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Google Pixel, revisited: Still the best Android phone?

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Thanks to dbrand for supporting the channel: http://dbrand.com/AP We take a long-term look at the Google Pixel. Our verdict? This is still the best Android smartphone in our book, and we break down why in this video. Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (1065)
Joey Pinili (2 hours ago)
its april 2018. ive had the galaxy s7 edge and more recently htc u11, i just bought the pixel xl this month and boy you weren’t wrong about its camera and software. its blazingly fast. i especially notice it when opening multiple apps, my homescreen icons would not disappear for s quick second unlike my htc u11 which refrshes the icons after several apps are open. the selfie camera is truly the one to beat! by far the best selfie camera ive ever tried. google camera algorithm beats iphones and other androids in the entire world not exaggerating one bit imo.
Maxion Wang (6 days ago)
What about now?
Patrick Moody (7 days ago)
The games called cytus. Just found it
IVAN tandoc (8 days ago)
The wallpaper
justapieceintheirgames (14 days ago)
Dan Cooper (22 days ago)
Samsung always have had the same problems, their software gets very laggy after time and their batteries are useless. Their adverts are nice though. Not sure im keen on the long edge screen either, I dont like big bezels but the phone been all screen, either doesn't work for me or i'm not ready for it
renzo fernandez (1 month ago)
I have a galaxy s8+ But I want to Sell ​​it and buy a pixel, what do you recommend?
Magnetar83 (1 month ago)
I got my 128GB XL today and I love it. Smooth as butter.
Andrei Iacoban (1 month ago)
After about a year when your warranty is over, Google will send an update that will get your phone stuck in a bootloop. Recovery mode or factory resets won't work and you will have to change the motherboard. It just happened to me. I have completely changed my mind about Google phones. I have warned.
Identificate 2.0 (1 month ago)
is the best option now in 2018?
Amine chardoser (2 months ago)
I have Google pixel XL and I'M very happy with the experience of stock Android and the camera
Jasper Saures (2 months ago)
Pixel 2xl❤️😍 and Galaxy s8+❤️😍
Travis T (2 months ago)
What was the game he was playing where he was clicking the black dots?
awais ahmed (2 months ago)
2nd gen was even more disappointing
kasif imam (2 months ago)
I m currently using samsung galaxy s6 but my next phone will be pixel 2 xl. Cz the camera of this phone is amazing & yes pixel 1 is great & the software that google gave is absolutely amazing. Great work man ✌
Tanish Gupta (3 months ago)
Which wallpaper is it?
Niels Junker (3 months ago)
Great video I got my pixel xl first gen 2 weeks ago best phone ever and the camera oh my 👍💪😎 happy new year from Denmark 🎆
Dov Myers (3 months ago)
The experience has been great
Hector Galarza (3 months ago)
Great choice for me, my Pixel XL has done me no wrong & I'll be keeping this even when I'm going after the new Pixel 2XL, can't wait to handle that piece of machine. GREAT JOB ON The VIDEO
Anderson Alves Pinheiro (4 months ago)
Hey dude... Help me... What is case "full white" that you used in review? It's awesome!!! I'm from Brazil but I wish to buy it. Thank you!
William Mitchell (4 months ago)
What's the name of that game you were playing?
Abhimanyu Jaiswal (4 months ago)
It's the best in town yet
a person (4 months ago)
Is the first google pixel still a good phone to have?And yes I am aware that the second one came out like what a month or two ago but is the first still good?
Anna K (5 months ago)
i know that the cameras on androids are supposed go be high quality but i also see that on apps like snapchat that quality isnt good at all. is it like that on the google pixel??
Nation Harris (5 months ago)
I got the Pixel XL today (the original not the 2) it's a lovely phone. So clean with the operating system and the device itself feels nice in my hand
It's a me Mario (5 months ago)
2:07 What app is that?
arbaz alam (5 months ago)
How is the speaker quality??
Sir Action (5 months ago)
is there a reason to buy pixel now?
Carla Valeria (5 months ago)
I bought it and after exactky three weeks it started to restart randomly. I asked Google and Verizon about it and they told me because I left USA I can no longer get the warranty and now Im stucked with it, restarting almost a dozen times a day, at least. I started to research about it and its a pretty common problem. I guess is hardware? I really hate this phone, tbh
Magnum (5 months ago)
Not load apps as fast haha. Go check out the Pixel with Android 8.0 or .1 and see it just blazing through everything. Kids never trust theses video.
Michael Wilson (5 months ago)
O.G. pixel XL 128 gig very silver! The only bad thing about this phone is almost a year later it is still way too good to get a new one! Oreo 8.1 Google lens, it's the gift that keeps on giving!
Ricardo cazares (6 months ago)
Out of all the phones you mentioned which one has the best battery life.
arbaz alam (6 months ago)
Buddy how is the speaker on Pixel??
Savage Technology (6 months ago)
Savage Technology (6 months ago)
What game was he playimg
Willie Cano (6 months ago)
S8 master race
Aryan Ds (6 months ago)
The camera is really the best out there my dad has an s8 and I have the pixel I compared some pics and I am not kidding the pics are better in pixel except low light photography
supa goodz (6 months ago)
This phone is so CLEAN!
Fab Sab (6 months ago)
got a Pixel XL in an ebay bid for $250...now I'm just waiting patiently for it to come in the mail next week ~.~ I mean I liked my G4 and my current S7 edge but the Pixel XL stole my heart and I do not even have it in my hands yet :D
ffs (6 months ago)
The S8 shits all over it, its hardware is completely inferior.
Hannan Saeed (6 months ago)
i just sold my pixel xl today. i cried
Myles Daye (6 months ago)
I hope they bring back the speakers. The Nexus 6p will always be the best phone.
Michael Newcomb (6 months ago)
I had a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from Verizon and had it for a few months. Once Google released the Pixel I purchased the unlock version of the XL and always come back to the XL. The only reason I ever switch back and forth is because of the design of the S7 Edge and the water resistance. But I always come back to the XL because of the software experience as well as the camera and screen quality.
Jason THE MONSTER Blaha (6 months ago)
You faggots are so annoying stop calling a phone a daily driver
ashish kumar (6 months ago)
Can you gift me a phone please.😘😘😘
Kamil Vohra (6 months ago)
Can anyone give me the applist of google pixel which are installed in this video?
Murugappan Thirugnana (6 months ago)
I love my pixel. Software works so smoothly!
Bumblebee Nursery (6 months ago)
I think I'm getting it soon... Either this or the iPhone 7, but I think I like the Pixel more... No hate to Apple though. :D
V!RUS (6 months ago)
What was that game you played at 2:12
SHEHZAAD (7 months ago)
the only phone that can compete with iPhone
Yayate (7 months ago)
Official Stock Android is the way to go !
Smokey Bear (7 months ago)
no it sucks, i bought it, after 2 days the sound died on me and the battery is HORRIBLE on light usage
Nøctùs (7 months ago)
Holy crap dude what's that good vibes wallpaper
Janer Aguilar (7 months ago)
Share your walls
dèËpÃk (7 months ago)
What Wallpaper u r using please put in all u r videos
surethom (7 months ago)
Skied phone like samsungs should always have 2gb more ram so it should come with 6gb just to stop the stutter.
Cameron Daniels (7 months ago)
I have a Pixel and it's by far the best and most usable phone I've ever had. I had Sony Xperia's going back to 2011 and there is no competition.
Rei Allen Phillip Ramos (7 months ago)
1:20 doesn't that degrade the call quality? I mean wasn't the intention of the glass back panel to improve cellular reception?
Scott Karrasch (7 months ago)
One of the main reasons I switched back from android to iPhone is because of Music. I absolutely hate the way Google Play Music is designed and Spotify looks amazing isn't as capable of everything I want in a music player. Apple Music provides everything I could ever need! Huge library that includes works from prog artists that Google and Spotify won't even touch, plus the ability to edit metadata once the music is in your library as well as the ability to upload your own personal library to fill in any gaps. Another thing is, I got a Mac recently and iPhones just connect so seemlessly with a mac. One feature I love to death is Air Drop. It's so quick and effortless. A friend of mine and I had macs set up. No Wifi, just next to each other. And Airdrop let me send a file to him instantly. Also, I originally didn't like the way Google organized my mail.... until I found a way to fix it. But still. I like Apple's mail app. Other than that, I love Google Calandar, Google Photos, Google Maps much better than Apple's default apps. But that's the thing. Apple has Google apps. But Google doesn't have any apple apps. I do remember seeing Apple Music on there, but I don't remember it being as good as the built in Music player for iPhones. Now. for a phone, it's a toss up. I love things about iPhones, I love things about Androids. But when it comes to tablets, there is still no comparison. iPad, is hands down the best tablet out there. So maybe, once I get my iPhone all paid off, I can get a budget Android Phone and switch between the two whenever I feel like it. Or use the iPhone for some things and the Android for others.
SHEHZAAD (7 months ago)
iPhones finally got a real worthy competitor. Now the battle is direct between Apple & Google. I'm an Apple fan but i think Pixel already destroyed iPhones in all aspects. Google really rocks and they should've come earlier in smartphone-making, there would be no chance for Apple & Samsung then. Pixel proved it.
Kami84 (7 months ago)
I can't wait for the next pixel phone. I'm on the iphone 6 right now and I've grown to hate it mostly because of how boring it is, frame drops, and the screen is horrendous for media consumption when compared to OLED phones with much higher resolution. My favorite phone of all time is the google nexus I had years ago. I can't wait to go back to google.
gal rak (7 months ago)
Plz send that wall paper link
Tim Whitaker (7 months ago)
I love that pixel phone
Nicole Foxen (7 months ago)
As a phone i love it and how it utilizes its hardware to power the software, but my biggest nose turn is the fact that android removed all option of any ui other than sun burning white after android 4.1. Apple now has theming support yet android has a staggering 98% of individuals (taken on 3 polls across different communities) that would love to see a dark theme and still resort to sony for a substratum fix for nonrooted devices as the pixel is a pain to root. Overall though i do love the phone, build quality leaves the simplest repairability in any phone ive ever owned, and with the integration of android 8.0 oreo, im hoping they will be quick to fix some of the bugs that have wiggled into some of googles apps along with that os.from google keep making you write in the tiniest boxes to phone restarts when entering a dead zone, my reliance in google has taken a turn in the more recent months. Hopefully things will look up in the future for this beautiful device.
Mike Pourch (7 months ago)
That bullshit never was the best Android phone! Galaxy S8+
sayfi (7 months ago)
Is it worth getting the pixel now? There is a huge sale on and I can get the phone for alot cheaper than the original price.
Adamya Bhatt (7 months ago)
Google pixel is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blake Cox (7 months ago)
Just got into my XL blue, no turning back HE>i God Bless brotha
angel perez (7 months ago)
my galaxy s7 is, the Best there is, the Best there was, the Best there ever will be.end of discussion
DAVlNE My (7 months ago)
At 1:34 how did you got that calender
Stephen Gushev (7 months ago)
I have the Google Pixel, not the XL and its the best phone I've ever used. Mind you my only other phones have been the Blackberry Curve 9300, HTC One S and HTC One M8. The Pixel is just an amazing, smooth user experience. Easy to do things and get shit done. Amazing camera. Speaker could be a lot better. One thing I hate about the texting app though Android Messages is not being able to highlight specific words and letters instead of just the entire message in the convo. Otherwise totally love everything about this phone.
Nope not even close. Huge bezels. Boring stock android. Iphone look alike. Not to mention the back of phone the ugliest I've ever seen
pepperlemonade (7 months ago)
I'm honestly stuck between waiting for the Pixel 2, or pulling the trigger on getting the OnePlus 5.
SUNNYSMATION (7 months ago)
which video editor u use to edit ur videos?????
plummz (7 months ago)
Just bought a Pixel today. It was cheaper on a contract than buying one sim free. I already love it, I've owned 2 previous Nexus phone and I missed pure android. I love it already. Total integration, plug in your old phone and everything even music and podcasts is transferred over. Brilliant. I do need a case though!
Bigred TV (7 months ago)
I think I'm gonna get the Google pixel 2. Does anyone know when it will be released??
Daniel Ashraf (7 months ago)
Best android phone? More like the best phone.
Andro Guy (7 months ago)
What was the wallpaper widgets on s8
whachusay (7 months ago)
Admit it! This phone is shit. People buy it because it has google on it
Shannon Stroupe (7 months ago)
I love this phone, it is amazing! I am one to take a lot of pictures so this is amazing! People say it is the ugliest phone out there but come on people it is a phone! Slap a case on there and boom it is not ugly
Makiel Williams (8 months ago)
RonGames (8 months ago)
why do you keep talking about the look just get a fucking case
stathis christofas (8 months ago)
The main Problem of Pixel which google Brought up to go against Iphone is that , Iphone is being Sold EVERYWHERE and Pixel in like 20 Countries.
Looks likes a I phone
M E (8 months ago)
Stereo speakers?,,,who cares No water resistanxe?,,,who cares Back panel scratches easy?,,,,who cares Those are non problems. Who listens to their phone without headphones??,,,never seen it done myself. Who drinks their phone in water or doesn't use a case?,,,
Dan Barnett (8 months ago)
What do you think about the PG 1 shoes?
Capt_BDB (8 months ago)
What was that tap game you were playing?
Prakash Kumar Chhetri (8 months ago)
What are the Video gear you guys use ?
Demian Sorin (8 months ago)
Well Pixel 2 will be my next phone
treshawn wilson (8 months ago)
I just bought this phone like 2 days ago cause I switched to Verizon and they have a insane deal on it plus when the second one comes out I can switch no prob. all in all so far I'm really liking the phone, the design is pretty shit but man oh man the ui is honestly insane. never had a phone so smooth
Josh Black (8 months ago)
Love it, Never let me down also like that the screen replacement doesn't cost half of the phone like the other manufacturers and they are super easy to replace
Richard (8 months ago)
It was very hard to get in my country but yesterday I found it. Now its soon in my hands :D
c0pyimitati0n (8 months ago)
The Pixel XL is on sale today (refurbed) for about $450... But i can't decide between this or the OP5. Help!! What to do???
crazy videos (8 months ago)
I'm about to get it
Roberto Ramos (9 months ago)
Just ordered the pixel hope the display is nice
Luca Negrini (9 months ago)
i desperately need a new phone and am considering this, the s8 and one plus 5. i cant really wait until the new pixel. im also not opposed to the iphone but would much prefer to stay with android. please let me know you're thoughts. i value a camera, good performance over time and a good os. thanks
RagingTiger (9 months ago)
Software, that's also the reason people keep buying iPhones
grr MEN (9 months ago)
Randall George (9 months ago)
This is the phone I would get if I were to switch from iOS. The back of the phone needs to be re-designed though.
Jacob Frank (9 months ago)
And then there's the people who don't always have phones on hand to switch between, and end up sticking to one phone...

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