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Joe Pesci (9 hours ago)
I bought the huwei mate 10 lite a few weeks ago and Im very happy with it , good price great preformance.
Faik Nowalich (14 hours ago)
oh man you are talking so fast! i can not understand you
Alexandre watchn (2 days ago)
Mate 10 lite or Samsung C9 Pro ?
bensaid sara (4 days ago)
Nice video :D
bensaid sara (2 days ago)
of course
Geek My Day (4 days ago)
Thank you please subscribe
Nikola Golic (7 days ago)
my mom said i wil get huawei mate 10 litw if i get all straight a's. fml
Geek My Day (7 days ago)
Well you better start working on them straight As then
Megit Tech (7 days ago)
what game was he playing????
Hasan Reza (9 days ago)
Thank U very much for this Review. I am a new user of Mate 10 lite. As i know that you used Nova launcher in this phone in you review. I'm also install it but didn't get like yours. Would you help me how can i get this ? I'm using Nova launcher 5.5.3.
Hasan Reza (9 days ago)
Geek My Day Thanks. I'm waiting for your nova launcher review.
Geek My Day (9 days ago)
+Hasan Reza thank you so much for watching please subscribe that would really help us. Nova launcher is a bit complicated I will make a video tutorial about how to set like mine thank you
Raja Usman (10 days ago)
Xeetechcare is gonna get competition ✌️ good vid
Geek My Day (9 days ago)
+Raja Usman hahah, he's awesome, please subscribe thank you
Amro Elmalah (10 days ago)
The mate 10 lite is an awesome phone the only thing I just hate about the phone design is the camera hump on the back other than that it's a great phone
Geek My Day (9 days ago)
+Amro Elmalah thank you please subscribe!
Luca Jarosch (10 days ago)
Geek my day relly
Agent Rupz (10 days ago)
The actual frame per second and graphic performace of games should be considered not speed of opening.
Dedy Valentinus (11 days ago)
Which one better between mate 10 lite and moto g5s plus? I want to buy a new phone, but I can't decide
james mamolo (12 days ago)
What ui is he using?
Zaryab Noor (12 days ago)
Which one do u guys think i should buy s7 edge or mate lite?
Geek My Day (12 days ago)
+Geek My Day thanks for watching and please subscribe!
Geek My Day (12 days ago)
+Zaryab Noor s7 edge, better camera and performance
Lasse Due Andersen (12 days ago)
2:25 The Pope is on the left side picture but who's the road kill on the right? Jesus Christ? Nice video though, but your editing skills could use some improvements.
chiggedycheckyoself (14 days ago)
I only understood about 20% of what he said. Was that English mixed with something else?
Nikolas Baboulin (17 days ago)
I just bought a new mate 10 lite it is amazing. Could you maybe do a hidden features video? Greetings crom germany=)
Kevin Tropp (17 days ago)
Dude mate 10 lite cost 260€
Your Senpai (19 days ago)
Mi a1 mate10 lite for long run use?
Your Senpai (19 days ago)
Geek My Day I was asking about long run use and it's performance. Which phone might start laging and show battery problem after a while?
Geek My Day (19 days ago)
+Your Senpai mi a1 if you want stock android and USB type c, mate 10 if you want bezel less screen
minisprinter (21 days ago)
I have the s8+ an my little brother has huawei mate 10 lite I used the both phones and there is not a big diffrence Yes the s8 is better but i give props to mate 10 lite
Geek My Day (20 days ago)
+minisprinter that'd awesome, thankyou please subscribe!
Michael Henriksen (23 days ago)
I cant understand a word are saying. You are a youtuber, you need to be able to talk so people can understand you.
Mohd Haziq (27 days ago)
Vivo V7+ or Huawei Mate 10 lite is better ? I would like to know your suggestion.
Mohd Haziq (27 days ago)
Geek My Day Thanks
Geek My Day (27 days ago)
+Mohd Haziq mate 10 lite, you can v7 plus videos on my channel but mate 10 lite is better.. Thank you and please subscribe
Spirit ZP (1 month ago)
Hello man, any chance you tried Lineage 2 Revolution on Mate 10 Lite, I have ordered a phone, but im thinking whether i should unbox it or just sell it. I do have iphone7 but i love apple so much i dont want to destroy battery with gaming. I only want to use it for Lineage 2 Revolution.
Spirit ZP (1 month ago)
is there any way for you to test it ? I mean its the greatest MMO currently available on store. People would love the review i believe. Its a huge grind fest game and people are looking for cheap phones to run it .
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Spirit ZP no man sorry bro, the battery life is awesome you don't have to worry about that
Przychlast TV (1 month ago)
I think mate 10 lite is better to buy of Course Samsung is better but more than twice times more expensive
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Przychlast TV yeah please subscribe
Moeez Ahmad (1 month ago)
worth upgrade from s6?
Moeez Ahmad (1 month ago)
Subscribed and thanks!😀
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Moeez Ahmad please subscribe!
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Moeez Ahmad yeah sure
TaMoor Alvi (1 month ago)
Gooood job bro love the video Can you tell which launcher are you using???
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+TaMoor Alvi thank you please subscribe ^^ it's nova launcher with Huk zooper widget and quantum dot icons
Fourat Sakka (1 month ago)
I'm going to buy this one, but I'm still having second thoughts between the J7 Pro 2017 and the Mate 10 lite. Which one to buy? Any advice?
Fourat Sakka (17 days ago)
Geek My Day thanks!!
zero true (17 days ago)
Fourat Sakka...... I also decided....to buy .. Huawei mate 10 Pro... Even better
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Fourat Sakka I used J7 pro as well it was great, but it looks very traditional if you wanna "wow" your friends go with mate 10
carlos jaan (1 month ago)
love u plzz my range is 30 thousand plzz tell me.which phone is best now 2018
Clorox Bleach (8 days ago)
Mate 10 lite
Usaid Ali (8 days ago)
Mte 10 lite
nikkkuuu 29 (22 days ago)
S7 edge
Mads Skipper (23 days ago)
carlos jaan 30.000 peanuts?
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+carlos jaan mate 10 lite is 30K
Jared Borja (1 month ago)
Whats the skin being used here?
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Jared Borja nova launcher with Huk zooper and Quantum dot icon please subscribe
Nouman Amjad (1 month ago)
Really nice review Talha. I was just browsing through some reviews and this showed up. Keep it up brother :)
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Nouman Amjad thankyou bro ^_^
Magnus Danielsen (1 month ago)
Great video! helped me choose the mate 10 lite over more expensive phones thanks :)
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Magnus Danielsen please subscribe
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Magnus Danielsen thanks!
Waseem mitho (1 month ago)
Which icon pack you're using on s8?
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Waseem mitho Quantum Dots
Vulture (1 month ago)
full brightness..LOL
Ahmed Gamal Shalaby (1 month ago)
what is the launcher name that you use ??
Hopvless (1 month ago)
Song at 4:45 and 5:36
Saad Haider (1 month ago)
Wow.. I like the way you promoted mate 10 lite. YOU DUMB FREAKIN' FUCK. You can't just compare any phone with a flagship. Clearly s8 have the edge in everything. SHOVE THESE FUCKED UP REVIEWS IN YOUR ASS.
nalinda pathiraja (1 month ago)
Andriod User (1 month ago)
Bro, Which launcher u r using in mate??
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Andriod User nova launcher
Dayanara Torres (1 month ago)
If you have to choose between iPhone 7 and Huawei Mate 10 lite? What do you choose? Please answer!!
Dayanara Torres (1 month ago)
Thank you!!!
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Dayanara Torres mate 10 lite, I don't like iOS and I don't like not having a headphone jack
Foshan Khesrawi (1 month ago)
6:57 the fuck happened to his finger. How did u do that haha?
Patricio Ezstrella (1 month ago)
I have mate 10lite
Vlad Ko (1 month ago)
use smaller aperture on your camera lens, you have alot of defocus and overexposed places, but overall review is very useful, i like it
Spider Man (1 month ago)
My mate 10 lite has 20 mega pixel and back 16 mega pixel
Ivan Boyanov (1 month ago)
your voice i awful, couldn't understand most of your talk :@
SHIHAN MINA (1 month ago)
Huawei nova 2i s upcoming
Potato (28 days ago)
SHIHAN MINA mate 10 lite is nova 2i.
Nowaha (1 month ago)
How do you get review units? I am really interested in making a tech channel, but I cannot afford to buy everything.
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Nowaha just start with what you have
Haseeb Durrani (1 month ago)
Are you using a launcher on mate 10 lite ? Or is that the original one.
victor gvm (1 month ago)
Mate 10 lite or p10 lite?
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+victor ghita Mate 10 lite
László Albert (1 month ago)
The different is 350 $ :)
Iordanis Iordanidis (1 month ago)
Would love to hear how. Much Huawei is paying you per year!
David Peixoto (1 month ago)
Hey geek please awnser me is mate 10 lite better than honor 9? If it isnt whats the main differences? Thank you and great review :D
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Geek My Day thanks and please subscribe
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+David Prick to honor 9 is a flagship level device with a better processor. Mate 10 lite is a mid range phone with bezel less display.. If you value performance and better camera go with honor 9 if you need a bezel less display and see are not too worried about performance and camera go with 10 lite
petterhny (1 month ago)
I'm slightly worried about that Kirin 659 as I usually depend on LineageOS when official support runs out. I'm also disappointed with the mate not having USB-C, it's nearly 2018 after all.
petterhny (1 month ago)
Michael Kolb it's also more than twice as expensive for me.
Michael Kolb (1 month ago)
petterhny Mate 10 pro has usbc
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+petterhny agreed USB type c should be in every phone that costs more than 150 dollars.. Hmm then I think it's best to wait for honor 7x. If that phone comes with oreo project treble will allow it to run lineageOS. There's already lineage on mate 10 and mate 9 because of treble. Please subscribe
Anas el (1 month ago)
plz nova launcher version or link downloaaad?
force legend (1 month ago)
Nice video
Mohammed Santawy (1 month ago)
comparing SD 835 to kirin 659 cameras of flagship to mate 10 lite!!! Mali t-852 to adreno !! and ips to super amoled facial recognition with nothing Loool is bullshit failure comparasion to get more view
Svet the Saiyan (2 months ago)
You can't go wrong with HOME.
Svet the Saiyan (3 days ago)
Geek My Day Most of the music in your video is by HOME. He makes great synthwave. 👌🏻
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Svet the Saiyan sorry?
refresher22 (2 months ago)
Awesome review.. quick and detailed.. loved it!! THUMBS UP AND SUSBCRIBED .. 😍
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+refresher22 thankyou very much ^^
Gaming Orange (2 months ago)
Is the mate 10 lite better than the honor 8?
Gaming Orange (1 month ago)
Geek My Day thank you, subscribed :)
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Geek My Day please subscribe thankyou
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Gaming Orange Honor 8 has better performance and IR blaster, mate 10 lite has better looks
stavroula galani (2 months ago)
i dont even understant what is he saying
Don't buy this phone i m using from one week restart automatically two time and hanged many times wastage of money
shafeed p.y (1 month ago)
sarbjeet singh sabikundlas its an electronic thing dint complain the phone go for warrenty... even iphone 8 plus camera got complaint for my friend so dont worry go for a warrenty
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+sarbjeet singh sabikundlas Sounds like it's a defected model, claim the warranty
Casper Lind Hansen 9A-KV (2 months ago)
What's that skin. I whant it. How do I get it? Is it a mod? Pleace
Geek My Day thank you so mutch. And have a Nice Day
Geek My Day (1 month ago)
+Casper Lind Hansen 9A-KV no mod, nova launcher with quantum dot icon pack, huk zooper widget. Thankyou please subscribe
Amjad khan (2 months ago)
Which launcher was being used on mate 10 lite?
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
+Amjad khan Nova Launcher, Quantum Dot icon pack with Hux widget, thanks for watching and please subscribe
Nathalie Joy (2 months ago)
Bhatti Jutt (2 months ago)
Which soft ware in mate 10 lite
MfK (2 months ago)
good review. thx
ZK Tech (2 months ago)
my galaxy note 5s display went purple last night and its completely dead now.should i consider the mate 10 lite as replacement as i am on a budget
Omnia Production (25 days ago)
yes i bought it, i defintely advise you to buy it you'll like soo much, but the only bad thing is that it can't take 360 degrees pictures in google street app, but i don't know if you can download an app to do this, but everything else is great.
sobia Mughal (25 days ago)
ZK Tech did you buy it?? Hiw was your experience as im going to buy it today
Omnia Production (1 month ago)
For me yeah sure and that's exactly what i made, the mate 10 light is far so good as the note 5.
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
you're welcome, please subscribe
ZK Tech (2 months ago)
thanks for replying
hira akram (2 months ago)
How to change me theme on Hawaii mate 10 lite other not default theme
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
it's stock theme just using nova launcher
SandvichPlays (2 months ago)
Compare the Mate 10 lite with the S8 lol. Why S8 Plus?
Noelle Irina (2 months ago)
SandvichPlays Because of the similar size. S8 is the same phone anyway.
Jasper Koekoek (2 months ago)
Nice theme on the Huawei, where do you get IT?
ironfist941 (2 months ago)
I wanted to buy this.But i want to wait if some better midrange phone is released early in 2018 any advice?
ironfist941 (2 months ago)
Geek My Day Ok man then i will.Thanku once again.
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Thankyou, I really appreciate it ^_^ yeah I understand, I think if you can wait , wait for A7 2018, there's no competition between Samsung and other manufactures in displays.
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Honor 9 is out so it's already outdated, it looks very out dated as well but if that's not your concern go for it. It was one of my favorite phones last year.
ironfist941 (2 months ago)
Geek My Day I hope ur channel gets more recognition.Have watched alot of ur videos recently since i have decided to get a new phone.I use a device for atleast 4 to 5 yrs so i want to spend on a phone that would last me that long with minimal issues.
ironfist941 (2 months ago)
Geek My Day Thanks man.I was also considering the honour 8 due to its better chipset and gpu and also the camera 20+16 i think.Its going to be cheaper now and will also recieve the oreo update so what about that.Cuz it will most likely be 45k after the january releases.
Monica Preethi (2 months ago)
Why the hate? He did a great job at describing both the phones. It was honest and very useful. Yes, his pronunciation wasn't on point... but you're here for a review not an English class. People need to chill man ! @Geek My Day Your review was great. However, adding subtitles in your videos could help people understand a little better. Now everyone go and have a nice day. Peace <3
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Thank you , you're awesome!
Aditya Music (2 months ago)
Huawei mate 10 lite is a fantastic phone I can tell anyone to buy
andrioda (20 days ago)
Aditya Music gandu q sab ka chutiya kaat rha sale na to usmen 4k video chalti hy or na hi gyroscope hy 2018 mein sale doob ke mar ja
cheeku yolo (2 months ago)
Your awsome
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
+cheeku yolo thankyou, please subscribe!
dasdas (2 months ago)
dasdas (2 months ago)
Hassan Khan (2 months ago)
Btw mate 10 lite itna koi ghatiya phone h yar mana kro sb ko ap itni taref q lr rhe ho paid video hai kya yar khud socho 2017 m ye log ab b sirf ips lcd de rhe hen bhaiyo kachra phone h 2 din use kr k bech dia buht kachra phone hao
Hassan Khan (2 months ago)
Bhai kya kr rhe ho yar s8 ko mate 10 k samne la b q rhe ho dost technical ho ya time pass video s8 ki jitne ki screen hen utne m shyd 2 mate 10 lite ajaen jitne ka prosecer hai utne m 1 mate 10 lite ajae jitne ki handsfree charger wagaira h utne m mate 10 lite ajae bhai koi dhang ki video tu banao kher best of luck bro
refresher22 (2 months ago)
Sahi bongay HO tum.. tsk tsk ...
Michel Rosen (2 months ago)
learn some english retarded kazakstan member
mohammad jawwad (2 months ago)
Bro mi a1 is better than mate 10 lite or not?
Your Senpai (19 days ago)
Geek My Day what about the display resolution and ppi?
mohammad jawwad (2 months ago)
Geek My Day thanks😍😍
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
A1 has usb type c while Mate 10 lite has micro usb, that's about the only advantage in A1. 10 Lite looks so much better, performance is almost the same.
Amjad khan (2 months ago)
icons on lock screen?is it a launcher
Amjad khan (2 months ago)
Geek My Day thanks
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
nova launcher
Harry Baruah (2 months ago)
what is that app you used for the homescreen? It looks dope
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
thankyou, please subscribe
Harry Baruah (2 months ago)
+Geek My Day thanks for telling. It looks great on 18:9 display
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Nova Launcher, thankyou!
DualDZN (2 months ago)
Hey! What do you think a mate 10 lite is better than a galaxy a5 2017?
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
You're welcome, please subscribe! thankyou
DualDZN (2 months ago)
Geek My Day thank you
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
definitely better. A7, A5 2018 would be bezelless and close to mate 10 lite.
Afnan Ali Awan (2 months ago)
You fron Pakistan?
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
thankyou ^_^
Afnan Ali Awan (2 months ago)
Geek My Day already subscribed :)
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Lahore, thankyou please subscribe!
Afnan Ali Awan (2 months ago)
Geek My Day great! Which city? You make quality content bro!
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Sid Umar (2 months ago)
Don't mind me....It was just a joke 🤗
Sid Umar (2 months ago)
Bro aap ko mu se paan nikaal k baat krni chahiye 😋
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Paan is love, paan is life! JK I don't actually eat it. Please subscribe!
Ashen Gamage (2 months ago)
Only thing I love with the s8 is the display wow.
The Wolverine (2 days ago)
Geek My Day Its only their tech, they don't give that tech to others.
Geek My Day Good for them...:)
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
There's nothing that comes close to Samsung's AMOLED displays. LG tried failed miserably.
Amir Rad (2 months ago)
I have been using Mate 10 lite for about a month now. All I can tell you is that this phone is just great. Great camera, snappy processor, great battery life and great build quality. Music is great, screen is bright and colourful, and the overal feeling of the phone is awesome.
AK k (9 days ago)
I have mate 10 lite for about 1 week but its battery is draining fast
Layan Youtube (1 month ago)
Amir Rad same i bought it for about a month now.
MAGIC (1 month ago)
How does the snapchat app operate on it?
However Transylvania (1 month ago)
Amir Rad Is it good for heavy gaming?
yehia wael (1 month ago)
what is its camera aperture size? the f/ ? cuz i saw that its f/2.2 and that's worse than my P9 lite which has f/2.0 front and back camera
-EM- (2 months ago)
Sabeeh Saqib (2 months ago)
Nice video! But why did you remove the one which was linked in your sponsored post?
Sabeeh Saqib (2 months ago)
Geek My Day ohh. Thanks for the reply!
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
yeah but the problem is, most audience on facebook is facebook's audience only a small percentage of that is also youtube's audience. So when you do that you mostly get people who are mostly on facebook and occasionally visit youtube. It can help in increasing the number but not in getting more views. You can also promote on youtube if you pay google. 5 to 6 videos in trending spot are mostly promoted.
Sabeeh Saqib (2 months ago)
Ohh. Though, do you get a strike by YouTube if you boost your YouTube links? Cuz that's a pretty nice way of getting exposure at start
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Thankyou! What happened was, that video got claimed and wasn't running on phones so I had to remove and reupload with different music. I forgot to change the link on fb and once you sponser you can't edit. Very stupid of me hahah. Please like and subscribe thankyou
Muhammad Haseeb (2 months ago)
huawei mate 10 lite me gyro sensor hai
Mudassir Nisar (2 months ago)
which launcher you are using on both phone ??
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Nova Launcher
Simeonov Dimo (2 months ago)
You doing great videos. Like the mate 10 lite you've done. I have Moto X4 too... Have you able to make something for Moto x4 ? Greetings and keep up the good work.
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
thankyou! ok I'll try ^_^ please subscribe to stay updated
Talha Ejaz (2 months ago)
Nice vid man
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
thankyou, I really appreciate it ^_^
Talha Ejaz (2 months ago)
Geek My Day done man keep doing this hardwork and good luck
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
thankyou ^_^ please subscribe
zaman khan (2 months ago)
I have mate 10 pro ..but result is same as mate 10 lite
Clorox Bleach (14 hours ago)
Clorox Bleach dang fam hello
Clorox Bleach (14 hours ago)
Clorox Bleach (8 days ago)
Mahy A. Azim Mate 10 Pro? Has the second best camera in all phones right now it collabed with Leica a professional camera maker and it has amazing quality and plus it recognizes plants humans pictures objects and fixes the color to just the perfect tone to take the best photos
Did you bought Mate 10 Lite? I have to choose between Mate 10 Lite and P10 Plus
Mahy A. Azim (1 month ago)
How is the camera please? I am interested in getting it but I read reviews about the camera being below average and photography is my thing so a sharp camera is something that I look for in a smartphone. Would really appreciate your feedback on it
Owais Shah (2 months ago)
does mate 10 lite protected with gorilla glass or other screen protection if we drop from 3,4 feet couple of times is it looks the same or cause horrible result?
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
It doesn't have grollia glass, but I used it without any protection and didn't get scratches. Would have to do drop test to confirm durability.
Muhammad F Alnasser (2 months ago)
thank u for this video what's name of the launcher u using
cheeku yolo (2 months ago)
Geek My Day thanks you should give the link in all videos in which you use it becuz everyone seems to love it reply if you read this plz
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Nova Launcher with Huk Zooper widget and Quantum Dot icons
Muhammad F Alnasser (2 months ago)
thank u for this video what's name of the launcher u using
Zaynister Abbas (2 months ago)
Make a drop test/bend test/durability test of mate 10 lite cuz there's no video of it on YouTube. It'll be beneficial for u, ya know more views. Btw great content. 🔥
Vlad Ko (1 month ago)
Do you think that guy has 1000+$ to crash these phones? :D
Geek My Day (2 months ago)
Ok, I'll try my best. Unfortunately this was a review unit so I had to return it. But I'll ask if they allow a bend test. Would love to make something like Jerryrig. Thankyou please subcribe ^_^
abdullah nadeem (2 months ago)
Geek My Day (2 months ago)

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