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The engineer drop-out problem

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Companies are on the hunt for engineers, but relatively few students are going for the hard science majors and even fewer are graduating.
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Lemurai (1 day ago)
It's only my opinion but, I believe you have to WANT it not have an "interest" in it, that goes for anything. Saying you have an interest in something sounds more akin to a casual observer that just happens to be intrigued by a concept. Believe me if I could get through engineering anybody can and I had a HARD road to travel, highschool drop out in 10th grade obtained a GED the following year. Worked a couple years, then joined the military for 4 yrs when I turned 18, went to school while I was in and used some of my GI bill when I got out to finish my BSN in nursing worked as a nurse for several yrs went back to school for biomedical engineering. If you want "hard" try getting in to an advanced nursing specialty like anesthesia. You're eyeballs will melt from the anatomy/physiology portion alone. Anyway good luck to an future engineers, the term hard is your brain telling you, your interests may be best served in something else.
Ben Simo (4 days ago)
Engineering is a major that requires intellectual ability. You can not expect everyone to be able to prove themselves at that level of educational rigor. Theres a reason engineers get paid as well as they do. Its because individuals who complete that field of study are more intelligent, on average, than those who dont
double00shotgun (5 days ago)
And pretty soon men are not gonna attend universities all together
MAN IN BLACK FACE (7 days ago)
Drop outs brought to you by Affirmative action
DooBick (7 days ago)
Ha! I'm studying calculus, electrical engineering, and programming at such a young age (I'm not telling you my age cause that's a douchbag move) so I'm perfectly fine with becoming an engineer
Cuzilla47 (8 days ago)
A degree in math is very useful but you will go farther if it is applied. I majored in math but there is little demand for someone to actually solve differential equations in the workplace. That's why I chose Statistics as my major rather than pure mathematics. It was easy for me to use it in my job as a QC/QA manager. Not much call for solutions to problems involving abstract algebra. I'll admit I should have stayed with Electrical Engineering (my original major) because the $$$ were higher but I did very well with statistics, it just took a little longer to get there. If you are good at math, I suggest Engineering. Chemical engineers start out very well right out of school but it does usually take an extra year or so to get through all the courses though.
telemetryz (10 days ago)
Nice way to say the nagger was not smart enough to come through it. You see his eyes shift when he tells it? LOL
Erich Kempka (11 days ago)
Hahaha you have to go to college to run heavy machinery, run a Transit and build a building I was doing that when I was 13 oh the joys of having a real man as a father!!
Phil (11 days ago)
I went to Engineering School in the early 1970's and half my classmates at that time were foreign born. It's a tough curriculum and a lot of students don't want to work that hard. Instead they go into Business or the Fine Arts and then wonder why they can't land a good job. I spent 42 years in the Auto Industry, eventually working on Electric/Hybrid cars for one of the Big 3-and had a salary near $ 175,000.00 when I retired last year. I went 42 years and was never laid off, retiring with a great 401k account, pension, subsidized health care as a retiree and a feeling of great accomplishment. If you can handle the math, Engineering is a great field to get into. But you do have to be willing to work hard in school, there are no shortcuts.
Jamal Oneal (12 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 I was majoring in engineering but I was struggling so now I'm studying (insert study that guarantees a job that will have you flipping burgers or making someone's mocha whatever for all eternity). Dumbass just study harder.😂😂😂
BrandonSeattle (12 days ago)
That chick with an accent is a hot engineer chick.
Ididsubmititalready (12 days ago)
Non-tenture professors make life hell as pay back for their in-ability to work. Good school = degree = happy life. Run into the bad apples and it could ruin your life. And, they think it's funny.
wealthy black man (13 days ago)
Feminazi fascist scum rule the school systems denying any males a proper education!
以蔵岡田 (13 days ago)
REASON: Students are putting in a lot of time, effort AND MONEY Without getting an immediate return, ppl need to make money asap that's why they are droping out
Gerald Keys (13 days ago)
You cannot water down real science like the liberal arts has. Science deals with reality, like it or not.
Neil Anderson (14 days ago)
You can't use affirmative action to skate through the workload of an engineering degree. Major in African studies and go into the grievance industry.
Nat Aki (14 days ago)
They are on the hunt for engineers who are NOT white men.
VideoMucho (15 days ago)
Fake news. People flunk out of engineering because they can't handle the tough math or physics courses. More practical work is for technicians. Engineering studies concentrate on theories. Once employed you will get all the practical experience you can handle. You bring to the table the basics you learned in college. That is mostly theories applied to practical problems.
wojtek0000 (15 days ago)
You can thank the US Department of Education for setting the bar so low in the elementary schools and high schools. Algebra starts in 9th grade when everywhere else in the world it starts in 4th grade. Americans have been purposefully dumbed down so that they are less of a threat to the ruling elites. Other developed (or developing) countries, where capitalism is not so ingrained in the economy and psyche of the people, don't have that problem. They want and need their citizens to be smart so that they can come up.
jayaveeran (15 days ago)
There are easy engineering schools and there are hard engineering schools. You make the choice.
WILLIAM TRAN (16 days ago)
3 sides to a story: Their side, my side and the truth. **Somewhere in the middle**
Game of Bones (16 days ago)
WOW! IT'S TOTALLY AMAZING!! In America with 80% white people, I see ZERO men people in this documentary. THAT is what is "failing" America. It's the forced social agenda that's failed!
Henry Morrisroe (16 days ago)
I think engineering companies want to look for practical experience like engineering clubs or volunteering at science related activities. Just like with college they want someone well rounded (volunteering hours, extracurricular activities, previous success at jobs, leadership roles, etc).
Michael B (16 days ago)
Application helps... but w/ an ever expanding software field turning more people into systems engineers and more systems engineers being forced to be software oriented, I think that the application is taking a back seat. Not that SW isn’t a form of application of concepts, but SW problems tend to feel more akin to the kinds of problems I saw in diffeq than hardware problems I saw in circuit theory. Just my $0.02
Derek Stinson (17 days ago)
When I was in high school there was little to no engineering preparation courses. Of course I graduated in 2000, so it could be different now. I thought it was funny that one solution to the drop out problem was to add more time outside of class by having more projects.
richard bowes (17 days ago)
Engineers and more are accepted from other countries
Choco Latte (17 days ago)
People drop out of engineering because it’s difficult. I took calculus with math majors, chemistry with chemistry majors, physics with physics majors and then you have your chemical engineering courses. It’s a tough row to hoe.
Joy Phillips (18 days ago)
In the US, not only are you competing with Americans for jobs, but people from other countries on a student visa who are mostly minorities. Democrats love this because they aren't thinking about Americans who are minorities, but immigrants which some how give them more clout. And yes, I have a electrical engineering degree.
jaycee sagre (18 days ago)
I think some American families must hired a math tutor so their kids will do well in tech industry. Tech industry is booming and companies needs engineers that deals with any kind of technology. So engineering requires high level of math. So hire a math tutor.
Steve Gilbert (18 days ago)
I got my BSEE 30 years ago. College was the worst years of my life. It was horribly hard. I put myself through school while working. All I did was work, go to class, study and sleep. I had great inspiring professors and professors from hell. To the engineering students out there, don't give up, it is worth in the end. I make a good living and have had the opportunity to work on some fascinating projects over the years (plenty of boring ones too). Before you give up and quit watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teIj7fak6eU
Phore Whoresman (20 days ago)
Easy fix, just identify as an engineer.
Fred Frond (20 days ago)
We need more elementary teachers trained in math and high school teachers trained in stem. Also this idea of American exceptionalism is hamstringing people. They think they are special and do not have to work as hard as the stupid (or whatever) Chinese guy cause you are merican and exceptional. Until it comes to test time.
John Beatty (20 days ago)
Well damn young people need to know what jobs are really out there ... “being an engineer” isn’t a good enough reason to suffer through all that work ... I’m a smart guy and I still couldn’t tell anyone what an engineer does, we all can’t be Elon Musk lol. I dropped out of biology ... what jobs are there for biologists lol “working in a lab”? We’re not just pumping out math and science jobs for “our bright and glorious future as a nation” we need companies to come to schools to get people hooked into the jobs and they will do the work
Bill Gillette (21 days ago)
A couple of points from a 35 year veteran engineer who is also PE: You can always find a job as a manufacturing engineer. It s the most hands on, tough, stressful, and not as many want to do it. Ironically, you will learn more doing that than in anything else and it will help you become excellent at design later. Another thing is you are nuts if you think you should wait til you get out with your degree to get experience. If the school has a co-op or internship program you MUST get into that. It's real experience and you can rack up a year or two of experience by the time you graduate. Sure, it will take you longer to get your degree. SO WHAT?! Another point: If you are looking for a 'job', then don't go into engineering. This is a PROFESSION, like medicine or law. If you go the PE route you have to take your two board exams and internship for five years after graduating. Worth it? Damn right. A new EIT can expect to make serious money in a firm and a PE like myself....takes home more money than an MD in private practice. Without a lot of the hassle doctors have to put up with.
Go MGTOW (21 days ago)
There are just not enough jobs for all of the people going into Engineering. When they get into engineering school they learn that from other professors.
Svintys Svinykov (21 days ago)
I am ChemE from City College. Graduated 2003. No ChemE jobs... Just ride the bull martket all the way up. Don't let all math and physics go to waste.
Edward Tso (22 days ago)
Engineer dropout problem would not be an issue if CCNY had a tougher entrance standard. Mediocre college taking in mediocre students equals greater dropout rate or less job opportunity. In NYC alone, Columbia, Cooper Union and NYU (née Polytechnic U) probably don’t have problem with graduates finding good engineering jobs. I would group CCNY with “B schools for C students” category.
Kevin lee (22 days ago)
Leave it to the Asians, they'll fill the void
Dave Klebt (23 days ago)
it is hard! why the failure rate? k-12 have focused on indoctrination into leftist anti american social baloney, and failed to educate.
looms blacks (23 days ago)
It's just engineering its not hard .not like your scientists like physicist ,etc
Master Chief 00117 (23 days ago)
They dropout because they lack the basic skills. As lower education is more worried about your feelings.. Not to mention the Government gives them loans. Knowing they will not complete the courses. But still be liable for the debt for life. Till they pay it off. So the easy loan money means colleges can charge more. As they get paid even if they dropout! As the teachers could give a shit. They still get their paychecks! One reason they take liberal Arts courses. It does not require they actually build or design anything. Much less learn math. As 80% can not balance a bank account....
eric heine (23 days ago)
What are you going to engineer that hasn't already been engineered? All the easy stuff has been done. To few positions and to many applicants, balls and cells. So many cars and to few parking spaces. Computer generated problems, computer generated answers. If you're smart enough, you're bright enough to realize personnel obsolescence. What happens when you human beings are no longer financially viable, viable? It is a form of extinction, part of the fossil record, a shiny artifact of the past. Iron American Dream on YouTube Share it. Take a ride across the promised land. Ride a Harley.
Wallace Rose (23 days ago)
Finance is the place to be. Not engineering.
zed zardoz (24 days ago)
the reason they drop out is because engineering is super hard...when I was in college I took a few engineering classes and struggled to get a c. when I took a few law classes I got all A's and sometimes at the top of the class.... engineering is hard
Stevie Hogan (24 days ago)
Get over yourselves try and make yourself and the world all around yourselves a better place forget all this hierarchy social peer pressure, keeping up with the joneses, it's all a farce in the real working world no one gives a fuck it really is dog eat dog, put in the least and discover yourself as a human being !! That or work yourself into the ground and everyone will say you're doing well !!
Cory Horn (24 days ago)
“You become more we’ll rounded, you look at the world differently.” Bitch please. You can do that shit for free at the library or on the internet. Teach kids how to build shit well and cut out 2 years of student loans.
Jining Zhang (25 days ago)
It's a hunt for talent for tech companies, they have great need for experienced engineers not worm bodies that just graduated
Jining Zhang (25 days ago)
Don't listen to them telling u engineering is booming, it is not true
Jining Zhang (25 days ago)
Graduated with B.S ME, and realizes only 1 out of 5 of my classmates gets job right out of college, and 67% of last year's graduated are still searching.
Natewatl (25 days ago)
These kids simply orange being prepared by high schools today learn the material and put in the work that it takes. Engineering probably ought to be a 5-year program. On the other hand a lot of these bright kids would do quite well as engineering technologists
Benjamin Esposti (25 days ago)
Feminism. lol.
Hitlerdidnothingwrong (26 days ago)
I've got a love hate relationship with engineers...I kinda wanna say, good, drop out. mainly because as a mechanic, I encounter so many things that are absolutely NOT maintenance friendly xD but then they're cool because like...what would we have without these nerds?
ROLAND D BOOKER III (27 days ago)
Why do students drop out? (Answer at the end...) I got a liberal arts degree, then re-entered to get an engineering degree. I flunked out the first semester, because the kind of thinking that solves engineering problems is so different and so intensive that I just wasn't prepared for it. In liberal arts, I read a little, fooled around mostly and bull-shitted the exams. Bull shit just doesn't cut it on an engineering exam. Being pig-headed and stubborn and refusing to give in to failure, I re-entered and refocused on the processes of engineering problems. When I became an engineering freshman that year, 200 students entered with me. 45 hung on to get an engineering degree while 155 quit. (Navy Seals have a higher washout rate.) I was 44th in that graduating class; I had to appear before a board of the professors because my results were so close to the borderline. When I was leaving the room, one of the professors blurted," That son-of -a-bitch just isn't going to give up. Let's just give him a degree and get him the hell out of here." So there it is: it is not intelligence that makes an engineer. It is sheer unwillingness to quit trying to find an answer in the face of every failure. Students drop out because it is really hard to keep trying when the problems are so difficult that your first effort fails almost all the time.
Joshua Peterson (28 days ago)
Maybe if the American education system wasn't shit and and schools had higher standards rather then looking for profit it wouldn't be an issue
procopius (28 days ago)
Most ridiculous part is those people starting out with money and connections would be way ahead of any of the brightest engineers.
Jason (28 days ago)
University weeds out the ones who should be what they want to be. Sadly..to many become just another over educated waitress because the only things they can lean in university is what everyone else who's not smart enough also becomes.
Herp Derp (28 days ago)
Im an engineer. Im glad all these shitbag millenial snowflakes cant make it. Know why? Makes my position more secure, and my salary higher and higher as companies get more and more desperate once they realize how utterly USELESS this new generation is. Sorry you offended by everything, omnisexual quad gender space tree fox trigglypuffs that require a beanbag chair, 200k a year with your liberal arts or gender studies degree, and your constant need for praise for nothing..... you are not needed, and not welcome. Jog on twats. Im sure there is a feminazi rally somewhere who needs more people present to ruin everyone elses lives. , go do that instead. On a side note, my company like MANY others would be happy to train people. I myself would be happy to do so as well. So anyone making excuses for themselves that companies dont want to hire untrained engineers are the worst kind of lazy. Go watch some alux you useless cunts, you might learn you are not special or unique. Problem is, we get some liberal asshat that lived most of his life in a fairytale, being handed trophies for placing last..... and they simply suck. Late constantly, make up excuses for everything, deflect all failure on others, or view it as success, zero work ethic, and a cultural ideology that compels them from their very core to MAKE WAVES as much as possible when any single minute thing doesnt align with their own personal beliefs. Fuck them, and fuck the PC bus they rode in on. I didnt get a free ride, so neither do they. Life sucks, its hard. Learn and adapt to the world, or go die in a gutter and make space for someone else to try. The world wont change for you.
Max Zou (28 days ago)
if ya cant put in the fuckin work then dont expect to get paid.
IntrovertedE (29 days ago)
This wasn't a problem decades ago. What changed? Of course liberal CNN missed the reason this is happening because they're forbidden to say it: Stop admitting people on AFFIRMATIVE ACTION scholarship instead of real merit & test scores and the dropout rate won't be so high. You can't give a kid a higher IQ once they get a free admission pass because of dark skin color or ethnic representation. Eventually, the REAL tests need to be taken, REAL problems demand solving, REAL challenges met, and the REAL world engaged. Lowering standards are costing these kids a fortune as they have to switch majors. You want to know why the STEM dropout rate is so high? Because of liberals. STEM is the only area you can't fundamentally twist and blame on "racism" for not succeeding. Smart & ambitious kids will succeed. Other kids will not. It's that simple, and no amount of liberal coddling can change that. Stop affirmative action and pushing kids into programs they can't complete. It harms them way too much.
Jeff Harbaugh (29 days ago)
My engineer school took pride in dropping out 2/3rds of the students.
dbltrplx (30 days ago)
65 k a year ain’t shit I made 100 k a year teaching cucks how to do shit a monkey could do. If you want to make any kind of money in this country you have to get in on one of the scams, like politics, teaching, drug dealing, law enforcement, That’s where the money is. Scams .
Ad Ba (30 days ago)
You look at the world differently...
Wil Saint (30 days ago)
You can't train intelligence.
Dustin McKay (30 days ago)
I'd rather travel in an airplane designed by an engineer who passed a challenging program, than an airplane designed by someone who was just handed a passing grade
Joe T (30 days ago)
J Lo (30 days ago)
She could "dance" and make much more money.
J Lo (30 days ago)
Cnnmoney used clackbait thumbnail. Not without purpose
First Last (30 days ago)
Do you lack the skills to dial in a project exactly? Simply over-engineer and over-spend. Problem solved.
Developer LLL124 (30 days ago)
Am I the only one who would just study engineering for the fun of it? :/
Peter Sutherland (1 month ago)
Cuz it's fucking hard
Raju Kumaran (1 month ago)
Thats where Indians and Chinese engineers come in, your engineering drop out rate is unsustainable, welcoming foreign engineers will broaden the pool and will be great for big American companies and shareholders.
theklrdude oo (1 month ago)
change to liberal arts and become a barista !
the REASON ENGINEERS ARE dropping out in america . Is because im not in charged i was dethroned in the 1970's. I was the leader of the electrical and mechanical alliance.
Why does the video footage look like it was taken in the late 90s.
Jeff (1 month ago)
This is such a millennial thing to say "After just finishing the assignments you have to put in extra work" Well boo fucking hoo. Welcome to the real world where your liberal parents can't protect you anymore. It must suck that the university actually wants you to learn something and and it requires hard work to get there. What a bunch of babies. I remember where I easily put in 14+ hour days and I had a job on top of that. There was a time I looked at a calendar and found one day off I had in three months.
Kane Christian (1 month ago)
Hot little engineer slut
maxsmodels (1 month ago)
Engineering is a tough curriculum that has always had a high drop-out rate but the public school system has let so many of them down.
shylildude (1 month ago)
My dick is well-rounded.
diabolicalr666 (1 month ago)
It’s hard on purpose. You don’t want dumb engineers making cars, roller coasters, bridges etc
Solus (1 month ago)
"I was studying engineering but it was too hard for my little brain, so now I'm going to study a useless subject instead" WTF is Public Relations advertising any way? What a waste!
Don Hicky (1 month ago)
my cousin has a masters degree in engineering and he still cant find a job cuz guess what, american jobs arent hiring people with just a student visa
ti pr (1 month ago)
Last semester EE transferred in from an arts degree. It is absolutely worth it. One thing I found to help was to eat eggs and greens in the morning to give yourself b vitamins. Also coconut oil and regular exercise are the best way to be able to sit down for 12 or 15 hours a day. Keep your nose to the grindstone and know that your ancestors fought and died to give you this opportunity. Don’t waste it
notf noio (1 month ago)
Engineering is difficult, and hardware engineers got fucked. They were in high demand when semiconductors and the internet needed to be made, but once made, everyone demanded mobile and software, displacing so many hardware engineers
Dwight Brown (1 month ago)
My son is an engineer BS, MS Texas A&M. There is no shallow end of the pool in engineering. You can't get behind and you can't miss class. Even if you are so sick you can't move. If you are not a good calculus student and a good physics student you are in big trouble. You have to dedicate yourself to the work. If you have to work to put yourself through college it will really be a rough go of it.
Stan Stanlison (1 month ago)
"8hrs outside the classroom" There were times when I had to spend more than that in my upper division courses. There are many subjects that require a significant time to grasp. Either way this excuse doesn't fly imo. If you are going to college for something in STEM you have to put in the work. Sometimes that means putting in extra time and making sacrifices. There were 35 ppl in my Intro to Engineering course. in the end only 8 graduated in engineering. And from those 8, 5 were civil engineers and went to work for credit unions.
Stan Stanlison (1 month ago)
lost track of all the times I couldn't go out or participate in something because I had coursework. I never got Thanksgiving off while I was in college.
Big Mike Crypto Mania (1 month ago)
That dude said he went from engineering to public relations. WTF? Just get your millwright certification.
Hunter (1 month ago)
96% of students at Columbia who enter engineering graduate in engineering because they work harder and are smarter than almost everyone else. It's not about losing interest.
s bright (1 month ago)
As an engineer myself the biggest problem with the us curriculum is it give you no practical skills. In India and other countries they teach their engineers the vocational skills they need, US engineering curriculum is in the 1950’s. So it’s no wonder companies aren’t hiring to train engineers who no longer even stick with their employer once they learn a marketable skill
Chanc Gettel (1 month ago)
As a freshman engineering student, I can honestly say the sky is the limit. I already have a paid Co-op job and have gotten many offers from other companies. It is scary at sometimes, but those who don't quit, win.
lee mceachern (1 month ago)
Only 65k a year to be a engineer? Is that in a 40hour work week because that's seems pretty low for pay.
Jay Gee (1 month ago)
1:26...... takes a lot of extra work... wow... welcome to life dude. Engineering is hard work. all day.. every day. That's why you earn money.
Vic Oilsteems (1 month ago)
"Its the economic theory/system stupid " repeal dismantle and replace profits before people shareholder value, trickle down right wing socialism economics.
Andrew Tataj (1 month ago)
I have no problem with low grad rates for engineers. Makes more sense to have fewer of them than having more bridges and buildings falling down
Modern MGTOW (1 month ago)
Engineering Schools Ciriculums are set up in a terrible way... for example, several classes had grades derived only from a midterm and final, exams that take 6 hours each. You also rarely see any application in real world projects, just learning all sorts of Bullshit that is now calculated by computer... why even take such hardcore math and physics based classes when you will never use it in a job. It’s so easy to flunk classes and then you risk not graduating college at all if you don’t switch out of the major.
Luke Wise (1 month ago)
Engineering isn't hard to get through. The problem that people try to hold themselves to the same standard they achieved in high school, which is A's, and when it's not that easy to do or they want a degree that will be easier to do that in and have a life, they switch. I personally held myself to the standard of getting one B+ a year in high school, only falling short of that my sophomore year getting 2 B+'s, but once I graduated, I knew I couldn't do that to myself in Electrical Engineering. I have a 2.774 and in that is even a couple of D's, but that shouldn't act as a reason to switch majors. I go to The University of Akron, and their problem (like many other schools used in the 22/14 statistic) is that they present material in an impractical context. Like for one of my labs, we would use a spectrum analyzer to find harmonics in current and voltage wave forms, but we never learned how to utilize those imperfections to make our system more efficient. Also, there is no formal education in engineering software, but we will be expected to learn it once we're out of school. Some people say that in our free time, we should learn those ourselves as a hobby, but when everyone is paying tens of thousands of dollars somehow someway to actually get an education, it's ridiculous that it's made out to be a more useless and more difficult version of high school, rather than something that treats students as the young adults they are.
Inkalimeva TV (1 month ago)
Could this also be due to affirmative action? just asking.
Sancho (1 month ago)
The problem isn't just students who are ill prepared, americans seem too quick to quit something the moment it gets too hard.
sleepy sleepy (1 month ago)
The first guy looked like kanye west he's like I started rapping
James Rafferty (1 month ago)
Hey, that's why there's Gender Studies and English majors.
mick hanks (1 month ago)
Go to 2:28 and watch the bit in drop down, so I guess Columbia doesn't teach engineers to tighten there collets.
Steven Roy (1 month ago)
The course curriculum for engineering is suited more for pure math majors and doesn't correlate with real world employer's demands. Colleges need to revise the curriculum to focus more extensively on software applications such as autocad. Employers today don't want their employees to perform differential equations on a blank sheet of paper.

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