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WATCH DOGS PRANK (Real Life Street Hack)

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Watch Dogs Limited Edition unboxing coming soon! Subscribe to see it first - http://bit.ly/SubUnbox Watch Dogs Limited Edition still available! Order Watch Dogs LE - http://amzn.to/TbXzMb Thanks for checking out this cool Watch Dogs in real life prank from Ubisoft, can't wait to get my hands on the limited edition! FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Text Comments (1242)
LittleArmyNut (2 months ago)
Wait Unbox Therapy did this
ahmed haksin (3 months ago)
This is watchdogs2
ahmed haksin (3 months ago)
This is watchdogs2 prank
Easy_E420 (5 months ago)
if you go to my watch dogs 2 you will see a easter egg of unbox therapy
straightouttaLA69 (9 months ago)
The Asian dude just keeped playing along
Themastergamer (9 months ago)
I have the game
Mimmim 5 (11 months ago)
Does the guy actually fix the phone
asir sakin (1 year ago)
best prank i,v seen
MysticalHero (1 year ago)
Obviously fake but very entertaining
Junaid W (1 year ago)
i smell fakeness
Moverse Gaming (1 year ago)
Loyal Warrior (1 year ago)
Ron Yuma (1 year ago)
worst Indian accept ever
kizaru Xerreaglon (1 year ago)
Akira Razernite (1 year ago)
hahaha that Chinese guy suddenly couldn't speak English
Kieran Thompson 35 (1 year ago)
I would love an iPhone 6s it is my birthday in 18 days this would make my day thank you I have been a fan for 2 or 3 years my favourite Video is top 5 wtf Amazon items
Xua Albito (1 year ago)
Happy BD man but he aint giving you nothing so dont have your hopes up
Kieran Thompson 35 (1 year ago)
Hi lew I have commented about 4 times I would love an iPhone 6s it is my birthday in 18 days this would make my day thank you I have been a fan for 2 or 3 years my favourite Video is top 5 wtf items
This is fake. Look at the camera angles and listen to the sound quality. They have like 10 camera men and a fucking boom operator off-camera.
+K Laden I'm talking about the prank, you retard.
Hawk Eye (1 year ago)
lThe moment you realize the game is shit
NbAlIvEr100 (1 year ago)
Epicness Confirmed (1 year ago)
No shit Sherlock it's an ad for watchdogs
فيصل الفيصل (1 year ago)
الصيني جحد ام الانجليزي 😂😂
watch dogs 2 is already out
y you are you talking to
toaster pengwyn (1 year ago)
Joy Fraser (1 year ago)
senk yu
Vaas (1 year ago)
Cops have porn level acting skills
Christian Cristo (1 year ago)
it is still cool that they somehow managed to fix the phone in just a moment...
Develop Prumbo (2 years ago)
Haha this is the best video I've seen in a while!
ZXZ Plays (2 years ago)
are those real cars
Nicolas S. Santana (2 years ago)
this is another world , the world of pranks where everyone and anyone collaborates
Affirmative Negative (2 years ago)
These are actors btw
JocoseJoey (2 years ago)
+thegamingguy maybe
JocoseJoey (2 years ago)
+thegamingguy no
JocoseJoey (2 years ago)
Whiting1289 (2 years ago)
This is the problem with gaming development, they waste money on shit like this instead of making the actual game. We all know how the story went, Watch Dogs released and it was shit, unfinished and unoptimised.
Y master (2 years ago)
White the app
Y master (2 years ago)
Cool i want that phone 📱📲📡🔨⚙📢
Krager (2 years ago)
I know this is video is old but I like how the Asian tried to speak like a tourist who can't speak English, hilarious!! Well I think he was...
Ehh Annoying (2 years ago)
I just learned how to hack, but I am not going to use it.
twins star jana (2 years ago)
What is the app name?
itamar mordoch (1 year ago)
Migglemore (2 years ago)
Fake but cool
SinRain12 (2 years ago)
That asian guy was using the "Folklore camouflage". Well played.
RektBySteven (2 years ago)
I'm Asian and that Asian in the video is a cunt
Samuel Agius (2 years ago)
this is more fun than the actual game!
Fuck you (2 years ago)
This seems fake
Wulfs (2 years ago)
Perks about being Asian xd
Freedomtower Studios (2 years ago)
I like the traffic light part.
Nitfluad (2 years ago)
Prank is better than game itself. The Phone Shop owner is a good actor!
Ivan ZHU (2 years ago)
Pixel Boss (2 years ago)
The Asian pulled the 'me no speak-a-da-engris' card
Will the Badass (2 years ago)
Still sooo awesome!!!
OR LEVINZON (2 years ago)
i wanna learn how to get free monet bro!!!!!!! HOW TO HACK ATM?!?!?!!? :D
ZS7 (2 years ago)
Does the guy at the shop worl for Blume or DedSec?
Alfonso Altamirano (2 years ago)
"Here at Ubisoft, we show how much we are about our customers by scaring the living shit out of them and injuring innocent people buy our games"
Khaotic blaze (3 years ago)
This is awesome
Stressed Default (3 years ago)
best commercial/prank/ad  ever!!Its so cool how they all put it together and i love the car crash scene , and how do they do that with the police?????? If i was there i would fix my phone and get pranked so hard like dat. Best hacking game ever (even better in real life!!!!! so EXTREME!!!) . I wish the app was real.
Megaspasstpräsentiert (3 years ago)
My opinion* watch dogs is an awesome game! Does any body has a banana? So i can measure the likes in bananas?
extra flux (3 years ago)
I realy whant that app qs a widget
Toby Ward (3 years ago)
Does he actually fix their phones?
Hollow Sesh (3 years ago)
Alberto C (3 years ago)
what is the name for this app?
Soljakid1995 (3 years ago)
shame the game wasnt as good as it was hyped up to be
Trajanowski Rifleworks (3 years ago)
Best. Marketing. Ever!
Kubi (3 years ago)
Alex Pananananana (3 years ago)
Too bad this game sucked...
Gonzalo Paiz (2 years ago)
+TheLulzbatRises it's not your internet
supermeowskers (2 years ago)
+TheLulzbatRises hilarious and original
Kappa2000 (2 years ago)
+deathkrutcher Nope,its definitely overhyped crap that makes your pc burn if haves ultra settings
Psychonaut (2 years ago)
Lol you buggin' this game is fun
Slendermanfreak (3 years ago)
 F A K E
Ditty1024 (3 years ago)
they shoud get the game free
Vladimir E (3 years ago)
I want to try
lachland (3 years ago)
Customers are actors ZzZzZz
Kim Strandberg (3 years ago)
Its not real customers, the first dude is an actor from dunder mifflin
Seems legit.
DinoPon3! (3 years ago)
Why u no have over 1 million views?
Voix (3 years ago)
Where can i get the app?
CMoney 44 (3 years ago)
Wow!!! That is the best prank I've ever seen in my whole entire life
Jacob Horn (3 years ago)
How did he put that on their phone and how can I get it
Mr.Money (3 years ago)
LOL this was better than the actual game
Jay2OR (3 years ago)
 guy from Trollstation
Jassy Rahal (3 years ago)
that's the best prank i ever saw!
Juan Cruz Farias (3 years ago)
The aplication what's the name
Sarah Davis (3 years ago)
ghbutler (3 years ago)
false advertising as usual doing this in game is incredibly gimmicky and lame
Gentle_Man_Gamer (3 years ago)
Awesome video! I love Watch_Dogs; this war awesome! :D
Caribface Sassi (3 years ago)
That store owner is a really good actor n d asain guy is a good pretender lol
Devan Rossi (3 years ago)
That Is Awesome...
IMakeThings (3 years ago)
This was ridiculously elaborate. It deserves so many more views.
JeRoMe (3 years ago)
dude that was seriously cool. How did they do that?
david (3 years ago)
Eric Park (3 years ago)
wud u liek a curry mai friend
AQW Sh9killer (3 years ago)
I loved it when that one guy stared talking in a foren laungage
Phanth XD (3 years ago)
what app is this
Chad Calvert (3 years ago)
While not as "cool" as what is presented here, look up Kali nethunter.
Chad Calvert (3 years ago)
While not as "cool" as what is presented here, look up Kali nethunter.
Bikini Lagoon (3 years ago)
Too bad it's an overrated piece of garbage.
conner kenwsy (3 years ago)
can you come to Houston and do that to my phone
Its Me (3 years ago)
Undertakerfan70 (3 years ago)
If this is real, it had to take a shit load of time to set up
Quintikable (3 years ago)
Too bad Watch Dogs sucked. Instead to be like AC2-Revelations and IV, it turned to be another Ubisoft scam. Good job Ubisoft Illuminati.
F8willbedecided (3 years ago)
To bad this game fucking sucks DICK
Matt Dibona (3 years ago)
That's just amazing
kelsie jackson (3 years ago)
If that had happened to me i would have been like " Holy crap im Aiden Pearce!
Andrew Konadu (3 years ago)
hahahahha, my english no good, oh my
TommyGamerV12 (3 years ago)
Best vid ever!! (For a game reveal)!
LeafStorm14 (3 years ago)
And the best part about it is that they probably aren't going to play the game... yay...
Gecko (3 years ago)
Only if u made the video.. gg getting profit of it

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