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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Unboxing

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Text Comments (7422)
Makenzie Hill (11 hours ago)
We have the same phone
I have the Samsung Galaxy s8
Brock Morgan (1 day ago)
IM STUCK BETWEEN IPHONE ANDROID I HAVE THE 6S(iPhone) but im thinking hard about the 7 plus
Jaydon Staab (1 day ago)
I have a pixel 2
Jordan Commers (2 days ago)
I’m getting the Galaxy S8 for my birthday so excited
Spider Sarah (2 days ago)
I want to get the Samsung galaxy s8 for my birthday in March
Elle Cannon (2 days ago)
I rely want the iPhone 7 plus so bad but mum will not let me right now I have an oppo A57
McKelvey Greathouse (2 days ago)
I have the 6+
Maria McCarron (2 days ago)
I have the Samsung galaxy s8
Jack brownie (3 days ago)
Current phone is the iPhone 6s but next I’m getting the iPhone 8plus
Ms. Harry Potter (3 days ago)
I have the Samsung S8!
harshith dega (3 days ago)
I want to buy s8 is it beautiful 😍😍😍😘to see and better to play High graphic games!😎😎😎
Aussie in Da house (4 days ago)
What do you do with all the phones you unbox
Adlina Sukri (5 days ago)
Guysss! iPhone X or s8?
Chad Youngblood (5 days ago)
Iphone 7 plus iPhone is # 1
Kamilah #Logangster (5 days ago)
I have the iPhone 7 but I want the iPhone 10
CRICKET BLAST (6 days ago)
Nice video
Carlo Totato (6 days ago)
S7 edge the perfect my phone 👍
Alcial (6 days ago)
When you want something but you can't afford it ☹️
DJ VIOLENT Xlo (7 days ago)
Galaxy s8 definitely
Daniel H (7 days ago)
I have s6 edge +
Nikki Thomas (7 days ago)
I really like the s8 Plus
Emily Baker (7 days ago)
I have the iPhone 8
Elena Ochoa (7 days ago)
I have just the 8 and how do I do crop to fit on YouTube
Julyciah J (7 days ago)
I have a Sony c5 😭😭 I am definitely getting the S8+ this month!!!
Super_451 (8 days ago)
Die ijustine
Faith Wangler (8 days ago)
I have the Google pixel right now
Arunachaleswaran L (8 days ago)
Liz Earhart (9 days ago)
I have the s7 but I want the iPhone 7+
AlsamSisters (9 days ago)
Y am I watching a review of the phone I have?
maddie Belgium (9 days ago)
Who is waching in Samsung Galaxy s8+ Me
maddie Belgium (9 days ago)
Shut up!! Did that actually live residue?? No so shut up
Jada Barends (9 days ago)
I just got the s6
Msjjangful (9 days ago)
i got the iphone 7
John Grayson (9 days ago)
You r so funny! I will subscribe for ya
Muhammad Rouhan (9 days ago)
Did u paint ur nails to go along with the black Samsung?
andrei popovici (9 days ago)
I an my getting a galaxy s8+ for my mom she is going to freak out😇😇😇
Baron Von Chevrolet (10 days ago)
I currently have the galaxy note 4, was gonna get the note 8 but looking at the reviews for the s8+ looks like I'll be getting that instead. And it's cheaper lol :)
Noahjr18 (10 days ago)
iPhone 8
Samsung or apple pick justine
CreativeNadz (10 days ago)
Lannah Kent (10 days ago)
Leisa Lewis (10 days ago)
Samsung s8 + 😍 I want it so bad!!! I love it
Jay Does Gaming (10 days ago)
Apple is disappointed
Haters union (10 days ago)
Android army ,,,,,
Haters union (10 days ago)
Jelly much
Haters union (10 days ago)
Holding a masterpiece in her hand,and shes worried about a removable sticker,,Isheep,,,
Haters union (10 days ago)
This sexxy ass phone,,
I’ve got the iPhone 6 Plus
Ritika Mohapatra (11 days ago)
I have samsung 8 plus now😀😀😀😀
Asad pathan (11 days ago)
I have Samsung galaxy s8 on my wish list
tourque bernaut (12 days ago)
I have a samsung galaxy s8 plus and it is the best phone ever
Amelie Laloganes (12 days ago)
Why are you not unboxing an IPhone?
Magnitems GT (12 days ago)
Boooooooo its not apple
Misheel Bayarsaikhan (12 days ago)
Watching these video on my samsung galaxy s8 😂😂😂😊😊😊
Rabbani Ahmed Ahmed (12 days ago)
Hey make one another video plz i'm so confused between s8 and note8
Rabbani Ahmed Ahmed (12 days ago)
U r looking so beautiful babes and nice video
Bloods JmrN (12 days ago)
That samsung looks like a remote control
The Lucina Channel (13 days ago)
Tessa Wells (13 days ago)
The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is an excellent phone! I got one for Christmas and I thought I wouldn't like it since I had an IPhone, but I really like it. My mom said it's better than iPhone products.
mosa alhosene (13 days ago)
Cool girl
Mor law SorJaw (13 days ago)
iPhone X, Galaxy S8, Pixel 2, Galaxy Note8, iPhone 8, LG V30, Huawei P10, Nokia 8, Zenfone 3, Xiamei Mi Mix 2, OnePlus 5T. What Phone do you prefer??????????????
jaylen's world (14 days ago)
at the moment i have a galaxzy note but i really want the new iphone 8 in the space gray
Anyell Frontal Siomar (14 days ago)
I am looking forward to getting the iphone 8+
Anyell Frontal Siomar (14 days ago)
I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 2017
James Reyes (14 days ago)
So iJustine, what phone do you use as your daily driver? .............. please say Samsung S8.....
Bie_potato (14 days ago)
I'm really not into IOS iphones or anything from apple, I love androids and I got the s8+ too
Tenzin Dhoundup (15 days ago)
I have tye blackone is a s8
Enrico Stimpson (15 days ago)
I wish I have the money to buy one now
MeLike2D (15 days ago)
S8 Unboxing, 8 Months ago. Illuminati conformed ( not really )
Hamza Jameel (15 days ago)
I got Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8+ and I'm giving my s8
Mc Fhordee Catunao (15 days ago)
Love your video and review!😃😃😄😄 keep it up!😊😊
Ryan Zaragoza (15 days ago)
Press and hold the home button for Google assistant
Muhammad Memon (16 days ago)
I have a phone that is pretty old, HTC one M7
Infinitips Owais Kazi (16 days ago)
Its a clone
ItsExpresson (16 days ago)
I have the samsung galaxy a3 and hoping to get an S8
Matthew Romans (17 days ago)
Samsung grand prime plus gold
Brasia Mosley (17 days ago)
I got the S8 for Christmas 😃
Elizabeth Almeida (17 days ago)
I have the Samsung Galaxy S8
musically816 (17 days ago)
Hi can you do a video of you unboxing the google pixel? (Ps I do not have a phone and I really want one... my parents do not have the money for one.)😭
AJ lonewolf (17 days ago)
Samsung for life
Velocity HD (18 days ago)
I’m getting the s8+ but I’m really want the iPhone 8plus what should I get
Ally Cat (18 days ago)
I have the s8+
Madison (18 days ago)
i got the on5
Mr. Potato (18 days ago)
Beautiful design! ❤️
Eleni Pap (18 days ago)
What do you do with the leftover phones ?
Goober Floober (18 days ago)
I have the 7
Jason Moyle (19 days ago)
Dont be so rough when unboxing items! they are expensive and delecate.
pugskit 2 (19 days ago)
Already have a Samsung galaxy s8 plus
Funky Munkey (19 days ago)
Ive got Iphone 7Pluse I was gonna get iphone x but I didnt want to it does not look like iphone at all and its too much money I would feel bad If I lost it so im happy with mine If u want watch unboxing here it it https://youtu.be/8ekP3mYry_8 Subscribe
ToxicKoolAid747 (19 days ago)
My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Christopher Aleman (19 days ago)
I’m saving to get a galaxy s8. I’m switching to Samsung.
Christopher Aleman (19 days ago)
I. Saving to get this phone
California Wishes (19 days ago)
I have a moto g4 and I hope to get a iPhone 6s plus or 7 plus
amurican bastard (19 days ago)
i have a nokia 3310 and an outdated acer laptop from the early 2000's
redas k (19 days ago)
I hawe s8 i lovit
Nandu Ř Nair (20 days ago)
Crazy Unboxing....Ever Seen my life....haha...
EJ COOL812 (20 days ago)
I got the s8 for Christmas
IcyTv (20 days ago)
Current: s5 Wishlist:s8+

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