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The engineer drop-out problem

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Companies are on the hunt for engineers, but relatively few students are going for the hard science majors and even fewer are graduating.
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Gospel Of Jovo (6 hours ago)
Pretty simple. People don't want to compete and work hard. Being a engineer requires not only a lot of innate ability but a work ethic. And people don't like to work hard. So go into marketing, advertising & sales.
Umer Khalique (8 hours ago)
made me feel better lmao
Umer Khalique (8 hours ago)
madebme feel bettet lmao
coprographia (10 hours ago)
If you’ve noticed the disconnect between these stories and your own experience, that’s probably because this is propaganda. The skills gap is a myth, they want an overwhelming surplus of STEM graduates in order to drive your wages down, and would rather fish from that pool for specific skill sets than cover on-the-job training like they used to.
coprographia (10 hours ago)
I mean, this is old news, but official bullshit dies hard and it bears repeating: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/608707/the-myth-of-the-skills-gap/
Kyle Hofmeister (22 hours ago)
Here's the answer. Engineering is hard and most high schools do not prepare you for an engineering curriculum. Most people don't have a clue what they are signing up for when they want to pursue an engineering degree.
GeoFry3 (1 day ago)
Want to be an engineer you need brains, tenacity, and a very strong work ethic. (If you are having alot of fun in school studying engineering then you are about to fail out.) From personal experience the engineering schools do kind of suck, but the reality is most of Engineering is self taught. Most people can't handle that and quit. This is a good thing as engineering is not a job you can "sort of do". You do your job wrong and people will be killed, so a healthy amount selection should be built into any decent program.
Kyle (1 day ago)
That’s because engineers are not meant for retards
Orppranator (1 day ago)
The potential engineers are out there, but they are all men and all the universities want “diversity”. Then they give scholarships to women and put diversity quotas in place. Then the women dropout because stem is hard, meanwhile the young men would love a engineering education,
Nobody cares about humanity as a whole (sadly) they're all too busy on Facebook and Snapchat or some other shit
You've got a generation of over qualified engineers with decades of experience that get hired a day after applying for a job. Versus a newbie engineer who is caught in the catch 22 bullshit of what employers expect from its staff.
Okzz (1 day ago)
Come to our india! your situation is far better than us in terms of engineering!
TheAtlantaMafia (1 day ago)
So, all the students interviewed had a non-American accent?
berkut2006 (2 days ago)
last guy is right, you have to see the application of this theory on real world, if not it just boring
Scary Terry (2 days ago)
These videos give me the chills
nPlatin (2 days ago)
Germany same shit. over 50% drop out. I aint got no life anymore. im studying 7 days a week up to 13 hours a day. and im not even bullshiting. all for the love of money
Kumar G (2 days ago)
This is where South and East Asians comes in!!😅😅
gogotrololo 619 (2 days ago)
Although college is important in determining your future, it doesn’t set it in stone. Just do what you love, simple as that.
Arab Dude (2 days ago)
I'm an engineering graduate with a first class degree. I flied through the exams because I found the theory simple to grasp. However the practicals proved very challenging. I spent many sleepless nights problem solving and feeling the pressure of meeting deadlines. It's really not worth the stress especially when your efforts are not appreciated by nontechnical managers.
Meme Biologist (2 days ago)
Engineering Career: 5 years of University, 3 years of internship, 2 expensive 8 hour certification tests, then you get the job but; you'll spend half of your carrer paying that debt you owe.
charles Coon (2 days ago)
If US universities don't reliably and affordability create engineers out of nonengineer Americans, find somebody else who wants to try to achieve that goal in a way that is different from US universities.
Henry Esparza (2 days ago)
It’s because they didn’t love it to begin with, and, after a while, you realize you’re putting on this strain to become something you do not want to be. There’s more to life than money.
Ben David (3 days ago)
I’m a mechanical engineering student, few days ago I woke me up around 3 am with a dream that the programming professor asking a question then I raised my hand while sleeping to answer the question lol. Like it or not this’s what it takes to study engineering
Russ Serpico (3 days ago)
This report is stupid and only states the obvious. Many students and people in general struggle with math and sciences and the reason why many don't even attempt to major in these fields. If I excelled in mathematics, I too would love to be an engineer LOL.
MrMakemusicmike (3 days ago)
There is no practical application taught to the students. They cannot foresee where the career will take them.
MrMakemusicmike (3 days ago)
I'm an egineering grad, and I can tell you, the teachers suck.
AstheaTV (3 days ago)
1:15 It's not a national phaenomenon, it's simple: STEM majors are fucking hard, that's all there is to it, and students don't have the willpower it takes to bite through that. Yes, working + studying is more than just a full time job, it's a 80 h "work" week at best and that goes on for five years, and included in that are the psychological issues you have to overcome, e.g. seeing lots of talented people who are way better than you all around you, every day. I have seen many crumble from that, crying and breaking down. It's tough, really really tough. I think we are not preparing students of what lies ahead of them, instead we give them promises of a bright future and a wonderful, fun college/university life. Yes it's partly true, being a student is great, it can be fun, but what we like to leave out are the hardships that come with it.
Scho0rschi (3 days ago)
HAHAHAHA what a bunch of shit, CNN, I spit on you. Companies are not desperate to hire engineers, that is a myth, which arises by the government asking companies "do you need engineers?" they say yes, but that does not mean, they have the ressources to make more jobs....It is just a vague question with an untrue answer. Let them drop out, not everyone can be a scientist or an engineer. Stop idiots from being engineers, they put lives in danger.
Free 737373 (4 days ago)
The more obvious explanation for Columbia's success compared to other colleges is that they have high entry requirements, so they're getting the cream of the crop. Most other colleges have much lower entry requirements and so no wonder a third or more end up dropping out. Nevertheless as far as the colleges are concerned, they're essentially profiting off of the false hope of many teens that they can be engineers when they're not cut out for it.
Harvinder Sandhu (4 days ago)
IQ not up to snuff
anon (7 days ago)
Tip for Engineering students currently having difficulties: Reduce your course load, take an extra year or two to graduate. Trust me, it will make your life ALOT better.
Tomas Tur (7 days ago)
Tbh theres a lot of math that never apply to most jobs, the work load should be balanced for the actual aplication of the job students are looking for.
Morgan Violet Hart (7 days ago)
My brother also majored in biochemical engineering, hoping it would be a more viable job for the future. He also dropped out because the job security was not worth enough to stay and pursue it. It is a very hard major, and really takes very special people who have the talent for it to fill the job requirements. Companies need to find creative ways of training and help make engineering more accessible for people to apply math and science in those skill sets, with more potential workers being able to understand and navigate the world this profession exists in.
Joseph Van Name (8 days ago)
CCNY is a very pathetic college. Degrees from that college are absolutely worthless.
Ed Saucin (8 days ago)
I’m planning on either taking electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics engineering or aerospace engineering.
K4B00M (8 days ago)
All I am hearing is "Mwahhh I am going to cry because a STEM degree is not as easy as a gender studies degree, MWAHHHH"
jake black (9 days ago)
There are plenty of engineering majors. Companies just don't want to pay what the market demands for their labor and to train entry level engineers.
Shawn Sampson (9 days ago)
Google... Stop with the autoplay CNN... I dont want to hear their ignorant bullshit... They are not real news... Neither is FOX... STOP ALREADY.... maybe another media streaming service will come and replace this shit...
Taka Masuda (13 days ago)
Such PC nonsense. You have to be smart to graduate with an engineering degree. That’s all there is to it. Stop pretending not to understand the problem CNN.
Network Engineer (14 days ago)
John Neth (15 days ago)
Man that female is pretty hot for an engineer student
DAVID WATTS (18 days ago)
Engineers should not be raised academically but rather through a combination of apprenticeship and very focused lessons on application of the math and science as opposed to theoretical non-sense.
kaziabir1 (22 days ago)
I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo but I'm still struggling to find a job. Partially because I have 2.9 GPA not a 3.0+ and partially because I am really bad at doing interviews and answering behavioral questions. It's crazy how easy it is if you are a black person or a woman. It's harder for White and Asian men because they already met the quota I guess.
Stampitis D.P. (3 days ago)
kaziabir1 stop it.
Sandy Lee (24 days ago)
I want to drive on a Bridge, built by that first guy with 75 i.q., who takes 8 hrs to do 1 hour homework. I believe his ASSafirmative Selfesteem, more than compensates for the lack of engineering skill, and i belive I can drive on water, anyways. Wishful thinking, of the day.😉
Cari Geldreich (25 days ago)
Companies are not desperate for entry level engineers because I'm entry level and I know a lot of other entry level engineers and we are having a hard time getting a decent job. It boils down to who you know and if you were lucky enough to land a good internship. The college system is the most inefficient way to learn. It is so true that when you learn something in class you need to be able to physically apply it to a real world situation to really understand it and stay interested. That is very lacking in a lot of schools. You learn the most working on projects and joining clubs but when you are struggling just to pass your classes, it doesn't leave enough time for the things that will really give you solid job skills. Also what I see going on is that companies don't want to train fresh grads and college does not teach you what you need to know. I see "entry" level jobs that what you to have 3+ years experience and already have a lot of job skills that I didn't learn in college. I'm sorry but entry level means you have at most one year of experience and you have general knowledge but are no expert in any one thing.
EnTeRTainMenT DaNciNg (27 days ago)
aj kal ke student ko job kyo nahi mil pati hai kyo ki vajah yeh hai https://youtu.be/yyftHQy-nXY
Glinkling Smearnops (27 days ago)
With a ten point (one Standard Deviation) disadvantage against Erupeans, and an increasingly hostility to higher mental training aka 'acting white', negroes will enter engineering in diminishing numbers. But, we can expect them to continue their success in the arts, and violent crime.
Razor Reznov (1 month ago)
Why people hate engineering ? Because You learn shit for 4 years with no practical knowledge and the theory we read is garbage which won't be applied anywhere. I am from INDIA and their are ppl who want to study only two things engineering,medical Companies are picky about finding candidates They want 5year experience and will pay you less You can earn more as uber driver , web developer The thing is this is slavery Modern slavery exploiting us to make money Companies do it , institutes do it , Hospitals do it Just pure exploitation of herds of sheep who can't be creative , who don't listen to their guts , who care about society and want some job by sacrificing their freedom,creativity and also money . Then we teach our childrens how to get academically good so you can be a bigger sheep Elites rule over everyone This whole concept of choice ,freedom is BS 1% own 50% of world's wealth how crazy is that ? Engineering Is a factory to saturate ppl into giving up their freedom for low paying 8-10 hour desk job Feel Happy now ?
Lenny Carlson (1 month ago)
The courses are boring af. The teachers make no effort to make it interesting or engage the students. The quality of teaching is also low because the skills needed to be a good engineer/researcher in stem fields do not translate very well into being an engaging teacher. Everyone has to cheat to make the assignments. Even if you graduated the demoralisation of the past four years will make you sure engineering is not what you want to do.
1NinjaSamurai (1 month ago)
The problem are the old professors that suck at teaching and can't be fired because they have worked there for a long time.
Urbano San Roman (1 month ago)
I went to Columbia engineering (Fu Foundation) - the dean is full of shit. Also you actually have to apply to the liberal arts college to get out of engineering; they don't just let you leave.
Josh (1 month ago)
Engineering is hard... I failed out of. College because of it
k8192 (1 month ago)
But, ALL the major engineering companies AND the media AND the politicians have been telling MALES for the past 10 years, to NOT pursue an engineering career because engineering needs more FEMALES. The reason for the current shortage is really simple... you reap what you sow.
eualadindeal (1 month ago)
they should rename this on HOW AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IS RUINING PEOPLE'S LIVES stop pushing people into hard fields where they can fail open the door for everyone, but don't lie to them and don't push them inside to fill a damn quota! those people will fail, and some may not bounce back do something to actually help them, not to help your own feel good narrative!
Beach&BoardFan (1 month ago)
hahahahaha 65000 wonder why there are so many engineering drop outs, I know pipe line welders that are making $100/hr.
Sandy Lee (1 month ago)
Here's a MATH Question. What would be the graduation rate of an engineering class, if it is 60% full of Unqualified ASSaffirmative Action Student? Answer: Less than 40%. Here's a Pylisophical question. Which lane on the bridge would you drive, if the Bridge is built by an ASSbackward Affirmative action hired engineer? Answer: none of the lane; you be driving on water
Sandy Lee (1 month ago)
1NinjaSamurai yo so good with short words, like triggered. You good with short things? Ride short buses, school buses? Negroid/mulatto i.q.? Ha ha Bboy, just high nuff i.q. to repeat things like a bird brain parot, a parot, like shorts words like triggered, triggered. Ha ha. Dim wit. Triggered?
1NinjaSamurai (1 month ago)
Sandy Lee Triggered
Sandy Lee (1 month ago)
1NinjaSamurai haha you soundoo rike INSECURE plastic faced Korean gutter oil Jjanke. INSECURE about yo EngoorRiShee spellring skill, so projectin your INSECURITY on others? Oh let me guess,,,, you also INSECURE about acedemic achievement... That why you callRing me dropoo outoo? Negroid bird brain? I hope u not Japanese, cuz u 1000% gutter oil Koreano Jjanke
1NinjaSamurai (1 month ago)
Sandy Lee You can't even spell. 😂
Sandy Lee (1 month ago)
1NinjaSamurai You sound like a dumb Negroid. Did you comprehend the question? R u just gonna drop out, of the question chellenge? Can u add 1+1 ?
MrFuggleGuggle (1 month ago)
Oh, that's cute. 65k? That's what I earned to watch TV all day, 'testing' Set Top Box software. You can earn 120k+ testing other types of software. It's not a career you will hear about in school. Look up QA Engineer career and positions.
Sales Hunter (1 month ago)
Keep females far away from anything important.. Please
King Beef (1 month ago)
14% wow i am special, I completed my STEM degree
silent watcher (1 month ago)
Engineering is not for everybody. There should be a prequalifying exam for those who intend to take engineering degree. Those who pass this exam will have greater chance of making it to graduation while those who flunked, are forewarned that they will not make it to graduation. This is better than wasting your money.
denzuko1 (1 month ago)
This is not the result of a day's work. Engineers are highly technical people who were not valued by the companies for a long time, leading to people forced to change to other career path. The newer generations see engineer as a dead end job and not interested in this field. It is not just an American issue but world wide problem.
wateri4 (1 month ago)
That dude was struggling in the first two semesters? Wth
Analog Human (1 month ago)
Engineering is hard. Womens Studies is easy.
xr7fan (1 month ago)
You have to be smart to be an engineer. Not everyone who enters the program is actually intelligent enough to finish it. Engineering is not like women's studies, liberal arts, or even business where any average person can succeed if they just try.
slasher (2 months ago)
It's all about giving an extra effort that means you lose your social life, you'll give up video games, and less sleep. After you graduate it's different ball game.
Lemurai (2 months ago)
It's only my opinion but, I believe you have to WANT it not have an "interest" in it, that goes for anything. Saying you have an interest in something sounds more akin to a casual observer that just happens to be intrigued by a concept. Believe me if I could get through engineering anybody can and I had a HARD road to travel, highschool drop out in 10th grade obtained a GED the following year. Worked a couple years, then joined the military for 4 yrs when I turned 18, went to school while I was in and used some of my GI bill when I got out to finish my BSN in nursing worked as a nurse for several yrs went back to school for biomedical engineering. If you want "hard" try getting in to an advanced nursing specialty like anesthesia. You're eyeballs will melt from the anatomy/physiology portion alone. Anyway good luck to an future engineers, the term hard is your brain telling you, your interests may be best served in something else.
Ben Simo (2 months ago)
Engineering is a major that requires intellectual ability. You can not expect everyone to be able to prove themselves at that level of educational rigor. Theres a reason engineers get paid as well as they do. Its because individuals who complete that field of study are more intelligent, on average, than those who dont
double00shotgun (2 months ago)
And pretty soon men are not gonna attend universities all together
MAN IN BLACK FACE (2 months ago)
Drop outs brought to you by Affirmative action
DooBick (2 months ago)
Ha! I'm studying calculus, electrical engineering, and programming at such a young age (I'm not telling you my age cause that's a douchbag move) so I'm perfectly fine with becoming an engineer
Cuzilla47 (2 months ago)
A degree in math is very useful but you will go farther if it is applied. I majored in math but there is little demand for someone to actually solve differential equations in the workplace. That's why I chose Statistics as my major rather than pure mathematics. It was easy for me to use it in my job as a QC/QA manager. Not much call for solutions to problems involving abstract algebra. I'll admit I should have stayed with Electrical Engineering (my original major) because the $$$ were higher but I did very well with statistics, it just took a little longer to get there. If you are good at math, I suggest Engineering. Chemical engineers start out very well right out of school but it does usually take an extra year or so to get through all the courses though.
telemetryz (2 months ago)
Nice way to say the nagger was not smart enough to come through it. You see his eyes shift when he tells it? LOL
Erich Kempka (2 months ago)
Hahaha you have to go to college to run heavy machinery, run a Transit and build a building I was doing that when I was 13 oh the joys of having a real man as a father!!
Phil (2 months ago)
I went to Engineering School in the early 1970's and half my classmates at that time were foreign born. It's a tough curriculum and a lot of students don't want to work that hard. Instead they go into Business or the Fine Arts and then wonder why they can't land a good job. I spent 42 years in the Auto Industry, eventually working on Electric/Hybrid cars for one of the Big 3-and had a salary near $ 175,000.00 when I retired last year. I went 42 years and was never laid off, retiring with a great 401k account, pension, subsidized health care as a retiree and a feeling of great accomplishment. If you can handle the math, Engineering is a great field to get into. But you do have to be willing to work hard in school, there are no shortcuts.
Jamal Oneal (2 months ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 I was majoring in engineering but I was struggling so now I'm studying (insert study that guarantees a job that will have you flipping burgers or making someone's mocha whatever for all eternity). Dumbass just study harder.😂😂😂
BrandonSeattle (2 months ago)
That chick with an accent is a hot engineer chick.
Ididsubmititalready (2 months ago)
Non-tenture professors make life hell as pay back for their in-ability to work. Good school = degree = happy life. Run into the bad apples and it could ruin your life. And, they think it's funny.
wealthy black man (2 months ago)
Feminazi fascist scum rule the school systems denying any males a proper education!
以蔵岡田 (2 months ago)
REASON: Students are putting in a lot of time, effort AND MONEY Without getting an immediate return, ppl need to make money asap that's why they are droping out
Gerald Keys (2 months ago)
You cannot water down real science like the liberal arts has. Science deals with reality, like it or not.
Neil Anderson (2 months ago)
You can't use affirmative action to skate through the workload of an engineering degree. Major in African studies and go into the grievance industry.
Nat Aki (2 months ago)
They are on the hunt for engineers who are NOT white men.
VideoMucho (2 months ago)
Fake news. People flunk out of engineering because they can't handle the tough math or physics courses. More practical work is for technicians. Engineering studies concentrate on theories. Once employed you will get all the practical experience you can handle. You bring to the table the basics you learned in college. That is mostly theories applied to practical problems.
Age of Reason (2 months ago)
You can thank the US Department of Education for setting the bar so low in the elementary schools and high schools. Algebra starts in 9th grade when everywhere else in the world it starts in 4th grade. Americans have been purposefully dumbed down so that they are less of a threat to the ruling elites. Other developed (or developing) countries, where capitalism is not so ingrained in the economy and psyche of the people, don't have that problem. They want and need their citizens to be smart so that they can come up.
jayaveeran (2 months ago)
There are easy engineering schools and there are hard engineering schools. You make the choice.
WILLIAM TRAN (2 months ago)
3 sides to a story: Their side, my side and the truth. **Somewhere in the middle**
Henry Morrisroe (2 months ago)
I think engineering companies want to look for practical experience like engineering clubs or volunteering at science related activities. Just like with college they want someone well rounded (volunteering hours, extracurricular activities, previous success at jobs, leadership roles, etc).
Michael B (2 months ago)
Application helps... but w/ an ever expanding software field turning more people into systems engineers and more systems engineers being forced to be software oriented, I think that the application is taking a back seat. Not that SW isn’t a form of application of concepts, but SW problems tend to feel more akin to the kinds of problems I saw in diffeq than hardware problems I saw in circuit theory. Just my $0.02
Derek Stinson (2 months ago)
When I was in high school there was little to no engineering preparation courses. Of course I graduated in 2000, so it could be different now. I thought it was funny that one solution to the drop out problem was to add more time outside of class by having more projects.
richard bowes (2 months ago)
Engineers and more are accepted from other countries
Choco Latte (2 months ago)
People drop out of engineering because it’s difficult. I took calculus with math majors, chemistry with chemistry majors, physics with physics majors and then you have your chemical engineering courses. It’s a tough row to hoe.
Joy Phillips (2 months ago)
In the US, not only are you competing with Americans for jobs, but people from other countries on a student visa who are mostly minorities. Democrats love this because they aren't thinking about Americans who are minorities, but immigrants which some how give them more clout. And yes, I have a electrical engineering degree.
jaycee sagre (2 months ago)
I think some American families must hired a math tutor so their kids will do well in tech industry. Tech industry is booming and companies needs engineers that deals with any kind of technology. So engineering requires high level of math. So hire a math tutor.
Steve Gilbert (2 months ago)
I got my BSEE 30 years ago. College was the worst years of my life. It was horribly hard. I put myself through school while working. All I did was work, go to class, study and sleep. I had great inspiring professors and professors from hell. To the engineering students out there, don't give up, it is worth in the end. I make a good living and have had the opportunity to work on some fascinating projects over the years (plenty of boring ones too). Before you give up and quit watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teIj7fak6eU
Phore Whoresman (2 months ago)
Easy fix, just identify as an engineer.
Fred Frond (2 months ago)
We need more elementary teachers trained in math and high school teachers trained in stem. Also this idea of American exceptionalism is hamstringing people. They think they are special and do not have to work as hard as the stupid (or whatever) Chinese guy cause you are merican and exceptional. Until it comes to test time.
John Beatty (2 months ago)
Well damn young people need to know what jobs are really out there ... “being an engineer” isn’t a good enough reason to suffer through all that work ... I’m a smart guy and I still couldn’t tell anyone what an engineer does, we all can’t be Elon Musk lol. I dropped out of biology ... what jobs are there for biologists lol “working in a lab”? We’re not just pumping out math and science jobs for “our bright and glorious future as a nation” we need companies to come to schools to get people hooked into the jobs and they will do the work
Bill Gillette (2 months ago)
A couple of points from a 35 year veteran engineer who is also PE: You can always find a job as a manufacturing engineer. It s the most hands on, tough, stressful, and not as many want to do it. Ironically, you will learn more doing that than in anything else and it will help you become excellent at design later. Another thing is you are nuts if you think you should wait til you get out with your degree to get experience. If the school has a co-op or internship program you MUST get into that. It's real experience and you can rack up a year or two of experience by the time you graduate. Sure, it will take you longer to get your degree. SO WHAT?! Another point: If you are looking for a 'job', then don't go into engineering. This is a PROFESSION, like medicine or law. If you go the PE route you have to take your two board exams and internship for five years after graduating. Worth it? Damn right. A new EIT can expect to make serious money in a firm and a PE like myself....takes home more money than an MD in private practice. Without a lot of the hassle doctors have to put up with.
Go MGTOW (2 months ago)
There are just not enough jobs for all of the people going into Engineering. When they get into engineering school they learn that from other professors.
Svintys Svinykov (2 months ago)
I am ChemE from City College. Graduated 2003. No ChemE jobs... Just ride the bull martket all the way up. Don't let all math and physics go to waste.
Edward Tso (2 months ago)
Engineer dropout problem would not be an issue if CCNY had a tougher entrance standard. Mediocre college taking in mediocre students equals greater dropout rate or less job opportunity. In NYC alone, Columbia, Cooper Union and NYU (née Polytechnic U) probably don’t have problem with graduates finding good engineering jobs. I would group CCNY with “B schools for C students” category.

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