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Best LG Smartphones in 2018

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Which LG Smartphone do you think is best suited for you to buy in 2018? Here is our list of 5 best LG Smartphones that you would love to purchase with money because they are worth buying. On top, the ladder is LG G6, and LG V30 comes next to it...As you can see, both of them are LG Smartphones with premium Flagship features. So guys here is our List of LG Smartphones for you. 1.LG G6(http://amzn.to/2wbTdZE) Display:5.70-inch,Front Camera:5-megapixel,Resolution:1440x2880 pixels,RAM:4GB,OS:Android 7.0,Storage:32GB,Rear Camera:13-megapixel,Battery Capacity:3300mAh. 2.LG V30(http://amzn.to/2r6niee) Display:6.00-inch,Front Camera:5-megapixel,Resolution:1440x2880 pixels,RAM:4GB,OS:Android 7.1.2,Storage:64GB,Rear Camera:16-megapixel,Battery Capacity:3300mAh. 3.LG Q8(http://amzn.to/2D1DeAa) Display:5.20-inch,Processor:2.15GHz quad-core,Front Camera:5-megapixel,Resolution:1440x2560 pixels,RAM:4GB,OS:Android 7.0,Storage:32GB,Rear Camera:13-megapixel Battery Capacity:3000mAh. 4.LG Q6(http://amzn.to/2DcwRgS) Display:5.50-inch,Processor:1.4GHz octa-core,Front Camera:5-megapixel,Resolution:1080x2160 pixels,RAM:3GB,OS:Android 7.1.1,Storage:32GB,Rear Camera:13-megapixel Battery Capacity:3000mAh. 5.LG Stylo 3 Plus(http://amzn.to/2D2gakC) Display:5.70-inch,Processor:1.4GHz octa-core,Front Camera:5-megapixel,Resolution:1080x1920 pixels,RAM:2GB,OS:Android 7.0,Storage:32GB,Rear Camera:13-megapixel Battery Capacity:3080mAh. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- 🔥Get the Best offers and Discounts on Tech (Amazon)🔥:http://amzn.to/2BQu4ZK -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- support my channel by using Gearbest Affiliate Links: ⋆Hot Flagship Phones are HERE:http://bit.ly/2C34Oxb ⋆Flash sale Smartphone:http://bit.ly/2BANHSz ⋆Flash sale Tablet:http://bit.ly/2C5BG8C ⋆Flash sale Mobile Accessories:http://bit.ly/2l9vog8 ✅Best Bezel-Less Smartphones with huge screen 2018: 1.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2(http://bit.ly/2DNWG42) -Promo code:Xmas149 2.Sharp Aquos S2(http://bit.ly/2FuStlw) 3.UMIDIGI Crystal(http://bit.ly/2DcUMcp) Promo code: Xmas382 4.MAZE Alpha X (http://bit.ly/2HAIfpA) 5.Elephone U Pro (http://bit.ly/2I3RgHi) 6.Bluboo S8+ (http://bit.ly/2KnOs62) 7.DOOGEE Mix 2(http://bit.ly/2jjBJVB) 8.Ulefone Mix 2 (http://bit.ly/2I3rP8w) 9.Oukitel U18 (http://bit.ly/2KnRSpo) 10.Cubot X18 Plus (http://bit.ly/2HzRjrP)

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Text Comments (33)
Porsche Man (7 days ago)
If you want to see what a curse your Samsung devices were all those years just try a super great LG product and be super Blessed, they're that awesome and you'll never ever look back, I love my LG smartphone.
Corey Cutright (11 days ago)
Yes...me too..I'm waiting to see how this LG device performs..LG Stylus 4...I'm committed to LG.
Raul Aguilar (14 days ago)
I thought the g6 was gonna be 2nd because I have it and i know the v30 has a better camera
Yazh Iniyan (14 days ago)
LG does not have heating problems which is a problem with others. I am using stylus 3 and the only problem I find is the 16 GB memory. Using it for one yr. No real issues with the phone and the phone is performing well. If stylus 4 is released soon with 4 gb ram and 64 gb rom I will shift to that. But make it soon.
Mohammad Mohammad (15 days ago)
i want lg mobile getting better than that i like lg mobile so keep it up
Lito Hortiguia (17 days ago)
Lg optimus g....mother of all lg beautiful screen display....
Kevin Cruz (17 days ago)
LG is the Best...... ✔️
Perfeito!!! Belíssimo design da LG. Está de parabéns porque é muito bonito esse modelo desse LG. Gostei muito! 👍👏
Ge In (1 month ago)
STYLO 3 just needs 3G or 4G Ram, bigger 3800 battery, upgraded glass, camera updates, oreo, under $189. Must Keep removable battery, SD slot, micro usb, jack, stylus pen, fingerprint. I hate hate non-removable batteries and limited memory phones.
Geraldo Goncalves (1 month ago)
Estis selular já estão no Brasil e esto am sioso pra ver estas máquinas nas lojas em todo o Brasil
Geraldo Goncalves (1 month ago)
Ge In eu quero ver os presos dos a parelho
DrAkE Boi (1 month ago)
dude lg stylus 3 has 3 gegs of ram and 3200 mah battery but i agree with you
Mervyn Thorne (1 month ago)
What about the Stylus 4...I'm Waiting Patiently for that phone...
ketaki Deshpande (1 month ago)
what about stylus g4 2018..
Joyo Papa's (2 months ago)
Lg v10 is better...
Md Borhan (1 month ago)
Joyo Papa's you really think so? I'm thinking to buy that
Irfaan Kan (2 months ago)
Stacy Persaud (2 months ago)
sony is the boss
Tejram Nishad (2 months ago)
Santosh nishad ji
Cosmos Daniel (2 months ago)
its very time lg step up with a phone that can store more a greater senor and 8" wide (width) storage 512 / triple cameras 180 mp / front camera dual 60 mp for too long Samsung has a slightly edge of the markets and need a greater key boards Samsung either stealing lg technology or lg stealing Samsung technology both r'e Koreans.
Tony M (2 months ago)
V30 is the best
Ro Tep (1 month ago)
No it was not the best in the V serie. Ditching the removable batterie and the 2nd screen were one of their dumbest move ever. Replacing the metal back cover for a fragile glass was a move to please the tech bloggers, weird choice LG....
Tony M (2 months ago)
ichiban2point0 oh really? I'm currently using the v20, upgraded from g4 and I LOVE IT! Got it for a great price. So much you can do with it. Will wait for price to drop on v30 before i upgrade again.
ichiban2point0 (2 months ago)
Tony M To me it would have been, if they had put in a 8mp front camera instead of 5mp and 6 gb of ram. I mean wtf 5mp front the G5 had 8mp front. I feel that LG was more concerned about the cost then putting out something truly amazing.
ronnel rebucas (2 months ago)
Heather Lee Mcgee (3 months ago)
What is the release date for lg stylus 4
Joel Azul (3 months ago)
Srry os LG G6 better than LG v30?
SFbayKid (6 days ago)
i had V20 the year came out i bought one ..but after year pass by went back to Samsung, i LOVE Samsung S & NOTE series..but usually i buy SAMSUNG NOTES , right now i have NOTE 8...but i CANT FUCKIN WAIT FOR SAMSUNG X
Simohamed Boutoub (3 months ago)
Julian BIZDOACA (4 months ago)
What the hell happened with LG 3 flex? Can not find it in the shops.
Mr Manas (2 months ago)
Julian BIZDOACA. Thanks

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