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PPF लोन की पूरी जानकारी [ Complete details of PPF Loan with example

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Complete details of Public Provident Fund's Loan rule. Eligibility, Loan Amount, Loan interest rate, repayment term, late payment etc. Public Provident Fund, commonly known as PPF comes under small saving instruments. Do not get confused Public Provident fund with the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) or Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF). This two are available to employee only. In India, there are many investments options available but PPF is one among the best investment option. Not all investment options provide tax benefits but PPF comes under EEE category which means exempt, exempt, exempt. Tax deduction under income tax rule section 80c on the initial investment. maturity amount and maturity benefits of PPF is also tax exempt. You need to know the lock-in period in PPF, In PPF investment lock-in period is 15 years but it does not mean that you have locked your money completely. There are benefits like loan from PPF account, partial withdrawal from PPF account. Though there are applicable rules on it but process is easy. When you will go through with the video,you will get to know about the process also.PPF account can be opened for the minor also, this could be the best gift to the child as the money invested in PPF can be utilized in their higher education. I will upload more videos on PPF topics like Public Provident Fund calculator to calculate the maturity amount, PPF partial withdrawal process, PPF loan process, Latest rules on PPF. I would also like to add here that PPF account can be opened from the Post Office and Banks. Not all banks facilitate PPF account opening but for sure PPF account can be opened from State Bank of India. You need to carry your identity proof and other supporting details to open PPF account. To avail loan, you must carry your PPF passbook.
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Suresh Bhatia (5 days ago)
can we open kids ppf account even though parent have their ppf account? we would like to do investment and not claim tax benefit.
DKM Deepak (5 days ago)
Yes, You can open PPF account for the minor even though parent have PPF account. You need to know the below- 1. You can open only one PPF account for each child. 2. You can claim rebate under section 80C for the investment made on behalf of minor child.

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