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Why Does Nokia Exist in 2018?

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In 2018, is there a place for Nokia in the world of Android smartphones? $100 Nokia 2 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/nokia2 $200 Nokia 6 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/nokia6 $430 Nokia 7 Plus on Amazon: http://austin.tech/nokia7plus $60 Nokia 3310 on Amazon: http://austin.tech/nokia3310 By using our Amazon affiliate links, you help to support the channel as we may receive compensation for purchases through those links. Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (3514)
Timothy Graziano (4 hours ago)
Clicked on this to find out why there was a pregnancy test on top of a smartphone. Then i realized it was the Google bar.... /fail
Satch Boogie (7 hours ago)
Nokias always had good cameras. The only reason I would buy one today is for a good camera, if they can't bring that back, then I'm not buying it.
Subhra Jyoti Deb Deb (10 hours ago)
Bull1 Music (18 hours ago)
watching on 7 plus 😍😍😍🤫
Eddancool (20 hours ago)
plz do a video about Cat phones.
Robo Warrior Gaming (23 hours ago)
The way he ends sentences
Mythical Gaming (1 day ago)
can i have yur nokia 7+?
not palkia (1 day ago)
That freaking Nokia 2 is barely worse than my phone. I sort of want to see about one of these phones because my first phone was a Lumia 635 and it was invincible, and worked pretty dang well for a low-range Windows Phone.
Sam Sadhu (1 day ago)
Why is this guy jumping
Nick S (2 days ago)
I’d like them to make a flagship
sylinter (2 days ago)
Suomen ylpeyden aihe kuinka joku kehtaa arvostella siten että miksi se on olemassa yhä 2018 joos oot suomalaine tykkää
Wilduu (2 days ago)
going to be
angelscream02 (2 days ago)
I'm using $80 phone and it has 5000 mAh battery other specs are cool though but don't have high end specs.
jezusmylord (2 days ago)
That nokia 7 plus looks smashing.
David Torres (2 days ago)
hey specs..just enjoy life
Mehrbod Yousefian (2 days ago)
A serious budget phone competator... very cool...
Lance Bolaños (3 days ago)
Cause Nokia 6 can run Fortnite
Joking Gamer YT (3 days ago)
I have a Nokia 3000.....
It’s Aquaman (4 days ago)
Why does the earth still exist in 2018?
Moemen SMP (4 days ago)
Nokia 2 beat the 3 in preformence u so dunmb
Gaming with Niamke (4 days ago)
Know the difference. Hater: "Why Does Austin Evans Exist in 2018?" Fan: "Is Austin Evans Worth it?"
gameflux (5 days ago)
Cool !
hasan abduraji (5 days ago)
Why does? Old phone exist in 2018? And why did they do not gone? I think nokia save money for a better phone Here goes my red look again...
Carl Windows10Home (5 days ago)
Andrea Bonanno (5 days ago)
for 100 dollars i'd rather buy an old iphone
Vali Vali (5 days ago)
Hey Nokia go back to Symbian. Much better then android
Spo Breynet (5 days ago)
speaking so fast, this boy seems in a hurry to catch his late train.
Gary Strang (6 days ago)
Note that this is last years Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1 (2018) is 3gb/32gb or 4gb/64gb and has a few other changes like Oreo out the box. Anyone interested in the 6 based on this video should check out some other reviews
Ege Ve Tayfası HD (6 days ago)
Why Nokia has a Shahmaran in 2018?
mineshahaf (6 days ago)
Nokia 7+ looks like my xiomi mi a1 ,but my phone only cost 250$ compared to it
MindKraft (6 days ago)
Nokia should've joined the android bandwagon a long time ago
Thomas Mccdonagh (7 days ago)
Watching dis on the Nokia 5
äijjä (7 days ago)
Why does 2018 exist In 2018
lohas jibanas (7 days ago)
to make world undesrrucdible
Damien M. (7 days ago)
For the Nokia 6, you reviewed the 2017 version, but there is a 2018 version.
lintsaaja 656 (8 days ago)
Suomalaista sisua perkele
Dragoncam13 (8 days ago)
Why does Austin Evans exist in 2018?
Ozmorixx (8 days ago)
*Watching this on a Nokia 2*
NGL Boyz (9 days ago)
why not?? even Samsung exist.. lol
Николас BG (9 days ago)
I'm using Nokia 2 very good phone
Rushikesh Patil (9 days ago)
Nokia rocks
abid kutipaala (9 days ago)
Your Nokia not swoing notification light.and say caller's name ... make more options
Ivan (10 days ago)
Hey austin this is guys
king gamer (10 days ago)
Yo austin, the true question is: why does austin exist in 2018. Sos i love your chanel
epic DJ (10 days ago)
I was about to buy the Nokia 2 but I bought the huwai y3 and they both are basically the same
PS4Addiction (11 days ago)
Nokia is actually a town in Finland
Monokuma (11 days ago)
I like Nokia
Liam Dale (11 days ago)
The Nokia 5 seems like a great smartphone (especially since it runs pure Android); but it only comes in a 16gb model which is simply inadequate for today's market.
Peter (12 days ago)
Bought a 6.1, and its camera is superb, and its fast. Highly recomended!
Andy (13 days ago)
You dont answer your question
Daisy Ridley Videos (13 days ago)
It's 2018 and I'm still a Nokia fan
Brodu Sullivan (13 days ago)
The nokia2 is like the hi-point pistol of the phone world
John Oslo Kefir (14 days ago)
U speak too stragely
gamerz just for fun (14 days ago)
I got nokia 7 plus 😍
Golden IV (14 days ago)
Watching On My Nokia 7+
Ninda JS (16 days ago)
Nokia 6 here
Muhammad uzair (16 days ago)
Who is watching it on their Nokia 6?
Automaattinen Tomaatti (17 days ago)
I just bought Nokia 7 Plus and it's actually amazing.
Associate Account (17 days ago)
I love, Nokia, our family does love, Nokia
MartijnXD (17 days ago)
Watching this with a Nokia 5. Great phone. :)
Van Tom (17 days ago)
you can't beat the software supports and updates Nokia did to their android phones for a 3 years guaranteed.. even in their lowest phones like Nokia 2 its like buying pixel phones in low price together with fine craftsmanship in their phones no Chinese brand phone can beat that..
Y KS (17 days ago)
Nokia 8 sirroco?
John Morgan (17 days ago)
watching this with my nokia 8 sirroco
Ally Playz (17 days ago)
why does Austin Evans exist in 2018?
CaptObvious (17 days ago)
If the 7 Plus had Tmobile bands I would legitimately buy one right now
Raging Player (17 days ago)
The 100$ nokia is definetly better than the J1.The one with vopper looks AMAZING!
cody burt (17 days ago)
I think I might have to get a Nokia 7 Plus! That copper looks great
xxxtwintacion (17 days ago)
Nokia + Samsung = *L E G E N D S*
Angery (18 days ago)
Dinkelstein Kerman (18 days ago)
I got the Nokia 7 plus
RᗅHiD PLᗅγZ (19 days ago)
I replay Austin's intro 3 times 1.Hey guys this is EXHAUSTED 2.Hey guys this is DISGUSTING 3.Hey guys this is Austin.
Adittya Abir Dhrubo (19 days ago)
Just get nokia android best deal of the time
steevo nicks (19 days ago)
Great video but the changes in tone and pitch in his voice feels a little full on
Bro what is this guys voice
FoxSsniper (19 days ago)
same as Why do you exist in 2018
Neurotic Fox (20 days ago)
Ripuli On Märkää Kakkaa
MRO (21 days ago)
btw I just bought Nokia 8 on $277
The new nooby cuber (21 days ago)
Tur Nokia 6 has a mode turned on when its shiped. You can turn it off and it saunds amazing then
eetu53 (21 days ago)
The iReviewer (21 days ago)
Does the nokia 6 have a removable back?
The iReviewer (16 days ago)
Ninda JS (16 days ago)
not removable
MartijnXD (17 days ago)
Probably not. I have a Nokia 5, and the 5 and 6 have pretty similar build quality. The Nokia 5 doesn't have a removable back, so I doubt that the Nokia 6 has one.
milky samurai (22 days ago)
nokia is finnish company
Rose Martin (22 days ago)
Because we have entered a parallel universe
shareef moder (22 days ago)
best back to school phones
Ray Davison (22 days ago)
Stupid question really! It's not for you to decide why a company exists, the reasons are for the owners. A better question would be, is Nokia relevant in 2018?
tg sparky (22 days ago)
Good review but not a fan of the jerky zooming
Ari Takalo (22 days ago)
Nokia exists in 2018, because they never disappeared/ went away anyway. Heck these phones are a licensed off side project. The mainstay is in network and radio infrastructure. Without which no company's phones would work. Nokia, Ericson, Huawei. The big three of who actually makes the mobile internet world work.
Christopher H (22 days ago)
A video that does not answer its question.... Why does this exist??
SpartiuS94 (23 days ago)
But, you didn't mention their flagship, NOKIA 8!
Prabij Shrestha (23 days ago)
my phone nokia 6
Rémi El Franquito (23 days ago)
Why does Nokia still exist in 2018? Because my dad's still alive and need a simple but solid phone. Nokia will be fine for him
AlphaGamer150 (23 days ago)
I'm watching on a Nokia 5
Wonder Lamb (24 days ago)
TechnoLogic Everything (25 days ago)
Watching on Nokia 3
Knut Ennio Pelagalli (25 days ago)
I have a Nokia 3 and honestly it is worth the money.
Mohamed khalel (25 days ago)
Watching in Nokia 6 😊😊
Samuel Pattinson (25 days ago)
. So, what do you think about Nokia 7 Plus,...?
Felipe Loera (25 days ago)
If Nokia keeps this up they might be able to stir up the phone market a bit.
Nithin Nithin (25 days ago)
Nokia 7 plus rocks!
Paul Wortmann (25 days ago)
I have owned multiple Nokia phones in the past when Nokia was on top, however I will never go back to Nokia. Each Nokia phone had hardware issues in under a year, and customer service screwed me bad. After which I moved onto Android, I still have all my old android phones, they all still work great, I only upgrade for better technology every few years. I would have considered one of the new Nokia phones now, but besides the obvious lack in higher spec features, Nokia customer service screwed me too bad in the past when they were popular....never again!
RobBluth (25 days ago)
I really hope they bring the 7 Plus to the US

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