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Kevin Owens discusses his issues with "John Cena Land": WWE.com Exclusive, May 27, 2015

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NXT Champion Kevin Owens tells Renee Young why his latest fight isn't against just John Cena, but everyone in WWE. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : http://bit.ly/1u4pM74 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT
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Text Comments (553)
Seth freakin Rollins (10 months ago)
Kevin is hilarious
BROKEN T HALL (2 years ago)
The imaginator (3 years ago)
Renee looked uncomfortable at the end. I wonder why!?
GhostSpectre (3 years ago)
What's the obsession with making all the straps look cartoony? What was wrong with the World Heavyweight belt that Flair made recognizable or Hogan's eagle belt? It's just horrible...
Eli The 13th (3 years ago)
Kevin Owens should have a rematch with john cena Kevin Owens sucks ans here's stupid
Solunous (3 years ago)
He actually beat him cleanly. No cheating, no outside help.
MaestroDawg65 (3 years ago)
Tamerlane (3 years ago)
so are we supposed to be impressed with this fat ass? Christ I can see why WWE is paying old wrestlers to make appearances all the time now.
Mike (3 years ago)
I much prefer this more natural and realistic type of promo over the typical string of wrestling promo cliches full of 'each and every one of you people!' and 'the fact of the matter is this!'. Makes his 'what a jerk'yness come off more genuine than scripted.
Ronnie Jones / R2J (3 years ago)
He's gonna murder John Cena. ROTFL!!! Oh Cena is in big trouble. #KillOwensKill   #FightOwensFight
7AMoOoD.K AlAwaDhi (3 years ago)
Like Kevin Owens he's like face and heel at same time
Call Me Gaffer (3 years ago)
Either John Cena will bury Owens..  Or he will lose, take a vacation and come back for another shot at the WWE championship and win it.
Ivanka Peneva (3 years ago)
On sunday something will happen that happens every time: Cena kicks out of two, AA and Cena buries another talent for his 567568 million times victory
Rick RK23 (3 years ago)
He cannot beat John cena... Cena better then him...
Moataz Aliraqi (3 years ago)
I like this guy.
Reed Pryor (3 years ago)
It would really be fresh if Owens went over Sunday. They say they want to push him hard on the main roster...that is a fantastic way to start it off. Pull the trigger. John Cena Land sucks.
Bruno Rodrigues (3 years ago)
I hate keven 😝
Christoph Hanke (3 years ago)
I love this feud, because Owens/Steen just says what every Cena-Hater thought the last years. He sucks hard, he has 50 boring Shirts, everything is build around CenA. Even if Owens loses, I will remember this as one of the Most realistic and most true feuds of a long time.
Salomón Torres Murga (3 years ago)
Irvin martinez (3 years ago)
can't wait to see cena win. he disrespected the us title 2 times or was it 3 idk.
William Shakespeare (3 years ago)
Fight Owens Fight
Gold .D Roger (3 years ago)
john cena clip said many died in 2015 but I do not believe .
peterpandetimmerman (3 years ago)
wtf did i just read
bigjayking24 (3 years ago)
LOL. It's funny how uncomfortable Renee Young is every time she interviews Kevin Owens. Hahaha
Aniket wagh (3 years ago)
John Cena earned his respect. He's not like u Owens.. he is strong enough to beat u at #EliminationChamber. BELIEVE THAT!
immortally insane (3 years ago)
and of course Cena will win because he's the poster boy of wwe which i cannot wait for him to retire and shut up for once and for all. Cena is a fake....the only way Owens would win is by either Count outs or DQ
Chris Frost (3 years ago)
Lol just because someone defends their title every week and you see him a lot doesn't mean that John Cena can't wrestle.
Boliever (3 years ago)
Something about Kevin Owens just makes him such a great talker.
Elliot Bates (3 years ago)
Is this not a US Title match? Would of been better if it were, but have Kevin beat Cena to a pulp like he did to Sami Zayn, or get DQ so Cena retains and Owens doesn't loose anything. However they do it I'm sure they'll protect Owens. I love how sarcastic this guy is, every promo I just smile at the wit and sarcasm.
Frank Tank (3 years ago)
This dude is pure Gold
Tom Rise (3 years ago)
sorry Owens you started this fight and John Cena will end it.
Ulises Martinez (3 years ago)
Title or non-Title
what a heel
ItsFree Willly (3 years ago)
No Mic Skills.
Tobanka ugu Sareeya (3 years ago)
Lets hope Cena loses just one more time
anthony hom (3 years ago)
Why does he sound like he's reading from a script
Mittu Prince (3 years ago)
owen gona get buried
Luis Landin (3 years ago)
am i the only one who thinks owens wont fight cena?
Lord Ya' (3 years ago)
This is good. From the snapping of his fingers to the mild disgust on Renee's face. Really good.
xQueasy (3 years ago)
He makes a perfect heal but his mic skills and his voice bother me so much
Cirrus5005 (3 years ago)
I know it's his job, but "over-exposure" is a thing. I really don't need these backstage segments where he's clearly knackered and you expect him to cut a life-altering promo. Let the guy rest, clear his head and deliver something world-class on television. Why use up all your material in a backstage segment that a couple hundred thousand people watch? Save it for the show, and if it's not good enough for the show, why are you doing it at all?
Mike S (3 years ago)
Hey Triple H NXT is your baby thats suppose to be your thing right that you created to help develop the stars of tomorrow right? well what a better way to back that up by having Owens beat Cena i know its crazy your so used to as Owens put it John Cena Land but come on man Cena is great hes done everything he could retire right now and be a hall of farmer he has nothing left to prove even his haters deep down respect what hes done for the WWE and in the ring and his outside the ring stuff so what harm would it be to surprise a few people maybe catch a few off guard and throw us a curve ball for once and let the young guy beat Cena it would boost Owens stock it boost NXT stock even more and create a buzz and Cena would still be Cena if he wins nobody will care past that night make a lasting impact instead of one that people will have forgotten about before raw the next day. oh one last thing all this takes place on the network it would make more people wanna buy the network for exclusive shows where rare stuff like that happens to see something new then the same thing we have all seen in the past 12 years out of Cena all the greats can put over guys why cant cena??
moreblack (3 years ago)
2 of my favorite Canadians in WWE
TheOneMrTom Svellingen (3 years ago)
He seemed super nervous in this interview.
Amonu Adjei-Ansere (3 years ago)
you can easily tell that Kevin Owens is a bit jealous because John Cena is fan favourite
the gameing Fox (3 years ago)
fight owens fight
Zysep (3 years ago)
Rechermar Brazil (3 years ago)
Owens suck
iRock (3 years ago)
I can see a Brock Lesnar in making... of course with a better mic skills ;) Great Going Owens.
Dheeraj Sirangi (3 years ago)
kevin owens cannot beat cena...... we belive in NEVER GIVE UP.....
211Appolo (3 years ago)
MAHDi (3 years ago)
I just don't understand why Renee seems so bothered.
TheDavyboy6 (3 years ago)
I saw this man in Quebec in 2013 he is the man he can wrestle he can talk and can do more things than a lot lot of so call supestars can don on the raw roster he is something as sami sayn and finn baylor and there is only one man to thanks for this talents and it is HHH
The_ Beyonder (3 years ago)
Brock Lesnar = Darkseid Kevin Owen = Doomsday John Cena = Superman -_-
CmPuke101 (3 years ago)
cm punk sucks Ryback is a legend
MisterVidicus (3 years ago)
+CmPuke101 Oh come on, that's weak. Step up your game, Puker. You're a celebrity here. You need to be working the audience better with your gimmick, so that we can give you a push.
George Jay (3 years ago)
Damn they bring a Rockie against john cena smh wwe
Eric Don Bosco (3 years ago)
He doesn't use the Steenbreaker anymore. :(
Saint Blaze (3 years ago)
Kevin"Owens"steen is awesome ! Can't wait to see steen destroy Cena
Charles Pascual (3 years ago)
He's horrible on the mic
Joseph Vazquez (3 years ago)
Kevin Owens kind of talks like the Kingpin from the netflix daredevil show.
Outasight 91 (3 years ago)
Terrible mic skill. Put me to sleep.
kofi kingston (3 years ago)
Owens is gonna destroy cena and cena going to kick out at 2
Utsav Dutta (3 years ago)
How kevin owens stammers in all his interviews and clearly struggles to come up with a proper plot to justify his actions.
Aniket Mohan (3 years ago)
He's got the Brahma Bull Logo!
Blizzard 00 (3 years ago)
So, Kevin Owens is John Cena! That means wwe has 3 Cenas: John Cena ,Roman Cena,Kevin Cena!
Wurzelknecht (3 years ago)
+Oscar Hazard And then there's always John's dad John Cena Sr. who likes to sit in the front row in order to get attacked by heels because WWE doesn't know how else to generate heat for John's feuds anymore. Sadly it never works because that would mean for John to change up his routine.
johnny balderas (3 years ago)
Cena is getting the golden shovel ready
John Dharell (3 years ago)
If Cena Wins Nxt Champions i think he would give it to sami zayn
ThunderBass (3 years ago)
+Johndharell Marcos It's non-title match
Nick Day (3 years ago)
Fight Owens fight
atiustyle (3 years ago)
you are going to get owned from john cena
Mathieu Paquette (3 years ago)
Cena is gonna get crushed by the veteran!
PrizefighterxP1 (3 years ago)
Lmao talk about bad promos......
PrizefighterxP1 (3 years ago)
+DylanRFO2015 Yeah ok just put me in this.......
The Champ Is Here (3 years ago)
Um...... This was really tough to watch.
BSGA22 (3 years ago)
I'm guessing his tattoo is inspired by The Rock?
RandomMindz (3 years ago)
+armandroh666 Huh....I thought it was a Canadian thing like...Calgary Stampede Wrestling. I mean, what else would you find in a "stampede?"
Blackmoore_AJPW82 (3 years ago)
+BSGA22 It's the Taurus from astrology which is represented between April 21 to May 20th, and Steen (Owens) was born on May 7th.
Austin Chou (3 years ago)
Yup. Pretty sure he got it after Rock gave him a shout out and they became "Twitter buddies"
Doomsday 519 (3 years ago)
+BSGA22 Nah, it's more likely a Taurus zodiac thing.
jvemPiRe14 (3 years ago)
KO really should win. but if KO loses, cena has to take the NXT title. that way, it would mean SOMEONE from NXT has to beat cena *cough* finn balor
Vince McMahon (3 years ago)
That's my next pretty boy everyone! He's looking pretty strong every week. When I put him in the Main Roster. I will make my charm Roman Reigns go against my next pretty boy Kevin Owens and DQ each other because they are just too strong! John Cena is going to make Kevin look strong :) "Look Strong Owens Look Strong!"
Trump 2016 (3 years ago)
John cena will destroy this fat tub of lard
Dimitri Abdul Nour (3 years ago)
I just figure Ambrose jumping out of nowhere and beating the hell out of Owens! x)
cena is gonna win its true come on you really think cena will lose to a indis wrestler hell no if cena would lose it would be for the big ,names like taker lesnar orton hhh and so on not indi famous wrestlers its sad but true
cena wrestling from 1999 but ko from 2000
Dub (3 years ago)
Kill Steen Kill
Johnny Z (3 years ago)
Such a weirdo
Alejandro Velasco (3 years ago)
Rene young is so beautiful 😍😻😍😻
Tyler Darrough (3 years ago)
The way he keep stomping on the us title to me it is just disrespectful I know it is not real but. WWE took it to fare tho I am just saying.
KO dat HOE lol
Thatdude DJ (3 years ago)
This is saed punk subscribe to my channel losers
StylezMoney (3 years ago)
He's in NXT now of course. But when he gets to the main roster it may be a different story. Come on.
Sanguiluna (3 years ago)
"Where I came from, I was John Cena. I was the one people looked up to." I think Daniel Bryan or Low Ki might want to have a word with you...
Sanguiluna (3 years ago)
+Wurzelknecht So basically he became the top guy... by default?
Wurzelknecht (3 years ago)
+Sanguiluna Not really since both of them were already gone when Kevin ascended to main event status (Low Ki to NJPW and Bryan to WWE). He definetely was the top indie-guy in 2012 if not from 2010-2014.
Robin Alvarenga (3 years ago)
Who is this saeed punk everyone keeps talking about ? ._.
Aѕιғ Jαwαd (3 years ago)
Robin Alvarenga (3 years ago)
Jeff Demas (3 years ago)
+Robin Alvarenga Nice try.....how many accounts do you have dude?
Miguel sixONEseven (3 years ago)
If there are Paul Heyman guys, then there are Triple H guys too.  Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens are the best examples of them in this day and age.
SuccessMindset (3 years ago)
I feel like kevin Owens just said Renee and him banged without actually saying it
Hgg Hg (3 years ago)
جن سينا البطل
AwesomeButWeirdPeople (3 years ago)
That was a cheap move on John cena Kevin owens
bigbossignition (3 years ago)
Owens sounds like John Malkovich when he talks....
elcucuy feo (3 years ago)
Is it wrong that I ship those two? x3
Gamer Jeffie (3 years ago)
So is jealous
FreshWisey Adam (3 years ago)
Owens is gonna be a perfect anti-hero when he gets to RAW
00mranimal (3 years ago)
Kevin Owens is a fat jobber Ryback Rules
rihardo123 (3 years ago)
+00mranimal same way as you did.
00mranimal (3 years ago)
+rihardo123 nice came up with it on your own?
rihardo123 (3 years ago)
+00mranimal RyBotch
JayLegacy100 (3 years ago)
Patrick Bateman (3 years ago)
Renee is so uncomfortable lol

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