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Casey Neistat Studio Tour!

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What's in Casey Neistat's video studio! Casey Neistat: https://www.youtube.com/CaseyNeistat What's On: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBsP89CPrMeN9Rq-uKFXoW-v-A3oySuHh Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (7046)
CaseyNeistat (9 months ago)
not gonna make too big of a deal of it but at 2:25 that is NOT a 2x4 that's a 7" x 3/4' pine plank. also, in a totally not biased-in-any-way kinda way, this is def the best video you've ever made.
Chava Draws (26 days ago)
CaseyNeistat has
jonh hancock (27 days ago)
ezekiel cruz yeah you really are. Pos
Denae Rangel (1 month ago)
CaseyNeistat you are the most amazing inspirational man on this earth. Like my God.
Yinny Herrid (3 days ago)
Will there be more in the series?
SirDeNacho (3 days ago)
if someone ever broke into his studio they could make so much money alone just from the broken stuff.
ApeVlogs (4 days ago)
What if earthquake hit?
Deathrape2001 (4 days ago)
Yes all the many weapons the kike wields 2 fart his endless "KILLWHITEY!" bull$hit... & his pet blackie (you) promoting his (ONLY) Black (CRIMINAL) Lives Matter nonsense 4 O'ButtWipe & Billary ROFL!!!
Double_OR_Nothin (5 days ago)
I wonder what would happen if there was an earthquake i the NY area that casey is in and all of his things fells and got broken :(
O.D.H TV (6 days ago)
take my salam from bangladesh
Rohith Kumar (7 days ago)
Does he always have godfather on the loop behind?
benjaminh (8 days ago)
whats the name of the mashed potatoes thing Video???
Ali Tahir (9 days ago)
Just loved it 😍 I love how he has managed and arranged everything perfectly. Very Desciplined 👍
InfiniteTech TV (10 days ago)
MKBHD. That's not Ongoing thing by 20syl. Which is that intro track please let me know..
Morsa Viajera (11 days ago)
Wow so many GB of storage to be organized... Its time to call Linus! xD
Evan Hocking (11 days ago)
Please tour peter McKinnon’s setup
Peekaboo H. (15 days ago)
i wonder how much he pays for electricity
Fahmi Bahrin (15 days ago)
how many plugs do you have in that studio
Godfather screensaver?? WTF!!??
Zen Arcane Builders (16 days ago)
Damn this video is pretty sweet.
TheKb07 (16 days ago)
so basically, half of the place is filled with junk.
Greg Clarke (16 days ago)
His camera setup reminds me of a drug dealer I used to know.
Joey Max TV (16 days ago)
Casey if you ever move, whoever helps you is a true friend! I bet he would pack it all himself though.
autistic meatsack (17 days ago)
how much are his electricity bills? A lot I bet.
Peyton The Producer (17 days ago)
what I want to know, how the hell does Casey have the godfather one and two on repeat on a screensaver?
Logan 13579 (17 days ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if this place became an IKEA store
Henk Saeri (19 days ago)
Marques i subscribe to your channel
Stephen Cortez (19 days ago)
I wonder what his power bill is.
Trek Ryder (19 days ago)
Just catching this now. My favorite mkbhd video so far.
Wiliam Kizell (19 days ago)
When will there be an episode 2?
David Sanders (19 days ago)
Not my style, but EPIC none the less.
Abonx (19 days ago)
Casey Neistat Studio Tour! - One can see that a lot of hard work, passion & dedication went into building this. BIG THUMBS UP!
Review Reviver (21 days ago)
Why do you (Casey) keep broken stuff?
Ame (21 days ago)
What's the electricity bill
Xander Goedgezelschap (23 days ago)
his studio is worth thousands of dollars it's sickkkk
BlakeGM (24 days ago)
His electric bill must be insane.
This is National Art men Your watching a mastet masterpiece
Shay Merlin Cormac (25 days ago)
I wonder how much he pays for power?
Manveer (26 days ago)
when are you going to make another video like this.
Kenroy Gobourne (27 days ago)
Where the other studio tours at tho?
Oussama Reghis (28 days ago)
what i want just for the first time i think i'm in casey neistat channel but really i wrong and i I laughed for my selves
biocybernaut (29 days ago)
Wzrd (30 days ago)
That must take a lot of power :D
mniezo (30 days ago)
Quang Anh Nguyễn (30 days ago)
Why not Linus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Akilan Vignesh (30 days ago)
We need episode 2
Galvaxatron (1 month ago)
If I ever end up in a nuclear bunker to ride out a nuclear winter I hope someone like Casey Neistat is in the same vault as me.
quesera (1 month ago)
That two Mju ii's though.
Souvik Mukherjee (1 month ago)
What's that widget on your phone? I always wanted to ask.
Freddie Hsiao (1 month ago)
How good is his fire protection? Things he had could turn into bombs easily.
Pete AO (1 month ago)
Hoarder lv 1000000
*Top Ten Anime Crossovers*
Ghost's Paradise (1 month ago)
This is the best studio I have ever seen
enoeth (1 month ago)
So many surveillance cameras. I wonder if he's ever had an major incident prior to that. Or are they just precautionary measures?
Muhammad Mundir (1 month ago)
@CaseyNeistat with super studio
blacksheep (1 month ago)
Pavel Adamek (1 month ago)
I love his work and style and wife (she is very much like mine, slightly bitchy yet sweet) but I will be spoiling this by saying that having camera batteries on constant recharge is not good for them, nor is it good for the electric bill, as mentioned below... but I admit that it is supposed to be PRACTICAL, i.e. fully charged at all times.
TokenAsianGuy (1 month ago)
Stunningly unique studio. Thanks for sharing, guys.
jonathan zach (1 month ago)
looks so boring to be sitting and editing all by yourself all day. I would go nuts sitting alone without nay people around.
The Dormuns (1 month ago)
That’s the best studio/man cave ever!!! 😳🙌🏿👏🏿👊🏿
Kluivert Chikukwa (1 month ago)
Like I actually had that blue and silver cam a few years ago
Louis Gould (1 month ago)
I can’t imagine how much money that totals up to
Ash The Geek (1 month ago)
Episode 2 was AWESOME.... Wait
m3rup3rv3rt (1 month ago)
Fuckin' hell !
Siam Hossain (1 month ago)
now i got the answer that why he not keep his hair steady
Baked Boy (1 month ago)
Casey is very intaligent 😏
Hello Hello (1 month ago)
Gizmodo made a much better video on his studio. Also, 3mil views won’t pay for that 50k camera
Pavel Adamek (1 month ago)
He has numerous sources of income he does not talk about. Until today, I did not know he has done (as in "starred in") commercials.
Kira Speake (1 month ago)
Imagine how much he’d be paying in electricity
JackPlayz (1 month ago)
It’s all organized and neat and expensive as hell
Moamal Abd (1 month ago)
What is the montage program that he uses Casey?
Pavel Adamek (1 month ago)
I think it is called Final Cut.
Zayd Joomun (1 month ago)
I'm just imagining his electric bills
Wilo Origami (1 month ago)
Hi casey, I am a french Canadien and I very love your video. you are the best youtuber ever and I love your studio. please please please can you go to Montreal I know New york it more bigger both visiten
Tumelo Masinga (1 month ago)
when are you going to do other studio reviews
oinkpiggin (1 month ago)
Fire Hazards ? Fire, then boom !
semih malikic (1 month ago)
This guy is like John Wick of vlogging...
1 movie, 2 great dudes :)
Chris G (1 month ago)
It's like the bat office headquarters.
Richlune (1 month ago)
very messi, i do better
Richlune (1 month ago)
i no understanf engrish, can you speak in chinese, i am vout best ventilator. sanks you
AS Alhamadi (1 month ago)
Military guy that why he labels Every thing ......
Dos Santiago (1 month ago)
Decades from now Casey’s studio will be one of the most historical places in NYC and it’ll be a great tourist spot.
Hadzser Miyang (1 month ago)
the cables of his charging station tho. amazing
Dr Phil (1 month ago)
Don’t know why Casey saying this area behind me triggered hey Siri
Dani Hernández (1 month ago)
Wifi Pineapple! 🙌🏻
Sam Kerr (1 month ago)
Linus should hook him up with a Stornator
Parker Reid (1 month ago)
Dream office. Wanna work in this office or one like this one day
Jawad Muhammad (1 month ago)
Its like a technoPharm.
Arshad Ali (1 month ago)
So were there ever any other episodes to these studio tours?
tecxplosive 2144 (1 month ago)
I think he could survive Zombie apocalypse
Shubham Yadav (1 month ago)
This was the first video in which I saw casey and now i watch all of his vlogs and if i get time i watch his old vlogs also
Julia Betancourt (1 month ago)
this is amazing
Guido (1 month ago)
If Casey dies i don't wanna be the person to clean up his studio
Rene De La Fuente (1 month ago)
I wonder what his electric bill like
Rajesh Teck Tuts (1 month ago)
nice video bro 👌✌️👌
Aman Burnwal (1 month ago)
Legendary333 (1 month ago)
is anyone gonna tell him he spelt propellers wrong?
Cam Unboxing (1 month ago)
can you ask justin.tse to organize your setup it looks dirty it will bw a benefir for you only
MM Gaming (1 month ago)
I want more of this
kelvin4282008 (1 month ago)
DinosoDunk (1 month ago)
casey's place is amazing!
Davian Cela (1 month ago)

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