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The Insurance Case Is Done!

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In todays episode were doing some roll cage research, were working on frame rails, and were talking the end of the insurance case on the tow truck driver accident. Huge thanks to Jamie at http://garagedoorspdx.com/ for the help with the door, if you need any door help i highly recommend him! ❱ Shop - http://bisforbuild.com/ ❱ Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/user?u=3364742 ❱ Facebook - http://facebook.com/bisforbuild ❱ Instagram - http://instagram.com/bisforbuild ❱ Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/bisforbuild Music: Fareoh - Cloud Ten
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James Pourroy (4 hours ago)
Hey Chris, saw you were struggling with the Porta Band Saw, SWAG offroad makes Porta Bandsaw tables, you should hit them up and check them out. V3 works with the Bauer you have.
jeremie manninen (19 hours ago)
lucky for you the damage on the BMW and Mercedes are things you can do yourself so that saves a lot of money there
moxl (1 day ago)
Why don't you start using a bandsaw ? It's not that expensive and it's perfect for what your're doing. it's very precise and if you add a bit of weight to it, it'll cut itself
KARTS (2 days ago)
Charles Courser (2 days ago)
shouldn't you put the front drops where they can grab the bolt holes for the rear of the front sub frame to allow you to finish bolting that up?
Charles Courser (2 days ago)
i think it's cool you use Max for your plans, but as a convert from Max to Vectorworks, i can tell you, moving into a proper CAD platform, is SO much better for things like that. you should give it a look, or even Autocad or fusion, i like VW for some of the tools it has for my industry but it'd work great for what your doing too.
misk one (3 days ago)
chris don't stress about what you disclose to us about the insurance situation, you explained it well and don't owe anyone anything more than you told us.
Ben Lu (4 days ago)
Hey chris, check out the way these guys brace the door, looks pretty good http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/79649-progress-on-my-insane-vq35hr-240z-project/?page=3
D Grambo (4 days ago)
Anthony Ryan (4 days ago)
This guy built a similar 280z from scratch u could get alot of tips on how to build ur https://youtu.be/f0vb8JFwFog
John Renner (5 days ago)
I do have to admit it you have a sh$t ton of internet engineers comment on your builds
BenFenner (5 days ago)
8:22 In what world? IN WHAT WORLD would there EVER be an unbalanced force pushing on the middle of the frame rail?! I can't believe that is the reason they won't be widened! Not to mention there will be a cage preventing them from being able to deform upwards. The engine mounts had me triggered enough, but now I'm just absolutely baffled. It's been weeks and I just can't subscribe to this channel. The lunacy knows no bounds.
Tejpal Parmar (5 days ago)
I can’t be stuffed watching these long af videos
Ubaid Memon (5 days ago)
Thanks for being honest about the Insurance
Riley Davis (5 days ago)
Carl Pearce (5 days ago)
Measure once, cut twice.. oh wait... :)
Matthew Reimer (5 days ago)
You think it's going to more then 2400 to straighten the body? I think you're nuts, this coming from a guy who has had cars in body shops through their life.
Art Of /or Ask (5 days ago)
well the 240 would be more because its a collector car, and retro body techs are not cheap on the work they do if thats the value. i think you should find an collector car appraiser to get a better reference. but this is just my opinion
Eddie Poku (5 days ago)
e34Boat (5 days ago)
spray paint the welds with zink spray so you dont need to deal with rust so much in the end
Chad Woodward (5 days ago)
Did he say there's nothing going on in front of the pedal box? Does he realize he doesn't have any manifolds/exhaust on the motor...? B is for Busted!
pavel1809 (5 days ago)
Now look like a car lol
Mr Anonnymous (5 days ago)
Here in Australia, Once you have excepted the offer from an insurance company you cannot ask for more money later. You have to reject their first offer until you're happy with the money or go to court.
motherfuckerbitchho1 (5 days ago)
Dry owe you 10k for the time lost
Kirill Chumov (5 days ago)
I’m sure you’ve seen people comment this already but I highly recommend you check out Street Banditos build on their carbon fiber 240z. They have many cool tips and trick and maybe you might want to even carbon fiber the fairlady like them? Keep up the good work. Really inspiring
Eli Duvall (6 days ago)
150 year old roll cages must be bad ass. Forged with old horse shoes. HAHA
MaxGamingyt3 (6 days ago)
oof subaru
Fraser Cassells (6 days ago)
Curious why you don’t use a cutoff saw? I have really good success with all kinds of fabrication using one ..ie: https://bestpowersaws.com/steel-chop-saw-for-certain-uses/
Kevin Allen (6 days ago)
I would have stepped the frame rail outboard to the stock rocker panels of the Z. Would have been much tidier and far better for seat room and not having frame dangling under the rocker area
Noah (6 days ago)
that happened fast it took 6 months to settle my insurance case
Jeb Bush (6 days ago)
So glad you went out for a second opinion. You might not like the criticism but you can always repair cars but not bodies
Stefan Mulder (6 days ago)
Nice build. Bro. Greats from Holland
joe Z (6 days ago)
Really hope this comes out better than the RX7, saw the car in person, man, lots of shortcuts and didnt even finish the paint properly, leaving runs all over.
ZMO999 (6 days ago)
The shell is twisted, the doors won’t close, the car won’t seal properly!!!!
elias cardoza (6 days ago)
Okay um u probly not into paint yet but pearl midnight blue you should look into
r4dius (6 days ago)
This frame cutting thing is getting dumb, you better restart it clean from scratch
Brett Powers (6 days ago)
Very nice job!!!
Gascans (6 days ago)
jesus how far are those rear wheels going to stick out? has he got a widebodykit for it
Parknest (6 days ago)
Chris, don't accept their first offer. If they refuse to budge take the money and run. Say no more until everything's settled in full.
Arden Nielsen (6 days ago)
I could have taken engineering in collage but my mother got cancer and blew $200'000.00 on drugs over 3 years... me and my sisters were going to have something to start with to be self sustainable right out of high school and be independent of home, but she blew everything engorging herself buying useless things and drugs. I can remember going picking Saskatoon's on the farm to make pie but never seeing a pie. She had many kinds of cancer, because of her the doctor thinks that I have the same sickness but that is only one side of the coin.
mtktm (6 days ago)
One thing I want to point out, and I'm glad you haven't designed in just yet, is the cross/harness bar. For you that don't know, You don't want to put in the harness bar, UNTIL you have the seat placement done. Reason, If you have the bar too low and you get in a crash, the harness will force your shoulders down, causing spinal compression. You want to have the bar placement, using the angle of the harness from the shoulder to the bar, about 6~10 degrees.
lim3lif3 (6 days ago)
Everyone that called me dumb and said I was wrong for thinking the frame rails were too high can suck my macro dick.
Wer Auchimmer (6 days ago)
CAD = cardboard aide design
AmbiVe (6 days ago)
The turbo is just shy and the wheel well is its safe space. You know as well as I do that none of my projects are ever "done" ;)
Governor Gibbs (6 days ago)
Cleetus is adding the X on the “doors” of LeRoy as well.
blindabinda123 (6 days ago)
Instead of doing the gussets I think I would weld in a diagonal piece going from the bottom rail to the top frame rail at an opposite 45 degree angle with a double 22.5 degree miter cut mating with the inside corners of bottom rail \/______\/ like that
Wael waleed (6 days ago)
Am an Automobile engineer, Ant questions?
CastuhV2 (6 days ago)
you don't want the seat landing right next to the main hoop, cause then how are you going to put a harness bar in?
blindabinda123 (6 days ago)
As long as you don't shoot up in your arm it should be good. Lol
Waseem H (6 days ago)
I am so excited for this build🙂
Andrew Soltani (6 days ago)
He begrudgingly accepts the $2400
Colby Murphy (6 days ago)
So if anyone is confused by what he's saying about the insurance, here's a quick breakdown. Insurance is valuing his 240z damage at $2400, repairable. Pretty straightforward, they think it can be repaired for that much or less. However, Chris is suggesting that the loss of wages from not having a car to work on *might* be greater than that, or that the repair cost *might* be greater. Also, he is not using the damaged body, regardless. In fact, I believe he said he already bought a new one. It was that or he had one picked out that he was going to buy, per a stream from last week.
Andrew Cepeda (6 days ago)
What program are you using to design the 3-d render of the roll cage?
cuddle team leader (6 days ago)
when will the shop restore? because I really want the B is for build flag!!!!!
Great work - Great channel ... BisforBuild it your way and don't listen to the begrudgers ... Good luck from Ireland..
Thomas Moser (6 days ago)
i have to laugh so hard about the comments, people try to give him constructive criticism and some keyboard heroes instand flag them as haters * facepalm *
Eddie 84 (6 days ago)
Before you cut the original rail would it be best to put the roll cage in, would imagine its gong to pull and twist as you weld and end up with a banana. Might have been said already but worth considering
Carlos Daniel Sousa (6 days ago)
It's just me or is this car going to be really heavy??
PeppeRoshi Pizza (6 days ago)
For the door bars, just follow the drifting way, theyre wide which is what your want (gotta cut the inner door skin) but theyre low enough to get in and out of easily. More like what you see for amateur drifting vs Pro 1 e.g Taylor Ray Miata, Adamlz s13 :)
Robert Kulej (6 days ago)
Wow you’re so anxious in the last part I hope everything turns out well for you
stonemason90 (6 days ago)
I think he's hooking you up on this one, as it sat the shell wasn't worth much. what he did was give you 100 short of blue book so you can keep the body and buy another so you don't lose all the work you've already done.
stonemason90 (6 days ago)
they take the car and all of its parts in a total loss, meaning everything associated with it which could potentially even be the frame your working on.
Brendan Taylor (6 days ago)
"Dive Down" Count: 43,597
Jack on the Farm (6 days ago)
As a mechanical engineer with welding/fab skills, I can tell you it is a mistake on the frame drop down to have the horizontal frame rail end cut at 90 degrees and the drop transition cut at 45 degrees. You have not maximized the joint strength and have left a hole to be filled. I like you and your videos, but I think I would redo this.
If you have any sort of hard crash with "your" frame rail that weld point is just gonna bend in half like a pickup truck bed... You really don't want that. My best bit of advice I can give you is; 1. load test diffrent angles welded together with the length that needs to drop down. 2. gather results and see which gives the best impact/ load resistance. 3. Use that for the part you need to drop down. Don't skimp on structural integrity of the chassis as that presents a weak spot which could cause serious issues.
Kareem (6 days ago)
18:20 - 21:30 Insurance case
cworl Pop (6 days ago)
Hey man great vid u gotta make a table 2 hold the band saw so u can utilize it's max capability
TYÄ_MIÄS (6 days ago)
I don't understand why are you doing the framerails like that. Why you don't just widen the framerails that much that they are closer to the body off the car?
TYÄ_MIÄS (6 days ago)
If you mean those short rails that come out of the framerail, i didn't anything like that...
Tony FromIT (6 days ago)
watch the damn video before commenting. Before you say you did, just stop and watch it and see how I know you didn't.
Alex Verity (6 days ago)
B is for Bodge
Just a guy (6 days ago)
hey assholes!!!!!!! why dont you hit that LIKE button?????? you dont realise it helps chris???? FUCKING HIT IT
Kyle Wise (6 days ago)
Hey man I just want to say I've been watching since just before the evora and seeing how much you've grown is amazing. Thanks for being a genuinely great person and for showing so much awesome content. We appreciate you Chris 🤙
Zero link (6 days ago)
That Subaru at PRE tho
Aye It's Scott (6 days ago)
JTM2007 (6 days ago)
Not loving this build as much as others so glad your having a break from it still watching and liking but looking forward to the next break already, I am sure it's gonna be cool once it's done but I think I will start enjoying it more once the main fab work is done.
Mike Forward (6 days ago)
I think it's "funny" that he is borderline insulting to all the people that comment. Because obviously if you're a web designer, that can use some crap CAD software then you know so much more than any; welder, fabricator, car builder, mechanic or engineer. Right solid logic. I mean it's horrible that all those people just want you to have a successful build and to insure your saftey, which is good considering you've had more insurance claims than I've had hot dinners.
Mike Forward (6 days ago)
kuppajava McGuillicutty I actually wasn't trying to troll.. merely voicing an opinion. Sorry that is cancerous. If you think everything is so wonderful then check out the video of the YouTuber that bought his rx7
Wow, this channel sounds terrible for you! You should leave and never come back to teach us all a lesson for not listening to your meaningless blatherings of "wisdom"! ... Seriously though, just piss off. It's trolls like you and the angry nonsense you spew that make this comment section so cancerous, keeping good info from making it to the builder.
Michael Crilly (6 days ago)
b is for engineering
Chris R (6 days ago)
Look, you've got all sorts of leverage here for the 240z body. As you know you do not have to accept their offer of XXXX amount for the repair or replacement of the body. It's a rare car and will take time to find the right replacement and meanwhile you are trying to finish a project for your company. You should straight up tell them you need more than that and I bet they give you a bit more without a problem.
Murilo CAD (6 days ago)
Instead of cutting 45 degrees why don't you cut 22,5 degrees so the edges of each steel piece matches.
BAYN Mods (6 days ago)
lol. dude stop driving up my insurance .
Eric Horlbeck (6 days ago)
Are you going to keep it auto or will you eventually swap in a manual trans?
Joseph Barnes (6 days ago)
Great Job
Tassos Geo (6 days ago)
at least fix the m5 yourself dont leave it like that its so clean when its repaired plz
Pino Catozzo (6 days ago)
I pretty much love Chris's rants. You always know he'll pause, he'll "ehmm", he'll cut footage :D btw glad to know that insurance bs are coming along and end is near. also the frame work seems convincing, I don't think it'll be flimsy (once is gasketed and rollcaged). Keep up the amazing work :)
Heath Hansen (6 days ago)
I agree with others that you should maybe lawyer up and get what your owed out of the insurance company. They need to pay for all your time lost from working and making progress on your builds. They would have to fork it out to anybody else that lost time from there job. Also don't settle for peanuts on the 240z. Those cars are so rare now and hard to find. I know your attached to it but think of what's fair and owed to you from the accident that was not your fault. Hope everything works out in your favor.
Costy Nicolescu (6 days ago)
Hey, all. I have found these guys also building a 240 Z and they also have similar design for the door reinforcements. See here: https://youtu.be/M4C-TGrXywE?t=12m45s
Heath Hansen (6 days ago)
Hi Chris. I am from Crescent Oregon and I am a mechanic and buy and fix cars. I also buy from Copart auto auctions. My buddy Todd from UNWRECKED has mentioned you in his builds a few times so I have checked you out and I really enjoy your builds bro. I really enjoy working on automobiles. I just wished I started my builds earlier in my 20's. The older you get the harder it is getting up and down under cars. I hoping to have my 1993 Ford Mustang Hatch build done this summer. I been working on it for 2yrs. I took out the 4cyl and put in a 5.0 HO with a c4. Getting the ECM tomorrow and hope to get it started finally. :)
Rambo the gamer 33 (6 days ago)
Nice video What is the program you make 3d builds on??
Chris F (6 days ago)
What is the name of the song you play every time you started to work on this episode? I really like it that guitar sounds dope
MadCarTK (6 days ago)
One week later: "Hey guys, I got a Prowler from Copart!!"
Tempered Rain (6 days ago)
I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration to me because of how much hard work you put into each day. Never stop uploading Chris. Thank you.
Blinka Bot (6 days ago)
Hi chris. To my opinion you can use the wheels allready as support and real leveler.. Love your work
WingManGT (6 days ago)
I wanna see a motorcycle powered smart car project :). That would be awesome.
Boosted C7 Z06 (6 days ago)
This car is going to fall apart in an accident
Ben Wehrmann (6 days ago)
Best way would be plug welding a plate either side then cap it off when you cut out the middle upper portion. All similar to a z notch. Check out some minitruck builds.
Bo007 Duke (6 days ago)
Chris, love ya dude, I believe you....lol. I trust your decision making and there with be a lot of genuine dudes in the comments that will help you out.
Levi McCombe (6 days ago)
tell me you're putting the seat in the center?? :D
psychotyty94 (6 days ago)
Personally I think the insurance company should consider the Datsun to be totaled and payout and amount that suitable for the value of a Datsun. However the complication there is the value of your Datsun right now is essentially scrap metal. Because obviously majority of people see how the car is cut in half and wouldn't spend anything on it
Richard Fenlon (6 days ago)
There should be an Ireland expansion
STRGHTSXBNZ (6 days ago)
B is for Buy a Prowler
StDuz (6 days ago)
this project is crazy
Angus D. Campbell (6 days ago)
Hey Chris, all, what's the music at 1:12? I have an E60 M5 so very interested in how this build will turn out.

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