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Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

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iPhone X is finally here. This is the unboxing and... second impressions. iPhone X First Impressions: https://youtu.be/_HTXMhKWqnA Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Disarm by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by Apple for video/review.
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Marques Brownlee (3 months ago)
So! It's finally here. Let me know what you want to see in upcoming videos 👀
Demon Uy (7 days ago)
Abd Harith abd aziz (24 days ago)
shit phone...stop promoting ur shit phone in utube..your ads keep pop out every 5 minute...plus if ur iphone ia so great remove disable comment on ur video...fuk
clashing with rahul (30 days ago)
Samsung Galaxy j7 pro
dope (1 month ago)
Juan Costa (4 hours ago)
Dwayne Johnson on the messages 😂😂😂😂
Michael So (14 hours ago)
Did they just skip the 9 altogether?! wtf.
Hend El Dorry (22 hours ago)
I want I phone any I phone
magnety (1 day ago)
Apple, think d̶i̶f̶f̶e̶r̶e̶n̶t̶ expensive
Dipa Sarkar (1 day ago)
Where is it's headphone jack
Damien Cooper (2 days ago)
Hey handsome
Jayanti Kirtenia (2 days ago)
I am having an iPhone x.... What's the big deal in that to buy it...... I bought it just last month... 😑
Jawad Pasheriya (2 days ago)
plz give me
Ferenc Szögi-Ződi (2 days ago)
Tanks 😀😃😄😁🙂
nina kiknavelidze (2 days ago)
nina kiknavelidze (2 days ago)
kartik saini (3 days ago)
Not by filter
kartik saini (3 days ago)
Pixel 2 show us real images
Xavier Mathews (3 days ago)
“But you still can’t edit tweets tho” hahaha
khe sad :'v (3 days ago)
Saqib & Usman (3 days ago)
The first 20 secs of video is damn <3
Prince Wafi (3 days ago)
iPhone Features (3 days ago)
Sharik Hussain (3 days ago)
God job
Eknoor dhillon (3 days ago)
Sirra phone aaa bachi
Twin Tl (3 days ago)
I want one but I can't afford it because my family is poor
When Iphone XXI release.I will buy Iphone X
Nature Osei (3 days ago)
I really like your English.
vyshak n p (3 days ago)
Brother why dontu give away that one ☺
ibrahim channel (4 days ago)
omg he is cool
mr sinister (4 days ago)
When u take the plastic off the front it’s so satisfying
O S Raikar (4 days ago)
iPhone X = $1579.98 animoji machine (1149 $ for USA)
Genex Ft (4 days ago)
I am watching this video while I am crying 😭 very hard
Mike Goat (4 days ago)
copying android
y.r dance club (4 days ago)
This is my mobile
Blue DynamiX (4 days ago)
-Iphone 8: Remove the headphone jack -Iphone X : Remove the home button -later Iphone 11: Remove the charging jack and the fucking screen
T P (5 days ago)
Takes phone out of box, removes protective film, places it's bare screen face down on counter
Queen Blitz (5 days ago)
Why is the iphone x 1 grand, I AINT BUYING A FUCKING COMPUTER
MANZAR PRO (5 days ago)
Indra Devi (5 days ago)
Thanks for your help
Gaming master (6 days ago)
Can you do a giveaway of an iPhone x
bob villa (6 days ago)
Overpriced garbage. Many phones $500 cheaper that do the same. Just more gimmicks for brainwashed Apple users.
Borys Plasma Tweeter (6 days ago)
Ezekiel July (6 days ago)
Marques can you give me iPhone X plss😃
wengy merwin sacramed (6 days ago)
Pls give me one
Prathik Mukkolla (6 days ago)
Samara Bruce (7 days ago)
What does he do with all these phones
Cover Cover (7 days ago)
Hlimpuia R (7 days ago)
BlackBullPistol (7 days ago)
Mario Gencarelli (7 days ago)
The X (ex) is way more suitable name than the 10 considering they released along side the 8 & 8+
xHAMMADx Gaming (7 days ago)
I don’t know what’s deferent in between pixel 2 and iPhone X because your nigga in 2 photos
aayushree sapkota (7 days ago)
Even though
Shan4diff (7 days ago)
did i just saw dwayne johnson in your phones contacts omg!
Xjxelle (8 days ago)
Nice video bro sub one my channel
Phyllis Olin (8 days ago)
iPhoneX awesome
Rafeea Aldhaheri (8 days ago)
i just got it today and i love it
Estelle Balugo (8 days ago)
Apple should put a fingerprint on the assistive touch😂😂
KAILASH kunnath (8 days ago)
Watching this in my s8+
versace on the floor (9 days ago)
ive got one hehehe ilove apple
Mastet Super Star (9 days ago)
NATHURAM BARJOD (9 days ago)
where is fingerprint sensor
Ashpak Mulla (9 days ago)
Nais video sir
Wawyer -ROBLOX (10 days ago)
I am poor I can’t afford it
iShit x obsolete foxcon garbage in new name even galaxy s7 is better tham this cheap made in foxcon by slaves kys all dumb sheep
Mitali Sharma (10 days ago)
I just love iPhone. I'm too trying to get one 😍😍😍😍😍ooooo I love iPhone
Yoda (10 days ago)
Ugly ass notch
ukat66 (10 days ago)
Worst iPhone I’ve seen totally crap
ViperVenom Gaming (11 days ago)
I got mine yesterday 📱
ᄉᄃ (11 days ago)
잡스였으면 아직도 4인치 ㅇㅈㄹ 했을텐데 다행..
Tech Hacker (11 days ago)
Can yu do an iPhone 8 Plus giveaway
Will T (11 days ago)
I'll stick with my s8
Tyron TV (11 days ago)
I phone 'X'pensive
Anil Manjhi (11 days ago)
Berry nice phone
Wtmc (12 days ago)
I’m switching to galaxy this is the same shit as the iphone 6.
it's soo wandfall
Ske Ma Men (12 days ago)
Thanks bro...!
Spike Da dog (12 days ago)
I just got the iPhone 10. And wow, it is amazing, respects to Apple. Expensive? Yes, but worth the buck if you got the money 👌🏻
Bethany Ellie (13 days ago)
He just drops it face forward when he first opens it what the heck
Keon Gooding (13 days ago)
John Paul
Rayyu Ufis (13 days ago)
I subscribed !!!
Baeby Baste (13 days ago)
Is this phone good for gaming?
RUDHRESH KUMAR (13 days ago)
ITS 2023 and its still a sexy phone. Sad to see marq now that he is no more.
Gaming Guys 1,2,3 (13 days ago)
Ah, the iPhone Xmoji
MurryCoolz HD (14 days ago)
Hes just happy hes ganna unbox
Blue Creeper Playz (14 days ago)
You’re lucky Marques
Rory Hd (14 days ago)
I love iPhone X
Jobs mine (14 days ago)
The biggest advantage of iPhones is their IOS. As long as Android phones don’t get to make their OS better, they won’t much the iPhones. Apple will always out-edge them all.
GAMERS CLUB (14 days ago)
Sir you are my favorite youtube... Love your videos... And sir i wish if you could giveaway me a iphone 5s or any iphone please sir please..
Mir Aftash (14 days ago)
Hey bro.. vl u plzz gv me this half eaten apple... I have 500$ saving til now
Ntsako Phakula (14 days ago)
Watched this video like 5 times😢
ashen lakshita (14 days ago)
ashen lakshita (14 days ago)
well done
Roborav (14 days ago)
Ugly iPhone x and retarded looking with the stupid notch and too thin which makes the camera stick out again. It's a flop a failure nobody is buying it.
StuTTerBeatz (15 days ago)
Meh, I mean it’s cool. But they release iPhones every year. Besides, it’s not much more upgraded than my iPhone 7. And for the price, it’s really not worth it. I would get it if you’re looking to upgrade from a flip phone, or an old smart phone. But if you already have a nice Samsung, or apple phone, just don’t bother.
Hyun-seok Yang (15 days ago)
i phone x is fuckin trash
Person Thing (15 days ago)
That’s halarious I was listening to disarm just like 1 min agai
Who Killed Panda? (15 days ago)
i love your videos give me iphone x and vegana.
Balant Kansagara (15 days ago)
Jaii Corporate (16 days ago)
thanks, very informative and unbiased "professional review". since i have an older model iphone now, im just going to go for the newest: The X. As far as the selfie non-blurred background, some people may prefer Apple's version because it logs and tags someone with their "favorite site in the background, although yep not as clear as the pixel
Rura Son (16 days ago)
What is pixle 2?
Sami Chandio (16 days ago)
wish i can get this💔
juanito Merino (17 days ago)
Kealin 211 (17 days ago)
Do iPhone 4s

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