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Morgan Stanley Exec: Being smart isn't enough

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Carla Harris, Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley, was the first African American to join the bank's management committee and has become a powerful voice for women in finance.
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Alex Lee (19 days ago)
Why did it take this long for a black person to join Morgan Stanley's management committee?
Rxbyg Duh (21 days ago)
You’re at Morgan Stanley. You’re an idiot.
R A (29 days ago)
Understanding the rules of the game
david parrett (1 month ago)
This woman is amazing, she is showing us all that you can do it and it is up to you not everyone else!!!
Bitcoin Black (1 month ago)
check out what morgan stanely says about bit coin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2duKDoQtXGM
parthct (2 months ago)
Thinking like a victim makes you a victim. Todays SJWs are screwing the people they are supposed to be helping by making them think like victims -- blaming things on other people or other things, as Ms. Harris was never allowed to do.
Ashish Rai (5 months ago)
"No excuses childhood" - Amazing!
Stefan Leoussis (9 months ago)
They shouldn't have a quota on how many women there should be instead they need to pick the best person for the job whether your a female or male
Shane Chambers (17 days ago)
Mosdef Shel (2 months ago)
But it never happens as they have a quota for males
Anonymous _Ctrl (9 months ago)
Phenomenal woman...speaker, leader.
michael hawkins (9 months ago)
So the black women say don't race doesn't matter,but the white women say race absolutely matter ? Liberals are ridiculous
Omar Soliman (1 month ago)
She never said it doesn't matter. She clearly says it does matter, but she was fortunate enough, talented enough, and more importantly hard-working enough to overcome it.
Mosdef Shel (2 months ago)
Clearly it did matter, she just got opportunities to over come it. That's all American Blacks have asked for. Give the access and opportunity to compete for wealth and power
R A (9 months ago)
she droppin that knowledge. inspirational woman
C. Lincoln (9 months ago)
You want more women to be CEO on wall street..... build your own Fin Tech and Financial Institutes from scratch, and you can hire all the women you want to. But nah, you'd rather complain about someone else's business not doing XYZ for you as if they owe you something.
Aleks Pavlovic (54 minutes ago)
Women need to show like Carla did that they are as capable as men, then they will have the respect from men who prefer talent over any gender or racial background...
carol zebra (4 months ago)
C. Lincoln And it's unfair. And those who feel left out have the right to voice their discontent and do something to change things. Life maybe unfair, but it' also dynamic. Things change and that's how life also is. If youou don't like things changing go live under a rock.
C. Lincoln (9 months ago)
Not feeling threatened .... was just giving you an insight.
Whitney Carr (9 months ago)
We're not making excuses, we're taking action I'm sorry you feel threatened.
C. Lincoln (9 months ago)
Tough luck Toots. That's just how life is. Start building those businesses and your grand kids and great grand kids (the daughters) can have work in them. Or they'll be complaining too.
World Of Mellie (9 months ago)
Negatively motivated. Love that.
Anonymous _Ctrl (9 months ago)
sent that to my wife lol thats us
MM A (9 months ago)
To build relationships amazing
Reid Larson (9 months ago)
Reid Larson (9 months ago)
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S Brooks (9 months ago)

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