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Paul Adams - The Property Of Water

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A relaxing meditative tribute to photographer Jerry Derbyshire, a great nature photographer. Those wanting an artistic yet healing experience will enjoy the view from Jerry's eye. Good for Yoga, Zen Meditation and a soothing ambience
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Bill Wren (2 months ago)
Love your music Paul and some great pics !!!
Paul Adams (2 months ago)
Bill Hello. Been hearing you on Sirius
rosadeluz (2 years ago)
beautiful ... thank you for sharing .. Namaste.
Paul Adams (2 years ago)
+rosadeluz Thanks very much !!!!
Leslie Eaton (2 years ago)
I LOVE this!!!! Can I include this link in a Christian devotional book that I am writing about nature ??? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1447039392265675/ please email me: eatonles@gmail.com
Paul Adams (2 years ago)
+Leslie Eaton Bible Stories from the Heart/Author Leslie thanks so much!!
Akemi Taylor (3 years ago)
So peaceful! Thank you for the beautiful music!
creekster52 (3 years ago)
Shared...Thanks Paul.
Lucid TV (3 years ago)
wow, that shot at 24:01!!!!!   The music... so so.. fluid:)

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