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Morgan Stanley Exec: Being smart isn't enough

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Carla Harris, Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley, was the first African American to join the bank's management committee and has become a powerful voice for women in finance.
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Darien Marcus (14 days ago)
When need to hear more people like this.
Manny Quintero (15 days ago)
Tons of people in these firms are smart the point that is the new normal. You have to be different in order to be inside
"Be so outstanding, that there's no debate"
Dreamsareme (23 days ago)
I love this !!!!!
The female version of Obama.
CIA NIGGER (1 month ago)
Retarded interviewer
Terry Jfk (1 month ago)
its not what you know but who you know
Dee Shan (1 month ago)
To all the people commenting about how she is a "diversity hire" and complaining about affirmative action: AA may be what gets some people in the door but it doesn't make you Vice Chairman. A company may have alot of diversity at lower levels...but at the top its 99% white males. People of colour and moreso WOMEN have a much harder time achieving positions of power even though research suggests they make better leaders.
Dee Shan Dee, it does, trust me, I'm a partner at an accounting firm, I'm a diversity hire. If they didnt they are at risk for lawsuit
Jdtg Fgvs (1 month ago)
I want to work for Carla Harris
Joshua Dolo (1 month ago)
Black community needs more women like her
MrCarloss510 (2 months ago)
Carla Harris is someone everyone should look up to
Sophia Miaow (2 months ago)
What an inspirational woman
versacevampire (2 months ago)
Friedrich Hayek (2 months ago)
I have a lot of respect for this woman. She didn't play the victim and worked hard! Built connections, networked. Amazing story. She absolutely nailed it!
ednakazuya12 (3 months ago)
I agree at 2:32 and it sad because it is the key component to be successful in a working environment and not taught in schools
Mathieu Sitaya (3 months ago)
J Anubis (3 months ago)
Asking for more money can go three ways: yes, no, fired. As long as your comfortable with all three answers go for it.
Koen De Vriendt (3 months ago)
this people are all puppets. the only ' talent' they seem to have is ambition. ugly people at least.
Max Dominate (2 months ago)
Carla is amazing. Having said that, I don't believe in quotas at all. A company shouldn't decide that you need x% amount of women or whatever. You just end up spending way more resources than would be necessary on promoting people who are of lesser quality. Spend training resources on the best candidates whoever they happen to be. On a positive note, I will spend more time on building relationships in the future.
Max Dominate (2 months ago)
Exactly. Why do we have to know people's story?
Elizabeth Timothy (2 months ago)
Max Dominate same here, I never believe in quota, but fairness, if you are great for the job and gets it done beyond expectation, then you are in, never cared about what you are or your story.
stan (3 months ago)
Carla seems like such a pleasure to speak to! And I love her attitude. What a wholesome woman.
ScubaStephen500 Trading (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/CndALnaA0Sc 《== CLICK LINK for more info on (MS) Morgan Stanley
Deshon Miller (3 months ago)
At the end of the day you can't take it whit you when you go! LOL Humans what a?
HateGovernment (3 months ago)
It was liberals who told her she couldn't make it.
Donald Huang (4 months ago)
Realistic and effective!
Donald Huang (4 months ago)
Suppose to do well!
At the end of the day, she's just a diversity hire. If it wasn't her, it would be another black female. I'm not impressed. (I'm black and in corp america)
Ama A-Adem just the truth
Ama A-Adem (1 month ago)
2 Claps and a Rick Flair Is that really all people of other ethnicities think of black hires?
Dr. Carey Yazeed (4 months ago)
“Be so outstanding that there’s no debate!” We still have to work twice as hard, be twice as smart and network with twice as many people just to be noticed. At some points you need to take all of that and start your own.
Gary Hughes (4 months ago)
The problem with this is that she is talking about “adapting” to a hugely problematic system (i.e essentially ignoring the disproportionate treatment you’ll encounter and trudge along). Yet, this puts the onus on those whom receive the disproportionate treatment, instead of the problematic system.
enzyme12345 (1 month ago)
Give examples - a few please. I don't really follow your comment.
Steve Patterson (4 months ago)
This is far simpler than people are making it out to be. This woman got her job because she didn't believe in excuses. Women love to make reasons and excuses all the time. If I ask my wife to go shopping for groceries she will give me 5 reasons and excuses why we should do it later or another day or on her terms and times but if I ask my buddy to go shopping he will just say cool lets go. Men just DO things more.
Steve Patterson still no proof, just another generalisation. Guess this conversation is futile. You're not going to prove any assertion you make. You expect us to believe them just because... And now you've descended to attacking my personality since you cannot and or will not find anything to prove the assertions you make. SMH
Steve Patterson (2 months ago)
Hahaha, are you for real? There is a ton of research and scientific study even a basic google search will find 100's of articles but your probably a woman and you need to win this argument so I'm not going to engage in it anymore and just go and get work done while you lament on your emotions about it for a few days. lol
Steve Patterson another sweeping generalisation. Do you have any proof? Estrogen makes women more emotional than men and as such less decisive and more prone to excuses do you have anything at all to prove that
Steve Patterson (2 months ago)
Sure lots of people make excuses men and women but men usually don't let their emotions about those excuses hold them back where women, on the other hand, will dwell on the emotion far longer and will usually let it overwhelm them. It is just brain chemistry and hormones and its nothing to be ashamed of or deny. Men have far more testosterone and women have far more estrogen every doctor knows the effects of these chemicals on our brains.
1. Your wife giving excuses and your buddy (who is obviously a man) not giving excuses has absolutely nothing to do with their gender and everything to do with their character and or personality. There are women who are action oriented and there are men who are action oriented. There are men who are hardworking and there are women who are hardworking. Or do you have any statistics to prove that men are more action oriented than women or that mean are more hardworking than women? 2. Until recently with the push for equity, women have been doing grocery shopping and related household chores for centuries, and men have not. Your wife a few decades back would have been the exception not the rule and so would have been your buddy. 3. You can't just use your wife to make assumptions for the rest of the over 3.7 billion women on the planet and you cannot use your buddy to make assumptions for the rest of the over 3.7 billion men on the planet. If you are going to do so, please back up with real statistics and don't just make simplistic assumptions fostered by your cultural and gender bias. Thank you
Alex Lee (5 months ago)
Why did it take this long for a black person to join Morgan Stanley's management committee?
Rxbyg Duh (5 months ago)
You’re at Morgan Stanley. You’re an idiot.
R A (6 months ago)
Understanding the rules of the game
david parrett (6 months ago)
This woman is amazing, she is showing us all that you can do it and it is up to you not everyone else!!!
Bitcoin Black (7 months ago)
check out what morgan stanely says about bit coin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2duKDoQtXGM
parthct (7 months ago)
Thinking like a victim makes you a victim. Todays SJWs are screwing the people they are supposed to be helping by making them think like victims -- blaming things on other people or other things, as Ms. Harris was never allowed to do.
Ashish Rai (10 months ago)
"No excuses childhood" - Amazing!
Stefan Leoussis (1 year ago)
They shouldn't have a quota on how many women there should be instead they need to pick the best person for the job whether your a female or male
Shane Chambers (5 months ago)
Mosdef Shel (7 months ago)
But it never happens as they have a quota for males
Anonymous _Ctrl (1 year ago)
Phenomenal woman...speaker, leader.
michael hawkins (1 year ago)
So the black women say don't race doesn't matter,but the white women say race absolutely matter ? Liberals are ridiculous
Sergey Pareyko (4 months ago)
RicharddtheStar rebuplicans won the last major election lol how’d he lose?
RicharddtheStar (4 months ago)
michael hawkins your argument is getting really really old. Blaming liberals isn’t gong to get your party far. You’ve lost the last couple of elections for a reason.
Omar Soliman (6 months ago)
She never said it doesn't matter. She clearly says it does matter, but she was fortunate enough, talented enough, and more importantly hard-working enough to overcome it.
Mosdef Shel (7 months ago)
Clearly it did matter, she just got opportunities to over come it. That's all American Blacks have asked for. Give the access and opportunity to compete for wealth and power
R A (1 year ago)
she droppin that knowledge. inspirational woman
C. Lincoln (1 year ago)
You want more women to be CEO on wall street..... build your own Fin Tech and Financial Institutes from scratch, and you can hire all the women you want to. But nah, you'd rather complain about someone else's business not doing XYZ for you as if they owe you something.
Straw man argument Guess you're fine with businesses running with no ethics or even with no regard to what the law requires. That's the problem here- deliberately or implicitly discriminating against competent and qualified women just because of their gender, not allowing them into your companies even if they are most qualified, not promoting them, not giving them the opportunity to move up even if they are as competent as needed. Discrimination based on gender inter alia is not just unethical, it is illegal. So if you are okay with companies doing whatever like, running their business with no regard to the law, with no ethics, then fine. Yes, we cannot and we should not demand they treat women or whatever minorities equally. But if you think the law against discrimination is important and the basic ethic of treating everyone equally is important, if you would not feel slighted that the only reason you are not employed or promoted or restricted from moving upwards is because you are a man or black or Muslim or whatever identity you hold that does not affect your competency then we can and we should demand that they treat us equally. Yes, they owe us equal treatment. Yes, they are legally obligated to treat us with no discrimination. Discrimination and inequality is what we are 'complaining' about. And if you are against discrimination and inequality, you should complain about it. Except if you have a double standard and are only against discrimination and inequality when it is directed against you but tell others to shut up when it is directed against them. And when we build our companies, we will hire competent and qualified women and men. We will treat each other and everyone else equally, without discrimination, judging them based on their abilities not gender or religion or other irrelevant factors. Thank you.
Aleks Pavlovic (5 months ago)
Women need to show like Carla did that they are as capable as men, then they will have the respect from men who prefer talent over any gender or racial background...
carol zebra (9 months ago)
C. Lincoln And it's unfair. And those who feel left out have the right to voice their discontent and do something to change things. Life maybe unfair, but it' also dynamic. Things change and that's how life also is. If youou don't like things changing go live under a rock.
C. Lincoln (1 year ago)
Not feeling threatened .... was just giving you an insight.
Whitney Carr (1 year ago)
We're not making excuses, we're taking action I'm sorry you feel threatened.
World Of Mellie (1 year ago)
Negatively motivated. Love that.
Anonymous _Ctrl (1 year ago)
sent that to my wife lol thats us
MM A (1 year ago)
To build relationships amazing
Reid Larson (1 year ago)
Reid Larson (1 year ago)
+S Brooks newport menthols
S Brooks (1 year ago)

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