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Basics of Medical Malpractice Law

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Medical malpractice attorney Robert David joins the Louisiana law talk show "John Redmann: Power of Attorney," to help John Redmann and Shauna Sanford go over the need-to-know basics of medical malpractice or medical negligence. Watch whole episodes and get more helpful law info at JRPOA.com.
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Marcelle Lewis (24 days ago)
16 years ago an operation was not sewed up fully. My navel started turning black and because of pain and other things further investigation discovered the sinus suture and a cyst. This is 16 years later. I have had many medical issues that seem to have been misdiagnosed and I have been sick for the full 16 years being in and out of medical care. So does the current issue make the case current?
Bob Herron (2 months ago)
There ought to be No statue of Limitation
Aaa A (3 months ago)
At the Advanced diagnostic surgical center 1668 s Garfield ave Alhambra california 91801 they are purposely inserting a foreign device into their patients without their knowledge or consent. (626) 308 9000
John Whittaker (4 months ago)
I find it So Humorous all these attorneys Talking about Rights and its such Bullshit. I just pulled it up. a man in Alabama Gets foot stuck in a whole on a Pallet picking up a watermelon at a Walmart store. He gets 7.5 Million Dollars. I have nurses notes Times dates Documentation I have Neurologist Reports. She tested my Arm and Hand after I had two IV Infiltrations. My Thumb goes Numb all the time. i Have Nerve Damage. Her report." Tested 10 muscles 5 came back with abnormal reading" it also goes on to say. "Intermittent Signal Interference" When asked is that why my thumb goes Numb all the time? Answer Yes. Any attorneys want to go after Satilla Hospital Waycross Ga.?
J M (5 months ago)
This 1 year or 3 year rule of statute of limitation is nonesense. Wrong doing or crime by doctors is not erased by time.
Magician Technician (5 months ago)
Mr.David’s forecast of suites per state assumes every state in the USA has an equal population. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Hope he has better logic when litigating.
Liam Mason (7 months ago)
My son has been harmed due to a medical professional’s error in the hospital. Can you please recommend an experienced medical malpractice attorney to fight for us?
Emily Charlotte (7 months ago)
If you have been hurt as a result of a medical professional’s error, the skillful and experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Rockland Injury Lawyers can help. At Rockland Injury Lawyers, we believe that if you have suffered due to a medical professional’s error, you deserve fair compensation. Contact us today. Ref: http://www.rocklandinjurylaw.com/medical-malpractice/
Ann Holliday (10 months ago)
Your mind is so mess up for yrs..
王玉林 (11 months ago)
My son is a 10-year-old boy. He underwent unfortunate medical experience and suffered physical and mental damages due to two consecutive misdiagnosis in Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo (abbreviated as “WCHOB”). My son was sent to Emergency Department of WCHOB for four times and also was hospitalized for four times between November 13, 2016 through February 19, 2017. Due to the negligence and malpractice of doctors, my son was misdiagnosed with acute hyperglycemia at the time of his first Emergency Department visit on November 13, 2016, and was misdiagnosed with acute gastroenteritis at the second Emergency Department visit on November 16, 2016. During first two hospitalizations, my son was treated with IV fluids to prevent from dehydration, and was discharged from the hospital though my son was still complaining of abdominal pain. However, the first two times of misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment made my son got worse, and was found to have ruptured appendix with an serious abscess that was found at the third time of my son’s Emergency Department visit of WCHOB on November 27, 2016, so my son had to have a surgery of drainage of abdominal abscess. However, two months after my son was discharged from hospital, on February 12, 2017, my son felt extremely painful in his abdomen again, and was sent to Emergency Department of WCHOB at the fourth time. By CT scan, my son was found to have a bowel obstruction caused by last inflammation. Then next day, my son was given the surgery of open appendectomy and stayed in the hospital for 7days at this time. Since my son had suffered great physical and mental damage caused by doctors misdiagnosis and malpractice, I complained to Family Centered Care Coordinator of WCHOB, Ann Maghran on April 21, 2017. Mrs Ann Maghran arranged a meeting for me to discuss my son’s care and treatment with the hospital on May 10, 2017. Because of language and professional barriers, I invited my friend Dr Xiao who works at Mercy Hospital Buffalo to attend the meeting. The representatives from the hospital included Pediatric Surgeon named Carroll Harmon, Pediatrician named Frank, P. Carnevale and Risk Manager named Kathleen Posenjak and Mrs Ann Maghran. In the meeting, the hospital side admitted that doctors had missed symptoms of appendicitis at second time of my son's Emergency Department visit. Finally, we also discussed compensation, and WCHOB said that they would look back the previous cases and evaluate my claim of compensation for about 30days. However after 50 days, they gave me an unjust report, they completely denied the facts of their misdiagnosis, and they refused my claim of compensation. I desire to sue the hospital because my son suffered a lot caused by doctors’ malpractice.
Ann Holliday (10 months ago)
It's sad what these doc.. get away with...
Ann Holliday (1 year ago)
it has been said its better to kill a million than to control a million, do u understand.
blogger88 (1 year ago)
There is no medical malpractice law in my country...
Kim Medley (1 year ago)
Medical malpractice is due to half of practicing doctors being on drugs while they are doctoring.
Oli ilO (2 years ago)
I want to argue that time of discovery counts as statue of limitations recount
Beach Mouse (3 years ago)
This is why more people are going pro se. Know your state statutes and keep up with decisions by higher courts concerning those statutes. Know the difference between statute of limitations and of repose in your state. You aren't always out of luck after 3 years or held to a cap! Depends on your state and laws may still be on the books even after being held unconstitutional. Lawyers just want your $$.  
The dentist tore my mouth.  He also has an unleashed dog that charges early patients and barks in there faces throughout the clinic. The dentist almost killed me today he spent 3 hours on one wisdom tooth that was under the skin he couldn't pull it and ripped both sides of my mouth prying. Then he was grinding it next to a main artery. Right in the middle of it he slaps his legs and says I QUIT stiches it up then decides to send me to a different dentist 2 hours away. His insecurity grew and so did his stress anger and shakiness pacing back and forth then he decides to cut the stiches and try again. Later walking down the road I had my wife call 911 the blood was gushing.  The pain in his dentist chair was horrible when he was prying at the tooth he slipped a few times and stabbed me in the throat ! He was putting in  stiches and cussed because he lost the needle he was stitching with. I think it went down my esophagus because he don't have a spit sink only a sucker hose. The blood was so deep in my throat I was making snoring sounds and was forced to swallow. He was rude and said whatever when I told him about pain. When my tongue was numb it was hard to feel if it was going up by my teeth a smidge after 3 hours and he said Keep your tongue the hell out of the way. I thank the heavenly Father I made it home alive. It was awful and I'll never ever ever go back to him even to get the stiches taken out.  IT may sound funny but I lost some hearing from todays procedure the EMS said there's a nerve that runs from your back teeth to your ear. I hope it comes back after the swelling goes down. I told the dentist immediately after the procedure that my hearing was messed up on that side only. He replied 'It's all in your head' and later confronting him he agreed there are nerves like that  the dentist egotistical response was EMS don't know nothing and was in complete denial about my hearing. The swelling caused the hearing problem. I need to get my neck x-rayed to see if the needle is in there or it's one of the spots he stabbed me as it hurts and there's nerve damage on the whole left cheek and lip.
Robert O'Leary (3 years ago)
How many millions did u win and did they pull his license after fining him.
Shaunt1 (3 years ago)
I was the victim of medical malpractice! Also kidnapped & held hostage for 25 days!
Rob Nye (3 years ago)
Great video. Most people don't understand the importance of choosing a dedicated injury attorney.
Ashton Anderson (4 years ago)
I'm in. Malpractice case right now 5-21-14 and it is not easy because you have to prove Evidence against the Phyciatrists involved you.usually need an. Independent. MD to win a Subtantial amount of damages( Compensation )
feathers437 (4 years ago)
The older dude...is it just me..or is he constipated?
theothertroll (1 year ago)
it's you - you have brain damage
Ann Holliday (4 years ago)
type in do doctors have the right to have your child put to death
Ann Holliday (3 years ago)
Some of these doctors are straight killing and getting away with it.
Ann Holliday (4 years ago)
well if a doctor gave medicine that he know is bad would that be mm. also it's said to run this medicine 24-48 hrs and this doctor run it until it destroy the person life and he would not stop it.
Ann Holliday (1 year ago)
Ryann Lagattuta Suit yourself......
Ryann Lagattuta (1 year ago)
Ann Holliday Spoken like a true pill head! Lmmfao
Ntlopi Mogoru (1 year ago)
medical malpractice exists and please know your rights

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