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Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can backflip now

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Boston Dynamics released a video of its humanoid robot Atlas hopping and doing backflips. It's the second time this week the company has teased an updated robot.
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Text Comments (157)
Skyye Gaming (7 days ago)
janice grenier (1 month ago)
That's sick..
Ashravic Mehmet (2 months ago)
that was the most obvious evidence that human are created by Allah. the only one GOD in the universe.human are given intelligent to learn and improve.
Mr. Fakename (3 months ago)
Fuck you, Skynet
Andew Burr (3 months ago)
We need these to go into Detroit and clean up the city... hell... blacks think that they wuz Kangz... we could have a safe America again!
Yariyarik (3 months ago)
in a better shape than humans? duh new components just wait till those motors and hydraulics start wearing out and linux crashing
Josh Daniels (4 months ago)
Its free from its teathers and more athletic than most humans. Its all over
RamaRendezvoo (4 months ago)
It just depends upon who comes into power. Any programmable device can be programmed to come after YOU.
Combustion69 (4 months ago)
cool but the battery only lasts 5 backflips then it dies lol, we have at least 500 years before anything like the terminator is made
Robin Williams (3 months ago)
lol 20 years ago we had dial up internet now we have 100 gigabit lan, and these robots are way less scary than a nuke
SketchWithJess (4 months ago)
The backflip was awesome! When there is no human control, that's when we must show concern.
Robin Williams (3 months ago)
there wasnt it was all AI...can we stop getting opinions from people who know nothing about this
Aurora Lara (5 months ago)
lmao i can't... black mirror much
m beginization (5 months ago)
these are war robots
Robin Williams (3 months ago)
uniformed opion
murat m (5 months ago)
laugh now They are gonna enslave us soon
The Veteran (6 months ago)
RedRibbonZX (6 months ago)
Drink b33r then k33l all humans.
ohfer (6 months ago)
Video ended and I kept looking to the screen, thinking, for few seconds...
joedell71 (6 months ago)
If see any of these things coming down the street I'm running them the fuck over with my truck. 10 more years and these are going to be on the ground in most major cities. I guarantee they will start with mundane tasks like parking tickets and slowly ramp up as the tech becomes better.
Andew Burr (3 months ago)
Black people represent 13 percent of the population but commit over 50 percent of the crime. Check out Colin Flaherty or Jared Taylor's The Color of Crime. I might have saved your life. and enjoy Islam! Stupid goyim.
Gwen Minor (3 months ago)
Andew Burr literally no one said anything about black people... You must be one black-obssesed boi to bring it in a discussion about robots. But then again, ancient philosopher image as a profil pic means one thinks higher of the implications of their ideas than they should
Andew Burr (3 months ago)
These robots will be an improvement over niggers though... have you seen how much violence blacks are responsible for? Watch Colin Flaherty.
Gwen Minor (6 months ago)
That's how racism works man, they'll know it and they'll start boycotting buses
Tamz Sha (6 months ago)
This is the future.. embrace it or get left behind
jake gordon (6 months ago)
Poul R. Hansen (5 months ago)
Why would you ever want something like this as a weapon, they're too large, too easy to hit... Micro drones with explosives are much more efficient.
UltraManBG (6 months ago)
When does Skynet go live? Or is it Omni Consumer Products?
Robert Manke (6 months ago)
add a quantum computer, a light machine gun, wee bit of armor, better power supply... knock knock
Random Person (4 months ago)
A normal CPU would be much better for a robot than a quantum computer. Quantum =|= better.
Robert Manke (4 months ago)
and a car would never take you to California without a road or fuel yet to be developed... then it would.
Random Person (4 months ago)
A quantum computer wouldnt be of any use for this robot.
Greg Flores (6 months ago)
Robert Manke That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people!
Lavatime01 (6 months ago)
Camera tricks
Yu Johnny (6 months ago)
Gundam is not a dream. Coming soon.
lordmjh (6 months ago)
I cant wait for us to be able to get our oun terminator https://youtu.be/gBJpP7df5VU
manns101101 (7 months ago)
ED-209 comes to mind WTF is this
manns101101 (7 months ago)
WTF this is scary. What happens when it punches you in the throat n breaks your windpipe?
James Jim (7 months ago)
so scare...
Se7enwonders (7 months ago)
“ I’ll be back”
chose bine (7 months ago)
remember this, human head transplant is maybe imminent too
Alex K. (7 months ago)
Can it fire a gun?
Pliskin (6 months ago)
Good thing EMPs exist
Paul Tremblay (6 months ago)
Jouni Toivola Imagine running from your life from that shit,it has perfect night vision, heat detection, infrared, the most sensitive kinneck sensor able to detect your liver, your heart location. It never miss and run just as fast as you do, plus no human empathy. We need to get prepared for that
Jouni Toivola (6 months ago)
Compared to this advanced technology, I assume that this kind of additional modification would just be an easiest part to do. Pentagon just requests Google permission to do that.
theradicalgamer 45 (7 months ago)
We're all going to die
ツNightmareUFO (7 months ago)
1:09 THAT'S ME
Adeline Ang (7 months ago)
1960 : We will have flying cars , and spacecrafts . 2017 : A robot that can backflip .
Rick LeRoy (3 months ago)
Battery densities are rapidly increasing, they already have rideable drones. I suppose one day with low costs, longer range, proven safety, and legislation (registration, licenses, "air highway system" patrols, signs, etc) then "ride on drones" or electric copters could be a common form of transportation. Maybe less than 50 years from now? They could also have wheels, making them a "flying car", but the car aspect would not be the primary part of the design, it would be a rolling drone copter instead. Minimal body compared to cars, and dry warm areas wouldn't need the body. Here are examples of rideable drones already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYsDcoS5Gt8 They could be adapted to have powered wheels.
ProXima (4 months ago)
Almost as impressive, let’s be honest. The balance and locomotion is no easy feat. We take it for granted. So a robot walking, jumping, let alone backflipping is a feat we shouldn’t understate.
Balázs P (5 months ago)
drones are basically flying cars, and with the private companies in the space industry we will have scheduled flights to mars quite soon
Cloroxbleach (5 months ago)
I think its better
Туған Жер (7 months ago)
Keremet Qazaq elinen salem!
Milk Carton (7 months ago)
LITERALLY Nobody is saying that That robot looks like one of the robots from Portal 2, ALSO named atlas...
A Noble Yeti (7 months ago)
Awesome and frightening at the same time.
Adven Xmen (7 months ago)
It is amazing
kofahl vlodia (7 months ago)
then the human rights watch weirdos will create "robot rights watch". Well, because robots have feelings too. Those attention-seeking hypocrites are the reason why we now live in a criminal-friendly society. I say program these robots to kill them, including the animal rights activists. whatta bunch of pussies
Aaron Vargas (7 months ago)
Fuuuuuuuuuck that, dude.
Gaurav Goel (7 months ago)
This is very cool. But also maybe the very last thing some of us will see on this earth.
Justin Time (7 months ago)
This will be a must for fire rescue.
Kim Sokvisal (7 months ago)
what's the fuck going on at 1:11 ^^ lol
SwitchBlade (7 months ago)
1:09 Me when trying to backflip
Jordan Weaver (7 months ago)
This video makes me want to dress up as a horse and ride around on my cat.
Defec Tec (7 months ago)
so is this cnn like the other cnn (liberal propaganda bs)?
stxrynn (7 months ago)
Quit knocking it over!!! Don't make those things angry like that.... No wonder future historical movies like Terminator, Matrix and I, Robot happen.... dang.........
Random Person (4 months ago)
Those films are fiction. As of for now there is no reason to fear AI and when there is AI that wants to kill us (which is unlikely because it will be coded well) then those robots arent the real danger. There are many much easier ways an increasingly intelligent entity could find to kill us.
OnlyGreatGame (7 months ago)
cool :)
Krystian Bruss (7 months ago)
Fucking robot do backflip when im don't know how stay at head
Sockeye Mcjenkins (7 months ago)
from decades now on we are all dead.. sad moment .
Jac O'Connor (5 months ago)
And what’s weirder still, is the fact most people seem totally oblivious to it all. Some sort of ultimate denial. And I’m only referring to the small part we’re allowed to know about.
irishbreakfast (7 months ago)
LOL!!!! they got it!!! I'm glad to have lived long enough to see this amazing leap in robotics come out of a comic book and into the real world of science fact! awesome job in the calculatiions! that's about as good as an athletic human. we don't always land right either. I bet the military has drool running profusely down their necks!!
xKalphax (7 months ago)
welp i guess ill start looking for a another job...
Adam Steed (7 months ago)
As Ratrap was fond of saying.. "we're all gonna die!" Lol.
Linus Herr (6 months ago)
Adam Steed beast wars?
Jan Trofimov (7 months ago)
next mode - find and kill a human
Gaurav Goel (7 months ago)
Which is much easier than what is shown here already, and the head is open for weaponization.
Jac O'Connor (7 months ago)
Yes, Donald, that is the big concern, what are people going to do with their time? ‘Idle hands are the devil’s tools’ etc
Jac O'Connor (7 months ago)
What a spectacular achievement. Not sure if I’m excited or scared.
Gaurav Goel (7 months ago)
Yes this might be the last thing we ever see.
Precious Apemiye (7 months ago)
Next thing we will see is robots 🤖 practicing to be drafted in the NFL or NHL😂
SM (4 months ago)
Precious Apemiye.... better then watching these disgusting racist niggas
Aleksandr Zhigalov (6 months ago)
which, btw, would be renamed to RFL and RHL
Donald Grant (7 months ago)
Still need a long lasting energy source. I'm so glade I'm out of the work force. Can't wait until universal income comes so these people that designed these job killers can pay us to sit around.
Robert Manke (4 months ago)
why do these things have to operate at YOUR version of a life's speed? because they don't. what happens with a change of time scale? so what it operates slower? put it on the moon, a LOT of them on the moon and let them build our fission reactors up there where they can beam down microwave energy for free to a desert on each continent. poof, bye bye oil coal etc centralized power mongers... oh, wait, that last part? the story is still continuing, isn't it?
Willow Alexander (7 months ago)
schwarzfalk I imagine if they were to use the sun and solar panels, it'd be like how solar panels work with houses. The solar panels absorb the energy, enough is stored so the house can use power when its night time, the sun is blocked, in storms. I think it'd be sent to a generator to store the power for future use. I think using the sun is a good idea. but, the robot is different from a house and would have to use a lot more energy in a smaller body, so I'm not sure exactly how it'd work. But please correct me if I'm wrong about something, I'm not an expert on any of this.
Oppenheimer (7 months ago)
schwarzfalk Use your imagination.
Blackfalk (7 months ago)
+Oppenheimer ?well no obviously it won't be continuously connected to the grid that'd defeat the whole purpose of a real autonomous robot - hence my question how long will the battery last on a full charge?
Oppenheimer (7 months ago)
schwarzfalk Do you really think, it will have a constant connection to the power grid in the future. Alot will change to make it a more user-friendly product.
Maxyiwei (7 months ago)
it has begun...
Dudeurodude (28 days ago)
Adam molloy (1 month ago)
The age of parkoring robots
Matthew Allen (7 months ago)
I wonder how many of these I will have to destroy.
Ocho Chigo (7 months ago)
I was laughing so hard when it fell over 😂 😂 😂. But still so amazing
orhan akbulut (4 months ago)
Ocho Chigo 😂😂😂😂
Raptor (7 months ago)
US leading the world as always. U S A U S A U S A
Its Not A Bad Dick (5 months ago)
Blind patriots make for blind nationalists. America will fuck the world so bad one day that it'll become uninhabited. Until then, keep sprouting your political bias and propaganda you blind buffoon
Michael (6 months ago)
Khymeira Good comment. The overlap between American "patriots" and the Americans getting work done is minimal. Hell, most innovative American companies hire internationally at high rates and open overseas offices. Productive Americans don't need to feel excessively excited about the accomplishments of other people.
Beast Titan (7 months ago)
It doesn't change a thing if it was doing a backflip, the fact is it failed and that not even hard terrain in those videos lol and they could barely walk let alone walk as fast as humans. If those robots invaded russia where there is way more snow and rough terrain those robots would be barely walking at human speed and humans would be much more efficient. Russia is not a third world country, your standards and understanding of a third world country is way off and Russia is way more safe to travel to and safe in general then an actual third world country. The division into first, second and third world countries dates back to the Cold War, The Western countries formed the first world, the Eastern block the second world and all other countries the third world. But the fact is that the western world is crumbling so those terms should not apply anymore or its not the same as it once was in the old days. I as a person living in a western country even see that's bullshit and whatever propaganda you're fed about russia is not true.
Raptor (7 months ago)
Beast Titan Constantly fall? Based on what? Also, THE ROBOT FELL WHILE DOING A BACKFLIP you utter moron. Do you know how INCREDIBLY difficult that is to achieve? This robot will NOT fall while running or walking. This is the early version of this robot operating in difficult terrain with ease: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVlhMGQgDkY&t=1s Even the early version of this robot could be pushed around by humans and still remain standing, and this version is far more advanced now. Not to mention all these other robots, that are absolutely dominating rough terrain on this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8YjvHYbZ9w Show me a video of a Russian robot operating in rough terrain with fast speed, oh wait, they're operating on a level ground in slow motion. These are the facts, US is by far ahead when it comes to this technology. Russia is a poor 3rd world country.
Beast Titan (7 months ago)
Oh and all your top officials and politicians are pedophiles and your whole system is corrupt.
Jentul Jay (7 months ago)
Only in America...
superhero6785 (5 months ago)
Not really, there's lots of robots around the world. Japan has some cool ones. Check out the new one Toyota built, T-HR3...talk about a Terminator name.
Go Block (7 months ago)
Haha its good in the hand of Jap or Chinese bcus they will bring benefit to human and not war. And for the development of all wonderful robot prototypes in BD I think its an effort of many people from all over the world that work with Boston Dynamic, so its not just American 100% idea or effort.
Digital Coal (7 months ago)
Raptor Mexicans are of European decent!
ⵔⵓⴽⴰⵜⴽⴰⵜ (7 months ago)
YEAH! Fuck you france!
Jentul Jay (7 months ago)
Alangara Abishek 98% of Americans are migrants or of migrants extraction...

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