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Unboxing The $3000 Bluetooth Speaker

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Devialet Gold Phantom (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2nEMmag Devialet Gold Phantom (International) - http://geni.us/R0sMGd0 The Devialet Gold Phantom might be the most expensive wireless bluetooth speaker on the planet. Will the sound live up to the price tag? Is the Devialet the best bluetooth speaker available? FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak

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Unbox Therapy (1 year ago)
Devialet Gold Phantom (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2nEMmag Devialet Gold Phantom (International) - http://geni.us/R0sMGd0 be careful
Septic Eclipse (14 days ago)
What music was playing in this video.
Robin Lindén (28 days ago)
This speaker is so damn good that you can not explain. You know the base in the body it goes from 95 to 101 db. I have the white PHANTOM. will buy the silver one
Slávek (1 month ago)
Hi ,Ilove your vids but I miss titles what music you use .Please make title of music you use
Anti Matter Dynamite (5 hours ago)
man that bass is vibrating so much
Michael Hansen (5 hours ago)
"Made in France - You don't see that very often" - certainly depends on where you live, I live in Europe fx. and around here it's not that uncommon to see that something is "made in france".
Mt Bikes707 (11 hours ago)
I saw a whole store selling just these in NYC grand central station. There are some amazing color ways
pedro lopez (14 hours ago)
why do you put on the same clothes every video
Oliver Kovács (1 day ago)
Need to play xxxtentacion-look at me on that
HunterXray (1 day ago)
If you get your crotch really close, you'll cum.
Benjy Cahalane (1 day ago)
What was the name of that first song
David Petter (2 days ago)
Ooh sweet jesus
RANDOM RICH (2 days ago)
I bought two already for the movie room in my house and the have GREAT AUDIO
jsjdjs jsjdsjd (3 days ago)
songs names?
Toh Han Shen (3 days ago)
Who else initially thought the box was a screen
Cherciu Rares (3 days ago)
OK , good fucking speaker , best sound , BUT IMAGINE IT 10X SIZE
kartik sharma (3 days ago)
Which song u just play.. ^o^^o^
Sh*tty Bros (4 days ago)
hahah i liked it but my phone dindt like it my phone speaker blew up XD
Imperiom (4 days ago)
Savaged (4 days ago)
The packaging is awful.
Desired (4 days ago)
Songs ?
Yo Mom (4 days ago)
He bought this device and didn’t even know the price.. you know he’s got money.
bodi (4 days ago)
What Soundcloud playlist is that?
sisir voruvuru (4 days ago)
The music you play sucks
Reinaldo Quiros (5 days ago)
Hey there, man could you please share the name of the songs you played on this video? Thanks!
ZIRKKA (5 days ago)
my rent is barly 1800
eperate bro (5 days ago)
Sweet Mother of GOOOODDDDD!! 🤟🏽😮🔊
LightningXG (5 days ago)
You should've played the instrumental for Tay K-The Race
John Pope (5 days ago)
I'm listening to this on my 90$ bluetooth speaker/ lamp/wireless charger
NoName (5 days ago)
Ok that sounds through my Sony Over Ears very impressive, but I would never buy that for 3000$. Bose, Harman-Kardon or Sony are good enough and not that expensive. Nevertheless that speaker sounds very well.
Toki (5 days ago)
Eyyy i saw that today in real life
friends and personal (5 days ago)
John Roth (5 days ago)
Very interesting. Did you play any classical music on it?
madarla Praveen (5 days ago)
Nyc reactions 😂
Hendrik Hekstra (5 days ago)
Overhyped shit, for that money you can buy a whole home cinema speakerset
The Collector (5 days ago)
So its like a car subwoofer. Overdone rediculus and a hazard on the road nice
Moises Gomez (5 days ago)
Can I have the name of these great tunes and it's worth getting these speakers honestly non stop house party
Frankie Cuellar (5 days ago)
Thats not small!?
GREAT TIME (6 days ago)
these are my job right here
Logan Weaver (6 days ago)
Can I have it. Straight up.
This thing costs 1000$ for the delivery
Deep Collections (6 days ago)
pappachook (6 days ago)
Most expensive mono speaker ever?
Jeff Criss (6 days ago)
Plays XXXtentacion once, entire speaker falls apart
ShadowBro Gaming (6 days ago)
i mean its 3k$ so....
Dipansu kar (6 days ago)
Nice bluetooth speaker 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Zero X (6 days ago)
I've seen that at the Apple store.
Ross Allen (7 days ago)
I really liked the music! Could you share the titles/artists?
Gerald McMullon (7 days ago)
I found on Facebook market place a Gold Phantom for $2170 (£1600) so grabbed the chance. Awesome output from a tiny box. Matches my B&W PV1 and Meridian M60C. I had seen a number of reviews but it was this video that tipped the scales. It does not disappoint.
Big Worm (7 days ago)
I don’t think people in the comments understand this wasn’t made for poor people...
Rocky Free (7 days ago)
I need to know those song names !!!
Gyaso Gyadi (7 days ago)
Priceless expression!
F1RM_H4ND5H4K3 (7 days ago)
servo subs are the future of base
Play some hardcore on this box :D
Lilian Lacharmante (7 days ago)
What's that fucking music 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Helios (7 days ago)
This speaker look awesome ... I think they will sell only a few units of it but it's a very original idea . 4500 rms ? Look too much for me ... I see the also the other specs don't look like a audiophile device but more something for entertainment that it's ok too . The reaction it's very funny XD
Simon Aarekol (8 days ago)
Idk if it’s the mic clipping, or if it’s the actual speaker causing the clipping, but from the sound of it, was it really worth 3000? You could buy a car for that money. Sure, it’s made in france instead of china, and for what? To have french air inside of it? China has a lot of bad rep because of the brandless products on ebay. Tell you what, the super expensive sound system you’re watching this video on is most likely made in china
Simon Aarekol (8 days ago)
Btw it costs $3000 because it’s made in france. That’s why i brought china up in the convo. If it was made in china, it would probably sell at $1000 instead, because of the cheaper employnment
junior ochoa (8 days ago)
This blows beats out the water for presentation !
Shadow Plague (8 days ago)
I thought that was a giant switch from an iphone
Bibin Benny (8 days ago)
Anyone knows the playlist he played??
BIM Tools (8 days ago)
you never heard real 3000$ high end hifi speaker.....
AlterRektMLG (8 days ago)
second time
SlayerFate (8 days ago)
What are the songs he's playing from the speaker?
Andrew Geli (9 days ago)
Wow I want one defo
For 300 I like the exos 9 bluetooth isnt worth no more
Le Skater (9 days ago)
I tried it and it sounds really good but it's definitely not worth the price
Lone Wolf (10 days ago)
lol... dvla is the uk version of the dmv
eming 0 (10 days ago)
wireless speaker with wire
Stewart Knight (10 days ago)
you could buy a car for that price
Cameron Brown (10 days ago)
How does the sound compare with Diamond Boxx?
Tyler Withers (10 days ago)
Do you have any idea the set up I could have for 3 grand.
Killersentra (11 days ago)
Bass sound distorted.
Das Auto (9 days ago)
Killersentra yes, that what I think too.
Stian SF (12 days ago)
I want this speaker so bad, i might just sell my car and take a bike to work...
Silence Suzuka (12 days ago)
Name of the 1st song?
Hector Castillo (13 days ago)
I love his reaction
kordelic (13 days ago)
Had to turn my headphones 🎧 down!!!! Geez
Al Webbraham (13 days ago)
Any reason they made it as ugly and tacky looking as humanly possible
Erind M (14 days ago)
Whats the name of the first song you played dude??
naved ghanchi (12 days ago)
samurai's death
Kaustubh (14 days ago)
He has good choice of music. Subscribe.
low key (15 days ago)
It cost $8000 in Canada
livardo (15 days ago)
8 thousand dollars from some shitty importer in Canada through an Amazon store.
Apple Pie (15 days ago)
Looks like their is a aline traped inside
Nicolas Alexandrini (16 days ago)
I wish I was there :/
Denis Vilcov (16 days ago)
Oh My Godness.
sincere carter (16 days ago)
that shitz iz HarD!!
edgar d (16 days ago)
Hi! I'm almost about to buy a speaker, so I have a questión for you NYNE BASS or BIG BLUE ESTUDIO-B. I'm worried only about the sound quality, because it will be set in the living room. Thanks!
Ameenk Chanel (17 days ago)
300 buck is good price for it
Bart Blom (17 days ago)
Whats that song he used to test it called?
Please put down the names of the songs you played on the video
TheBeardedGaymer (19 days ago)
OMG is that a CZARFACE track?
TheBeardedGaymer (19 days ago)
oh its DOOM but close enough
steven joseph (19 days ago)
I'd rather get a diamondboxx xl for less and louder sound
praveen kumar (19 days ago)
Lew's reactions when he starts playing... Total kiddo, mad he is! :D
praveen kumar (19 days ago)
His reaction to when those side things thumped.... :D :D :D
Alister Mclean (19 days ago)
Koringer Korstep would be epic played on this!!
DrAchi Eved (19 days ago)
I need to know his spotify playlists
Karthik vel (20 days ago)
I watched this video more than I can remember fav video I use this audio to test the bass of my home made custom earphones
Kailus s (20 days ago)
Music ?
SENPAI MARKEU (20 days ago)
the bass can reach my headphones holy shit that's sick
Creeper craft gaming (20 days ago)
This speaker is mine basing.
Wi vieuw (21 days ago)
eric RaviC fernando (21 days ago)
May I know the track's names u played there?
Happy Gorilla (22 days ago)
Some cool tunes you got there but what are they?
W2H (22 days ago)
Seeing this video very late, but does anyone know any of these songs?

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