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Doctor Runs Uncorrupted: For-Profit Healthcare Is KILLING Us

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TYT's Mark Thompson spoke with Rob Davidson, a progressive candidate and a Justice Democrat running to represent Michigan's 2nd district. https://www.robdavidsonforcongress.com/ Donation Link: https://www.robdavidsonforcongress.com/donate Volunteer: https://www.robdavidsonforcongress.com/volunteer Don't forget to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below! *** Follow Our Incredible Reporting Team On The Road! Subscribe to TYT Politics on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/TYTPolitics Like TYT Politics on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TYTPolitics Follow TYT Politics on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TYTPolitics Join TYT Politics on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TYTPolitics/
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Text Comments (73)
Roberto O. Millán (3 days ago)
Doctor Davidson, God bless you!! Such a cool name!!
NegatsuSan (6 days ago)
I don't like that TYT is scheduling segments so tightly (like commercial television). Mark Thompson clearly had to rush Rob Davidson so they could get to the next segment.
Ron Dirkse (7 days ago)
Go, Rob
A YM (7 days ago)
I meant Rob Davidson,,,, but of course blessings to Mark as well and all the people who work hard for justice and righteousness.
Bradley Smith (7 days ago)
My father immigrated from England.. Much of my family still lives there.. They are absolutely amazed that we are even debating these types of issues..
A YM (7 days ago)
Highest divine blessings to you dear Mark....we sure need more intelligent and courageous people like you in the government.
Oscar Windham (8 days ago)
President Obama was elected and then reelected on the promise of affordable healthcare for all and this was partially fulfilled in the "Affordable Care Act" (Obama Care). This to me is how very important healthcare is to we the people but we are being mostly ignored by President Trump who seems to emphasize the repeal aspect of "repeal and replace" a lot more than the REPLACE aspect. The bottom line is - how to pay for the "Medicaid" or "Medicare" for all (Universal Healthcare) healthcare system and to me it is very obvious and very simple because I don't have a problem with facing reality, as most people in our country do. Let me be a little evasive and start from the middle and then work my way back to the beginning because frankly, most of we the people are just too "delusional" to accept the reality of it all right from the start. We have right now, a federal deficit that our federal employees will admit to, of $23 TRILLION and here recently we have a report that Dr. Skidmoe and his economics students at MSU have uncovered another $23 TRILLION of unaccounted for federal spending. This $43 TRILLION federal deficit is federal monies electronically generated when there are insufficient funds from our federal income tax system (deficit spending/federal deficit not a federal debt) to meet our federal expenditures. We did not "borrow" this monies; again, we electronically generated these monies while pretending to sell ourselves Treasury bonds. Think about how ridiculous this is if our federal employees did actually print-up some type of security/bond. Without going into too much detail in this restrictive format, it is against federal law for we the people to make a profit nor did we ever intend to make a profit from "monetizing" these bonds. We simply "monetized" or electronically generated the monies for these phantom bond sales and used the "proceeds" to pay our federal expenditures. If there ever have been any actual bond sales to ourselves and there was an actual interest payment due, we would have electronically generated the monies and the same goes for retiring the hopefully pretend bond; we just electronically generate the monies. The point is that we have never really borrowed any monies; not from ourselves and not from China or anyone else. Not when you have the ability to electronically generate monies which we the people do - collectively. So, Dr. Rob Davidson, now you know how to pay for your "Medicare" for all, "Medicaid" for all or preferably a Universal Healthcare System (minus the gangsta health insurance companies). Considering how important your message is, I don't have any problem sitting you down and getting you up to speed about the fact that our federal deficit is just that, a deficit and not a debt and our federal deficit is irrelevant, thus the means to pay for our healthcare system which should include dental and medicines, is starring you in the face. It would be a tremendous help if you were to first read my quintessential book which deals with these perspectives and a whole lot more first, titled: (*revised 2nd edition*) "All About Equity Spending... With a Love Story". P.O.O.F.O.O.S.I.E.
frances gaia (8 days ago)
We can't afford Universal Healthcare, but we can spend $85TRILLION on a Secret Space Program. There is something wrong with this picture. The power of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, that President Eisenhower warned us about. See: $85 TRILLION BLACK BUDGET for Secret Space Program. And: This is what an 8 TRILLION DOLLAR UFO looks like. P.S. The US Federal Budget for 2018 is $ 3.654 TRILLION.
Lady D (8 days ago)
Did he just say supporting medicare for all is innovative? I must hv missed something bc that cant be what was said.
Christian Barrett (8 days ago)
In the US compared to other politicians it is considered innovative.
Mitchell Krouth (8 days ago)
Er are not there to help.
math 2010flhr (8 days ago)
This is my district I live in Muskegon County this guy rocks vote for him
math 2010flhr (8 days ago)
My next congressman I'm Mi 2
chickendinner2012 (8 days ago)
Rob Davidson for Congress! #MedicareforAll
outbacktrek (8 days ago)
<3 mediCare4all or dieBankrupt4gop (Y)
Wayne Plaisted (8 days ago)
I have Health care i'm on worker's comp for a shoulder injury that's covered had a heart a month later .now i have bills piling up from being in the hospital for nine days iv'e now gone 4 day's without my Heart med one to keep my stent's clean but comp pays you 60% of your check how you supposed to pay this and your bills .
Hermes Trismegistus (6 days ago)
Hi Wayne. I just wanted to provide you some free medical advice from your friendly neighborhood pharmacist. I would need to know what type of stent you had placed and more about your specific history to give the best recommendations, but I HIGHLY recommend that you take the clopidogrel (Plavix) that they prescribed. (I assume that’s what you were talking about when you said “a medication to keep your stents clean”, as it’s almost always prescribed for a temporary period after stent placement.) I’m not judging you at all for not taking it at first, as you don’t understand fully the risks involved and the drugs are outrageously expensive now, so I totally understand. In this case though, you really would be better off not getting your statin filled (I assume you’re on one with CAD) for the few months that you need the Plavix if that helps you afford it. If you really can’t find a way to pay for the Plavix (also check GoodRx if you haven’t already, as it may actually be cheaper than your insurance), then you should up your aspirin dose to 325mg per day, as you will be at higher risk of heart attack or pulmonary embolism by not taking the Plavix. Be aware that the higher dose of aspirin will also increase your risk of bleeding events (as the Plavix would), so you should be in communication with your doctor if you notice anything out of the ordinary with respect to bleeding. If you do end up filling the Plavix, then you should likely only take 81mg of aspirin, but I would just follow whatever your doctors recommended since I haven’t seen your medical history—since you’ve already had a heart attack they may have recommended 325mg of aspirin in addition to the Plavix. I just wanted to make sure you realize how important it is for you to try to find any way possible to fill that Plavix prescription, as there’s a good chance it may save your life and it’s only for 1-3 months (unless you have a drug-eluting stent, in which case it would be 6-12 months). I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best in your recovery.
Macarthur Louissaint (8 days ago)
End big pharmacy suppression of cures
Macarthur Louissaint (8 days ago)
I hope he focus on ending the suppression of cures
outbacktrek (8 days ago)
<3 mediCare4all or dieBankrupt4gop (Y)
Ian G (8 days ago)
Back in he 20's the AMA lobbied the government on behalf of manufacturers not to provide healthcare to the people but to let the countries manufacturers and employer provide it. For the employers it was a means to keep you in their employ and under their control. You literally were afraid to leave for fear of worse benefits at the next company. The beauty of a single payer system is it's portability. It follows you whoever you work for. In Canada we cover only medicial not prescription or dental those we need to improve on and are currently covered by your employer. The horrible thing is if you don't have employment dental and prescriptions become problematic but there are programs to get you the prescriptions you need. Kids are cover to 26 and our seniors have coverage for an ever expanding list of drugs. But the main things is to not have fear of bills prevent you from going to your primary care provider when illnesses can be caught and treated early without all the expensive heroic measures. It is your right to have the govenrrnment you are taxed by provide for the general welfare of it's citizens.
B Storm (8 days ago)
It is nothing more than pure greed on the part of insurance companies, hospitals and pharmacies. Corporate America does not care how many people they maim, kill, or compromise. After all no one important is dying, rich people can pay for treatments. Congress has been bought and sold. In addition, corporate America has successfully brainwashed citizens that anything other than the existing system is 'gasp' socialist. Likewise, corporate America cares nothing about environmental poisoning, it would cost money to clean up the toxins dumped by corporations! Wake up America corporate America does NOT have your best interests in mind, it only cares for money.
Monk became a doctor?!
Mark P (8 days ago)
Surprising field for him.
Guy Smiley (8 days ago)
lol @ rebel headquarters. Jill Stein is a MD and was for Medicare for All DURING the elections. "Rebel Headquarters" pushed us to vote for Clinton even though their claimed issues lined up with Stein.
Guy Smiley (8 days ago)
Cyrus Wu She got more votes and lost which happens frequently. Our system of voting is broken.
Cyrus Wu (8 days ago)
Guy Smiley I voted for her too but I think Clinton could've won with very slim margins. Actually I need to see where she lost electoral college votes.
Guy Smiley (8 days ago)
Exactly, I voted Stein anyway. Imagine how much better things would be if TYT stood by their values. Clinton would still lose but progressives and 3rd parties would be so much more powerful. I will vote for those who tick my boxes. No corporate money and Medicare for all, there is more but those are deal killers. I don't trust TYT as far as I can throw them.
Cyrus Wu (8 days ago)
Guy Smiley to avoid a Trump, which made everything exponentially worse as we can see
Gustav (8 days ago)
If health care is the most important issue on both sides, what do right-wingers think would be a good system? You rarely hear any actual ideas from right-wingers.
Roberto O. Millán (3 days ago)
Gustav TRUE
Guy Smiley (7 days ago)
Well, our government cheats us out of choice. People vote for issues and neither party really speaks issues. Right wing politicians do more than left but their message is twisted. They use language to manipulate their base. Like "Death Tax" for example.
Gustav (7 days ago)
Guy Smiley That's good. They should drop the right-wing tribalism and vote for someone who proposes constructive policies.
Guy Smiley (8 days ago)
More conservatives support Medicare for all than don't. Remember Bernie in WV? The polls are pretty clear.
Newsflash: pharma is in all politicians pockets. It matters what is actually done. Unfortunately they blocked Trumps attempt to start removing corruption.
Christian Barrett (4 days ago)
+ Alexander the Ordinary Oh yes the ever classic, "I can prove it to you but it's not worth my time" excuse. In other words you don't have a leg to stand on and the facts are against you so you want to drop the subject and feel you had a win.
Christian Barrett oh I am but it gets way complicated, too much to get into with youtube comment warriors.
Christian Barrett (4 days ago)
+ Alexander the Ordinary It is called single payer because under the system there is a single health insurance provider paying for everyone, and everyone pays that single health insurance provider through their taxes. Further we are not near single payer for the private health insurance companies by any stretch of the imagination. As for programs that are run without massive waste or fraud look at the aforementioned medicare and social security. Both are run with incredibly tight operating costs, and have little to no fraud because unlike their privately ran equivalents there are regulations in place to keep everything running smoothly. You are seriously unable to come up with any real arguments about this aside from the ever partisan "all government is bad because I was told so by the politicians who needed my vote to run the government" argument.
Christian Barrett kindly provide an example of a program that the government pays for that US runs without massive waste and fraud/corruption.
Christian Barrett I see. Why not call it Public payer health care? We are almost at single payer for the private insurers anyway.
Darlene Pytlinski (8 days ago)
Great speaker.
Darlene Pytlinski (8 days ago)
The Nurses were in there from day one trying to get Universal Heathcare.
Bradley Smith (7 days ago)
Darlene Pytlinski Yes, they were!
Steven J (8 days ago)
As much as I'd LOVE to see this dude win, as long as he's in this irreversibly corrupt system that is the Democratic (and republican) parties, I have huge doubts. Just think about it. Amy vilela, Alison Hartson - all good candidates who were principled but they still went down because the Democratic Party pumped money into their primary opponent.
khyre Edwards (7 days ago)
It will take 1000 cuts, but some candidates will get in
Keith Wood (8 days ago)
$400 for course of anti-biotic,  do they use gold to make them, I have a prosthetic heart valve so every time I go to the dentist even for a simple cleaning I have to take anti-biotic & I don't recall them costing much more than $20 or $30 foe a seven day supply, of course I live in Canada, so you know we have that terrible healthcare(sarcasm), really you guys need to catch up to the rest of the world, hope you all elect a  whole lot of progressives...
StealieSteve (8 days ago)
Healthcare is a right. The DeVos family bought Michigan politicians to make them pass the "right to work law" We all know Betsy for her horrible education record. The morbidly rich are ruining this country. Vote Abdul El-Sayed for Governor of MI this November, the only candidate not owned by corporations and billionaires.
Christine M (8 days ago)
StealieSteve I think Michigan primary is in Aug. We need to vote for him then so he is in the general.
Dale Holmes (8 days ago)
can anybody tell me why dental is not considered healthy ?
andre brewer (8 days ago)
We need Medicare for all for everybody in this country not just single prayer. Americans really need to have health care insurance it's important in their life for their personal benefits to have it part of your self-interest it already enough Americans today vote against their own self-interest by any means necessary that's why this democracy is torn apart right now how can you continue to make a living without insurance because you never know what's going to happen to you. You never know you going to need these medicine to take for your body to heal yourself so you can continue to make living to see another day.
Guy Smiley (8 days ago)
Medicare for all is single payer. Americans don't need insurance. Insurance is what people get in the private market, the opposite of single payer.
GirtonOramsay (8 days ago)
andre brewer Thanks for the uplifting words, luckily I've been ahead and aware of the shitty situation that I have to live through, but I'm pushing on in a PhD program for astronomy to realize my dreams of working at NASA!
andre brewer (8 days ago)
GirtonOramsay I'm sorry to hear that but keep this in mind don't give up okay it may not be easy for nobody in this world the Republican knows exactly what they doing it's all about profit and trying to squeeze as much profit from any average American citizen they don't care if you suffering from diabetes long as they seeing Benjamins that's all they care about they don't care about our democracy economics if that was the case we wouldn't be in this situation today right now!! It wouldn't be a lot of Americans voted against their own self-interest it's people out there going to always make it hard for another person to make a successful living lifestyle gain in your personal lifespan Society.
GirtonOramsay (8 days ago)
I NEED universal healthcare and medicine 24/7 for my type 1 diabetes that is such a struggle to control already, yet I have to worry about having funds to just buy insulin. Fucking insane.

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