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What is a Chromebook - Explained

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** UPDATED PRICING & LIST of CHROMEBOOKS FOR SALE ON AMAZON via my Affiliate Link ** http://amzn.to/1LsHQiu What is a Chromebook? Chromebooks are a very low budget laptop with Google's unique operating system on board. This video explains what Chromebooks are and in general its layout, overview, and what it can and cannot do. Hope this helps you. Please subscribe for more reviews - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=JimsReviewRoom More PICTURES FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/JimsReviewRoom MORE CONTENT GOOGLE PLUS: http://www.google.com/+JimsReviewRoom Overview on what is a chromebook. Hope it helps --------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC: Son of A Rocket by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ---------------------------------------------------------

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Text Comments (840)
Ace Benjamin (3 hours ago)
wow wish i had seen this before i brought my chromebook hp. Its a great lap top. You hit it dead on the nail, its mostly for business not gaming.
PlatinumYT (5 days ago)
It's really bad that my chromebooks only work on a *BROWSER*
Laqhe Ezanjul (8 days ago)
basically is an android laptop, just say that
George Isenhart (10 days ago)
So the apps section on my chrome browser on my windows computer is basically a chromebook in a nutshell right?
GentleCat (16 days ago)
I'm getting this cause I'm broke asf and in college
Nouveau1 (17 days ago)
I just want it for youtube & porn. will it do? can i open videos and pictures i have saved on a usb key?
Sobhfak Sobh sobh (22 days ago)
نعم هى مواقع لها اهمية لتعرف وثقا فةالمواطن
numbat 007 (1 month ago)
there doesn't seem to be an EASY way to add photos to F'book other than via Google drive ( which is VERY complicated ) , is this correct ?
William Jones (1 month ago)
These laptops are less expensive because they have smaller displays. LCD and LED panels are the single most expensive component of any laptop.
Israel Alexander (1 month ago)
hell yeah bro i was sol but then i saw ur video now i can play yugioh duel links and pokemon tcg so thats a plus and i can now let go of my phone and tablet and i dont need a televisioni i hate tvs that take up room and heat up ur room too :p but this is good and now i can get a Real Laptop !!! Which i need to run Steam and play Stainless Steel 6.4 !! hahah i had a IRULU running it and it totally destroyed it lol...off to disneyland tomorrow and im taking my chromebook with me :P
Phen0mable (1 month ago)
Can you connect phone and move files about??
Madalyn Oliver (1 month ago)
I like that your voice is consistently a reviewer/salesperson-y voice. 'your basically, s.o.lll'
HolidayGolightlyify (1 month ago)
If you have a phone or a tablet, you probably do not need this. Also, you can use this as a tablet but not as a regular laptop.
TumbleGamer (1 month ago)
2:16 does that page exist anymore?
Yat Ali (1 month ago)
So.. is there a Sim slot?
Sean Beaver (2 months ago)
I own an acer chromebook r11 and i love it
LilMOMMAson (2 months ago)
So can you install MS Word app on a chrome book?
Audrey Ruyi (2 months ago)
I got a school provided chromebook and it is reallllyy baaad. Some of the keys aren't working and the screen is a little messed up. I've had it for less than a year. It sucks.
xxblazzy gamingxx (2 months ago)
Can you play ROBLOX tho?i’m just a kid so please don’t hate
Himesh Anand (2 months ago)
hana the spanner (3 months ago)
ill stick with my 2007 dell laptop that even makes Minecraft laggy.
Do u hear the ringing in the background he is going to mkultra you so you buy a chromebook
Katelyn Mayfield2 (3 months ago)
I’m using the chrome books in school
Brenda Papa (3 months ago)
slenderman slender (3 months ago)
can a chromebook install any apk file available on play store just like android mobile?
Everardo Garcia (3 months ago)
Chromebook - I sleep Chrome🅱️ook - A S C E N D E D
The Mad Man (3 months ago)
Not sure I want to go through all these changes. I have a desktop and that is find with me! Laptop I can't afford at present. Why can't I download this to my desktop...Oh you won't let me because YOU have control of the APP. Its my computer, I want control!
Clorox Bleach (3 months ago)
I love chromebooks. I sm going to get the new Acer one. I want it just for school so I can do my projects and typing papers. I do like Android games and I will get this.
Nicolas Bustos (3 months ago)
Meet the iphone xspensive
Nicolas Bustos (3 months ago)
Chromebooks cant download shit
Bernadette Fox (3 months ago)
I am confused as to why I can not also use internet explorer, I need to load a program from work and it needs a windows operationing system, what other options do I have???? was it a mistake to buy this
Shadman Sisam (2 months ago)
Bernadette Fox why wud u want to use i.e when theres chrome
Pilot Gaming (4 months ago)
How does it do on gaming like battlefield
Ryman 44 (4 months ago)
The one wrong thing is you cant get steam on it, and you cant get games.
Brijonel Nicolas (4 months ago)
can i use docs offline?
Toricorn (4 months ago)
My chromebook broke and I was wondering if chromebooks store anything? Because it broke and I don't know if I can retrieve anything that I downloaded onto it
P Schmied (4 months ago)
This needs to be retitled to "What WAS a Chromebook in 2014?"
Satyendra Kumar (4 months ago)
Bloodyy Godly (4 months ago)
It’s trash
THINKINGJAMES11 (4 months ago)
mune Rodriguez (5 months ago)
I hate Chrome
Abdullah Bajwa (5 months ago)
I dare anyone press ctrl shift Q
MrElculver2424 (5 months ago)
I would buy a Chromebook as I really don't do much offline, but the one thing I do is watch DVDs, and without that capability, I can't buy one. Such a shame. I hope they make them with disc drives soon.
Kurt Hosking (5 months ago)
asus c201 i got mine around 180 ish on argos
Serifaz (5 months ago)
chromebook is dogshit
Dr Peter jones (5 months ago)
This is basically a thin client for the google data center. Your data is fully owned and resold by google. Windows in the process of winding down windows 10 and going this way too. Why would you want to do that? Linux and unix are distroying windows spying systems. Just set up your own cloud at home through nextcoud and keep your data confidential. Remember you might be able to use your old laptop as a chromebook.
Denise Sparks (4 months ago)
Dr Peter jones
Yachiru Kusajishi (5 months ago)
This would be pretty useful for me, but I do like my games, even if I only play 2....
Moita Moss (5 months ago)
I'm guessing it can't work with LCD?
Joegeorge (5 months ago)
i might get one for a second computer. Spend most of my time on utube anyway.
John Go (6 months ago)
Chromebooks make sense for most people, hear me out now. You can access social media, outlook, office, gmail, android apps now, and watch movies and listen to music with a Chromebook. I have 4GB RAM, 2 USB-C ports, SD Card, HDMI, 720p camera, Intel Celeron quad-core in my Acer 14" Aluminum and it's more than enough power for those said tasks. If you need to edit music/gaming/movies/photos then a Macbook Air/Pro or PC would suit you better. Other than that, a Chromebook is a very great alternative to the latter.
TheRobloxBoss (6 months ago)
There are laptops/ Chrome books around 100$ to 900$+
CrazyI3lake Productions (6 months ago)
So I wasted my money
Seb (6 months ago)
so sad! they now everything about you.
Juke Juke (6 months ago)
How good is it with YouTube live stream
Hyper xlx K3V (6 months ago)
Just wanted to know how they looked and performance. Me an my clas are getting these for school
grantapus1 donald1 (6 months ago)
Google OS? Wtf are u talking about idiot asshole
Mikail Yilmaz (6 months ago)
Can I make a presentation on a chromebook
Wayne Hinton (6 months ago)
can a chromebook play facebook games
NEB Barnes (6 months ago)
Just wondering. Wanting a small laptop type computer for printing small phrases for my scrapbooking. I hate my writing so I would rather type it out, print it and cut it down to paste on my scrapbooks. I saw my sons chrome book, he added some photos and made a small video, no big effects just like a slide show, I would like to do that too with my photos. This chromebook thing looks really simple to use for that.
infinity laughter (6 months ago)
that's funny, I'm watching this vid on my chromebook
tmitchable (6 months ago)
Everyone out there, if you in need simple computing, I recommend Acer R13 Chromebook current price $350 on Amazon it's fantastic Chromebook I owed on of this plus 4 other trust my word it worth it, I used for personal and some business beside work on Windows os at work ....
Elite Time (6 months ago)
It's called Chrome os
Nasser Mohammed (6 months ago)
I've an Acer Chromebook 11 C720 as a daily driver. It worth if u wanna a cheaper laptop, but u won't get all the specs as Windows PCs
You know what a Chromebook is? A piece of shit. Question answered.
Blender Dumbass (7 months ago)
fuck chromebooks because fuck google. I use normal linux with a data on the computer, not the cloud.
Victor Manuel (7 months ago)
So no Microsoft word? Or offline document editing? Aka typing a paper at home or on the bus without wifi?
milld76 (7 months ago)
I found this article about Chromebooks really useful http://www.technologymadeclear.com/2017/chromebook-works-explained/
Rob G (7 months ago)
Can I install GTA V on it?
KEITH HARING '18 (4 months ago)
Rob G yep
Saeed Mousavi (7 months ago)
Useless as Windows RT
Prashish Poudyal (8 months ago)
Just wanted to ask. Can i join external harddrives and play videos and movies in chromebook? Can someone help me?
phedup (8 months ago)
my school made us pay for chromebooks and now i have no choice like i have to use it for the next 4 years
MrKeys57 (8 months ago)
Does the chromebooks reinstall the apps from chromestore after a powerwash, like android does?
PavtubeStudio (8 months ago)
How to Play AVI on Chromebook on the move? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh7feRaEpF0
John Martin (8 months ago)
So, it's Google's version of a MacBook.
disrespectful birb (8 months ago)
Chromebook Squad where u at?
Nic M (8 months ago)
Thanks, Jim do you have or plan to do a similar video for 2017, please? Thanks!
Michael O'Connell (9 months ago)
Would you recommend this for my parents who suck with windows? They keep ruining windows
Angie D (9 months ago)
Can you send/check emails on this other than via Gmail?
Pasta isn’t Creepy (9 months ago)
School ruined chromebooks for me😒
Brutality eth (9 months ago)
Chromebook sucks, I know is cheaper but it is because it sucks I have so many problems with this device that make me almost cried it is a crap i hate it
asap spacecraft (9 months ago)
Can you write essays or take notes without having wifi tho
Mian Moaz (9 months ago)
Hi, will I be able to access Microsoft Office offline on the latest Samsung or Acer Chromebook?
Justin Robertson (9 months ago)
Rip nfs world
Dave Clark (10 months ago)
I'm having a problem. Somehow I hit a setting that made my chromebook go negative. The letters are white and the background is black. How can I return it to normal?
maddie p • (10 months ago)
I have my own chrome book at my school. :)
Holopandacorns 11 (10 months ago)
I'm getting for one for me and the whole year 6 I am in year 6 btw but my teacher is getting them lol plz may j have some Likes so u can be ungrounded not lol
Holopandacorns 11 (9 months ago)
asap spacecraft I know
asap spacecraft (9 months ago)
Amelia rose Roberts this is the most toddler comment I have ever seen lmao
Steff Koo (10 months ago)
thanks nice one
Schoolboyz92 (10 months ago)
so it does or doesn't use google play ?
BriLoves Animals24 (6 months ago)
The chrome store is bacily Google play.
Calsefer Santa Ana (10 months ago)
can you help me it wont download games i.
Francis June (10 months ago)
emulators??????? hmmmmmm
Zereko (10 months ago)
Chromebook are good for basic users and for education.
hitterRoof (6 months ago)
Zereko Gaming and web browser gaming only
Cate Benedict (10 months ago)
3:06 the issue isnt the fact that you cant download with windows. its the fact that you picked need for speed
que paso? (10 months ago)
I didn't like my chromebook
luna byers (11 months ago)
I'm not ok with there joke of system
stoeger 2 (11 months ago)
so is it just like android tablet
Adesh Jairam (11 months ago)
I found a chromebook on Walmart for 109
GentleCat (16 days ago)
Adesh Jairam nice
Alonzo Chayne (1 year ago)
Horus (1 year ago)
can you use this as a business laptop? downloading files and using Dropbox?
Omni (1 year ago)
I'm pissed off you can't download shit on this piece of crap.
Thesuddentornado (1 year ago)
can you use microsoft office on a chromebook?

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