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City of Champions Stadium: City of Los Angeles will have spectacular new stadium in 2019.

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City of Champions Stadium: City of Los Angeles will have spectacular new stadium in 2019. Finally after many proposals, debates, insults and rumors, it's official, the winning proposal for the new stadium in the city of Los Angeles, will be proposed by the Rams team in 2014 for the area of ​​Inglewood, beating the proposal Raiders Carson. The stadium, known so far under the provisional name "City of Champions Stadium ', will be located in Inglewood in the southwest of Los Angeles, which is located old Hollywood Park Racetrack until 2013. The stadium will be part of a large entertainment and shopping complex of more than 121 hectares, which will include hotels, residential spaces, shops, restaurants, theaters, entertainment venues for children and youth, as well as the new headquarters of the NFL and TV studios NFL Networks. The complex will be equipped with the latest technology, such as charging stations for electric cars, rain collection stations, recycling plants and waste water treatment, as well as solar cells located throughout the complex, which is responsible for obtaining all the energy needed to light overnight, since the idea is that the whole complex is operated at 85% renewable energy ... Of course it will be equipped with free WiFi connection to gigabit speeds, using similar devices released in New York. The ability to regular season games will be 70,000 spectators, but may be extended postseason to 80,000. It is also intended for mass events such as concerts and Super Bowls, where the maximum capacity will be 100,000 spectators, this thanks to its modular design. The roof of the stadium will feature colorful LED lights, which provide the ability to display images and information abroad. Inside the stadium is planned to install a circular double-sided OLED, where rumor has it that LG will be in charge of developing a big screen.
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Samantha Womack (13 days ago)
We are to across the street to Inglewood Lanes Bowling Center are proposal a new bowling center start groundbreaking in early 2016 and will be grand opening soon in August 2019 from City of Champions Stadium in Inglewood, California.
Kyle Chang (23 days ago)
Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympics!
Mar Blox (2 months ago)
Thank You taxpayers for funding another stadium for a private sports team.!!!
Hayden Family (3 months ago)
Hi pink sheep
Daniel Carrillo (2 months ago)
Hayden Family good one
ONY 27 (7 months ago)
Most luxurious stadium in nfl by far!
Gary Mick Donofrio (7 months ago)
My team! Great stadium! Lets make the playoffs 2017
Roman Reigns (16 days ago)
yeah go chargers
Philly Ray Nelson (8 months ago)
WOW ! I'm there !
Samael Martell (11 months ago)
Summer Olympic Games 2024 Los Angeles Host Stadium
Aigars Honeycutt (3 months ago)
Samael Martell opening ceremony will be held there closing ceremony will be held at colosseum
Dusty Tapes (11 months ago)
AL Davis (1 year ago)
Fuc the Rams and Chargers !!!! Go back home !!!!
Rene Burgos (8 months ago)
we are home al you stupid nuckle head West Los Rams since 1949.show respect and stop cussing.
Tyler Stephan (1 year ago)
I wanna go to this stadium!
Daniel Carrillo (1 month ago)
Tyler Stephan You have to wait for 2 years
Tyler Stephan (1 year ago)
I know and I'm looking forward to seeing this stadium
Corny Emilio (1 year ago)
Tyler Stephan you have to wait till 2019
Michele Cobré (1 year ago)
thank Edmonton for revolutionizing and evolutionizing this entertainment district trend and thank us Detroiters for bring it to the us as a trend
2021 NCAA Final Four Venue
Jacob W (1 year ago)
City of champions is Pittsburgh.. not Los Angeles
Eric Underwood (29 days ago)
Pittsburgh? If only Jack didn't have a broken leg!!!!
R A (3 months ago)
Jacob W *sike*
Der Jonaxl (6 months ago)
Jacob W no its New England
Nick Backerman (1 year ago)
Nah, LA has way more chips
HipHopR&BLover Jon (1 year ago)
They're calling it that because that's the city of Inglewood's slogan. Plus Los Angeles County has the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Kings, Rams, Sparks, Galaxy, USC, UCLA, and even the Raiders who won a Super Bowl in 1983. Combine each respective championship from each team and they have more than all of Pittsburgh's championships.
mrglee232 (1 year ago)
Kings-Ducks there in 2020!
Roman Reigns (16 days ago)
great to have a stadium series
Blue Skeptic (1 month ago)
Hector Velazquez He's referring to the NHL's stadium series where a local team will host a home game outdoors at either a ballpark or an NFL Stadium. The Ducks and Kings played a regular season game at Dodger Stadium a few years back.
Daniel Carrillo (2 months ago)
mrglee232 i agree
mrglee232 (1 year ago)
they will def play there at the end of the football season, watch. Gonna be great!
FuFill Your ViBes (1 year ago)
mrglee232 lol you should be more specific. some people won't understand what you are talking about, but I know what you mean. they should play one of their regular in that stadium.
Woad_Brah (1 year ago)
The concept art really looks incredible. I live thousands of miles away from LA but I'd love to attend a game there anyway
Sir Charles (1 year ago)
Eh, I gotta get back home and see the Rams play in the Coliseum. When it comes to football (sports period actually) I'm a traditionalist. I like those old style stadiums where diehard fans attended to watch the game. Not a whole bunch of rich and well to do people that simply want to be seen like at the Staples Center. People can say what they want, but some of the best football experience a fan can have is watching the Raiders play at the Blackhole (Oakland Coliseum). It's rugged and not fancy, but fans are diehard Raider fans.
Randall Redman (1 year ago)
I'd love to attend the 2024 Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics in Los Angeles. To me, it just seems right since they are putting out all the money.
Todd Nansel (2 years ago)
Stan Kronke wins Mark Davis and Dean Spanos are broke dicks and couldn't even afford the relocation fees
FaTaLシ (1 year ago)
Jose Ledezma LA would have 2 big teams
Encognito (1 year ago)
TeamJ-Money Rumor has it, the Chargers have a high chance joining the Rams in La if they don't get the city to fund them a new stadium
TeamJ-Money (1 year ago)
Huskie you ready for that stadium to open 2019 we coming la Rams bro I have a goff jersey and a Rams draft hat
Huskie (2 years ago)
+Todd Nansel Stan the Man lol I already bought my Rams gear!
Aban Tech (2 years ago)
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