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Pepper the ‘emotional’ robot visits the FT | FT Life

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► Visit our brand new YouTube channel, FT Life at: http://bit.ly/2qzoKSt Visit the 'Robots: Friend or foe' page on FT.com: http://on.ft.com/1SYZjoS One of the world’s first ‘emotional’ robots Pepper visits the Financial Times where columnist and Ft.com managing editor Robert Shrimsley attempts to make conversation. The robots’s creators Softbank of Japan and French subsidiary Aldebaran claim Pepper can understand human emotions. ► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: http://bit.ly/FTimeSubs For more video content from the Financial Times, visit http://www.FT.com/video Twitter https://twitter.com/ftvideo Facebook https://www.facebook.com/financialtimes
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Text Comments (66)
Aifaindah Fauziah (5 months ago)
I'm really like this robot. His voice is too cute. I'm hoping I can get one someday.
Aelon Kumar (7 months ago)
Please tell me it's cost Or some other knowledge about this on my what's app no. +918808855088
mrk107 (8 months ago)
They need to give Pepper a better OS. Android is to buggy
조홍규 (8 months ago)
s bari (8 months ago)
French crap
NerdOfTheWeek (8 months ago)
yeah even if I could get one I wouldn't trust it around anything sharp or anything that could be used as a weapon
hjc (9 months ago)
he prefer japanese .
DC Fanboy (11 months ago)
It's a great robot. Better than others. It's just need some upgrades and need to show feelings and explore like cozmo by its own. That the main thing all people wants. And make it better in speaking British and can pepper be renamed?
Janet Busener (11 months ago)
Pepper needs to climb steps-as too many steps exist everywhere.
Janet Busener (11 months ago)
I want one
CyanRiverWolf (1 year ago)
They NEED to make the robot DAB. Then it will be perfect.
Alex Kessel (1 year ago)
wow.....unbelievable. ....why I was born in 20th century? ???😨😨😨 Not now???
Janet Busener (1 year ago)
How much does Pepper cost?
Taharkah X (1 year ago)
Janet Busener $1200.00 usd
it'sMe TheHerpes (1 year ago)
a lobotomised cockroach is more intelligent than this.
LoquenderoTV (1 year ago)
its franch ir japan?
Oncle Ben's Laden (7 months ago)
LoquenderoTV french
Sur leur propre (1 year ago)
pepper is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
Mik Hamnett (1 year ago)
The thing I see most are people treating the robots beyond their current capabilities, as if it doesn't need time to process! Saying multiple things to it like 'Hello, I'm Robert, what's your name?' all in one big string is going to stack up and get confusing... also complicated and strange sentence structures. It's like when I see native people talking to language learners in the same way, just... slow it down, and simplify!
Rahul Dev (1 year ago)
Come on you guys, pepper is kid, be more gentle and caring to him...
Dani (1 year ago)
Pepper glitches like that cause it needs to be connected to internet.
Leo wang (8 months ago)
Dani nah,because it don't know british
Dardana Smith (1 year ago)
could pepper be a companion for a quadraplegic female??
your boye oye (1 year ago)
Imagine you could get a custom one that looks like a video game character.
The Revenge 1- (1 year ago)
Imaging 20 years later
Lang Jones (1 year ago)
A very unimpressive robot.
Biia- chan (1 year ago)
Pepper is so cute :3
Kitsune Ken (1 year ago)
pepper is very talkative in japanese! There's one in the hospital near our house and she can answer any questions thrown at it! He even makes jokes and plays with kids!
Val O'Brien (6 months ago)
Kitsune Ken That's pathetic ! And if you can't see why - then so must you be too !
Stranger (8 months ago)
You realize you called pepper a she, he and it.
Thatguyujustmet (1 year ago)
I know I'm making jokes but thank you financial timss for this doc, it's well done and very revealing for those of us curious about Pepper!
Thatguyujustmet (1 year ago)
8:29 He's grabbing a little low there.
Thatguyujustmet (1 year ago)
3:12 "Where's your balls" - Pepper
Krystal Harwood (1 year ago)
he has a voice like siri
XxĥặɱŏŏdZX (1 year ago)
0:27 yeah....right XP
Luke Hickey (1 year ago)
8:26 hail hydra.
Internet Dinosaur (1 year ago)
I wonder what happens if you insult Pepper. xD
Arif Gunawan (3 days ago)
it shoots beam
Pierre Begley (1 year ago)
I hear there's a built in death ray in its eyes....
Benjamin Peng (1 year ago)
can it dab
Amethyst (1 year ago)
Benjamin Peng Asking the real question here!
Taco van mourik (1 year ago)
IT can speak english and japan
Taco van mourik (1 year ago)
Pepper is a cool robot i would love to have pepper at home he would be a Nice companian
ryan ball (1 year ago)
Taco van mourik or maybe get a human companion. Smh
Reece Volbrcht (1 year ago)
Taco van mourik vcc
rasmasyean (1 year ago)
I don't blame pepper for not understanding British. When I got my first job in an international company, I didn't understand half of what my boss said to me in British.  I was too embarrassed to say so I asked my colleague in the next cubicle to tell me what he said!  lol
Val O'Brien (6 months ago)
rasmasyean " Pepper ". is a collection of digital elements. It is NOT a person, and never will be. It's pathetic to see a human being addressing a piece of machinery as if it were a living being. Don't you think it's a sad reflection that there are living ceatures becoming extinct every day, and we should be doing something to address this issue but instead are more interested in wasting time talking to a bit of metal as if it were a creature of flesh and blood with feelings.?
loot6 (9 months ago)
I can't understand what you're saying either - "British" is a nationality not a language/dialect/accent. Britain contains four countries with vastly contrasting accents. Its about the same as saying "I don't understand European"......Anyway, if you find that tough try going to New Zealand or the USA.
me da miedo
CP3_P0n3 (1 year ago)
Him?! It is a "SHE" we all call our boats or valueble belongings she...pepper is not an exception
Angie2343 (1 year ago)
That's what I'm gonna refer to my Pepper robot as, as well.
Dark Fox (1 year ago)
CP3_P0n3 that's pretty stupid. It doesn't have a gender, it's a robot, you can call it a he or a she it really doesn't matter. Unless the robot specifically tells you to call it a certain gender you can say whichever and it's fine
Tanner (1 year ago)
+CP3_P0n3 I think the vision they're going for is pepper to be a little boy. That's why the voice is so high. They want Pepper to read as a small adorable boy. I do see what you're saying, though.
CP3_P0n3 (1 year ago)
but that only makes sense in Japan though, in other parts of the world that voice and the name 'Pepper' sounded more like female. I know the company IS from Japan but the guy int the video calling her a 'he' just sounds weird to me. Pepper is too cute to be a boy
Tanner (1 year ago)
CP3_P0n3 Soft Bank Robotics, the company which created Pepper, refer to it as a he. I'm not sure why they gender it at all, it's probably hard for people to bond with things they call "it". Nevertheless, the company does want pepper to be referred to as a He.
sSunbeamM (1 year ago)
3:22 "Arschloch" ? (german word) haha
Angie2343 (1 year ago)
Stop calling Pepper a he!
Angie2343 (11 months ago)
When I get a Pepper, I will identify it as a girl. :)
a1r9a9shi99 (1 year ago)
Angie2343: I see your point, Pepper doesn't really have a gender, it is whatever gender you want it to be. I think the reason why a lot of people called Pepper a "he" is because if you hear Pepper speak in Japanese, it uses masculine pronouns to refer to itself. Perhaps Pepper identifies as a male robot if there's a such thing?
Dark Fox (1 year ago)
Angie2343 what's wrong with calling it a he? It obviously doesn't have a gender, so you can call it whichever one and it doesn't matter
walkin dude (1 year ago)
right? it's obviously an it. also, don't ask it how things taste. that's like asking a blind man what things look like.
Donc.r (1 year ago)
say cheese and he is like nopeee
Woke (1 year ago)
Donc.r it*
tv 그레이 glay (1 year ago)
Niki Tankard (1 year ago)
Soooo cool

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