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Uber Exec Bozoma Saint John: 'I feel like a hustler...

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Bozoma Saint John, Chief Brand Officer at Uber, says she feels there is a "spotlight" on her as an African-American female executive in Silicon Valley.

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sonyapeach (2 months ago)
She is awesome.
Bond Pyant (2 months ago)
OMG! Why haven't we African-Americans heard of this Incredible woman! Oprah who? Beauty, brains, drive, heart, Beauty, Beauty, Beauty! I gasped out loud when I saw her! I've truly never seen a more Gorgeous woman in my life!
LeAnne Roberts (3 months ago)
Her story is so beautiful.
chench (4 months ago)
nice diversity hire
800mEric (1 month ago)
Look at her resume before talking fucboi
LeAnne Roberts (3 months ago)
HERRO where do you work?
Born Justice Rule (4 months ago)
She has Divine Brilliance and Beauty exuding from her presence and speech. #OnPoint
loremipsum99 (4 months ago)
Last call for all Africans to invade the US.
Jonte Ded (4 months ago)
loremipsum99 I’d say that if anyone invaded America, it would be Europeans.
Champ Fisk (4 months ago)
You say first Black woman?? This lady is clearly African and it appears that there is a mistake being made when referencing Black. This lady is African, not an American Black that is presented on media in abhorrent manners
M D (2 months ago)
I was born in Tokyo (and am white)... what do you mean "having the features of an American" ?
LeAnne Roberts (3 months ago)
Rafael Blanco she was born in Ghana
Champ Fisk (4 months ago)
Rafael Blanco perhaps I will be in Japan when my kid is born and maybe that will make he or she Japanese.......albeit having the features of an American.
Rafael Blanco (4 months ago)
She was born in Connecticut!
Temitayo A (4 months ago)
such a role model
Bilbo Beutlin (4 months ago)
“Proud woman”, “Insert statement about brave women”-here. Can we just stop this bullshit. This idea that young women aren’t in tech because they don’t have role models is just bs. Talk to any psychologist, and he will tell you that different people have different interests. Do you think it’s a coincidence that 90% of all veterinarians at college are women? 70% of biologists at college are women. Economics it’s about 50%. Hire the best women and men, that you can find. Don’t be google and promote people based on their skin color/ownership of a vagina.

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