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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy Note Fan Edition - Quick Look

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Read more: https://goo.gl/zMwoBp | Buy the Galaxy Note 8: http://tyvm.ly/note8 How well does the rebooted Note 7 - the Note Fan Edition - stack up against the Note 8? This is the the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy Note Fan Edition comparison! Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands on: https://goo.gl/mv8qoT Download the AndroidAuthority App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidauthority.app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=androidauthority ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://google.com/+androidauthority - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave John Velasco: https://twitter.com/john_c_velasco Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (475)
Yat Ali (3 days ago)
Watching with my 2year old note 5. Not a note 8 fan.. too big.. I will just skip it and move to a tablet. But note FE sounds promissing.
JeansZ (4 days ago)
Note FE in Thailand (SM-N935F-DS) has Samsung logo at the front like the Note 7.
Dion Mu (5 days ago)
The corner screen at the note fe is kinda round.. is it round or the angle that makes it look round?
Sheila Marie Hayag (9 days ago)
just got the note FE great phone. I love it.
Kris Peñas (2 days ago)
Sheila Marie Hayag hows the performance of the phone so far? Im planning to buy it next month
Steven Corbo (15 days ago)
Note 7 didn't have battery issues it still would be my favorite phone too
Steven Corbo (15 days ago)
Still like the fan addition better
Abdulrahman Nasralla (18 days ago)
Does the FE have bixby voice? If it does how do we activate it?
Nathaniel Khan (21 days ago)
Can we have the ir blaster back please....miss using the fone as remote!!!...🤔🤔🤔
Jun Avila (24 days ago)
sir lanh camera comparison of note 7 FE and mate 10 pro pls
MrMrpang (28 days ago)
note is too tall for me.
Turbo1dr (29 days ago)
Still have my original Note 7. It's working fine.
Isaac Adam (1 month ago)
Which phone would you guys recommend me? Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, or Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition, or even Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus? I didn't add the mid-ranger Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus because of that goddamn price, far too expensive for a mid-ranger. If the A8 is as pricey as the S8, then the A8 Plus would be even more pricey.
Adrian Joseph (1 month ago)
For music lover dun buy note fe... the sound quality sucks... non clarity sound output via aux and Bluetooth... note 5 has better sound quality... i had compare with Spotify with same song... regrating bought this phone... even J7 pro has good quality sound... Fan edition no no its fucked edition by Samsung
Adrian Joseph (23 days ago)
Deus Dei Superbia talking abt the headphone jack sound... for normal linstening u wont feel the different but the sound quality is not good as my previous note 5 or j7pro... im still considering to swap to note 5 or other phone... plus the camera is far better at note 5...
Deus Dei Superbia (27 days ago)
Adrian Joseph my note FE have great and loud sound
Eavenhascht Krauger (1 month ago)
I still prefer fingerprint sensor upfront
DNZ DMRL (1 month ago)
Either my hands are huge, or you guys have small hands. I can reach the finger scan just fine...
John Paul Cabagnot (1 month ago)
After that indecent of the note 7. I think note phones should have less price to bring back the old customers and more potential customers. Just to think of it Note 8 and FE are expensive + trauma about what happened on note 7. But the FE's price is ok with me, but not convincing. Especially you're a student on a budget.
I am in love of note fe😘
"jifs or gifs" You just triggered both sides
Saberul Islam (1 month ago)
Is it available in Qatar?
Warren Park (1 month ago)
I have mine right now!
Dny Choong (1 month ago)
The should make a note 8 with only 1 rear camera... Utterly pointless feature that jacked up the price
Leenah Ashraf (1 month ago)
Does the fan edition contain multi windows option?
Deus Dei Superbia (27 days ago)
Leenah Ashraf yes
Sami Noor (1 month ago)
Note fan edition one of the best smart phone in 2017. I like this device. Superior camera. Great battery. And it is better than galaxy s8. So snappy
mikakami93 (2 months ago)
Why FE didnt have its logo in front ? Weird
Deus Dei Superbia (27 days ago)
mikakami93 only korean variant doesnt have a front logo
Giany Morandy (2 months ago)
The note 8 looks really bad
IcyTv (2 months ago)
Watching this on my s5😢😂
eric burgos (2 months ago)
BOTH ARE GOOD but the note 8 its better by far
William Brown (2 months ago)
Note 8 and FE are both great. just depends on your preferences.
Awais Yaseen (2 months ago)
Note fe is better
AMSHS Personal (2 months ago)
I am note5 user And I got the not8 now The phone is amazing but i realy miss the fingerprint sensor in the front and it feels too tall against my face & hand I hope the next note to be a little bit shorter, the fingerprint sensor under the display, active dual SIM + micro sd card, longer battery life, dual stereo speakers and change the position of the s-pen to be pulled up instead of pulled down.
Holly Parry (2 months ago)
Does the note 7 fe work with Verizon? If so how do I get my hands on it?
fandy lauw (2 months ago)
I think the big difference between those phone is the layout (the icons are different), galaxy note 8 using the newest samsung's icon design
B Channel (3 months ago)
Finally! A note 8 review of a lefty! I was happy seeing you write using the s-pen. 😊
Captain Ng (3 months ago)
Is note fe camera better than j7+?
Choongie's Studio ONE (1 month ago)
William Brown (2 months ago)
haha YES
erez am (3 months ago)
if u worry for the battery life get this >https://goo.gl/NQzKwC
Lucky Heryanto (3 months ago)
Well done review
Bob Lee (4 months ago)
Should I get the Fe?
CamaroWarrior (4 months ago)
I just got the note 8 and i hate it.... i still have my note 7 too and the note 7 full brightness is brighter and more colorful than the note 8 on hdr 720p/1080p/1440p videos when playing the same video... note 7 wins each time!!
Lenford Morris (4 months ago)
Got the note 8 today!
LIBRIAN Sana (4 months ago)
Unfortunately the note FE didnt got much coverage by some tech reviewers on youtube ...n it is extremely difficult to get to know about its availability in your country ....no website has clear information regarding when n where n which next countries the samsung Note FE will be available.... this is bad ... note 8 is a bit big which is also beautiful but i am lil bit in doubt about the look it gives from the back side 👀 fingerprint scanner is always comfortable on front ..hope they would fix this in next coming note aur Next S series
Mike Bird (4 months ago)
Absolutely love my Note 8, such an awesome device.
Kyce Dawwas (5 months ago)
Samsung did more than enough with the Note 8... That display alone makes it a perfected piece of hardware.
Naomi Alex (5 months ago)
Note FE won't be getting Bixby Vision or Voice, which I actually want (see Sakitech's channel to see a PROPER review amd demonstration of what Bixby can do and HOW to use it WITH Google Assistant​ not INATEAD of it, that's not what Bixby was designed for fyi), and I'm interested in the dual cameras and the larger screen size... Even though I was waiting for the FE, the lack of international release (or even news of such), coupled with the limited Bixby features made it a no-go for me. I don't care about the fingerprint scanner placement because it's perfectly​ reachable, y'all just drama queens. And it looks wrong without the Samsung​ logo on the front and I'm probably​ the only person to say so..
Naomi Alex (5 months ago)
Just held the Note 8 in-store and I don't have the biggest hands btw. Maybe it's because I've had Note phones since the Note 2 (and can thus handle the size more intuitively without fuss) but let me just say... y'all exaggerating over the fingerprint scanner placement! It's perfectly reachable :D I was getting to it without "mistaking" it for the camera as everyone seems to complain about smh. You YouTubers need to work on your coordination man.....So much drama over nothing... No wonder Samsung won't move it (apart from the fact there's no gaddamn space to do so). PS Several comparisons now show the Note8 battery lasting as long ,if not longer, than the S8 Plus. So there :D
Edward Marshall (5 months ago)
Pals Omg withdraw I please thiw work loud
Paul Reid (5 months ago)
The Note 8 is a nice maturity from the note7 or fan edition, the added features of the note8 Is moddest but solid
Jose Francisco Serrano (5 months ago)
I like much more the Note 7. To me was the perfect telephone. The Note 8 size is way too big and it does not look as nice as the bezel of the note 7. The fingerprint recognition on the back is a screw up in my opinion
Joanne Williams (5 months ago)
Orders my note 8 in maple gold so happy.
Adithya Bhat (5 months ago)
Both of them are awesome p phones 😍
Avi k (5 months ago)
bro u have many phones send me one na please 😅
Brownie8986 (5 months ago)
Why isnt there anyone selling the gold note8 stateside?? 😢 all I had to sacrifice for black or grey preorder only??
Darkkan13 (5 months ago)
People complain about the battery but the note 4 that I have is 3220 so if I can deal with that it should be fine for me.
Andy Vu (5 months ago)
thank you very much !!!!! you guys are the only one that did the comparison and im happy
Papyrus Senpai (5 months ago)
I want to get both to be honest. I am currently using an iPhone 6s Plus as my daily driver however I would love to use one of these as a secondary device. I like the s8 plus too.
nero vanguard (5 months ago)
where can I get the Note FE? I'm in Manila
Winz Naive (3 months ago)
nero vanguard hongkong and dubai :)
FRANK ROBY (5 months ago)
I can see people recharging the note 8 quite a bit.
Douglasville Darling (5 months ago)
I guess that is why they are giving us a free wireless charger hshs
Jose Ramirez (5 months ago)
Yayock Andrew (5 months ago)
wat eva I prefer da note 8 n if da will hv a note 8 plus den datz my choice... HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHE..
Carlos Roman (5 months ago)
1:33 Lmao the phone asked an asian man to open his eyes wide!
JoshuaNY93BX (5 months ago)
Note 7 looks better design wise the note 8 looks horrid, keep it one colour from front to back, and can the make the camera smaller, if Apple can do it so can samsung, this is sad becuase I still have my note 7, it's my daily driver and I was hoping to get a note 8 that could replace it, I guess I'll be forced to use it and hope for better out if the note 9. Please bring back 16x9 aspect ratio, corral blue with Rose gold on sides, and keep the front colour the same as back. Go back to note 7 design with infinity display, and take out Bixby button
Mustafa Mamuwala (5 months ago)
Bdw the FE won't be the last SAMSUNG Note device having front facing fingerprint sensor... Hopefully.😍😍😍
felix chukwuemeka (5 months ago)
i definitely prefer the fan edition to d note 8
Windroid (5 months ago)
Note 8 Disappointed.....
Michael Sukiman (5 months ago)
Is it me or the Note 8 has a NOTICEABLE side bezzel.. compare to S7edge or Note FE (Note7)
MrDigit420 (5 months ago)
Jifs or gifs -_-
Naz Kahn (5 months ago)
So many model comes out, Its really hard to keep up with it
Firepower_417 (5 months ago)
Note 8 definitely needed a bigger battery. 3500 mAh or up to 4000mAh. That's the single huge mistake samsung made this time. Waiting for the Note 9 :/
Benedikt Wagner (5 months ago)
They could have done way more :D I actually think, after they realized that they have a massive Note Fan groupe all over the world after the Note7 disaster... it looks like this is one of many reasons for the heavy pricing, what do you think? I'm fine with my blue S7 edge 64GB and consider a Note FE in 2018 and no Note8 or Note9 due to its size...
Joel Moreno (5 months ago)
If I have to choose between these two... I'd choose the Note FE.
STEFFIN MATHEW (5 months ago)
i don't like note 8 design..😣
Marsha HT (5 months ago)
If this come back to US. I definitely am trading or sell my S8 back for the Note 7! Still my best phone!❤❤❤
Brian Hochhalter (5 months ago)
If the FE ever becomes available in the U.S. I'll buy it hands down over the 8. The Note 8 is too tall, too expensive, and too little improvements to justify the mega high price.
Doğan Kürşat Aktaş (5 months ago)
Let's be real here. Note 8 wins the design award but FE just won the "which deal sounds better" contest. The 8th generation beauty costs one thousand dollars. Yuck. IDK FE's price but it Note FE has: +No Bixby button. Sorry Samsung, Google just saw your cheeky move and blocked it with G Assistant. And that assistant beats even the Siri herself. People just won't give a chance to your newborn software. (But if it keeps improving, this one may become a con in the future, who knows) +Fingerprint scanner on front. If you can't place it under the display, just place it there. +IR Blaster. Most underrated feature on smartphones imo. +Way better price tag. Dude, why the hell would you charge $1000 for a smartphone? Many people would go invest it in some better stuff. I *know* Note 8 is more beautiful, it has more specs, bells and whistles but if I would buy a Samsung phone today, it would be a Note FE. It seems like a generation behind considering the design, but it's the device all of us were dying for last year. It's still a good deal.
Great phone and has many things I like... And may buy it but nevertheless it has some disappointments Small battery + no stereo speakers + the location of the fingerprint scanner + Bixby Please Samsung improve you game
alexdiezg (5 months ago)
Henning Gu (5 months ago)
I like how the Note 8 looks.
Jason Lopez (5 months ago)
Love the video!!
Yu Hyun Lee (5 months ago)
FE is much much much better!!!!(excepting camera)
rykim514 (5 months ago)
They chose such ugly colors for the Note 8. The blue isn't deep enough and the black camera doesn't match well with the orchid gray and gold. The black is the only color that makes everything look good.
L A D Y B U G G A N O (5 months ago)
rykim514 i agree
Boundless Atilier (5 months ago)
No hate but fe has an amazing front facing fingerprint scanner! Note series was made for productivity! Not to have tweaks and infinity displays low battery and customization for teen guys! It's made for professional people! If u can notice the Fe it has a really wide screen!! 3200 mAh can stand a lot as its doesn't have high heavy battery draining specs and other things! If you are a real proffesional u can get the note fe
pannan80 (5 months ago)
Screw Samsung for not selling the FE in Sweden! 😫
Jessica Meyer (5 months ago)
You should stop switching the phones between hands.. always keep one model in on and the other in the other hand. It can be confusing! But good review otherwise.
StaySic4Ever (5 months ago)
I guess Samsung won't have any phone with regular none edge screen and aspect ratio any more...
Ass Ketchup (5 months ago)
I don't understand why people are whining about the fingerprint scanner. When there's iris and face scanner???
thormunz (5 months ago)
I'm just here waiting hoping that the note 7 goes down in price after note 8 release my European s7 is going hard here in the U.S.!!!
Joseph Yi (5 months ago)
I actually want the Fan Edition in the states....
Corey Scrivens (5 months ago)
I feel Samsung upgrade was nice 4gigs to 6 gigs of Ram. Better build Quality more pixels dule lens camera ,one terabyte SD card support sounds like a good upgrade to me not to mention fast wireless charging, and fast charging
Nitin Sanggam (5 months ago)
your finger must be a tower to reach the fingerprint scanner....
Pelle Nunan (5 months ago)
note 8 has a pen = smaller battery... and power consumption is different cuz it has a 10 nm processor that most phones dont have.. it means 40% less consumption compared to most smartphones out now including the iphone 7 and 7 plus.. it has the pen which is nice for drawing and writing that most people dont do as much anymore.. lets bring that back... it can handle gigabit network speeds (future proof for 5g, I think).. everything is top of the line..
rfroland100 (3 months ago)
Galaxy note 7 flossy Carter
NELSON ABRAHAM (5 months ago)
Now only apple will be my next phone... nothing else
girlsdrinkfeck (5 months ago)
note 8 looks more baddarse regardless ,
안수민 (5 months ago)
can you pls do a battery test on the note 8
Watching this from my note 3! For some reason s8 & note 7 look better than note 8. I like the dual camera and 6gb ram tho 😍😍.
Divyesh Bhavani (5 months ago)
I am using galaxy note 3 and still happy with it 😊
Raj Gurtata (13 days ago)
I have a Note 3, best phone ever made In my humble opinion
daday belg (18 days ago)
Me too love my note 3 pink now my phone is 5 years still looking good
Lil Ladiboi From Bangkok (5 months ago)
Swapnil Sonawane note 7 isn't bad
Bladers97 (5 months ago)
Swapnil Sonawane Still running the Note 4😊 Replace the battery once a year-year and a half and the phone is still solid... My camera stopped working after a bath tho😔 which is why Im looking for a replacement
Swapnil Sonawane (5 months ago)
Last true noteworthy Note was Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It had everything sans IP rating. Removable battery, MicroSD slot, IR Blaster.
Chadathin (5 months ago)
It doesn't have the same s-pen. It has more points of pressure sensitivity, and a sharper end.
Roger Sim (5 months ago)
My galaxy c9 pro has a 6.9mm thin body and Sammy still managed to squeeze in a 4000mAH battery inside
Marcus Graham (2 months ago)
Roger Sim how do you feel about the cameras
Alexandre Paul (5 months ago)
Research past feeling state repeat cold gesture feed fun
Vivek Sreedharan (5 months ago)
What Next Note 9 7 inch screen. Better to carry a tablet.
EWave (5 months ago)
That's a fire addition fuego
Walid TheWhite .Fang. (5 months ago)
I don't care the phone is just a phone note 1, 3 and note 8 is same

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