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Inside Lucid Air: The Future of Luxury?

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Lucid Air - A closer look at a futuristic luxury electric 0.0 Lucid Air Announcement video: https://youtu.be/bC9z0rndl64 Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (5347)
Rasmus Lundsgaard (19 hours ago)
Waht a Nice car👍
mindlover (20 hours ago)
I like it more than Tesla. Great car. Enough of boring old school trains. Time to move forward and live the future.
FroddeB (1 day ago)
Marques: "Thanks for watching this one.... (fuck I messed up, what ever) And I will talk to you guys in the next one."
jasonhowes75 (3 days ago)
I love Tesla ❤
four Baby (4 days ago)
Bitchits Kap (5 days ago)
It looks like a camry in 3 years😑
shlomo kirstein (6 days ago)
Dropping a dislike since you should have mentioned more specs about the car. You left out all the good stuff. You should've reviewed more before reviewing it.
adtc (8 days ago)
Still not calling it a frunk huh?
FlameNGames (8 days ago)
Rolls Royce +Tesla = Lucid Air?
Diego Diaz (11 days ago)
Ok so, as a car guy I’m gonna say it. The exterior of this car looks like a silver Chevy economy car with a headlight kit. The interior is obviously dope as fuck. Also safety? If that rolls rip to the front row. Those wheels where ripped of a camry (not ugly but, for a luxury car?!). Overall sounds pretty lit, probs wont come out but the future is bright my dudes. Also if you read this far you’re an actual legend.
doodbool (11 days ago)
this can be the Mercedes of electric cars
ZekeyUno (13 days ago)
Lol @ that trunk space. Can't even fit a shoe box
Ettore Fieramosca (17 days ago)
I think the future of luxury cars will come from luxury Brand. New comers haven't the untuchable value. Lexus And Infinity are 30 ears that invest in luxury but no one consider them more than Good product.
Max Tory (18 days ago)
This car looks so exciting and awesome to me but I don't think I could ever justify buying it to myself, no matter how rich I was.
Terry Mac (20 days ago)
Simply clean °√
You know Da Wae? (22 days ago)
I want them to make an rgb version next
Nick P (23 days ago)
Alrese Holmes (23 days ago)
This is dope. Tesla really needed to have stepped up their interiors for the price point. But it looks like lucid is well on the way to becoming the luxury ev that we want to see and those with the means to buy. Really looking at these heavy!
altruist2callous (25 days ago)
How much is this car?
Nicholas Cannitelli (26 days ago)
You are cunt
I, utf (27 days ago)
more like microsoft copying apple in a better way when apple introduced the mouse
noor shanto (1 month ago)
simply AWESOME !
kill roy (1 month ago)
No rollbar ... i dont think glass can hold the car weight :|
TomC (1 month ago)
I'm copping that
pvaz (1 month ago)
Looks great, I’d buy one if there’s an option with a bit more ground clearance.
KungLi (1 month ago)
Pretty beautiful peace of tech! I'm a Tesla fan but I would like to see some competition. And this is looking good!
Bruno Mihailescu (1 month ago)
Hi Marques grate videos man....I want to see the new Yoko Phone with 3 D technology and 4 K cameras made in Finland .I love Lucid Air .The exterior Tesla is more appeal, but Tesla as interior is very bad....Lucid look amazing and the interior change luxury at other level...The beauty inside drive you crazy...Unfortunately trunk lack on space and is not good.They could make it better.But i like it more then Tesla for all futures and interior.
Andrew Tran (1 month ago)
Dream Car.
TiagoValente TPPT (1 month ago)
That car is an amazing future project but the top of the car in glass,mmm... defenitly not a good idea at all.
Andrew R (1 month ago)
Too many touchscreens! One is enough in my opinion.. and physical buttons are much better to use, especially while driving.
Ameya Vishwasrao (1 month ago)
First of all, thank you vwery much Marques. I enjoy watching your videos. The car you reviewed in this video is more awesome than Tesla. The reson is not everyone demands a huge trunk. Some people will definetely go for a big legroom or huge car lounge whatever you call that!! Thats it . And thank you once again for providing us with such full of content creative videos. Btw you video clarity is super super amazing!!
iamnotgeoff (1 month ago)
cool... I'll look forward to being able to maybe affording a 10+ year old model 3 in like 20 years. super luxury cars are cool but not accessible to normal people, even electric cars are too much.
Péo Perreault (2 months ago)
Too bad the steering wheel doesn't extend all the way to the backseats.
Hữu Quyền Nguyễn (2 months ago)
So nothing new! Huh
Neville Ekka (2 months ago)
I hope they succeed​! The design looks Sick!
Sandra Agbakoba (2 months ago)
3 words "company data hack"
William A McGrath (2 months ago)
Love it.
Sam Shields (2 months ago)
The car looks like a cross between Jumba and Captain Gantu in the front.
Garfield Gray (2 months ago)
1000 hp...hmm
System Administrator (2 months ago)
How much will it cost?
Koolayd Allen (2 months ago)
I want this car
Christian (2 months ago)
Was pretty good until I found out it was Electric. Trust me, has engines are not going anywhere anytime soon.
euroovca25 (2 months ago)
liking this a LOT more than any tesla car...
vh9network (2 months ago)
Nice looking EV. I predict its price will be so expensive that only the 5 richest kings of Europe will be able to own them.
Prabhat Pandey (2 months ago)
What is your height???? Bcz that would give me more precise idea about head room when on seat?? Also whats the estimate price of this car??
Ronald Allen (2 months ago)
Tesla should buy them.
Christopher Thomas (2 months ago)
This feels like it should be a tesla subsidiary
TCM97 (2 months ago)
As long as it has auto pilot, I’d get it. Way better looking interior than a Tesla
fabian getugi (2 months ago)
This is how you know that the future has finally arrived 👑👑
Bogdan Radnovic (2 months ago)
I want this car
John Mays (2 months ago)
That looks awesome
AiGalaxyS (2 months ago)
And the price? right! so high you'd need a helicopter to take you up there to see.
Daddy's lil Darlings! (2 months ago)
Every electric car want's to be Tesla
Daniel Larsen (2 months ago)
Tim Garrison (2 months ago)
This car is dope
Cameron Brock (2 months ago)
The Future of Ugly
tesla is now my favourite car
charles john (2 months ago)
So Raw
The game (3 months ago)
Wow the future îs now *************** !
Corey Jackowski (3 months ago)
Love them back seats And that windshield roof combo so amazing
Tech Prady (3 months ago)
lets hope for a good future and my channel failed for 1year
Deathrape2001 (3 months ago)
Yes so 'luxurious' the tires R only an inch thick so U feel every pebble like a cheap car with broken shocks HAHAHA Give me a break = pure $cam!
Rene Collins (3 months ago)
Perfect example of wats needed as far ass future whips are concerned
Jonathan Castelino (3 months ago)
The sun burning your head during a bright sunny day☀️☀️☀️
Yuba Wang (3 months ago)
A car for banging
Exortall (3 months ago)
Lucid air is just like a fucking tesla
Go Block (3 months ago)
Lucid Motors is more real, looking practical, and solid than Fuckraday Future. Yuateng needs to invest in this company and not FF. This company was founded by Chinese as Atieva in Calif. Just leave that FF. Even Lucid sounding better than Faraday
Verstanden Baker (3 months ago)
This thing will be over 1 million dollars, that won't change the world in any sense, I mean only Bill Gates could afford that. And don't tell me all the parts of the vehicle that come from a huge third companies, that increases costs by far. Man I would stay with Tesla, this doesn't change anything.
paul goodier (3 months ago)
Can I get my golf clubs in the boot?
TheThree PupFriends (3 months ago)
Me: I need it Wallet: *spider crawls out* Me: 😢
Tom brown (3 months ago)
Nice idea but electric cars are way too ahead right now, until the price becomes normal they will never be as popular as diesel and petrol
Md Rahman (3 months ago)
So, you cant power it using gas? It is kind of a bummer for electric vehicles since they take almost forever to charge.
Ricardo De La Peña (4 months ago)
Beautiful car. I love everything about it. I really hope it succeeds. It can only be better for the electric car movement if this company succeeds right along with Tesla. Like any new genre/industry, it requires complimentary competition to build stability. Who knows, maybe there’s already a third competitor company out there (maybe Thor?) who can be that third pillar 🤔 to solidify public consciousness and the future market?
JMCFAC (4 months ago)
Wat music is dat
Emmanuel Asamoah (4 months ago)
y'all talking about the beauty and not thinking about the safety...the Lucid looks gorgeous but with them glass roof its kind of a death trap during accident REPLY
Ricardo Martinez (4 months ago)
Emmanuel Asamoah so. Muscle cars are a bigger death trap as thry cant take a hit like they used to. Crash on into a concrete wall and it turns into a pancake. The glass can leave lots of cuts and has a potential of killing but suffocation from airbags do the same, the front windows cant do the same along with the sun roof. A car is a death trap.
Pete Sandov (4 months ago)
Looks like a camry
Adler Sanon (4 months ago)
I hope this car goes into production in the future i'd want to drive it to prom
Joel Nguetsop (4 months ago)
I just want to sit in the backseat high outa my mind starring at the sky listening to music while someone else drives.
FeedMeBacon (4 months ago)
@5.21 Anyone else have a inner panic that Marques was going to make the car dirty, or was it just me?
The Goat (4 months ago)
Hate it. Anything breaks in it good luck. Going to be at a luxury price as well. Talk about breaking a windshield or the electronic touch screen dash...
Tifanie Hyman (4 months ago)
so cool I want one
Edward Yin (4 months ago)
They can’t think of a better name?
Zain Wahid (4 months ago)
Marques, you are so good at what you do.
Alonso Martii (4 months ago)
I just hope TopGear never ends up reviewing cellphone, tablets and watches.
Barcelona Toyota (4 months ago)
Dont get me wrong, this is cool! You forgot to mention that Tesla only has a simple interrior because it's what people wanted. They wanted to keep it simple. This Lucid car isn't going anywhere because they dont have the reputation.
Kei Techie (4 months ago)
Luxury back seat = agree. However this car is just ugly and all the lines are unbalance. Reminded me of a Lincoln or brick 🤮
Chaos Craft999 (4 months ago)
Tesla : 0 Lucid : 1
Anarchy (4 months ago)
If they want to sell in the US they have to change the trunk situation, If I recall correctly, you cant have the only set of tail lights on a removable trunk lid. They must be planted on the body.
Santo Ruiz (4 months ago)
i like it
George Stone (4 months ago)
Tesla styling is about as exciting as a Honda Accord. This is pushing the envelope.
some reason (4 months ago)
Scottish NS Rail Fan (4 months ago)
Will there be a final version? If at all?
gforse daniel (4 months ago)
Is i run abort know elae
frtwl (4 months ago)
Safelite repair Safelite replace
Noteight Noteight (4 months ago)
Looks nice but Tesla still better.
A PlayStation and cats (4 months ago)
Don't get me wrong I like it very much
A PlayStation and cats (4 months ago)
Well it kind of looks like the Lucid air is the tesla model s on steroids.
xTeddy _ (4 months ago)
If the electric cars could get a little cheaper so that middle class family could by. Thats when we can think that electric cars are the futures.
Peep that J.Cole track in the background
oh man i must be lucid "dreaming" ok im sorry

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