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The Best Smartphones of 2017 / Design / Camera / Battery / Flagship / Feature Phone Radar

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The Best Smartphones I have Tested, Comment your Favourite Best Designed - Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (http://fkrt.it/5Q2RzTuuuN) Best Camera - Pixel 2 (http://fkrt.it/eJbiy!NNNN) Best Flagship - OnePlus 5T (http://amzn.to/2BBNtON) Best Budget - Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (http://fkrt.it/eJ2EO!NNNN) Best Battery - Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (http://fkrt.it/5~vOuTuuuN) Best Feature - Jio Phone (http://amzn.to/2BYIXcS) Best Under Rs 5000 - Redmi 5A (http://fkrt.it/esQ1Y!NNNN) Best Under Rs 10000 - Redmi Note 4 (http://fkrt.it/eJ2EO!NNNN) Best Under Rs 15000 - Honor 7X (http://amzn.to/2zjxlM3) Best Under Rs 30000 - Honor 8 Pro (http://amzn.to/2BBO6I9) Best Under Rs 40000 - OnePlus 5T (http://amzn.to/2BBNtON) Best Above Rs 60000 - Note 8 (http://amzn.to/2l2CQtd) Best Above Rs 100000 - iPhone X (http://amzn.to/2DAX6Ll) Like this Video to Appreciate our Efforts, Subscribe to https://youtube.com/PhoneRadar for Daily Tech Videos. Also, Tap on the Bell for Daily Notifications. Follow http://phoneradar.com on Social Media Below http://twitter.com/phoneradarblog http://twitter.com/amitbhawani http://instagram.com/phoneradar on Instagram All content used is copyright to PhoneRadar, Use or commercial display or editing of the content without proper authorization is not allowed.
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Text Comments (1369)
Aman Paunikar (18 minutes ago)
honor 8 is also good in camera quality
Ashif Khan (2 hours ago)
mi a1
Binay Kumar (11 hours ago)
7X under 15000❤❤❤
Mumbaikar Sohail (11 hours ago)
Sony DSC wx500 .....is it good for vlogging ?? Please reply
Lighting Blaze (12 hours ago)
And One plus
Lighting Blaze (12 hours ago)
I ❤️Mi
NIKHAT SHAHEEN (19 hours ago)
Best phone under 15k is honor 7x but y u shown the honor 9i ?
Manu Sahu (19 hours ago)
1+5t & a1 is the best
Rajneesh Dubey (22 hours ago)
You said under 15k honor 7x is best, now can we replace 7x with 9lite as it is already launched ??
Satyam Patel (23 hours ago)
i think Mi a1 has best camera in under 15000 price...n all over
Ayush Gupta (1 day ago)
OMG😛 *Mi is a gOod ComPanY* But Chinese 😒
Ayush Purbey (1 hour ago)
Ayush Gupta kon a6i company chinese nhi h jara batana toh😂..
prakash Upadhayay (1 day ago)
What about nokia
Shivam Raj (1 day ago)
J7pro kaha gaya ji
Shiva kumar (1 day ago)
Kon sa purchase kro Oneplus 5t 8gb ya A8 plus 2018....please reply...
Akash Kumar (2 days ago)
I think samsung note 8 goes for best flagsip
Satyam daultani (2 days ago)
badiya h
Yash Varma (2 days ago)
Please can you make a video on in focus vision 3
Gaming saathi (2 days ago)
Mastt phones hai sir
Aditya pal (2 days ago)
phone bazaar
Saad Sayyed (2 days ago)
Bikram Roy (3 days ago)
Chutiya note8 s8plus ka kya huya
Amarpreet Singh (3 days ago)
Mujhe toh sabse acha phone note 8 aur S8 laga like if u agree
Amit Sharma (3 days ago)
Honor 8 pro has heating issues
Subrata Murmu (4 days ago)
mujhe to Redmi 5a acha laga
ASHOK SINGH (4 days ago)
bhaai km se km china product ka add krna toh band kro jai hind....
Indrajit Banerjee (4 days ago)
Sir u don't have any experience the best phone didn't launched in india and It's huawei mate 10pro
akarshak sharma (4 days ago)
Mi a1 is far better then honor 7x
Subham Das (5 days ago)
Sir, the phone that you mentioned as "Honor 7x", that's not an honor 7x it seemed like more of honor 9i, because I completely noticed that honor 7x cameras are on the side and the phone you showed as Honor 7x had the camera in the middle. I would like to get an answer about it!!
CoverFever Music (5 days ago)
Shayad bhai ne note 8 ka camera nahi dekha. Vaise bhi pixel ki chatte rehta chutiya google
RAJ KAMAL DAS (5 days ago)
what is your opinion on Sony Xperia phones ?
Y Bhanu (6 days ago)
My opinion is Moto g5s plus
The Google pixel 2 xl is the best smartphone in 2017
Kaling Taying (6 days ago)
Proud to be mi owner
Shekhar Popli (7 days ago)
Oneplus 3t
Rohit Gaikwad (7 days ago)
Muze mi A1 sabase achha lagata hai
viral tricks (7 days ago)
I think under 15k moto g5 s plus is the best it is better than 7x in some aspects
Vijay Gaikwad (7 days ago)
Mi 1
S.K.EMPIRE (7 days ago)
What about vivo v7
Vishwajeet Behera (7 days ago)
In this video sir which phone is that red one?? I wanna know this please reply!!
INSANE GAMER (7 days ago)
Kisne kha ios mai true caller available nahi hai?!!! Its there...
Story Book (7 days ago)
Sir, I really like the pixel 2 phone because as you said the camera performance is very good and it is over all a very good smartphone
Sandeep Ray (7 days ago)
Nice vedio totally agree with you....
Unknown Youthooober (8 days ago)
Mi A1 the best at its price and perfomance and camera 🎃
UTTARWAR ANOOP (8 days ago)
OP5T overall best flagship of 2017 agree with you buddy
Rajesh Singh (8 days ago)
Ap Honor 7x k jagah dusra phone dikhaya
VICKAR SINGH (8 days ago)
Is video me honer 7x ka nam lya gya but wo phn nhi ta koi hor ho phone dikhya gya
VICKAR SINGH (8 days ago)
Koi bta skda hai
J (8 days ago)
you speak English or ? can't have a clue
rajpal ki vines (9 days ago)
Honor ke jaga ha mi à1 hona chahiye eeeye
prashant nayak (9 days ago)
mtlb apple phons kevl bss dbba h
Android ak (9 days ago)
Mi 5a the bajht phone
Satyam Priyadarshi (10 days ago)
Pixel 2 is best
dband (10 days ago)
Lenovo p2 is best for media
Tapubrat Dutta (10 days ago)
Thak thak thak. Music is not good.
Suman Dutta Roy (10 days ago)
I always believe that there is a bit of luxury or showmanship hidden inside your videos.
md jabir (10 days ago)
Mi A1 sabse best hy. Bro
Kapil Kumar (10 days ago)
mere hishab se best battery mobile lenovo p2 hai. usme 24 volt ka charger milta ha
SRABAN KU. NAIK (10 days ago)
thanks u
Sufiyaan Ashraf (10 days ago)
bro 20000 25000 kaha gaye
Ismail Shekh990 (10 days ago)
40 se 45 thauzend tak new smartphones 2018 ka konsa best hoga
Akul Mishra (10 days ago)
Mi a1 is the best budget smartphone under 15000
Sai pranav k (11 days ago)
If note 8 would be there with u then u only talk about it sir because it is the best smart phone of 2017 and comes with all these redimi or google or iphone or honor or some other companies
Pranav Sangam (11 days ago)
I thought Moto x4 would have the best design
shankaralinkam muthu (11 days ago)
Hi you should have mentioned about note 8 !!! A beautiful beast !!! I expected !!!
sujay bhattacharya (11 days ago)
Nik Gund (11 days ago)
oneplus 5t Overall Best Smartphone
Gaurav Kumar (11 days ago)
amit sir plzz watch this video https://youtu.be/4HUViGhr19M ,lot of people are complaining
Tushar Pawar (11 days ago)
1 mobile muje dedo
Deependra Singh (11 days ago)
LG v30 + is a good smart phone than OnePlus 5t
Sunny Kumar (11 days ago)
MiA1 ka kahi jagah nahi wo bhi bahut acha phone h sir
Shivane Kapoor (11 days ago)
Ek hanko bhi dedo
Young Tech (12 days ago)
sir plez make a video on honor 9 lite
Prashant Singh (12 days ago)
Sir you show Honor 9i in place of 7x
best at least- pk (13 days ago)
Moto z is available under 25k now,,,how is it...
Shishir Poudel (13 days ago)
best flagship of the year should be lgV30 and where is miA1
Nasim Anjum (13 days ago)
Honor 9i ko honor 7x bol diya aapne sir
BHARAT SOLANKI (13 days ago)
Itne phone ka kya karoge sir ji ek ek de do give way me 😀 koi to use karega hum use kar lenge plz
Neeraj joshi (13 days ago)
Ful flash smartphone award goes to Samsung Note 8.....
Mahesh kalasagouda (13 days ago)
reply plz
Mahesh kalasagouda (13 days ago)
konasa mobail best for student under 15000
nJ 1987 (14 days ago)
Aditya Maharana (14 days ago)
Moto z play is the best premium looking smartphone
Aryan Patial (14 days ago)
j7 max
Param Panchal (15 days ago)
Xiaomi awards😆😆
Srinivas Panthagani (15 days ago)
Lenovo p2
Arka Saha (16 days ago)
You were showing honor 9i by saying honor 7x.
nishant sharma (16 days ago)
What about lg v30+? As this is the only mobile phone which supports audiophile grade music quality but none of you ,geeky ranjit and gaurav{technical guruji} talk about that.
Ritesh Bhavsar (16 days ago)
Wich is the best between Honor 7x and Redmi A1?
Nupur Walunjkar (16 days ago)
Moto x4 64 GB varient best under 25 k
Sanjeev sharma (16 days ago)
K8 plus is better than honor 7x
TECH GURUJI (16 days ago)
Bhai 10000 ka andar moto e4 plus ata hai 32gb 3 gb variant with a huge battery of 5000 mah you can include it
tech guy (16 days ago)
Redmi note 4 1k + Kar k best phone
shivanshu srivastava (16 days ago)
Samsung nokia se kitta jalta h yeh ..qki ise ye company puchti bhi ni h ...paid hai saala
Ankush Chhabra (17 days ago)
20,000 ke under honor 9i
tech guy (16 days ago)
Bro infinx zero 5 Iskaa camera love itt 12 MP telephoto lens +12 MP wideangle lens camera setup 2x optical zoom jio ki new iPhone or note 8 ma attaha h ,Sony & Samsung image sensor 6 GB ram 16 MP selfie camera best Only 17999 Flipkart
Ravi Kumar (17 days ago)
Note 8
Tele films (17 days ago)
honor 9i and honor7x which is best
Tech Yuvvraaj (17 days ago)
10or D
Vishal Sangpal (17 days ago)
What about honor 7x
C.M. Verma (17 days ago)
Samsung note 8
shubham kumar (17 days ago)
My favorite phone is vivo v7 plus only 22000
TECH COUNTY (18 days ago)
iPhone X is the best !😎👍

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