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Huawei Mate 10 PRO EMUI 8.0 Tips, Tricks & Best Features !

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The Huawei Mate 10 Pro has been updated to EMUI 8.0 oreo. Today we will checkout the best features in Android 8. our Camera review: http://bit.ly/Mate10cameraReview ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interested in Tech! ►►► https://www.facebook.com/techmagnet/ https://twitter.com/techmagnet_yt Flo ►►► https://twitter.com/flokaheli https://www.instagram.com/flokaheli/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/flokaheli/ Steven ►►► https://twitter.com/flokaheli https://www.instagram.com/itxtutor https://www.linkedin.com/in/itxtutor/ Interested in ChinaDevices! If you want to have more information on products from China, then head over to our platform! You can register here for free, and i hope to see some of you guys there! 😃 ►►► http://www.china-devices.com Be a part! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music by : music (bought) - Epidemic Sounds Links marked with * are Affiliate Links
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Text Comments (44)
Pavle Ristovski (18 hours ago)
I saw more buttons down where the triangle circle and square is on my mate pro 10 .... But you have two more buttonoptions to press.. Like two arrows one on top of other and one more.. So.. I have 3buttons and you have 5 . Explain me plz because I now think that I have some clone or replica payd full price like for original mate pro 10 Plzzzz answer me.plzz
Bettina Pálfi (2 days ago)
You are the best! btw love this video, pretty useful!
Better For You (2 days ago)
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älä tule (2 days ago)
App twin and app drawer have been available since Emui 5
a7m3d nai3f (2 days ago)
no need
Kix Koh (2 days ago)
Holy !!! Your voice is so soothing ! Def a sub!
Gurveer Singh (2 days ago)
You're not related to "Michael learns to rock" vocalist are you?
Matthew Jardine (3 days ago)
I really like the Mate 10 Pro and what Huawei is doing in general these days. My biggest point of contention is still software design.
Niels Junker (3 days ago)
Great video my dream phone 💪👍😎
nongdarko (3 days ago)
My Mate 10 Pro arrived today and I love it. Been using the OnePlus 5T but I prefer the Huawei.
Beastly G (2 days ago)
Interesting. I'm thinking of going from my Mate 9 to a 5T. Maybe I should go for a 10 instead.
kick nanta (3 days ago)
wtf..! 8 out of the 10 features were ripped off from MIUI
TechLineHD (3 days ago)
What's up guys. Nice video.
Petri Sergiu (3 days ago)
Between S8+ and mate 10 pro, can't decide?????
D.V.S.Sandeep Reddy (3 days ago)
Petri Sergiu mate 10 pro always except if u want 2k screen n fancy wireless charging
Pavel Hušek (3 days ago)
You mentioned S8. What is better camera, Mate 10 Pro or Galaxy S8?
Daniél Lecoq (3 days ago)
On the Huawei Mate 10(not Pro), the navigation dock feature also work on the front facing fingerprint scanner, which means that you don't need a circle on your screen nor the on screen buttons. Quite nifty. Perhaps the gestures also work on the Pro's backside fingerprint scanner? Try it out... Could be useful.
Dorje (3 days ago)
Sounds a lot more innovative and practical benefits than Apple has been in a long time. Thanks for another great Video :)
OmegaReviews (3 days ago)
I have a tip, Huawei are Chinese spy devices. So use them if you want to share your usage data with China's CCP party
Colby Chaos (2 days ago)
OmegaReviews so funny
lxy315lxy (2 days ago)
Spying only applies to Huawei smartphone that are sold within mainland China, international customers do not get the same treatment as mainland China. International version are preloaded with Google Play store whereas the Chinese version has their own app store because Google is blocked in China.
Beastly G (2 days ago)
Well, for one, ALL devices are spying on you. Or at the very least capable of doing it. It's adorable that anyone thinks checking "no" to stats collection or turning location off actually turns that off. But secondly, goverments have stakes in companies all over the world. It's very common. That doesn't at all mean they are using it to spy, or that they even give a shit about what some random ass fat American is doing everyday. Going to Starbucks and buying gas. Shocker. How would they ever figure that out without being able to spy? All jokes aside, what I'm saying is they have bigger and better shit to do, they don't give a rat's ass what you're doing with your phone. Nor can they make any money with that. Companies don't actually give a shit about location data. They would like your contacts list, but that's so easy to trace back, so no company that wants to survive more than 6 months on the market would extract and sell that. Not to mention Google or Apple already have that to sell if they wanted to.
EclipseLx (3 days ago)
Maybe you should provide some actual proof instead of bullshitting conspiracy theories
OmegaReviews (3 days ago)
The Chinese CCP is litterly a share holder of of Huawei and in China every company over 50 employees must have representation from the CCP to correct them and make them fall in line so they don't produce anti CCP content. Maybe you should learn Chinese communist politics before you speak up
Rvire X (3 days ago)
I often encounter some stuttering while multitasking. I hope they'll solve it with further updates.
Marvin M (3 days ago)
Great video and tips! Having trouble deciding.. Mate 10 pro, LG V30 and Galaxy S8 with 6gb of RAM.
Sheikh Suleiman (2 days ago)
Marvin M you won't regret buying the beast
Sheikh Suleiman (2 days ago)
Marvin M then you are good to go
Marvin M (2 days ago)
Sheikh Suleiman thanks again. My Xiaomi Mi MIX was also very slippery but only put on a case when I went on holiday of a festival. I'm very careful ;)
Sheikh Suleiman (2 days ago)
Marvin M it feels great in hands but keep in mind, it has oleophobic coating on the back too so it's very slippery. That's why they provide you a case in the box and screen protector already applied.
Marvin M (2 days ago)
Sheikh Suleiman thanks for the advice and next week I'll see how some of these phones feel in hand (also important). Very cool of you guys to help me with this!
Mine Dog (3 days ago)
Ahhh... YouTube knows me way too well! Always recommending me your great tech videos! 😁😁😀😀
TechMagnet (3 days ago)
awww thanks youtube and thanks for watching :D
Banana Joe (3 days ago)
Why would i take the mate 10 pro over any honor phone ?
Beastly G (2 days ago)
Sounds about right. Though, if you're smart enough to know how to flash, Honors generally get more rom support. It's unlikely you'll ever see pure android on a Huawei. But maybe Project Treble in 8.0 will help with that.
Lars Nabuurs (3 days ago)
more updates, better build quality( my own experience) and everything is just a bit better optimized(speed, camera, battery) and designed. Choose for yourself whether the extra price is worth it
Thomas M (3 days ago)
That looks so much better than DEX. fu shamesung
Stefan Schacher (3 days ago)
First ! Got a mate 10 pro on friday, love it so far. My honor 8 pro is now trashed.
1st Acc (3 days ago)
trashed? I hope not literally lol

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