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Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

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iPhone X is finally here. This is the unboxing and... second impressions. iPhone X First Impressions: https://youtu.be/_HTXMhKWqnA Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Disarm by Alltta ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by Apple for video/review.
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Text Comments (25457)
Marques Brownlee (5 months ago)
So! It's finally here. Let me know what you want to see in upcoming videos 👀
Tintin 101 (14 days ago)
Marques Brownlee ya list comment bitch
UnsociableShah (1 month ago)
Marques Brownlee I live watching stuff I can't afford 😁
Demon Uy (2 months ago)
Abd Harith abd aziz (2 months ago)
shit phone...stop promoting ur shit phone in utube..your ads keep pop out every 5 minute...plus if ur iphone ia so great remove disable comment on ur video...fuk
clashing with rahul (3 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy j7 pro
Yashin (54 minutes ago)
I want to ask you a question do you think i should buy it i have i phone 6 but i want to change it
AbuBakesKakes (55 minutes ago)
what do you use to screen record
Good to know
Ayanna English (6 hours ago)
i hate my iPhone 7s plus it’s so irrelevant 😭
Harleen Dhami (8 hours ago)
Watching this on my iphone x😌
CerealKillah (10 hours ago)
Where can I get the wireless charger
JinThe Goblin (16 hours ago)
Can someone tell me why the ad of this phone got disabled comments?
SHEHZAAD (22 hours ago)
iPhone lover here but very sad about something. I have received and iPhone X & Galaxy S8 today. Tested both camera then became very embarrassed that S8's photos came out super rich, clear, vivid, noise free and full of life (both back & front), while the iPhone X's photos seemed like a little upgrade from 5s/6s but that same yellowish and dark tones, and the selfies was that noisy. Why Apple?? You had the best camera always! S8 didn't even have dual lenses. Scared to think about what S9 will do to you!
Alex Simon (1 day ago)
Pixel 2 make better pics
How much is iphone x i will buy because it cool
Eat This (1 day ago)
Why is there no iPhone 9 again?
Shadman Mirza (1 day ago)
Hey MKBHD, just wondering if a Samsung wireless charging dock would be compatible with the X. I'll be upgrading from a GS7 Edge soon and I want to know which accessories I will actually need to buy/replace.
Minal Rehan (1 day ago)
It is a clone the real one has the red wallpapers on its picture on the box
Inevy (2 days ago)
Who is watching this with the iphone x?
SwishOhJam (2 days ago)
I remember playing sims on my iphone 1 2 or 3 i forgot what iphone was it then years later iphone x came out time really goes fast
Bala (2 days ago)
Apple is on the fall! Either it stops milking their buyers or HUAWEI will become the next big thing! The X's camera is gross so is its price for what you get. I was looking forward to get me a X hoping that it was finally the phone I've been waiting for so long, but unfortunately ain't convinced that afterwards I won't feel like a big fool.
Fillythecheese Wu (2 days ago)
Did anybody notice that Dwayne Johnson was in marques Contacts???
Aaron The liberator (3 days ago)
First ever iPhone to lose home button 😢
ii UnicornGirl (3 days ago)
(Get ready for this flex) I’m 10 and I’ve ordered it for myself already
Please unbox & review on this product links
raghav verma (3 days ago)
Sir i hv discovered an iphone x bug which no one has discovered before and i would like you to do a video about it
avishek ghatak (4 days ago)
Hector Garcia CPA (4 days ago)
which camera did you use to film for this?
Kadia Germain (4 days ago)
Noshad Ahmed (5 days ago)
Abdul Rehman💪👆✌👌🌏🌏🌎🌍
Butrint Godanci (5 days ago)
I would like more iphone x plus.
Muaz Butt (5 days ago)
Who else is watching this on iphone x ??
Samrat B (5 days ago)
Fact, that the iphone is a 'perfect product' made of taxpayers money and perpetuating economic slavery. The Iphone contains several key components, previous developed by the US Military, using american tax-payers money. The phone also contains metals such as cerium, europium and neodymium which is mined by africans under the most miserable conditions - exploited in Congo by Belgian and American cartels. Eventually assembled by Foxcon, a industrial monopoly from Taiwan which employes 600,000 people of which many commit suicide every month] Little do most people care about the suffering and instead haggle over software updates for a faster life.
Ocular Gt (6 days ago)
I still have the 6 .
Ivan Evans (5 days ago)
Me too but i'm probly updating in the next couple of weeks
Aniket Sharma (7 days ago)
Apple is awesome
Devendra Kamble (7 days ago)
Realeasd5 Dragon (7 days ago)
Just Unboxed my iPhone X
Ivan Evans (5 days ago)
Do you like it?
Good Vibes (7 days ago)
thank you
I will get a iPhone x when I am 10 years old.
Legend legacy (8 days ago)
in getting one for my birthday(which is in 2 months) can't wait 😃😃😃
josh levesque (8 days ago)
What happen to Iphone 9
Shaqira Putri (9 days ago)
I want:((
Nipa Khan (9 days ago)
I pay to god.. someday I will get one😊😊😊
Aneeq Shahid (9 days ago)
Who else is watching this before going to buy
Ivan Evans (5 days ago)
Master Dude (9 days ago)
The google pixel 2’s camera looks like a iPhone 7
Prachi Pisharodi (9 days ago)
wait wait wait wait wait, YOU*RE FRIEDS WITH DWAYNE JHONSTON
nvrazlan (9 days ago)
I want those iphone x
Khalique Khan (10 days ago)
I got an i phone x for 1$
Macho Vines (10 days ago)
Good bro
Mangusta Speciala (10 days ago)
Doritos Spoodeeman (10 days ago)
"Everything that plays music and porn is fucking NASA to me" - Papa Franku
ibrahim311 Vlogs (11 days ago)
iPhone 8 product red
OldMonk PiltuBabu (11 days ago)
I phone is best
EchoDe Husky (11 days ago)
I'm still sitting here with the 4s...
Danger Barrel (11 days ago)
Why do i watch these? I already have one!
Luna's Room (11 days ago)
I just reviews his phone on my channel... And idk I'm not that hyped about it. It's actually not a review just my opinions on it 6 months after having the phone. You made me reconsider keeping though by making it look so dope.
M Adnan (11 days ago)
I want an explanation about the wireless charging. Can you? I am waiting.... Peace!✌️
Skulldest 11 (12 days ago)
Falon H (12 days ago)
Vote so he can see!!! Anan Rahman- A small youtuber with like 990 subs is tricking people into subscribing by telling them he's giving away "his iPhone x" he stole this video and muted your voice. Since I can't file for copyright since it's not my video Marques would have to do it himself so please let him see!!
Usha Rohilla (12 days ago)
Tory Takken (12 days ago)
I wanna see your dick in the full review
Josh Vargas (13 days ago)
The Lock is So Awesome.. but I Have a Question..when you Age.. Can the Cam can still Recognize you?? Pls really need Help
Laura (13 days ago)
i got a new iphone x tonight and i haven’t been able to use it because it’s been stuck up “updating icloud settings” for 2 hours! can anyone help?
Yellowtinycat :3 (13 days ago)
Can yiu giveaway iphone X
Shrestha Manish (13 days ago)
Apple no 1 brand in d world
Crystal Hensley (13 days ago)
oled will eventually leave burn spots.
Crystal Hensley (13 days ago)
oled will eventually leave burn spots
Crystal Hensley (13 days ago)
oled will eventually leave burn spots
AALO101 (14 days ago)
Watching on my 5s, Apple's best design.
Dead pool (14 days ago)
dude please tell us what the fuck is ur profession , what actually you do ?
Zakariya Mp (14 days ago)
This phone is amazing ....I luvd it
Scarface (14 days ago)
Is getting an iPhone X now worth it or should I wait for the new iPhone? I currently have an iPhone 7
MilatarSugar (14 days ago)
Woah u look like lecrae!
Daniel Flight w2w (14 days ago)
Best intro. Welcome to the unboxing
Mriam NAWAZ Khan (15 days ago)
Can you please make a video of iPhone x camera
Jsjshjf Jsjdjxjdj (15 days ago)
Note 8 is the King👌
Why you so Alex? (15 days ago)
Is it water proof?
Martin ms Martin ms (16 days ago)
hey I likes iPhone x :D
Anshu Sahu (16 days ago)
Hey give me iPhone x
Jeon Chaehyun (2 days ago)
north Eagle (16 days ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhhh old memories when i was 25 years old
north Eagle (16 days ago)
fuck this phone
Hristijan Krstevski (16 days ago)
perfect charger and also cool phone with metal sides ... but expensive, not everybody can afford it ...
shondell hill (16 days ago)
Buy me one
B defonzo (16 days ago)
Put it back in the box and return it!
Joe Fernando (16 days ago)
Does it have airpods??
Owsvaldo Zuniga (16 days ago)
I thought I was waching Logan Paul
Nike (17 days ago)
AbdulMuiz Khan (18 days ago)
Truly the best unboxing vid. Number of views keeps rising every month.
BLAD3_03 (18 days ago)
Imagine an iphone Xc haha
Sandip Samanta (18 days ago)
How do I back?
Janathan gamer Archu (18 days ago)
NewTech (18 days ago)
The best phone in all world
RronYT - Vlogs & More (19 days ago)
Im watching this on a iphone x
Nour Says (19 days ago)
It’s funny how ppl hate apple yet it’s their most viewed video
blurry face (19 days ago)
Now Apple can send out pictures to data companies for money.
Sameer Qureshi (19 days ago)
😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃so nice
Famous musicallys (19 days ago)
I'm getting one today
Kel Rapunzel Ciftliği (19 days ago)
ipone x aldım suya dayanıklı diye satıyorlar bir kere yağmurlu havada foto çektim telefon mortingen oldu ... suya dayanıklı diye kanmayın su ile teması halinde garanti kabul etmiyor
Rob Jj97 (20 days ago)
The only Apple products I can afford are apple slices apple sauce apple juice and apples
Harry Potter (20 days ago)
Seeing how you spend £1000 on this phone I would expect the boxing to be a little bit more than the typical iPhone boxes
Duvic16 (20 days ago)
I'm so sorry but I bought the 8
CosmicGumballz (20 days ago)
10M for the X!
Amber_ Playz (20 days ago)
Does it work with mystic messenger?

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