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I'm black and I'm a member of the 1%

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In the U.S. today, the average African-American household owns just 6 cents for every $1 of wealth held by the typical white household, and blacks make up just 1.7% of the top 1% of wealthy Americans. But there are black members of the 1% who are working to change that. Tanzina Vega investigates the historical and contemporary racial barriers to wealth creation in the U.S.
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3077nrth 40 (10 hours ago)
it's not up to other people to help you get going it's up to you to get yourself going
jake black (18 hours ago)
Easy way to fix this: 1) Free copper IUDs to all women starting at age 11, provided through public schools. Then at 18, that service would be provided through free doctors appointments. 2) Free doctors visit after positive pregnancy test and free abortion pills mail delivered without a doctors prescription within the first 9 weeks. 3) An adoption contract that is signed BEFORE the birth of a child, that transfers guardianship to the adopting couple and is non revokable once signed. Having kids before being financially ready is a guarantee of poverty, a guarantee of no intergenerational wealth, and a strong likelihood of a cycle of poverty. Ensuring people have complete family planning control would eliminate these wealth building problems.
Vox See (20 hours ago)
If only people of color had more opportunity like very other minority...also, it's up to the person too if they want to succeed...priorities people.
Herbert Anderson (1 day ago)
When he said he was shocked at racism I turned
Shama Peh Ben Yah (2 days ago)
the browns act white of course I have not heard of this Foundation trying to help any of our people out plenty of our people have no boots where's the help mr. Brown
Shama Peh Ben Yah (2 days ago)
we are here because of Deuteronomy 28 and the curses put on our people the 4th and 5th generation we are that generation people the Hebrews fell after Moses save them check the curses in Deuteronomy 28 it says the Hebrew Israelite we're going to go into slave ships not the African check yourself before you wreck yourself
Shama Peh Ben Yah (2 days ago)
b**** ass Michael Jordan same thing he don't do s*** for his people he'd rather give 20 million dollars to the Chicago Police Department to lochmoor black people up f****** sellout ask Uncle Tom plenty of crumbs underneath his master's table about a billion dollars of crumbs to be exact right Michael Jordan
Shama Peh Ben Yah (2 days ago)
Oprah Jay Z Beyonce all sellouts of their soul they worship Satan don't get it twisted
Shama Peh Ben Yah (2 days ago)
and I can guarantee those 1% black people are not doing s*** for our people we're still poor low income so why make a video about this you're in the same boat with the 1% white people you are not exempt and you are white
Alisha Davies (2 days ago)
Discrimination will never ever stop me , sorry I’m not the one
Trivun konjik (3 days ago)
Its just matter of culture. Black are more violent . More blacks are in prison. Even tho every educational institution in America is taking more black students with lower grades then whites
sean love (3 days ago)
But the USA is a predominantly white country along with many other races. So it great having blacks the 1% but not so shocking they only make near 2% of it.
Greg (3 days ago)
The BET lady really doesn't look like the stereotypical black person. She has to be biracial.
chs75 (3 days ago)
She isn't.
Ree Gee (3 days ago)
Single mom at of 1, at 30, and dark girl w no dad, I can finally sing to myself. Its she lovely. In my Stevie Wonder voice.
Darren Rainey (3 days ago)
U mean how come the white race decided two destroy the blackwall street in 1930"s!?!? in tulsa Oklahoma
Brady Marshall (3 days ago)
And why can’t all black people do this
Brady Marshall (3 days ago)
Hey bitch shut the fuck up
D. F Johnson (4 days ago)
Okay, I'm black and I think this is a stupid story. Whether you are black or white, you are not entitled to get into this rarefied atmosphere of being in the 1%. It is harder for black people to get into that 1% this is true. But you are not entitled to being in the 1% just because you're black.
EdgeLordLilly _ (4 days ago)
Beautiful video! I would like to add that black people only take up 13% of the United States population, and most aren’t finishing high school. education is key to success.
Harry Hightower (6 days ago)
It's usually the white old guys that are Greedily thoughtless mean etc an that's not Stereotyping they are ..... I know some pretty well off black people an they are some of the nicest people i know . I'm lower middle class or close to poor an white. not complaining.
Dorothy Crawley (6 days ago)
These "successful" blacks, Oprah, Jay Z, Beyonce, Michael Jordan are members of the black part of the Illuminati called the Boule. Stop fucking misleading people in believing all black people have a chance of super richness without sacrificing and selling their souls to Satan.
Viola Lewis (6 days ago)
Black people just don’t understand their true wealth. It is a inner ability that cannot be surpassed. Their mindset is their issue.
Robert Quaintance (6 days ago)
We need a part 2 that runs longer than the “Roots” movie! Please.
Antione Berry (6 days ago)
this is america everybody wants money power and wealth 🏦🏧💰💵.
Rian Rian (6 days ago)
Sure talking nigga this nigga that made these people rich
Cedric Smith (6 days ago)
ElectroSalvo (6 days ago)
Wrong stereotypes. All answered wrong. Correct = 1% Consumes the most even more than the average 40% and the poor 59% combined. Who the heck need to worry about overpopulation look at how these people consume.
Thti Thet (7 days ago)
What investments to create economic districts for so called people of color are they making?
Poison eve (7 days ago)
I've heard of black people being used by whites to compete with other blacks. That is a strategy to keep em fighting amongst themselves. Reaching out to more African American is going to bring out progress.
McArthur Tolbert Jr (7 days ago)
When are we going to realize that wealth is not what you have on the outside it's what you have on the inside of yourself. Remember wealth comes from what your heart desire. That will becomes mans down fall one day.
cinnamonstar808 (6 days ago)
True: Donald Trump comes to mind. He is so poor; all he has is money. I remember he sat in the White House family quarters all by himself for 6 months... and he just won the Presidency of the United States of America. I think that is why many give it away on their way out. No one on their death bed wishes for more work hours
maurice cunningham (7 days ago)
Iam proud to see black people doing good
Keb (7 days ago)
Take out the 1% elite and we see that .06:1 Black to White income ratio is close together. Poor whites and poor blacks have much more in common then the media will ever portray.
Oh and the rest of us Whites? Would you like us to give you all of our property that you can then take care of us?
Wealth that rots in banks only for them to die and goes back into the system
SHAN SHAM (9 days ago)
Boo on the white people.
ladyessi (9 days ago)
Rich black people dont share their money with other poor black people. Poor black people always expect that rich white people give money.
luis Infantes (9 days ago)
I think this video is stupid
DaveyDeluxe (9 days ago)
I'm 100% fuck them
Fernando Varela (9 days ago)
And white people still say that all this white privilege stuff is just in the head's of self-pitying black people. They made it all the way to the tippy top and their difference was still there.
Odran LARIVIERE (9 days ago)
she's white lmao
RB Colbert (10 days ago)
We as black people need to stop consuming. We need to save and invest!
Andy (10 days ago)
What about Asians? $5? Asians: $5? White: $1? Black: $0.06?
Donald Chew (10 days ago)
How can we increase the 1%
Gambling Degenerate (11 days ago)
im Asian and im part of the 99%
Josedaniel Josedaniel (11 days ago)
stop wishing for free money work for yours have self pryde. the people in the video Broke there backs color does not mather
luka zupie (11 days ago)
No mention of iq differences??
esrapk (12 days ago)
I'd rather be middle class and white, than multi-billionaire and pitchblack.
AutisticEmileVevo (13 days ago)
im suprised every 1 doller a wight person has a black person has 0.06 cent i thought drug dealing payed well
Giveit2mehRAW (13 days ago)
If I talked to this black man on the phone, I would have thought he was white. Why doesn't he have that black american english accent.
Stacy J, MBA (14 days ago)
I admire the Brown's, they're an example of when Black men aligned themselves with their Black women that are articulate, educated, and wise. Together they were able to gain so much more together. They remind me of my own wonderful parents, my Dad and Mom were bright Black people that believed in working hard and spending frugally. Acquiring property cheap and waiting for the property value to increase. Now my Dad has since passed but he acquired a considerable amount of wealth. He only had a GED and he was a retired government worker and disabled Veteran that served his country. It's doable you may not become a 1%, but together as Black people we can gain a peice of the American pie too.
Stacey Bryce Adams (14 days ago)
Please look at data , African descendent in America 87% of household make less than $60,000 so what is % of Black in 1% ? This story does not reflect real world
PeaceByPovetkins (14 days ago)
Any 1%ers want to give me some donations?
Caeruleus Aurum (14 days ago)
No point in us black people making all this money when we are not generating wealth as a whole for all of us. Rappers and singers are the worst case of this.
Tyler 24 (14 days ago)
White wealth is earned. Black wealth is also earned.
Dorothy Crawley (6 days ago)
Tyler 24 Black wealth is burnt to the ground by white men, like Black Wall Street.
Greanbean In yo face (14 days ago)
Black people need to look up to these people and stop blaming all there problems on everyone else
KingBgaming1 (15 days ago)
Ik I'm black myself but these wealthy people pathetic they are some pathetic successful pieces of shit like wtf why not help the struggle
th3azscorpio (15 days ago)
Boule blacks in the 1%? Shocking!
Jure Macola (16 days ago)
If she is black i am jupiter
chs75 (3 days ago)
Hi Jupiter.
Code (16 days ago)
It irritates me so much when a black person things all of her life is determined by what happened in the past to their forefathers. Elon Musk didn't inherit 19 billion dollars, he accumulated them by working day in day out, sleeping at work, working 100 hours a week for years in a row to the point where he had a breakdown and still pushed through. Stop making race an issue for your own lack of consistency.
chs75 (3 days ago)
Yeah, but he did it as a white man. Also, he stole his idea.
XxaLexiiSsxX (17 days ago)
Ill just take 000.1% of the one percent thank you loo
Wil Robles (17 days ago)
From the wrong side of the tracks to the 1%. Inspirational.
Melissa Martinez (17 days ago)
Racist propaganda served via CNN and there so called liberal views-_-" Feel free to disagree
Genna Tuelz (19 days ago)
LOL I thought this said CNNMonkey and I was going to be like "Damn CNN, U RACIST!!"
Marius M (19 days ago)
Ancient Rome.
marvelv212 (19 days ago)
That's because US is racist. The top 1% in China is Chinese not white.
Malibu Stacy (19 days ago)
Imagine being so racist that you refuse to buy a house simply because a black person lived there
Grey Horizon (19 days ago)
It's interesting that people cheer you on when you say the vast majority of the 1% is White. Try saying Jews are disproportionally represented in that category. All of a sudden the vitriol and claims of racism will come your way.
doris harrer (19 days ago)
What you believe is what you beget. My fellow blacks need to stop this mindset of being victims of racism. People who refuse to this mindset are doing well. E.g Oprah Winfrey.
Aga (20 days ago)
6:32 "people of color who are in job creating positions hire more people of color." She says that like its positive, imagine if they said that, but with white people. It would be looked at like rasicm.
J Alvarez (20 days ago)
This video is maaaaaaaad hateful
chs75 (17 days ago)
John Taratuta (20 days ago)
The late economist Milton Friedman always pointed out most blacks—young and old—had jobs and worked . . . before the era of the minimum wage. Government policy helps to keep blacks poor by keeping them out of the workforce. Work is your way to wealth . . .
Jewel Grier (20 days ago)
Stick together like other folks..a indian guy i worked with told me they whole family put there pay checks in a basket on the table..one for wishes one for bills
Jewel Grier (20 days ago)
Alot of land was stolen from blacks..
Oprah and here TITTIES! Damn!
breanna cook (21 days ago)
Thank you Mom and Dad for the boots you always made sure we had.
So what I'm black and I'm a member of the 99% and 99>1
Morning Star (21 days ago)
I think a victim hat cuts off the blood to the brain.
Morning Star (21 days ago)
Haikyuu Trash 😧. . .
Haikyuu Trash (21 days ago)
Morning Star sound like you’ve watched a little bit too much midget porn that your reality has become deluded.
Morning Star (21 days ago)
Haikyuu Trash sounds like your victim hat is working too . Don't let that victimized mentality drag you down.
Haikyuu Trash (21 days ago)
Yeah just choose to ignore the reality of the numbers and make a sarcastic joke. Stop living in a fantasy this is the real world cupcake.
Lyv Rue (21 days ago)
absolutely loved this
Kelly Kelly (22 days ago)
I’m an ethnic woman (Asian) and when I see or hear Black folks succeed and come up on top, I am always extremely “satisfied”... the best way to describe it. Maybe I was Black in my previous life because I do get these deja Vu moments as a Black person from time to time. So strange I can’t really explain it. Does anyone go through this too?
Arath Gomez (18 days ago)
Kelly Kelly no you crazy lady
Noah Glover (22 days ago)
Well blacks are statistically dumber than blacks have lower iq commit more crimes and don’t have as much motivation as any other race
jihanjae (10 days ago)
Noah+ Congratulations! Your incomprehensible sentence structure proves that YOU are the dummy, with the non-existent 'IQ'! You'd better start honing those crime skills, since you clearly didn't pay much attention in class!
Stellar Space (23 days ago)
anybody else have a dream
Stellar Space (23 days ago)
that last lady spoke very real. be strong
Jeffery Schirm (24 days ago)
8 to 9 out of one group will be a good employee. 4 to 5 of another group of 10 which group will do the best
puggles luv (24 days ago)
Sheila Johnson is a very good person worked her ass off for what she has. Good for her . I'm glad I got to know her, she is a class act!
Mikis Mays (25 days ago)
Us blacks need to persist in the effort of removing stereotypes, this means destroying toxic media such as worldstar, love and hip hop, and etc. I can’t find many black tv shows (that are hits, rating wise) where blacks are being portrayed positively. Think of it from this perspective, us humans mostly use the internet and the news to gain knowledge. When all you can find on the internet and news regarding black people is rap, negativity, dumb-assery, etc, how can other people possibly think of us in any way other than savages. We need to open our eyes and wipe away the film of slavey over our lives. We need another movement (non-violent). Instead this movement will focus on legislature that will place more diversity into office. This diversity will enhance today’s laws for the better. Allowing blacks to rise safely into the business world. In my 18 years on this planet I have constantly realized that persistence with a purpose is key. I am willing to step to the plate to help this country, but I can’t do it alone. Please can everyone like this comment so that more people can read this message? Leave comments with positive responses and positive advice.
B B (25 days ago)
Deng, I’m so inspired 🙂
Michael Collins (26 days ago)
What's amazing is how these white liberals and Black politicians claim they are helping Black people will not address the injustices of the housing market but, will fight for who sits at Starbucks.
If she loves corn bread then we friends
Linda Daniel (26 days ago)
All black people who commit crimes put together is still about 3%
epSos.de (26 days ago)
How about we have the *40% and 60%,* while there is no 1% ultra rich who have the 90% of everything.
akeim march (26 days ago)
I wish we has black people would realize how much harder and smarter we need to work harder to gain our rightful place at the top of the socio-economic ladder.
Cheese Lover Girl (26 days ago)
seems like Token's parents (South Park reference)
JB Avalon (26 days ago)
Democrats in the 1% don't count.
Okoye Forever (27 days ago)
I want the Browns to be my mentor
Azimrl (27 days ago)
Yeah, I just want to help as many people as possible. I review Drinks review to make sure that people don't waste money on drinks that aren't worth it! :)
Esther Karanja (27 days ago)
john smith (27 days ago)
Does it have to be about race
Stephen kabya (27 days ago)
It's called being born with a golden silver spoon and managing that money properly. You see you could inherit it and swuanderit just in five seconds.
antcantcook! (28 days ago)
Not impressed, to be a 1% you have to pull in $389,436 a year. Thats not powerfully or even generationally wealthy. These people have very little power compared to the the .1%. Holla at me about the .1%, then we're really talking power. These people get laughed at by the truly powerful in society.
AverageJoe (28 days ago)
nice liberal meme video
PTM45 smi (28 days ago)
I am that person who doesn't have the 'boots' and I need help in doing that. I hope someone hears me.
chs75 (17 days ago)
You have to educate yourself. Start with Dr. watkins on youtube.

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