later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75ZXRi2XyZ0 Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz50OVRTJKs Galaxy S9 Concept video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fynlakABc_A Music from Epidemic Sound. Start your free 30-day trial! https://goo.gl/ibDfse More tech goodness: http://www.technobuffalo.com Deals: http://bit.ly/1JMh2qc Follow us! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technobuffalo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technobuffalo Instagram: http://instagram.com/technobuffalo Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnoBuffalo
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Text Comments (744)
TechnoBuffalo (25 days ago)
Pour one out for the greatness that is/was the Galaxy S8.
William Ives (14 days ago)
SUPERBANANA GAMING IL I didn't mind it. Wouldn't say I loved it. I got used to it very quickly though and it has not diminished my opinion on the phone.
Am I the only one who really loved the fingerprint scanner location and orientation?
William Ives (25 days ago)
saad tech showing the features that come on the box are important to show? I don't understand your logic. This video is to show how it ages over time, not what kind of earbuds come in the box.
saad tech (25 days ago)
William Ives this things are important to show non tech enthusiast people how good really it holds up after a year
William Ives (25 days ago)
saad tech they do all that in the initial review. You can go back and watch that for that stuff. This is just a follow-up because it's almost a year old.
Swazi Hitler (7 hours ago)
Still loving my s4 :):):):)
davidd9289 (2 days ago)
Well traded out my iPhone 6 plus for an s8 after getting use to it I love it glad I switched it's a great phone and the display is amazing
Rob hoy (3 days ago)
I've had gorilla glass 5 on 3 phones.. it's awful.. breaks easilly but worse...it scratches so easily....
Kevin Zamora (4 days ago)
I switched last year from an iphone 7 plus to the s8. It's been almost a year now and I'm still the happiest guy with my phone. I probably won't switch again until next year.
Tom Welfringer (4 days ago)
Using an S8+ since august, waiting for an upgrade that's worth it, but I don't think it'll be an S9. Always wanted to try out A Huawei Mate or OnePlus maybe 🤔
Quacktics are Go (5 days ago)
I've had my S8 for a few months now, and practically every complaint that reviewers have had haven't bothered me at all, the fingerprint sensor location took me a couple of hours to get over and I use bixby for setting timers for cooking (having a dedicated button for it is really quick, although the pixel 2 solution is better). One improvement I really want to see is 3 pressure sensitive buttons at the bottom instead of just the one.
Dat Vader (5 days ago)
wallpaper link from the right s9 in 1:51 pleaseee
C Conn (5 days ago)
I couldn't keep mine due to how terribly laggy and glitchy it became after just a couple months. It got so bad I couldn't even scroll through webpages without freezing and jittering. I'm still not sure how Samsung devices can get such glowing reviews from so many tech reviewers despite that pretty obvious flaw of poorly optimized and unreliable software.
Zoro (7 days ago)
The curve screen can get so annoying. Accidental touches and screen glare. There is no functionality improvement with the curved display
Tamara Girodie (7 days ago)
I had an S8 and actually gave it up for the Pixel 2. The in hand usability of the Pixel 2 was much better than the S8, and I could not deal with the fine scratches covering my screen... And I take good care of my phones. The fingerprint scanner I got used to, but never the curved screen. It felt strange and exposed, and near eliminated all screen protectors.
NumberOne AppleSheep (7 days ago)
iphone x is so much better
LuisLikesSpace220 (7 days ago)
I'm ok with the bottom firing speaker and the fingerprint scanner doesn't bother me that much, also I don't really care for dual cameras since coming from a galaxy grand prime with a crappy 8 megapixel camera the s8 is a beast, and the phone hasn't really slowed down since it's fairly new, so I'm probably gonna stick with the s8 and then I might switch to an galaxy s9, OnePlus 6 or pixel 3 whenever those come out
LuisLikesSpace220 (7 days ago)
Watching this on My s8 😀😀
Bennett Spils (8 days ago)
Love my S8 and going to wait for galaxy 10
AL91 (8 days ago)
They really need to make the bixby button a custom button
martin mutepfa (8 days ago)
May i please have the name for the 1st intro song
martin mutepfa (8 days ago)
I have a galaxy s8 and love every bit of it..broke the front glass after 7 months but still works
spededpat (8 days ago)
If it wasnt for the curved edges I'd consider this phone for my next
Lesley Harrys (10 days ago)
Samsung gets way too many free passes. Yes, the S8 is an incredible piece of hardware. But Samsung’s tendency to cram their own shit down your throat consistently kills their handsets. Weak software tweaking, force feeding Bixby, an insulting timeline for software updates and some other weird decisions always keep Samsung’s phones from being as good as they could be on the basis of their hardware specs and design. Even a year later, it’s still one of the best looking smartphones on the market. It’s a shame it forgoes practicality.
Portal Master (10 days ago)
This guy cracked his phone exactly where I did
Fadley (10 days ago)
the s8 will age well, maybe i'll use it until the s11 come out if my phone can last that long anyway
Mohammed Ali (10 days ago)
Lmao I upgraded from an Xperia Z3 compact to an so and honestly if I ever need a new phone in like 4 to 5 years I'll probably just get another s8.
Carl Wåger (10 days ago)
Watching this on my s8
arjl880 (11 days ago)
The very first thing I do when I get the new samsung phone is get a Dbrand skin and screen protector...highly rec'd
JM Tech (11 days ago)
I am watching on my s8 and i love everithing but the batery!
Charlie Wright (11 days ago)
i got used the finger print sensor but i agree with the speaker bit
Benjamin Gutierrez (11 days ago)
Colleague gang van belief pray count priest proposal residence impossible.
Fadi Abdi (11 days ago)
there's no way a descent civilized man can do all that damage to his phone.. dbrand forced you to do this to convince people to buy theirs skins
nicholas collins (11 days ago)
Love me S8. Best phone I've ever had.
Stephen Granville (12 days ago)
Hey now I just upgraded to the s8+ with no shame. This is just the start.
turd burglar (12 days ago)
My s8 screen is ruined from burn in
Hercules (12 days ago)
I have the s8 and next phone I’m getting is note 11 or 12
wrigzzy (13 days ago)
Im currently iphone 6+ wanted to move to android for a while, should i get s9+ or wait a whole year for the s10+/note 9
It's a me Mario (13 days ago)
They're still pretty good cameras and the voice is way better than the iPhone
Michael Lim (13 days ago)
Bixby is awesome. People misunderstand it's use.
Tiesa Kaskur Anapus (14 days ago)
Watching on my. Samsung J3 (2016) :D becouse dont have money buy new phone :( :D
Sass Mustonen (14 days ago)
I just switched from iPhone 6s to Galaxy s8.
Valentin Roesler (14 days ago)
I have a S8+
Younes ZH (14 days ago)
Samsung has done a great Job last year
Andrew Clement (14 days ago)
Honestly other than the Infinity Display, the different buttons of the back and recent, and the dumb moving of the fingerprint scanner, the S7 and S8 are almost the same, the S7 is better. The S9 is a refined S8...They do this every other year, one is a build year, the other is a refine year. The Note 9 could be quite amazing, the S9 is an easy pass this year to me, just as the S8 was to me last year. (I have the S7)
BeeVeeVee (14 days ago)
I hear that the S9 will be very expensive, so I will most likely wait for the price drop
Javian Brown (15 days ago)
Why does every reviewer hate Bixby? I wanna try it for myself and see as someone who loves voice assistants
Noah R (6 days ago)
Javian Brown yeah idk. It's not meant to replace Google Assistant either. Bixby is a system controller basically. I like the idea of it but I haven't used it since I'm on an S7 Edge
Desean Cumberbatch (14 days ago)
Javian Brown It's pretty pointless when google assistant is better. Plus the dedicated button kinda makes people hate it even more (accidental presses)
jasper arellano (15 days ago)
Yup from my galaxy s advance to note edge then to s8plus 😍
TehranArtGallery (15 days ago)
It's a great phone apart from the camera blurring issue, which means I tap on the damn lens to make it focus...
Javier González (15 days ago)
Benito Juárez bust!!!!
Blake Wilkinson (15 days ago)
evaluation where retain balance do bomb phone determine percentage
Ben Jensen (15 days ago)
Debating weather to get the s8 plus or wait for s9
Michel AW (16 days ago)
Waching this video from my S8+ and I'm still loving it! 🤗
Mihai Dezso (16 days ago)
How the fuck you could crack it? I dropped it from head-height on concrete and not a single scratch
Cade Del Rey (16 days ago)
Absolutely love my S8 Plus❤
Andrew Norton (16 days ago)
A colleague of mine has ab S8, and I liked the screen so much that I changed up my Pixel 2 for an LG V30. Screen real estate is a big plus point for me, I realised.
Benny Ong (16 days ago)
Love my Galaxy S8, no plus.
Kalin Kuber Naidoo (18 days ago)
I'm gonna wait till 2019 to get another smart phone but for now in 2018 I'll be using my S8.
Tyler Payne (18 days ago)
I just bought a new s8 on Feb. 2nd and it was such a good purchase.
Benjamin Martinez (19 days ago)
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PRATHAP R (19 days ago)
S8 got the final look an year before,😁
XxamorOo (20 days ago)
I had an s4 for four years and before that i had the galaxy mini for about the same time, upgraded to s8 ...love it
Usman Hyder (20 days ago)
Upgraded from iPhone 6s to S8 a couple of days ago so far im loving it. Fingerprint sensor doesn't bother that much. the only thing that bother is that down facing speaker.
Fady Saqer (21 days ago)
Guys! What to choose? S8 or Note FE
Shreyansh Fofandi (22 days ago)
I have never activated the edge display by mistake.... maybe 2 times in quite a while... I just havent had that issue
brandon holt (22 days ago)
Upgraded from note 5 to i guess note 9 noe
Kirk Smith (22 days ago)
I'm still on the S4...Life is tough, guys.
Geert Matthys (23 days ago)
I have s8plus and op5, barely use s8. Fingerprint on back is retarded
Sem Tristan (23 days ago)
Upgraded to an S8 from a S6 plus and loving the phone! Got a case for it as well since I'm pretty clumsy! Awesome review technobuffalo!
The NJB (23 days ago)
I feel like Im literally the only person who never has a problem with the finger print scanner location. I mean maybe if you kepp switching phones all the time you can't get used to it, but I've been unlocking my phone with it perfectly.
Jason Wilde (23 days ago)
Crap fp scanner Crap software Crap updates S apps Bixby Stutters ......... I'll pass, sorry sammy
Desean Cumberbatch (10 days ago)
Pokemon Master It depends on the device as well. It seems the exynos variants tend to be better than the SD on a long term basis.
Pokemon Master (10 days ago)
Derp Derp Bullshit, you're just used to the lag. Side by side it's noticeable.
Desean Cumberbatch (11 days ago)
Derp Derp Accurate. Have had no problem with mine.
Derp Derp (11 days ago)
Pokemon Master it's very responsive for me
Pokemon Master (11 days ago)
I used the first iteration of Samsung experience on my S6 edge a few years ago and it really isn't that different. It still stutters and lags like when you go to Bixby home there's no smooth scrolling between that and the home screen. I've tried out a few S8's from friends and relatives but I always find that slow scrolling jitters a bit, also the home button isn't as responsive on the S8.
ofanning06 (23 days ago)
Jon, I really admire you as a tech reviewer. However, it seems over the years you put out less and less content. Instead of doing revisited videos maybe you could bring us some new content on other cool phones? Thanks, I'm a big fan.
Shaun Fidler (23 days ago)
Absolutely love my Galaxy S8 still! No need to upgrade for a while 😁
GATSaInT T (23 days ago)
I have spent almost a year with the S8 and I love the damn thing. With that said I have one complete and it's Bixby.
Benjamin Navarro (23 days ago)
I will get the s8 when the s9 comes out
waquzy (23 days ago)
That is one ugly dbrand skin - @ 2:31
Marko Đorđević (24 days ago)
Nice design. That was the thing that stands out. Never the less, Android as resource eater and overall Samsung as brand is not something that I would give a chance at all. Back in the time when I used Android, before switching to Windows Mobile and finally IOS, there was only HTC. Good for Google to work with those guys. Thats some other story...
salim shaikh (24 days ago)
Need an advice should i buy an s8 or iphone 7+. I dont really mind ios vs android user interface as i own a spare a5 2016. Camera would be a priorty. Thanks in advance.
fendercuber (24 days ago)
I got the S8 at launch upgrading from a Note 5. To this day this phone still feels refreshing and innovative. It hasn't aged a day for me.
Marko Zivanovic (24 days ago)
Went from iPhone 6 Plus to S8+ after Apple started killing it with upgrades. Loving the switch.
GamingWithJin_YT (24 days ago)
The S8 already came out
Hridoy Paul (24 days ago)
Yes I can finally buy a s6 now 😍
Matyáš Nazaretský (24 days ago)
Sammy S8❤
Matyáš Nazaretský (24 days ago)
Matyáš Nazaretský (24 days ago)
basdfgwe (24 days ago)
I haven't managed to activate my s8+ on the edge by accident. But I have cracked my screen within a month of having the phone.
A J (24 days ago)
1:48 What is that weather/day widget on the phone with mountain background ... anyone have any clue?
A J (23 days ago)
yatin mulik awsome thanks
yatin mulik (23 days ago)
Alex Nunez search for Another widget on play store
Arun Mani (24 days ago)
Still loving my iPhone 7 ❤️
Manuka Maduranga (24 days ago)
I've been using this for the past two months, I've never had the edge panel get activated accidently.
Pranshu Anand (24 days ago)
Loving my note 8
Yanina Ayala Herrera (24 days ago)
Got an S8+ after my 3 year old Note 3 was stolen and I absolutely love it.. My jump was quite big since I had my Note for so long (It always worked geat so I didn't wanna change it until I had to) but stil, 6 months after I got it I still enjoy iy a lot and I am still finding new functionalities.. So I dont see myself upgrading anytime soon (as long as thieves keep away from my things at least)
jack swartz (24 days ago)
Watching this on a S8 !
Juvenal Machado (24 days ago)
Used bx actions to remap bixby, made it into an iphone-like vibrate/sound button. its perfect!
Sam Alizade (24 days ago)
From Note4 to Note8. Only Miss the Sensitive Display and IR remote, to troll my teachers.
chadmanPA (24 days ago)
Bought the S8 plus at Best Buy back in July when they had a sale for 500 bucks. Still runs like a champ. No complaints here.
Craig Davies (24 days ago)
Pretty much all the negatives are irrelevant to me. Ive always used full flipcases for my smartphones as they aren't designed to be dropped. Don't care about the speakers as I've had two Sony stereo speaker phones and it isn't really impressive unless you want to annoy people on the street and my p.c and tablet have them which are much better and I recently had a great deal as the S9 was due.
Leroy Holiday (24 days ago)
I'm still getting s8 by the time s10 released I Will get the s9
gangstalishis (24 days ago)
Wonder how they will improve upon the design of the s8.
Johnny Alviso (24 days ago)
Does anyone have a burnt screen on on their s8+.I do and it sux.any suggestions to get rid of it
ThePeddle (24 days ago)
I love my S8 Plus and will not be upgrading to the S9.........but I may grab the Note 9........
Famboy Color (24 days ago)
I have an s8, not getting the s9 and I might buy the s10 when the price is right
Niji Games (24 days ago)
Alex Cristian (24 days ago)
Had it since May last year and I'm still happy with it, takin into consideration that I get bored quickly and I love new tech. Still can't keep my eyes of from it even though I was also drawn to the Note8 when it came out.
Vaibhav Aggarwal (24 days ago)
You tech channels are just uploading anything these days. Youtube was 100% right to demonitize your useless videos.

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