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Android - How to Change the Layout

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Skip to 1:13 to start the tutorial. Skip to 3:06 to get the one line of code I actually use to change the layout. The line of code to change the layout is the following: setContentView(R.layout.yourLayoutName); How to create a new Activity in Android: Coming Soon. Is anyone looking to start a website? You need web hosting and domain registration. Each cost money. I'm with DreamHost and I honestly love them as a hosting company. If you start a website, go to DreamHost (http://dreamhost.com) and use my promo code "MIKEYAWORSKI1" to get free domain registration! That's one fee off the list, now all you need to do is pay for the web hosting. At DreamHost, it's cheap for what you get ($8.95/month). It's one of the best deals out there. My website: http://mikeyaworski.com http://code.mikeyaworski.com http://math.mikeyaworski.com My contact information and social media: http://mikeyaworski.com/contact
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Kamal Alipour (2 months ago)
tnx , very good

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