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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: The Bezel-less Sequel!

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a sequel to convert the everyday person. RIP bezels. The original Mi Mix: https://youtu.be/m7plA1ALkQw Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by Xiaomi for video.

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Text Comments (5277)
For 2018, Should I get a Xiaomi mi mix 2 or a OnePlus 5?
Shawn Snow (1 day ago)
No headphone jack, no thanks.
ARIES (5 days ago)
IMO, Chinese phones looks and has pretty much better design than Samsung and Apples devices.. no doubt that they will be on top of the smartphone market soon enough...
shashank Reddy (5 days ago)
Should I buy this in 2018?
D: مستر (6 days ago)
Vinay Vishwatma (8 days ago)
That phone is fat as fuck even honey boo boo wouldn't touch it
Pudding (9 days ago)
This phone is AMAZING! my gosh ;-;
iris (11 days ago)
too bad not have 3.5 jack ! If will have I will buy . Maybe in version 3 will have !
Aman Sharma (16 days ago)
Are you from Wakanda :P
Commander Erik (17 days ago)
if it wasn't because of the apple app store and itunes, i would have jumped to android yrs ago. I switched to android once, and i hated how messy and crappy apps for android are, they are so low quality compare to apps in ios app store. And some apps doesn't have android version. To be honest, i am so sick and tired of iphone's design and the look of the ios. But now i bought the homePod, i guess i can never jump the waggon again.
Abel (19 days ago)
Form over function.
Mohamed Mahmoud (19 days ago)
This phones like Hyundai give you more options put they facing challenge of quality with long life time !!
Manuelito Pascal (19 days ago)
Damn stop complaining, if you wanted IP68 wireless charging and OLED displays you're shopping in the wrong segment lmao
Sai Nikhil (21 days ago)
It isnt OLED marques, its an IPS LCD Display
Latin Kuro (22 days ago)
Ugh, great phone ruined by custom ROM bullshit ! If they want to really penetrate the Western / European market they need to do one thing: - Ship with the stock android, keep your BS custom ROM for the Asian market, they like it we do NOT !
OrbTech (25 days ago)
OF COURSE I will get it
P. I. (25 days ago)
REALLY disappointed by the lack of some basic features on this phone, features easily found on other phones as old as 5 years. 1: Unable to program a custom voice activation phrase ("Hey google" all day long? Yuck SMH) 2: "Ok Google" WILL NOT WAKE UP PHONE when it is on screen lock. This effectively make hands-free use impossible. 3: The voice command "take a picture" when using google assistant opens camera app, but takes no picture. Again, this eliminates hands-free use for this app. Other than that this is a great phone, But I mean really? The google apps here have taken a step backward. I was really counting on this device to replace my Motorola moto x pure, which did all of these things easily.
Ryan Garay (26 days ago)
That intro made me lol!
TickleMeShlomo (27 days ago)
anywhere unless you're on sprint or verizon lol
spacetaco1 (1 month ago)
So does it work on Verizon or not? I'm seeing people saying both. WTF??
Himanshu Dhimal (1 month ago)
Are you twins??????
FiNaTiC GaMeR (1 month ago)
Watching it on my mi mix 2 😎
AntiGravityLazer (1 month ago)
You look just like "Sean McAlister" in Need for speed payback ☻
Mitch Yyyy (1 month ago)
Xiaomi vs Huawei.
Thomas Enns (1 month ago)
Should I buy this, or the HTC U11 eyes?
APARI CHIT (1 month ago)
I wanna see the types phones which were featured in hugh jackman's real steel. I wish the day will come soon in 10 years
Man Eater (1 month ago)
I bought it then canceled my order after watching this video. No head fone jack, smaller than the first one? No thank you!
Paul Dykman (1 month ago)
Would have purchased straight away, if it had a headphone jack
Russel Keith (1 month ago)
get rid of the headphone jack. yeah... no
Ibrahim Alay (1 month ago)
Where can I find this wallpaper?
boii 0412 (1 month ago)
Looks nice and cheap
Goreface69 (1 month ago)
"The only difference is that they got rid of the headphone jack this year" Wow. Thank you Apple, and THANK YOU Google for fucking it up for the rest of us.
Gibbet Hoskins (1 month ago)
Makes the iPhone X look like shit
Muhammad Tameem (1 month ago)
its not oled display
YURI (1 month ago)
wow 8GM RAM :D I need that !!
GPLOCK (1 month ago)
Do the mi mix2s
Ibrahim Bahakim (7 hours ago)
GPLOCK wut? It is released? Lol
mikeyb byekim (1 month ago)
6gigs of ram is frkn awesome for performance.. phone is so thin likely to easily be broken I'd imagine. And 8 gigs of RAM. Fukin wow
mikeyb byekim (1 month ago)
These smart phones are pretty much all screen
randy french (1 month ago)
Asus zenfone 5z is my next phone goodbye samsung lol
Alvin Alberto (1 month ago)
Do any of these international phones like xiaomi, essential phone etc work on Verizon???
Blair Walker (1 month ago)
Have you seen the mi mix 2s it's amazing beyond reason
Dennis Sågström (1 month ago)
Dealbreaker that it dosen't have a 3,5mm jack.
SOHAN bhute (2 months ago)
love MIUI
Solar Flare (2 months ago)
paused the video at "got rid of the headphone jack"... and that was it. Thank you for your time B-bye
Rdx Abdul Rahman (2 months ago)
Watching this on my Mi Mix 2
Abhijeet Verma (2 months ago)
ur face sunburnt badly
Alek Shurson (2 months ago)
Loved that intro😂
blazing 946 (2 months ago)
This phone is forgotten
Percy Barfi Nkrumah (2 months ago)
This company will become big if not bigger in the next 2 years. The only stopping me from getting one is the headpone jack! I'll stick to samsung for now.
Mr Mark (2 months ago)
LOL WHATTT Theres 2 of Marques lol!
Fuzzymoon Beam (2 months ago)
no headphone jack? RIP
clay perry (2 months ago)
I was watching your videos and noticed Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Have you heard of it yet?
Kakashi Hatake (2 months ago)
I like the MIX lineup from Xiaomi, it looks very original,unlike the Redmi and Mi series which look like copies of iphones
Jamila Kingdom (2 months ago)
No headphone jack? Wtf?
Mario Cloudz (2 months ago)
Do these compare to full Android experience like a Pixel and XL?
wei lip lee (2 months ago)
how did you make another marques behind at the beginning of the video ?
The Cannon Movement (2 months ago)
😂😂Intro was hilarious
D_simic (2 months ago)
vivo apex concept also good phone
VINOD RAMADAS (2 months ago)
Hi marques. Can you confirm the display tech used for this phone? Is it IPS LCD or OLED? Review websites states differently.
NICHOLAS YOUNG (2 months ago)
who is the black guy at the back playing with a camera
ali (2 months ago)
Starting of the video in background sofa look
Lin Frankly (3 months ago)
your twin brother was behind you on the red coach!! lol!
Deano Essex (3 months ago)
I have the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with 6GB ram and i am more than happy with it. I've had it for approx 1 year and it hasnt missed a beat. As i keep it in a leather case i really couldnt guess what would be any different to this phone except the Android 7.1 where mine is just Android 7. and it has an extra 2GB ram. All in all my phone is just great and it does what it says on the tin :-) [EDIT] .... BTW my phone only cost £129.99 with 64GB storage and 6GB ram, and a snapdragon 825 cpu.
JT Manuel (3 months ago)
I can't use this since I don't use a case on my phones just pouches. This looks very scratch hungry.
Arslaan A. Khan (3 months ago)
and..... the mi mix 2s is on it's way now... lots of leaks are already getting lot of attention...
Dilip Mare (3 months ago)
Do u have brother which looks same as u. I mean ur twins.
Daniel Cardozo (3 months ago)
Jay Mcfarland (3 months ago)
If this ran stock Android, it would be my choice over the essential, but for now the essential is my go-to until Moto catches up.
iLoveEatingPie (3 months ago)
Bezel-less. I don't think this word means what you think it means.
VibeX MaTxeMa (3 months ago)
Why the hell they removed headphone jack
OLEDGIFIED (3 months ago)
Did anyone see his twin on the left of him sitting on the couch in the start
avi007bondster (3 months ago)
Mi U 'E'?? it's MIUI as in (ME YOU I)
ケビン (3 months ago)
Been watching your videos for more than a year just only today I realised I forgot to subscribe haha. Now I subscribed! Can we request how you plan and create this videos? Where do you get the devices from?
Rich Diamonds (3 months ago)
So they made is smaller than the original no mix which was 6.44"
Crime Pays (3 months ago)
😂 how did u do that in the beginning that was dope
gabi marin (3 months ago)
Mi Mix 2S will be THE BEAST
Tim Zarraonandia (3 months ago)
Mi Mix2s ftw
Wang Beau (3 months ago)
Ok,I'm holding Xiaomi MIX2 now.
orlando dejesus (3 months ago)
Can I get this to work on Metro PCS?
hannah zhang (3 months ago)
I’m your fun from bilibili in China, should thank you let me decide to buy what phone. I will keep watching your video, like you sooooo much.
Gadget Masala (3 months ago)
*Hit like if u watching it in 2018*
Gadget Masala the 1000th
Jancy Varghese (2 months ago)
Bob Ross cracker
Anon 1 (2 months ago)
Dislike. Dumb indian.
xXreaction pugXx (3 months ago)
2019 for me
Gadget Masala (3 months ago)
sprsk (3 months ago)
Why u didnt give a review , that was just a presentation. Like all other phones do the 5 criteria analysis in depth plz. Camera, Performance, Battery, Display ( specialy that (ips)), Build
Hamster zak (3 months ago)
Was about to check out a shopping cart with 23 Mi MIX 2's but canceled when I heard there was no headphone jack :-/
Ru Waring (3 months ago)
1000mah less than the original in terms of battery :(
juerhe1 (3 months ago)
.....THANK you from BAVARIA! ...what are your top 5 smarphones in terms of image quality and in terms of price and power today? (including also the chinese brands etc.). I mean overall price ranges. ...Best Regards
eduardo mendes (3 months ago)
Try the xiaomi mi a1
YF Zhu (3 months ago)
Libau Jerffery (3 months ago)
is that u, the guy at the back..??🤣🤣
Ajarn Spencer (3 months ago)
glad no dual camera because those dual cameras like on my iPhone 7 Plus make zoom macro photography closeups impossible as the telephoto and digital zooms argue with each other when zoomed in to small objects like a dragonfly or a small buddha amulet, resulting in the image jumping left to right and the telephoto takes over and blurs it completely unless i move too far away to get that macro closeup i need.. screw dual cameras.. everyone is into selfies and phots of friends from a meter or 5 away.. but i am a pro who needs to take very closeup images of details of small products .. no dual camera for me.. no instagram posing in yoga pants, no selfies, no filters that blur the clarity and real colour of the image.. i need purist
qxANGELxp (3 months ago)
No headphone jack? They fucked up. I won't get it now. :(
Uchiha Sasuke (3 months ago)
So if I buy one from China with plans on using it in the US and China, would i be able to use verizon sim card in this? low 400s is a really incredible deal especially because I'll be living in china for a while
Meso Meso (3 months ago)
Hi can you tell me who is better xiaomi mi6 or mi mix2
Hidden Emperor (3 months ago)
I never ever got the shiny black finish on aaanything other than cars..... Mat black or mat something else ty
Wwatermelone (3 months ago)
The beginning 😂
anuradaha hs (3 months ago)
2mkbhds ....?
Aditya Yadav (3 months ago)
Consider mi 7 when it's launched for review
BENG aming (3 months ago)
The previous mi mix also consisted of ceramic(I watched JerryRigEverything)
Edwin Dungdung (3 months ago)
I hate the removal of the headphone jack, but I get it tech needs to progress one way or the other. I might get this and proabably spend a little more on a wireless pair of in-ear heaphones
Zhenni Xx (4 months ago)
I need a new phone. This is making me really REALLY want to mix.
Peter C (4 months ago)
Xiaomi is trash. Vivo is better
Peter C (3 months ago)
Varma Datla no it's truth I have xiaomi 3 4 4s before . I nearly go to she repair store every month
Varma Datla (3 months ago)
Peter C you say opposite

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