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The engineer drop-out problem

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Companies are on the hunt for engineers, but relatively few students are going for the hard science majors and even fewer are graduating.
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cookiegate (8 days ago)
Yo, I actually was one of the few that did graduate with the degree. We had a 90% drop out rate for our major. I saw students cry. I was just talented at it, I dont see how students who arent talented at science do it.
J Bakes (8 days ago)
Ahh common these students aren't even trying. Engineering isn't about being smart, its about being driven and disciplined. I falied algebra twice in high schol and twice in college. Now I'm almost done with a mech engineering degree with a 3.6 gpa.
yoxter 3423 (10 days ago)
As engineer it took a lot of time to get my first job. I think some companies would lie more engineers to pay less, but in reality there is no need of more engineers.
Venkatesh babu (16 days ago)
All HW has to be developed new with 256 bits and all the early SW has to be rewritten which is impossible. . extremely difficult to train and learn new concepts of the 256 world.
High Priest of Keku (18 days ago)
Companies don't want entry level these days. Go look at job postings, every "entry level" posting required experience, a bachelors degree, and additional portfolios of work just to get a $16/hr job filing papers and taking calls. Let alone something like programming where you need multiple accounts filled with projects from various websites, references, just to get a foot in the door for programming work. Meanwhile there are thousands of jobs a week paying $12/hr to scrub sinks or listen to customers explain how they know more than you.
DimebagVision (19 days ago)
But but but The Messiah Obama told me that STEM fields are recession proof and are a wave of the future! LMAO!!!!
Ryan (19 days ago)
Damn, this video and the comment section has motivated me to be a better Electrical engineering student!
Raunak Punjab Di (20 days ago)
The worst case scenario for engineers is in India.Trust me.
Nicodemus Tretyakov (20 days ago)
Maybe because math sucks and our society has cheated two generations on their education by refusing to hurt their feelings. Combine that with a social construct that rewards ridiculous and bratty behavior with millions of dollars and voila. You have a drug problem.
Ghost572 (20 days ago)
That guy at the end talking about pratical applications is right. Making things relevant gives more reason to learn them, once I started building circuits etc I learned a lot easier and had a way better understanding of the applications, problems I come across and its overall how it functions. It's not that the mathmatics isn't useful because it definitely is, a lot of circuits require the maths in order to design them but if your not actually building things it doesn't give the full understanding. Its like theory is 50% practical is the other 50% to the full understanding.
FoolishInk (21 days ago)
If the problem is people dropping out from it being too hard, don't take as many people into the course. Make the selection process harder so the more devoted people shine through, instead of flooding the market with inexperienced people and having them complain because they though collage was about getting drunk and having party's
Gidonka1 (21 days ago)
Why is this video from six years ago in my recommended...?
goat9199 (21 days ago)
It’s actually hard, so people drop out. $65,000 is also fucking nothing.
Peter Johnson (22 days ago)
Wi tri to kiip them ingageddd!
Guy Collishaw (22 days ago)
People today expect to have everything handed to them after they get an engineering degree. Well done, you've just come out of school with debt, no applicable experience and a piece of paper. Getting qualifications alongside working is the way to go i.e. higher apprenticeships as we call them in the UK.
AAAjMMMiRRR (22 days ago)
If u don't have experience u can't have a first job
astrophysx (22 days ago)
Can't say the same thing in 2018. I'm in grade 12, going to college next year. Out of all my classmates, nearly 60% of them are pursing engineering of some kind, 30% are pursuing computer science or some natural science (phys, bio, chem) and the rest are mostly pursuing mathematics. My teachers are really concerned that there won't be any more art majors. Sad, actually.
Sese Talitau-Tio (22 days ago)
im on the verge of joining the 14 percent.
Cameron McWilliams (22 days ago)
Engineering undergraduate isn't that hard.. I have a 4.0 in my junior year. Just study at least 6 hrs a day outside of class and don't get behind.
Sohail Amin (21 days ago)
Damn you studied a lot!, I remember studying only if I had to i.e before assignments, presentations, projects, or tests , but yeah those few days I studied were crazy i mean, literally scraping the internet, library, notes, youtube and catch few hours of sleep in between.
heat cliff (22 days ago)
Engineer are Human Resource Development Program. Machanic is not engineer. The fools are lazy and want to build the world...rofl.
s 0 (22 days ago)
so what’s the point
Stephen Dahlem (22 days ago)
Because it’s really hard. Most people want an easy way.
Isaac Tsao (22 days ago)
GamingTV (22 days ago)
the problem is, the engineers don't want to travel worldwide to get those entry levels, so they give up, engineering is a world traveling career field, if you're not willing to travel, you're in the wrong field to go into, my best advice if you7 want an engineering job, join the marine corps, go into civil engineering, then server your 8 years, after that, move to japan, china, or germany, that's where you can get engineering jobs quick, in fact, in the marine corp, you could easily get your foot in the door dealing with senior engineers while your on tours in germany, and they can set you up, if you impress them
Sohail Amin (21 days ago)
right on (y), I am an engineer with a masters too but tough time started after I finished school. I had to find jobs all across the country and practically living out of a suitcase. 2 years later I found a job that lets me settle in one city but my growth has stopped. You have to find a trade off between your growth ambitions and personal issues.
Tyrone Earl (23 days ago)
focus is the key
Tim G (23 days ago)
Engineering is straight up fucking hard and it's understandable that people drop out. I suggest to people do a year of preparation study before going into it tho
Raul Boening (23 days ago)
Millennials are way too pussy to do engeniering
Jihad Abouhatab (24 days ago)
Title is misleading. The problem isn't engineers dropping out... It's these programs becoming more and more about MONEY than an education. Years + debt for a piece of paper (degree) that says someone else validated your worth is pointless in the realm of innovation and creativity. Time for higher education reform.
Brotha84 Brotha (24 days ago)
There's a lot of people I know spent thousands on school education and still not making the money they went to school for your better off investing your money in companys stocks instead
KoopaBoo2 (24 days ago)
If someone drops out that means they didn't have the ambition to continue in majoring in engineering or a science. It's good that one thing in life doesn't baby people
Nero Arisch (24 days ago)
no black ppl are engineers - no one told that young bratha that an he got set up for failure. u no wat - thats bullshit bra
uncle skeeter (25 days ago)
I made the equivalent of today's 100k in 1982, when I just turned 19, until now. Im retiring in a year with full benefits. Thats not amazing, but I barely graduated h.s. because I didn't give a shit. I took stupid classes like volleyball, bowling, home economics and 1/2 credit of math for idiots, which was all that was required. (I used a calculator for all the math I've ever needed since then). I just wanted a diploma, so I could get a good job.....and I did. Unemployment was about 13% in 82 and I could have gotten 10 other good jobs at that time, because I wasn't affraid to work. I worked at a power plant and as a journeyman pipe fitter for the same large utility company for what will be 38 years. I acquired a lot of technical knowledge and had responsibilities that came with serious consequences. I made a good wage, with great benefits. But, most of you people would have seen me as a dirty, blue collar failure. I worked hard, in nasty conditions but I owned my houses, raised a family, had money to have nice cars, nice things and we had fun. It wasn't a lot, but that was ok with me. It's ok to get dirty and work hard and you can still make a living at it, no matter what your parents have told you about needing to go to college.
BOOKER (26 days ago)
How about don’t go to college due to the opportunity cost of 4 years of lost income and the uncertainty of getting a job after graduating. I’m 18 and making close to 5 figures/month which would’ve added up to over $300,000 in lost income had I gone to college full-time. My advice: Don’t go to college. Learn a trade or go into sales as have I.
rlouis215 (28 days ago)
I majored in nursing and finished thats considered a science and yes it was hard but I finished with a 3.5 gpa. Definitely not easy spent hours and days of studying. You gotta want it bad, my class started with 58 students we only had 28 finished so 30 students started but either dropped out or failed out and I will say that at the end it was all worth it I LOVE what I do and I pray that everyone’s finds what they love and can do it for a living
kakos67 (30 days ago)
City college should be renamed to shitty college because of all the very bad professors they have and cannot get rid off.
JungleYT (30 days ago)
Note: Poppy Harlow is BAD!!! Wow... The American educational and industrial system is a JOKE! Studying a bunch of equations and not seeing them applied in the real world or not being able to get paid Intern work in industry while you study is one of the biggest flaws with the US educational system. And like the guy below said, none of these fool companies want to hire you unless you have "experience", plus they would rather hire somebody from a foreign country, first at a fraction of the cost.
Jeremy McGowan (30 days ago)
Engineering is dead for good wages...
JESSIE (1 month ago)
Sigh.. so what career is doable and makes enough to support two people these days? Geez. Researching into this is making me more and more sad. Welp, time for bed and another 10 hour shift at work tomorrow. LOLFML.
Columbia’s method is Applied Science. I received a BAS in Engineering from one of the now closed, For-Profit schools. My professors/instructors were former military that confirmed its how the Services train personnel too. I use parts of my education everyday as a technician. I continue to search for Engineering position without much success. They are scarce. Companies devote little to R&D as it takes a team of engineers to design prototypes. No lonesome Eng can do it all. There is a widening gap in education levels between Colleges and public high schools. The high schools are manipulating grading standards to meet requirements. Teacher education requirements have been lowered to meet the challenges of lower budgets.
Safa Safa (1 month ago)
of course because the gov everywhere pays billions to the useless rubbish in police and politicians who cant investigate anything with unlimited authorities and budgets instead of making engineering courses free and pay special student loans for engineering students. the whole formula is wrong. the least productive police and politicians get unlimited authorities and zero accountability. I have seen the biggest rubbish bins working as police politicians and HEHEH regormers. politics is nothing to me and talking to computers is much better than talking to these rubbish bins and their entourage
Tremendous knockout (1 month ago)
people spend 10 hours at work and your complaining about studying less that that? you will be spending more hours going to work, the point is invalid
Tremendous knockout (23 days ago)
im done with this, you are stupid for not understanding that sacrifices need to be made
Tremendous knockout (23 days ago)
your thinking is stupid. its generalised because a high of university students don't have dead parents. "generalisation". I go to the University of British Columbia, I go to Stanford university and i'm studying med, third year, so my I know what i'm talking about when I say a lot of students go there just to drink. and if you are not willing to make sacrifices to commit to studying, no one is forcing you, McDonalds is always hiring, you will find something.
Marshaa Brady (23 days ago)
Tremendous knockout lol your whole point was a generalization, most clubs people aren’t there to drink ,and you do realize some people’s parents are dead or unavailable right? The point I was trying to make is not about handling the workload, but that it’s more to it than just studying. And life happens, bumps along the road due occur, life isn’t that black and white. and honestly it doesn’t sound like you went to college, so I’ll leave this convo where it is. People commenting on things they never did would make your point more invalid than mine.
Tremendous knockout (23 days ago)
"most people intern" if you can't handle the workload of an internship and study, no one is forcing you to do either. You can obviously do an internship just after you study, so that point is invalid because its not a requirement, it's subjective, a persons choice, its not a "must" to intern before graduation. If your parents can't afford $200 to pay for your food don't eat. "I joined the party club in university where all we did was drink" (which is what more than half of the university clubs do, im speaking about real life not movies) on a resume sounds good. Great idea dude.
Marshaa Brady (23 days ago)
Tremendous knockout most people intern before graduating, some people don’t have parents to pay for everything, and the point of a club is to add the experience to your resume, and a lot of clubs have job placement depending on the major
Baylor58 Duncan (1 month ago)
Having just retired after four decades in Tech firms I'll say this; American undergraduate students demand too much, we stopped recruiting the major Tech university in GA. because undergrads demanded $60k right out of school. Companies have a much easier time bringing H1B visa engineers over. They'll work 12 hr days and never complain. As for the dropouts, they can't do the work, it takes discipline and drive, American kids want to party and play XBox, I know I witnessed this with a nephew. After six plus yrs he FINALLY got his undergrad degree.
Kam Anna (1 month ago)
An engineering degree is often 140 credit hours, while other degrees are still 120 hours. Then when you graduate no one wants to hire you because H1B visa engineers can be hired for less. If you want to improve things for American engineers eliminate H1B visas. It was a bad idea that has been perverted into something much worse!
chewface (1 month ago)
Why be an Engineer who actually builds things to make the world a better place....when you can major in GENDER STUDIES and whine about how much men suck??? #MeToo
Inebriatd (1 month ago)
Never had this problem with trade schools.
charles Coon (1 month ago)
It's not a problem. It's a feature. Call Engineering College an entity that should be used to create engineering wash outs so Engineering College does not need to be fixed.
Jorge Gonzales (1 month ago)
You can thank American public schools for not teaching students what they need to know in order to succeed in the STEM fields.
Jorge Gonzales (1 month ago)
Ain't affirmative action great?!
Jason (1 month ago)
If schools except students who they suspect will drop out..it screws everybody. But ther is money to be mad from these drop outs when they take an extra year or two to finish any program they get into.
Robert Orr (1 month ago)
This STEM graduation rate has been true for at least 40 years.
Neal Ramsey (1 month ago)
I took electrical engineering and wound up working as a system technician for a phone company, where most just have high school diplomas. It's a good job but doesn't really apply to what I studied.
dayrohan (1 month ago)
I'm going to be in the field too, and I think the main reason so many people drop out is because their in it for the same reason I'm in it: for the money, but this field is not for the faint of heart being in it for money alone and no heart won't get you any where. But people like me don't haven't much of a choice we're in a poor family and we need to bring something back home.
Dreamsareme (1 month ago)
I have two STEM degrees Molecular Cellular Biology and Mechanical Engineering ! 🤷🏾‍♂️
pheromonekid (1 month ago)
Employers: why isn't there more people working in our field!? We need more people who have degrees. Me: I just graduated and have a degree! Will you hire me? Employers: oooh, sorry you don't have enough experience. Me: >:[ How the fuck do you expect people to work in your goddamn field if you don't give them the experience you dumbfucks.
Jake Sanders (1 month ago)
The more students that DON'T study engineering, the more demand for engineers increase and thus salaries for engineers increase as well ... fine by me :)
Fiesta Fire (1 month ago)
They are probably looking for more specialized engineers rather than everone who does mechanical engineering...
ZGERMAN (1 month ago)
Engineers are a special breed of humans, I'm a Welding Inspector and barely passed my test, Engineers or from another planet and are not average humans
L. D. (1 month ago)
Additional 8 hours a day?! I study BEng Mech Engineering I don't even study 8 additional hours a week. I just focus 100% in class, write up coursework, and revise before an exam.
ChessTrader (1 month ago)
Yea I know why cause in lower tier schools you have to teach yourself. The professors suck ! In those Ivy league schools the professors are so good that literally anyone can have an easy time there if you are truly interested.
Teddy Salad (1 month ago)
Student need to be shown the big picture at an early grade level, then show them what it takes to make that picture a reality
BlckCloud73 (1 month ago)
It's because Common Core doesn't prepare kids for anything, especially engineering school.
Radric Davis (1 month ago)
65 ain't enough
xxnike629xx (1 month ago)
Well the engineering major has always been very difficult and have a high rate of failure. So on top of that stress, there's the whole risk of being kicked out of college for not being able to maintain a certain GPA, as well as the cost of going to college being very very expensive. Even with a student loan and some grants, you might struggle to be able to afford going to college and if you do end up switching majors in the middle of it all, you'll be spending more time and more money trying to get that degree in that other major. Again, in that instance you might not be able to afford it. On top of that, even with a degree, you're not guaranteed a job let alone a job in that field you studied in.
Kashi (1 month ago)
It's all about motivation. Where there is no motivation, there is no success.
MonroeSim (1 month ago)
too much work for the amount of money you get paid. A lot easier majors out there that pay just as well with more long term potential.
AlphaEpsilonDelta (1 month ago)
Science and Engineering is hard allot is expected of you and there aren't that many jobs to be had especially now with outsourcing. I wanted to be an electrical engineer but found out I will do better in a trade job as an electrician!
T D (1 month ago)
*Millennial are so useless*, they want awards for doing nothing. STEM courses require cognitive ability. Do we want an uneducated engineers designing bridges that will kill people when the collapse?
BlackLove8777 (1 month ago)
Algebra! Algebra! Algebra!!! Problems!Problems!Problems!!!
Luis Araujo (1 month ago)
I had to get a job as a contractor to start as an entry level engineer. This is not a secure job. I have less benefits than a straight company hire. Looking forward in a year to see if i can get hired directly with company, it is up to management.
btc coins (1 month ago)
This whole concept of working for someone is really stupid. Why would you let your financial success on somebody shoulders? If you have a job or even good pay job, you have no future. You are wasting your life away for a paycheck. Is this why you are here on earth for a paycheck?
K.B SINN (1 month ago)
Money to eat and clothes to cover but no debt to pag
clockwork gamma (1 month ago)
Weakness disguest me
GoldenPimp (1 month ago)
DAVID veilleux (1 month ago)
Maybe these colleges need to be more selective in their admissions process. It would have been interesting to see the dropout rates for non engineering majors. My guess is that they are similar. Why else omit them?
Social Justice Goblin (1 month ago)
I started in class of 165 cs majors. Only five of us graduated with a degree. Why it was hard work because the industry is even harder. I studied on average 4 to 6 hours a day. I was the lazy btw.
Taumpy Tears (1 month ago)
fat , lazy and dumb..... but fear not , it will aaallll be over soon
Rhaspun (1 month ago)
Four semesters of calculus and the three semesters of physics will filter out a lot of people. As someone in the video said. They want to be well rounded.
Richard Stockton (1 month ago)
Step 1: Discriminate against Asians, whites, and males in college admissions. Step 2: Actually hold students to standards. Step 3: Act utterly mystified that so many students are dropping out or switching to bullshit Communications majors. Step 4: Interview a black dropout, then a female one. Experience total failure looking for a Korean who quit. Kek. You suck, CNN.
SWOBIZ (1 month ago)
Attrition is high because math and science are hard. Unlike BS majors that are just cash cows for the college.
Inachu Ikimasho (1 month ago)
female engineers who get hired then on first 2 weeks are all fresh faced and looking who they can have sex with to get married and then take the man away from his job.. The male engineers who get hired ridicule other long term employees who have been there more than 5 years behind their backs when the break room is mostly new hires thinking they have power. I notice these things and get the above 2 types fired ASAP.
John White (1 month ago)
Not everyone has the intelligence to be an engineer.....
jackka82 (1 month ago)
Newsflash!!! Certain high-paying jobs require difficult-to-complete majors. Also, highly selective school has better students and those students more likely to complete those hard majors. Really, CNN?
Luis Gonzalez (1 month ago)
in the US people graduate from high school top of their class and then struggle in college. In my country I was an average student in high school and still manage to graduate as an engineer on the top 70% of a top US college.
Bolu Fakayode (1 month ago)
No wonder my Nigerian parents pushed me to go into med school... you always come out with a job
RTC1655 (1 month ago)
Calculus isn’t any harder than anything else — it’s just different thinking than most are used to
rredhawk (1 month ago)
I dropped out but even my 3 friends who managed to graduate quit engineering after a few years. One went into web design, another one became a technical auditor, while the last one went into graphic design. They just didn't like it. I eventually became an electronic draftsman, which is a good fit for me, having not enough art talent to be an artist, nor enough tech talent to be an engineer, but just enough of each to be good draftsman. Doesn't pay as much but it's enough to live reasonably well on.
Diraac Dropper (1 month ago)
Lol Americans are stupid, that's the only reason to explain this.
Raffi Poladian (1 month ago)
Buddy says he spent 8 hours a days studying. Some days I don't sleep when studying biomedical engineering. It payed off to say the least.
Carl Horning (1 month ago)
walmart is hiring
Carl Horning (1 month ago)
welcolme to the real world student debt and homeless oh what a future is not the real world a bitch
Mi Sos (1 month ago)
That fucking guy says "In highschool I took lots of calculus classes" ... all I smell is bull shit . Same mother fucker sayin he couldn't maintain a 2.0 gpa took "Lots" of calculus classes... get the fuck outta here.
Kay Flip (1 month ago)
Engineers don't get paid enough for the amount of work they have to put in to the degree. They could just do an easy arts degree then get a sales job and make 3 times what they would've made as an engineer.
Free Thought (1 month ago)
The 2 in 3 dropout rate in engineering has been around a long time. It was reality in 1977 when I entered university, and it remains the same. Good. It means they aren’t dumbing down the curriculum.
steve STAR (1 month ago)
SJW Millennials deserve to suffer.
kesayo (1 month ago)
Even engineers who do manage to graduate aren't that good at their jobs. And the Engineers that are good end up carrying the weight of entire teams of lousy ones. The problem is that engineering isn't something that you can teach in just 2 to 4 years. You either have to start teaching it earlier by having engineering classes in high school or earlier, or have companies expect having to train engineers over a longer term. Also, very capable engineers should be paid a lot more. They should be paid on par with top level management even if they aren't managers themselves.
Jonathan Ka Len Yu (1 month ago)
On 0:53, is I love to wear her jeans
Dave Joseph (1 month ago)
Why become an engineer when they will probably outsource the job to India or China?
David (1 month ago)
Men rule
Still using that "well rounded" bs line.
jake black (1 month ago)
You need a significant level of natural intelligence, previous hard work k-12, and a willingness to repeatedly do poorly on tests/quizzes/in classes and keep trying, to become an engineer. Columbia has a low drop out rate simply because a majority of their students are there because they already have those things. Additionally, they probably have rich parents and the benefits that went along with that.

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