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18-core iMac Pro Review: Not a Trap!

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iMac Pro. Turns out it's not a trap. It's pretty damn good. That time I thought it was a trap: https://youtu.be/RvXmktAurSQ That wallpaper: https://i.imgur.com/YO1xfwJ.jpg Satechi hub: http://amzn.to/2oE4VtP Twelvesouth stand: https://twelvesouth.com/product/hirise-pro-for-imac MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e Intro Track: More Better by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (5980)
Marques Brownlee (15 days ago)
YouTube is taking its damn time processing this one
EliteKekistani (4 days ago)
Marques Brownlee Keep retardedly cocksucking Apple..you profoundly retarded faggot
Bliss 559 (6 days ago)
I used to be subscribed until I realized how much of a tool you are. I don't get a sense of genuineness like I do from other tech reviewers.
Coloring Book (7 days ago)
Marques Brownlee how do you do overhead shots?
Nevin shams (7 days ago)
Marques Brownlee , do you like PC . Honestly I never heard you like a PC or gaming on a pc
Benjamin Martinez (10 hours ago)
Violent cheap take edge shortly tonight check aide ice pop.
RealMcForesT (11 hours ago)
Apple has opted to go for lower fan noise at the cost of CPU throttling - While I understand that is an acceptable thing for the average Mac user, it unfortunately means that many IT Pros is making a pass on this.
Alan Williams (18 hours ago)
yeah yeah we got it you like rocket league
MKL MVO (21 hours ago)
"A pretty good buy"... for $13K.... Yeah right :D We don't live on the same planet :p I can make a damn good christmas list with $13K and I wouldn't invite Apple ^^
Michael Shandor (1 day ago)
I’m not computer savvy but did he just say $13,000.
Shri Peru (1 day ago)
I have that same wallpaper before watching this video
Cody L (1 day ago)
128GB of ram. haha ok. you're literally paying for all that ram and you'll never use it. ever. the most ram you'll ever need (even for super heavy tasks) is 32
xJayKai (1 day ago)
But how does it handle gaming?
Ruen (1 day ago)
only $13k
Oxnard (1 day ago)
Now I would never buy an iMac Pro, as I don't need these specs. However, I feel it is missing something, and that is being an ultrawide monitor with smaller bezels. Now at 5k that is currently impossible, but still. The monitor dimension including the bezels have been the same since 2009 (roughly, not counting a couple of mm here and there). Now I'm not a 'smalle = better' advocate, but going ultrawide would simply give the system more room. And well, it's 2018.
Bob Ddog (1 day ago)
Make video on dell xps
Alfalfa Male (1 day ago)
Jesus Marques, not everything is better in matt black.
The Official Nerd (1 day ago)
Build a hackintosh
Laura Jacobs (1 day ago)
Racism scared treatment award enroll health garlic result tackle oral asset.
Charles Lee Ray (1 day ago)
But it can't play all the games found on PC.
Fahadh Balloy (1 day ago)
Gorilla Chilla (2 days ago)
universal audio <3 twin
_ _ (2 days ago)
So...worth getting?
Andezta CoolMan (2 days ago)
Antoine Jackson (2 days ago)
How many of his subscribers can actually afford this ??
austenvarian (2 days ago)
Can you tell us more about that giant red mouse pad and other mouse you're using in this one?
Kaysha (2 days ago)
Very interesting machine. My maxed out Mac Pro 2013 is still strong, so I'm waiting to see that modular Mac Pro
Doug Unfunny (2 days ago)
Alex Cherry (3 days ago)
1tap Swag (3 days ago)
but does it run crisis 3 ?
0hjaa (3 days ago)
Some weird fruit computer screen thing that costs 13 000$?? What happen to normal conputers around 400$? Nice way to waste your money.. with that you can buy a nice car and still have 11 000$ for mods. MKBHD must be a millionaire to afford all of that tech! Also i heard phones etc. will give you cancer!!??🤔🤔
Mr. Waffleman (3 days ago)
You can buy a car for that much.
About The Fact (3 days ago)
FrameFury (3 days ago)
MKB- you'll add to your credibility significantly if you don't completely ignore PC workstations. I love Mac OS too - I get it, I own a MBP - but you can't have a discussion of editing workstations without comparing to PC. I suggest checking out an outfit like Puget Systems - they've built two machines for me over the years and they take the hassle out of the custom building crap.
Christian Ørnstrup (4 days ago)
This dude is making a video about a video. YouTube got to easy.
obsidian00 (4 days ago)
Go BIG or go HOME!!!
Plausible Liar (4 days ago)
If only it wasn't so damn expensive!
Hugo Graça (4 days ago)
Hei Marques What about Legos!
Mathieu L (4 days ago)
Man, I can finally watch 4K videos
M Shehzan Mohtesham (4 days ago)
128 GB RAM !!!! 🙆 I am still planning on buying ssd of this size.. uff 😂
Lawrence RBE (4 days ago)
13 racks man
EliteKekistani (4 days ago)
My 2015 HP Notebook is BETTER than this retarded useless literal piece of shit
Antonis Dimopoulos (4 days ago)
$13K for a "professional" but non-upgradeable, AIO, consumer-grade computer... Fuck yeah!
Theoddguy (5 days ago)
I use a iPhone X with a surface pro 3, and I have 4G of ram, just 8G of ram is like so much, just taking about 64G of ram is so crazy
KelvinShiFTZ (5 days ago)
Almost 6M
Gianluca Venditti (5 days ago)
Make a video on your cable management! Give us tips and show us what you use, I need help
GOPACKERSJT (5 days ago)
$13k. Fuck.
John Konye (5 days ago)
were you editing on iMovie in the demo???
Nick Donnelly (5 days ago)
This thing look so out of date - those bezels are bigger than my TV in the 80s... It also has no height adjustment in the stand. A-hahahaha
luke martinez (5 days ago)
But Can It Run Crysis 3 On 4k Res And Ultra High Settings??I Bet That 128 Gb Ram Never Comes In handy in day to day use
Blunt Politics (5 days ago)
except.. its apple.
Stefan Holmes (5 days ago)
Did you just recommend a Vega 64 to accelerate desktop UI performance? Wow.
Chris Day (6 days ago)
But can it run Crysis?
Dating Pickles (6 days ago)
This is the largest waste of money I ever saw in my life
Daniel Raber (6 days ago)
8K markup, I think ill stick with windows and adobe.
chris hall (6 days ago)
Colin Craig (6 days ago)
Crushes a custom pc? You can literally buy all of those exact parts (as many people already have) and build the “same computer” with different operating systems... not to mention a single 1080 or ti outperforms the Vega 64. Or you could sli Titan XP’s with a threadripper and absolutely wreck the Mac pro
Flame Tech (6 days ago)
can you game properly on that thing
Qk9CWU5ib3x (6 days ago)
Do not buy any 1st Gen Apple Product. Let the sheeple buy it and report the problem to Apple and give it some time for apple's engineer team deal with issues and fix it I.e iPhone 6 - Bends easily | 2016 MacBook Pro - Keyboard Spacebar and other keys are easily broken off | 2009 -2011 iMac GPU issue | G4 Cube - Heating Issue | iPhone x - does not play well in cold weather | Mac Pro Trashcan - abandoned form factor |etc... Every time Anyone makes new product Car, Phone, or Computer, The Assembly line has to be built for that product. Even if the product is designed perfectly, There can be a problem in the assembly line ( Macbook pro-AR coating peeling off, bad batteries ) and sometimes it's just bad design ( 2011-2013 iMac GPU problem ) I would wait if you have your heart set on the mac pro. iMac historically had the heating issue with GPU start creating artifacts. and recalls. Since Apple MCM GPU uses special firmware, it was impossible to fix. The new iMac pro has beefier cooling system vs regular iMac, but is the cooling system enough to handle Xeon and fixed VERA GPU that is installed vertically? I won't bet my 10,000 on it.
Qk9CWU5ib3x (6 days ago)
iPhone 6 was Apple's first big phone. when iPhone 6s came out they changed Aluminum 6000 to7000. I fix laptops and cell phones as the side job while I go to colleges. most iPhone is not bent, but if it is slightly bent, it's 6. iMac GPU - Nvidia and AMD chipset ran very hot back in the day. When Nvidia and AMD release GPU, they also release Reference design. It's a guide telling manufacturers to cool the GPU in certain ways so it does not overheat. Because of Apple has the cutting-edge design, and often constrained by space, the GPU and CPU in older iMac were cooled by one fan which was control by Mac OS. It's Apple-designed board and thermal control. the fault lies with Apple. On top of that MCM style, GPU was never sold to the public. you can't find replacement GPU. "Intel and Apple engineers know more about how to cool the products they design and build than some random off the internet." Off the internet?? most GPU manufacturers like EVGA, MSI, ASUS use Nvidia and Amd's ref design and often go overboard with extra cooling fans, thermal pads on memory and heatsink. Not only that the GPU is mounted horizontally. iMac Pro's soldered in GPU, and uses their own design. I seen the inside of new iMac pro and I'm glad they spend a lot of space on Cooling fan but if you compare to any box looking PC cooling... it has less airflow | heat sink | Fans (by a lot ) . Will they able to pull it off? I hope so. GPU and CPU are getting more energy efficient and perhaps there will not be a recall. "Apple engineers know more about how to cool the products " Just search Macbook thermal Throttling. lolz, Even my 2015 MBPr had some issue so I opened it up and reapply thermal paste. The pursuit of thinness has trade-off and the price you pay is performance and cooling. only people who should buy this expensive imac are video editing pros. nothing is more taxing than heavy computation they use to render and etc. the heat generated need to be moved out or there will be 1. thermal throttling or 2. hardware problem. All I'm saying is this. Just wait a year. see how things pan out. Do you like 6? wait and get 6s. Do you like Macbook air? ( the first one was overpriced) wait couple generations. Do like like this shiny new iMac Pro? wait a year. If there is no problem with this one you might get it cheaper. if there is a problem, you can by the improved version.
TalesOfWar (6 days ago)
The iPhone 6 is no more bendy than any other flagship phone around at the time. In fact it's more durable than most of the competition of the time. I had one from day one, it's still being used by my mother who handles her tech far less gently than I do and it's still perfectly fine. NO bending. The people who bent it sat on the fucking thing with it in their back pockets. The iMac GPU issue is an Nvidia fail by the way. Pretty much everything using those chips had problems with them. The same chips were used in their laptops too and they also had problems. Oh and call me silly, but I think Intel and Apple engineers know more about how to cool the products they design and build than some random off the internet. If Intel are happy for their chips to run so hot, then they're probably right. Modern chips can run hotter for longer than older chips can and still be fine.
super610 (6 days ago)
Can I use this for Facebook?
Xattr (6 days ago)
what if something breaks? how long does the apple technician need to arrive at you place, I mean what is their reaction time?
Derek Zoigt (6 days ago)
be interesting to see if they do actually make a new apple tower one day or if this iMac Pro gets enough fans ... maybe that is it or another sealed unit (like a mini with iMacPro spec) for the people who want to use their own monitors
Elias Jensen (6 days ago)
lunch surprise left exkwvp flat relate medication wave produce.
Gigastar (6 days ago)
MyMat Pro
Bazinga Geek (6 days ago)
With that amount of money of the top notch IMac Pro, i will build a better PC than that, with a i9 7980XE, 128GB of RAM, 4 GTX Titan V and 36TB of HDD and 5TB of SSD, much faster than this MAC
thiruvetti (6 days ago)
Nah, for almost 1/10 of that price I can get a solid assembled Windows Desktop for high end gaming plus work.
Grahamhg (6 days ago)
I shall be buying 200 for my new architecture practice. Just after we build the office.
Moviefan137 (6 days ago)
Tell that to Admiral Ackbar.
vipin p nair (6 days ago)
You may cover more areas of usage of workstation while reviewing same. Video editing is not the only reason why some people / organisations buy it. You may cover industrial uses also since its review video about the machine. Some of the area I could see are Software building(compiling, build ...), simulation running for solving engineering problem like ANSIS, MATLAB, Saber etc.
Sahas Arya (7 days ago)
making a GAMING video on this
Yudi Seda (7 days ago)
Can it run Crysis?
Logan Collins (7 days ago)
specifically sea risk experimental target low trend athletic.
Igal Kuperman (7 days ago)
The price are super beast too hmmmm
Michael (7 days ago)
Try and mine on it and see if it the fan speeds up
skycabfive (7 days ago)
That is an AWESOME t shirt. Where can I get one?
london2015 (7 days ago)
Im 99% sure apple pays this guy
Aryan Kumar (6 days ago)
london2015 Apple has never paid anyone. Also it's illegal to not tell the viewer that the video is sponsored.
PiCABLESKY (7 days ago)
this is where ram matters, not in smartphones omg
PiCABLESKY (7 days ago)
but can it run crysis??
PRO LIVE TV (7 days ago)
hhhhhh. I'have a desk PC that even d'ont know the name of it . it's i5 CPU / 4GB RAM / 256GB SSD / and some grafix card / windows 8. hhhhhh this imac is the powerfull machine hhh for war . good videos mark . hhhhhhh
Nevin shams (7 days ago)
Do you don’t like pc
Nevin shams (7 days ago)
Are you a Mac fan
Shikhar Upadhyaya (8 days ago)
Can it run crysis?
Julian reacts (8 days ago)
I'm watching an iMac video on a iMac
mohmed badr (8 days ago)
Another dream that wouldn't come true
milknight (8 days ago)
when you're watching Marques edit the video that you are watching...inception
jzilla1234 (8 days ago)
13 thousands? 3 times the cost of the hardware.
Aryan Kumar (6 days ago)
jzilla1234 Find me a build that beats the iMac Pro that costs only 13k, including the 5k monitor and a beautiful case.
Aryan Kumar (6 days ago)
jzilla1234 It does not matter? 27in is not fucking tiny. It's larger than the average monitor.
jzilla1234 (6 days ago)
Aryan Kumar yes is it over priced. The screen is tiny anyway does not justify its cost.
Aryan Kumar (6 days ago)
jzilla1234 If you watch Linus'es video, you realise it's not overpriced at all. Just the screen and casing alone are 3k-6k.
Rodrigo Aguilar (8 days ago)
between the 14 core and the 10 core... recommendations?
TigBits McFlufferson (8 days ago)
Only 13,000? What a bargain! LUL
alQarafi (8 days ago)
Its a trap... I have been stuck in my iMac Pro for a month.
Richard Dale (8 days ago)
Don’t know why I’m even watching this, I’d need a second mortgage to buy one.
Badhon Ebrahim (8 days ago)
premiere pro + after fx how does it perform in that?
Dylan [Smith] (8 days ago)
I hope it's not $10,000 (Oh fuck it is I watched the video, it is over even) all of the shitty Macs are 1000s of dollars. Macs suck. Just use Windows unless you want to waste your money on a decent computer when you could get a decent car for the price of two of these. If you are going to use this to do simulations as the website says just make your own PC. I don't know about particle simulations, but I think with the right programs all you need is horsepower. You can get a lot more horsepower if you spend that same amount of money on a regular PC.
Aryan Kumar (6 days ago)
Dylan [Smith] The 5k iMac actually costs -200$ less than a Windows pc of the same power.
Aryan Kumar (6 days ago)
Dylan [Smith] You're saying that Apple is overpriced? Look at the garbage specs of the Surface Studio and the Surface Laptop.
Michael Gusevsky (8 days ago)
Why not go i9 7980xe with a couple of faster vega 64 with liquid cooling or a couple of titans if u really want power? It'd be noticeably faster
jay Gagnaire (8 days ago)
for the same price, you can buy a car and a gaming Laptop. You're welcome.
Marcsman07 (8 days ago)
>Head over to ps4 >rocket league Marques pls. why no pc?
Not Nice (8 days ago)
spending 13k on this shit and finding out that its really worth it..
ToxicBatosss (8 days ago)
13k??? LUL Nice try Apple
Aryan Kumar (6 days ago)
ToxicBatosss you don't have to buy it
nc598 (8 days ago)
Hearing this guy on the Honey Ad....his voice just makes me want to weep cringey tears of pain. Please, Marques, make it stop... Think of the children!!
Luqman Wadood (8 days ago)
MKBHD the type of guy to camp outside Target
Jose Calderon (8 days ago)
yes you have to be happy with a $13k computer
chuckyb (8 days ago)
I was gonna say, at least it looks good in the space grey D: When i studied video editing we exclusively used Apple and Final Cut so i get that its great hardware/software. But damn that price tag. Ever since i bought my last Macbook Pro in 2012 (i still use it for my band on stage btw) Apple kinda fell out of grace with me. My next live performance laptop/19" computer will probably be a PC. When i think of what you can buy for the money i kinda cringe at the idea of a 13k Imac. Even though i agree its the best looking Apple product in years...
Adr Raz (8 days ago)
I still put my coins on threadripper.
Doge The Dog (8 days ago)
I'd rather buy a car for that price...
kumar saurav (8 days ago)
Can we play game on this?

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