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Vivo NEX vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus!

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Vivo NEX Vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, including camera, battery, specs, and performance! 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp
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Text Comments (2690)
Will L (45 minutes ago)
emmm.... S9 looks good so where can I buy a vivo nex?
Mohammed i Abdul Ati (3 hours ago)
انا من اشد متابعينك من العرب اتمنى منك ان تهديني موبايل
Reliquum (9 hours ago)
Just want to point out that Xiaomi was first who integrated that kind of speaker on Mi Mix.
filip stevens (11 hours ago)
will it work in europe the vivo nex?
wan kyrol abbas (12 hours ago)
The problem I've on vivo is after 1 years you gonna get a lots problems..screen didn't last long.. heat up ..suddenly restart.. instead Samsung. . If you're handful care.. you gonna last it forever bruh..that's why the prices a Lil a bit high price than others phones..
Laid Said (12 hours ago)
chris wei (1 day ago)
Vivo is killing it
Trevor Au (1 day ago)
#Find X just kick his record
karar hadi (2 days ago)
سامسونك الافضل
Austin Tseng (2 days ago)
Outro song?
pedro BL (2 days ago)
Does it have face sensor ?
Ahmad Husaini (2 days ago)
Not even mention the hifi dac. Smh...
D Fung (2 days ago)
S9+ has the bigger chin?
Gaming Malayalam (2 days ago)
Samsung Best
Bernard (3 days ago)
Why does everyone want a screen that is all over the phone. I prefer the design of Samsung
洛水菖蒲 (3 days ago)
China is so powerful,it can actually create such a mobile phone.
洛水菖蒲 (3 days ago)
Vivo is China
Paul Varinder (3 days ago)
Samsung should bring back the IR blaster on s10
Jorge kanon (3 days ago)
Yo quiero uno
sneakyjc (3 days ago)
I don't like vivo lots of stupid Chinese apps guess vivo doesn't have playstore too and I don't like the popping camera what happened if it hangs plus while selfie it slipped??? Better to have some thin bezel than this crap..
Ferdinando Rea (3 days ago)
it's clear that body ratio is not 91,2% but "just" 86% (in fact you can see that S9 has less frames on the sides while Vivo nex has less on the top) maths is not opinionable...
Julio Vizcarra (3 days ago)
I like your videos and information but please for improving the quality stop putting idiot face as intro of your videos that discorages and feels like stupid content inside.
Volodia Yuanov (3 days ago)
Notchless Vivo wins!
ice zy (4 days ago)
Arun S (4 days ago)
So VIVO can't flip the mirror image to correct one. Not buying this!
王震 (4 days ago)
Made in China !
Jacob Hunter (1 day ago)
王震 you mean shit, right?
Your Phenom (4 days ago)
The cell phone market is sinked by cell phones. Still here with samsung till death.
eddie huang (4 days ago)
Still here with Samsung boom till death😍 Samsung boom will NEVER win VIVO or OPPO for sure😍 HOPE ONE DAY WHAT U DIE HEART LOVE SAMSUNG WILL BOOM U GO TO DIE😍
Anthony Debbarma (4 days ago)
What's the price of this phone supposed to be
Francis Pintor (4 days ago)
Vivo NEX specs sucks..😂😂 Xiaomi Mi 8EE much better..
Aaron Agpaoa (4 days ago)
Just wait for S10 😍
eddie huang (4 days ago)
okay Just wait for ur Samsung boom 10😍
Aaron Agpaoa (4 days ago)
It looks so nice but Samsung is The Best 😍
eddie huang (4 days ago)
Aaron Agpaoa 😍plz brainwash me to be a Kpop ladyboy then I will STUPID like u loyalty to Samsung till death😍
Aaron Agpaoa (4 days ago)
eddie huang Boom your Face 😂
eddie huang (4 days ago)
Samsung boom is The Best😍 Samsung boom will NEVER win VIVO or OPPO for sure😍 HOPE ONE DAY WHAT U DIE HEART LOVE SAMSUNG WILL BOOM U GO TO DIE😍
RONALDO SOSA (4 days ago)
Oppo Find X is bigger than this one and faster
Nis G (4 days ago)
Wtf the nex features are the exact rumors for your “reasons you should be excited for Samsung X” video
TrueFacts (4 days ago)
The boss videos is far awesome and his voice is greatest of other youtuber's
Mustafa Ahmed (5 days ago)
Mustafa Ahmed (4 days ago)
eddie huang you are surely from apple😝
eddie huang (4 days ago)
eddie huang (4 days ago)
#TeamSamsungboom😂Samsung boom will NEVER win VIVO or OPPO for sure😂 HOPE ONE DAY WHAT U DIE HEART LOVE SAMSUNG WILL BOOM U GO TO DIE😂
Kyle White (5 days ago)
It's hardware is great, but software looks like a cheap knock off of iOS. They should sell a version with stock Android.
Phonognomiks (5 days ago)
When is the release date?
Wow.. you're a frickin soyboy mate
IT'S ALL IRRELEVANT (5 days ago)
What's the outro song?
Ethan H (5 days ago)
I saw several reproduced versions on other websites, do you accept multi-reproductions of your video? One of them shows no reference of your channel.
H A (5 days ago)
Judging by that thumbnail, one would say you're a noob.
BBnose (5 days ago)
does the vivo has back door? we all don’t know right
Nanu Arora (5 days ago)
Is the nex having face unlock and led light notification?
Abhijit k (5 days ago)
Pls pls...give mh this phone pls pls pls
Abhijit k (5 days ago)
Pls pls give me this phone pls pls...i am dying to get this phone...pls pls...i am a big fan of you...pls pls give me this phone
Ana Stojevska (5 days ago)
Samsung is better
Jacob Hunter (1 day ago)
Seems chinkers get mad 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️
eddie huang (5 days ago)
Samsung boom is better😂 Samsung boom will NEVER win VIVO or OPPO for sure😂 HOPE ONE DAY WHAT U DIE HEART LOVE SAMSUNG WILL BOOM U GO TO DIE😂
Aniket (5 days ago)
Screen Fingerprint is slow
Jacob Hunter (1 day ago)
eddie huang gtfo you nasty chinker, we’ll stick with Samsung and apple :’)
eddie huang (5 days ago)
go to buy apple,then u will not carp or complain😂Chinese company ALL THING IS WRONG in ur western white🐷eyes😂
Dimitris (5 days ago)
Nice but huge phone
Peter (5 days ago)
That selfie cam was my idea. Yeah I know that sounds stupid. I was looking at a video for a concept phone that had some kind of goofy spit in half slider design, like a phone from the past. One of the posts was straight up asking for suggestions, so I was like, if you want the front facing camera to go away, put it on a slider, like a tiny CD tray. A few months later, voila, they had put it on a concept phone, and now this. They don't owe me anything, they asked for suggestions and I gave them one, but it's kind of neat to see an idea I had come to life.
cute creation (5 days ago)
Subscribe me and type 55 and I also subscribe u by this account and my another 3 account
whoahh (5 days ago)
Pop up camera is not new , it already since java/symbian phone, this chinese just copying it,yeah its chinese. This chinese company try hard to make this like something new or booming!thats actually not, for the brains people! Actually big company and all other already has this idea, but they are not idiot. but, they do not think of the balance of an innovation, I'm sure they've made a prototype like this, but they certainly think, if you're selfie and fall, the camera may be damaged immediately! or his camera popup is not working, or his camera popup becomes problematic because it is often in and out !!, big company such apple, samsung and other would not make stupid like this !! they find the better solution, unlike chinese made products, cheats, makes it just to make people wow! Or they make ppl think this idea is new!, for some stupid people maybe this is new and cool! but people want to think, this is a cheap idea!
Jillian Lee (5 days ago)
Youre cute Though
合法G44 (5 days ago)
Ethan Moreau (5 days ago)
Is this available in the US for AT&T?
eddie huang (5 days ago)
ask TRUMP why he ban Chinese company ask TRUMP why he ban Germany company(BMW BENZ AUDI 25% tax) ask TRUMP why he so STUPID or Nationalism
Kian Alizadeh (5 days ago)
i'll buy this one
Winnie Zhang (5 days ago)
No nfc, no wireless charge, no IP68 lower resolution, lower camera pixel.
TheComputinggeek (6 days ago)
3:14 Samsung has the edge. 😂😂😂
lv泰然自若 (6 days ago)
Vivo nex Win
Ray Song (6 days ago)
It is said that the camera can do 50000 times before broken.
Joe Wanjara (6 days ago)
You S9 is scratches everywhere 😄
eddie huang (6 days ago)
TRUE,very dirty😂
Wavy Vaporizers (6 days ago)
Now that how u make a screen.
Go Bb (6 days ago)
Tanvir Alif (6 days ago)
Screen res is so 2014.
auswin bertin (6 days ago)
S9 plus is better than nex.... The build quality is awesome in s9 plus
eddie huang (6 days ago)
Samsung boom will never win VIVO or OPPO for sure😂
jesus cumba (6 days ago)
Your screen is cracked bruh
Umer Farooq (6 days ago)
Samsung is the first company to introduce a edge and bezless unique mobile vivo is just a follower
li chou (6 days ago)
Made in China and Design in China
Jacob Hunter (1 day ago)
li chou that sounds nasty asf. Eww
Umer Farooq (6 days ago)
Samsung are making the masterpiece mobile the s10 everyone will forget about this dumbasses mobiles
Umer Farooq (5 days ago)
eddie huang forget about these thing
eddie huang (5 days ago)
Umer Farooq China and Pakistan have good relationship,BUT I think u NO low quality,no gurante,mobile poor,hehehehehehehehehehe
Umer Farooq (5 days ago)
eddie huang sorry no hate for China your my brother we are fighting for these mobile phone sorry for your mother i apologise let's be friend love from Pakistan
eddie huang (5 days ago)
Umer Farooq I have no mom,fuck what?what r u RUBBISH country how dare u despise Chinese company STUPID IDIOT typically brainwash by western media hate China everything u haters gonna hate,fuck ur mom China haters
Umer Farooq (5 days ago)
eddie huang fuck your mom
KING JAYJAY (6 days ago)
Where do you buy your devices?
Shai Ben (6 days ago)
They say that above 300 ppi you can't see pixels and it doesn't matter. Are they lying ? . The vivo has 387 ppi .
Cait1yn 7 (6 days ago)
Why are you comparing a more expensive phone to more cheaper Phone?!
Rohan Ravishankar (6 days ago)
Guyz can anyone recommend a good tempered glass for my one plus 5 within 400₹?
Khagendra Reang (6 days ago)
Humberto Gonzalez (6 days ago)
It would be cooler if camera could be upgraded to a better camera if you wanted to
Kelvin Chanda (6 days ago)
and price comparison
Sandesh Bhandari (6 days ago)
what's with the retarded face in the thumbnail
Debra Dukes (6 days ago)
I just saw this on MKB channel as well.Awesome review and definitely enjoyed.As I mentioned on his I think I like.Love the battery size nice,like the look something different and I'm definitely waiting for other companies to follow suit with something different instead of same thing with a few changes.Aron enjoyed your review always Solid and hope that the others will follow shortly.I'm absolutely waiting for all to step up with battery alone then run with the rest.Great review would love to see it in person.Thanks for sharing Deb 👍👌
Lal Mazuala (6 days ago)
how about camera comparision between vivo nex vs mi 8
ShineNow TV (6 days ago)
make a small screen at back for selfie purposes very simple idea no any moving part that prone to malfunction
KmanAust (6 days ago)
A complete copy of iOS even down to the camera app. Laughable really,
Ry Lil Uzi Vert (6 days ago)
The future is here!!!!!!!
Mahit (6 days ago)
Hi can you do a video of smart watches such as moto 360 or 360 v2 I’m thinking about buying one used
Francesco Barbieri (6 days ago)
Outro song?
Combinacijus (6 days ago)
Do anybody actually use 4K resolution on a phone? Because 4K isn't even default option and it eats battery furthermore you won't notice. 4K is good only for VR otherwise Full HD is enough.
kawsar Ahmed (6 days ago)
Vevo nex where notch?
Chang Ye (6 days ago)
Fucking bonkers
uyin mg (6 days ago)
uyin mg
Pigboy 2140 (7 days ago)
Plz go back to the tech gadgets vids
Piyush Singh (7 days ago)
Stop making shocked ugly faces
Zoë Jansen (7 days ago)
Jesus is THE Boss!! Not you mister gay hindu 😂😂💯
Wal Does (7 days ago)
WAIT FOR THE S10 and you'll see a true bezeless and functional phone... !
Ohkay...am i the only one ..or is there anyone else who loves this man voice??
PhazonBlaxor (7 days ago)
It actually has screen-to-body ratio of 86%. So yes, it is marketing talk. If you don't believe me, check out the phone specs on GSM Arena. I even verified their claim by calculating the display area by myself and comparing the result to the dimensions of the phone, I got 86% as well.
Sippanat Samroeng (7 days ago)
Great preview but your face in cover look funny please don’t make you face like this agin - your normal face is more better
Mikka (7 days ago)
lmfao, the fact that s9+ has a sharper display, makes the NEX not that "revolutionary"
Ronald Hmielewksi (7 days ago)
i searched the Vivo Nex on amazon, the one they have for sale on amazon for the cheapest is 988 dollars, which gives u 6GBS of ram and 128 gbs of rom. its the original Vivo Nex so the one on amazon has a fingerprint scanner on the back. ill give you the link in my comments, and you can go check that one out. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=vivo+nex
The Protocol Gaming (7 days ago)
Why your face looks broken of your Thumbnail Sir ?
Totally fake, cgi bro. Don't lie to us. I am sad because sony's bezel are too big. And I have no money.
Thomas _ TK (7 days ago)
Hope oneplus implement some of the features of the Nex in their upcoming oneplus 6t
Was this So good
Anand aarush (7 days ago)
amazing yrr

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