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Hindu Succession: Class 1 heirs distribution # 1

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scihifi scihifi (2 days ago)
Thanks good job
Viraja Rawle (10 days ago)
sir, do u hv part 2 video of class 1 heirs. coz this video seems incomplete
Theory of Abrogation (10 days ago)
Check in playlist
Swagatika sahu (18 days ago)
Sir how can I get all full sections video of crpc
Theory of Abrogation (18 days ago)
Mere channel pe playlist check kariye crpc ki
kak2k2 (20 days ago)
Amazing video sir..... Most impressive is language........ English and Hindi mix 👍
Nancy Kumar (21 days ago)
Thank you so much sir u r just an amazing teacher...just love your teaching way😊
Theory of Abrogation (21 days ago)
Nancy Kumar thanx 😁
Shashank Diwakar (1 month ago)
Pranjali Dodiya (1 month ago)
Sir iske next video kb bnayenge..ur xplaining vry well but full act chahiye
Pranjali Dodiya (1 month ago)
Theory of Abrogation Nhi sir sirf class heir 1 or 2 h he sari jagah check kiya ap link D skte he
Theory of Abrogation (1 month ago)
Bana chuke hai check kijiye
shivshesh kumar (1 month ago)
Agar ek aadmi mar jata hai aur uski wife and mother and three small brother jinda hai aur uski ma ko kuch jamin apne bhai se ladavinama me mila ab uski ma ki death ho gayi ab property kaise devide hogi us aadmi ko koi beta ya beti nahi hai
vikas pandey (1 month ago)
Sir Female succession pr video bnayi h ?? Apne
hotatif18 cool n sexy (1 month ago)
Sir apka lecture bahot acha hai,Hume college par b itna acha nhi sikate,apka lecture jaldy hi understanding hota hai
hotatif18 cool n sexy (1 month ago)
Ek tarafse ap apne India k students ko help kar re ho,greate sir,thank you so much
Parth arora (1 month ago)
Sir please give me your email id I want to send you one case law tommarrow is my paper and I am not able to understand
Shilpi Sharma (1 month ago)
tq sir....
VIRAL & AMAZING WORLD (1 month ago)
Thanks bhai jaan
Devinder Kumar (2 months ago)
Sir legislative privilege and problem of codification par video please
nakul saxena (2 months ago)
very nice explanation
Aashi Gupta (2 months ago)
can uh explain female dying intestate of hindu succession act
Suryansh Shubham (2 months ago)
Awesome .. Thanks ..
siddhesh take (2 months ago)
confusing rule 3 of Section 10
Krity Jani (3 months ago)
Amazn vdo sir...waitn for d nxt part eagrly
Theory of Abrogation (3 months ago)
Krity Jani actually me batate batate mai khud hi confuse ho gaya tha thoda
Monika Sharma JD (3 months ago)
Thanks ji.
Monika Sharma JD (3 months ago)
Sorry vedio bht lait dekha...love your vedio 👍👍👍👍 very good work....

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