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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review | 2 Months Later!

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Galaxy S8 is an amazing smartphone, but how does it hold up 2 months after its release? ~ Buy it: http://amzn.to/2tlNqQ8 ~ Shieldon Galaxy S8 case: http://amzn.to/2oqamhF Website: http://www.shieldoncase.com/ 10% off code SDCODE10 ~ Galaxy S7 edge review: https://youtu.be/QRCTICpVzls ~ Music used: https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/tick-tock ~ How I make my videos: https://youtu.be/6jyV7CHpysA ~ http://twitter.com/Darius_Kracht ~ My Video Gear: http://amzn.to/22K23LA

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Text Comments (151)
Awad Essam (1 month ago)
And what about the S9??!
Awad Essam (1 month ago)
And what about the S9??!
Logan R (3 months ago)
I also upgraded from an s6 edge and all I can say is wow! I got a plus and with the narrow tall design that's almost all screen, it honestly feels better in the hand too. Battery on my 6 was awful and inconsistent, sometimes being dead by mid day or draining from 30% to 2 in the snap of a finger. Love this new galaxy though wow
Abc D (5 months ago)
Do a note 8 unbox and review
Sk. Shartho (5 months ago)
Your video quality is just awesome 😍
Lola Sayuri (6 months ago)
5:45 : Arabic letters on the copper tray ! :)
jackvincent90 (6 months ago)
you can always use the unlock button? keep it in your pocket like normal people, then you dont need a password, then you can just press a button and boom your in your phone, without waiting for face scanning password typing and swiping waste of time.
Review Doctor (6 months ago)
wow nice and honesg review. dint expect it to be this good
Macoy Park (7 months ago)
Sir what camera did you used to record this review?
Rod Schermerhorn (7 months ago)
love mine, all of it.its great good review
Alex To go (8 months ago)
The phone looks nice. But ill stick with my s7 for now. If it works no need to upgrade
Cess Outdoors (8 months ago)
You are in Germany? Pretty good articulated video,thanks!
darius do u have a wife? u have a lovely home :)
Simeon Nicacia (9 months ago)
I dont like the phone i love the phone
Amrit Saab (9 months ago)
Its a real review of galaxy s8 Good explanation on s8 Cheers 👍
MopFish (9 months ago)
why dont you have more subs
balaji moole (9 months ago)
EXCELLENT ""R€Vi£₩""DUD€"^*♡♡♡
Leah Orb (9 months ago)
What camera do u use for shooting your videos? Thanks
Sly Carl (9 months ago)
I have no problem using the finger print scanner
Bigred TV (9 months ago)
Need a haircut my dude
Rob Sampson (10 months ago)
Wow you got hair bro..
Ishtiaque Ahmed Alok (10 months ago)
I really like your videography man <3 keep it up
Shiva C (10 months ago)
Loved the video.. I have a question.. I'm planning to buy the United states "S8" unlocked variant (G950UZKAXAA) will this model work in India under GSM? Thank you…
Ayush Pandey (10 months ago)
hey darius...creating a blog will be a profitable thing for both of us..contact please asap.
Rakesh Marar (4 months ago)
Ayush Pandey bob/vagene?
Rish Sharma (10 months ago)
waiting for ur htc u11 review..great work
Max Goldsworthy (10 months ago)
Wow man you color grading, audio, and cinematography are top notch. Awesome job!
marmndc (10 months ago)
tech reviewers are getting younger and younger
Trinajskaa (10 months ago)
Make tutorial how have hair like that plz.
Michael Lim (10 months ago)
It seems like your hair exploded, not the phone.
Jafar Sadeghi (10 months ago)
good work bro
All About Samsung (10 months ago)
A bit too much saturation, color grading should be considered ;-) especially for you eye lid as an example.
Dheeraj Ramlal (10 months ago)
Gets quite warm? This phone is the coolest one I've ever owned under load! Especially compared to my previous snapdragon 810 processor phone.
jordan rausch (10 months ago)
Everyone’s complaining about the speaker. It’s not that bad. I think it sounds good.
Aaqib Bora (10 months ago)
Why the hell do you have just 18k subs? Saw your channel for the first time & i can say great content.
Matthew Davisson (10 months ago)
You must not be aware that Nova launcher allows you to swipe down for the notification tray.
Alvin Ameyaw (10 months ago)
The iris scanner works better in the dark!
jamjakpa (10 months ago)
The Iris Scanner Face Scanner is like we help the government to collect all our faces and eyes into a hug big Database , hahaha actually we do their work instead they knock on the doors on everyone and say: Hi we need your Iris from Your Eyes and a picture of your Face , Just for our database " . Well it would take them life long to go this way knocking on everybodies door. The clever idea and fastest one maybe lessthen 6 days instead of 70 years , lets create for our users as an exciting app on their smartphones . 250 millions going to buy the phone. 250 millions are so excited to use Iris scanner and Face Scanner well it is a cool thing. but ching ching the government has from 250 millions peoples all their Eyes Iris and all from 250 million peoples 250 million Faces . And all is now stored in a Cloud and Database isn't that clever and amazing ;-) ....I am just sayin . All the fingerprints , all the iris , all the Face who owns all theses devices included myself . Are stored now in DATAClouds . WELCOME TO THE FUTURE .
Abhishek Kumar (10 months ago)
nice video! However I felt that throughout the entire video the implicit message was something like - "the phone is above average, but not great!" , yet you gave an overwhelmingly positive verdict in the end...
Jurgen Timmerman (10 months ago)
treated it well, dropped it twice and scratched it.... don't start on children yet. ROFL. Buy a case next time.
José Tomás Otero (10 months ago)
bro your videos it's so fucking cool, congrats saludos desde chilee
KRLE (10 months ago)
read your 739 messages on whattapp massenger
Xiomara Flores (10 months ago)
you can make the bixby button make another tasks as taking a screenshot. I highly rexomend to download BxActions from the Google store.
Dante Janes (7 months ago)
If you double press bixby button it opens the camera
Andrew Plush (10 months ago)
Xiomara Flores I highly thank you for your recommendation I was looking for an 3rd party app.
cance7984 (10 months ago)
I'm still unimpressed with the S8. (waits patiently for the Note 8)
howyoudurrinhunneh (10 months ago)
I was waiting for you to wash it off in the waterfall. DISAPPOINT.
rubel pervez (10 months ago)
this guy loves s7 edge more....
Nureddin QURBANLI (10 months ago)
You cat is sick, it eats grass...
jc garcia (8 months ago)
Nureddin QURBANLI self medication
I Magnettik (10 months ago)
Quite normal, really.
Fxst (10 months ago)
it's a good phone just scratches
Mr.L.A. (10 months ago)
7:42 kitty was like "my stomach hurts....i'm gonna just eat some of this grass"
Harsha Thammegowda (10 months ago)
Sam kolder eh???
kopper (10 months ago)
What aspect ratio is this video in? I watched it on an s8+ plus and it can length wise without having to go over the edges.
James Ruschmann (10 months ago)
The worst feature is the extreme vulnerability to screen breakage. Most cases don't adequately protect this devise. The folio style cases offer the best protection but greatly limit functionality. This phone was dubbed the most fragile phone ever made.
Ultimate Gohan (10 months ago)
James Ruschmann and glass screen protectors are a hassle too
Naomi Alex (10 months ago)
I wish people would stop complaining about the speakers.. it's...Oh, yeah! A phone. -_-
marcett (10 months ago)
Ive never seen a white guy with the same name as me
Sreen Boralessa (10 months ago)
ABHISHEK SINGH (10 months ago)
i can't decide weather to buy iphone 7 plus or s8 ,as i have never used iphone in my life and my current phone is galaxy s6 edge, but wanna give a shot to iphone.
Jolly Rancher (10 months ago)
ABHISHEK SINGH look at a comparison videos between the tap phones
Kentmar Silva (10 months ago)
Your video production looks so good, man. Kind of like watching a review with a touch of cinematic editing or whatever you call them. Great vid!
Jake (10 months ago)
Bixby is a typical Samsung move. They release a product that isn't even close to finished. And what about Samsung's "worse in class" RAM management.. It's hilariously bad and completely useless when trying to actually do something productive. I can't figure out why people are so hyped about this phone.
Michael Lim (10 months ago)
Jake You haven't used Bixby fully then.
Alief Prophet (10 months ago)
You can switch the camera quick launch to the home button
anonymous (10 months ago)
very good video bro
MrTheKrafter (10 months ago)
Holy hell, amazing production quality! Great video!
Ryan Deery (10 months ago)
Napoleon Dynamite does phone review.
Asian Gamer PS4 (10 months ago)
I got mine a week ago I used it with great care I havnt put a portector on back side nd unfortunately I got 3 tiny scraches nd m worried that it will get more plz help 🙁
Duncan. M (10 months ago)
faraz ali transparent thin cases or you can use a skin if you really want
nyqon (10 months ago)
Whats up with these "1 month 4 weeks later" reviews and they all rehash the same details of a first review. Wouldnt it be better if you gave long term use...like how its improved or gotten worse for your actual usage vs other phones or your old phone, workarounds, integration, samsung cloud/continuity, youtube split window, gif...etc etc etc
Leo Lahtinen (10 months ago)
You can remap the Bixby with some app. I don't remember the app but there is one
Harsh Darji (10 months ago)
what will be difference if u give only about information on phone after 1 year or 2 year or years and years. you should talk about using review after 2 month.
Youssef Ayman (10 months ago)
Nice intro 😂,Great video 👍👍 why you don't make alot of videos ??
Tigger (10 months ago)
Nice video, Just one bit of advice, If you make a 21:9 vid,, dont embed the back bars, Its much better for widescreen users and normal 16:9 users get the same result. Thanks for the review though ! I subbed
Tichyz Tech (10 months ago)
Sorry but actually it wasn't Apple, in fact it was HTC who brought the 2 way speaker system of bottom and ear piece speakers.
Darius K (10 months ago)
+Tichyz Tech oh ok. I didn't know
XX-M.A. (10 months ago)
S7S! F*ck off iFhone (I know you write it iPhone) bastard!
Turbo Tech (10 months ago)
Fantastic video Darius!
KvOrbital (10 months ago)
i would like to take screenshots with the bixby button, pls samsung..
Alex Gunner (7 months ago)
Dante Janes the fuck it does
dschackkk_ (7 months ago)
Dante Janes oh no lol the bixby button is a separate button underneath the volume up and down buttons.
Dante Janes (7 months ago)
Oh I thought the bixby was the power button
dschackkk_ (7 months ago)
Dante Janes actually no, double pressing the power button opens the camera app.. double pressing the bixby button only opens the bixby home feature
Dante Janes (7 months ago)
If you double press bixby it opens the camera
Heckies (10 months ago)
I only come here for your cinematography.
shrikanth s.y (10 months ago)
Great review man !!! I had the S7E and couldn't just deal with the tempered glass hassle. Had to keep changing the glass every 2 months or even lesser. So finally got the G6 and i am happy with it.
Seth Ellerin (10 months ago)
2 months later... I've experienced over 5 repair attempts across 3 different S8 devices. (3 Verizon 2 by Samsung) 1st attempt =echo and no HD calling option possible. , got new replacement 4 days from purschase 2nd, dropped calls and slight buzzing, like earpiece speaker is blown. 2nd attempt = Verizon gives me refurbished device 20 days into new device plan (and 6 days after I couldn't get my old S6 back :( 3rd attempt = straight out of the box, earpiece speaker terrible and able to change buzzing when applying pressure to front or back of phone. (I suspected a loose screw or adhesive failure) 4th repair = finally sent to Samsung (cause Verizon had no ability to fix anything, just swap one turd for another) Ticket had 2x problems, dropped calls ongoing is sure across all 3 phones and buzzing from internal earpiece speaker. Samsung replaced the fingerprint sensor and shipped my (now used, opened up and down for a total of 15 out of fist 30 days of new service and device plan. Yes! Buzzing fixed although now the back isn't the same gap as the front, whatever, I got a case anyway......... Drop, drop, drop, drop one dropped call after another event dropping calls to both Verizon and Samsung while attempting to resolve the issue. 5th or 6th attempt, 2nd from Samsung. Following items replaced Battery, internal antenna (which is what I told Samsung originally along with attaching a message on paper to the phone itself for a technician to read.) Motherboard and daughterboard Finally, no dropped calls in 3 days, BUT NOW WITH A SCRATCH ON THE FRONT GLASS AND REAR GLASS STICKING AND COMING UNDONE WHEN TOUCHED. SAMSUNG had an opportunity to retain me as a customer on several occasions. They haven't so far only told me one thing, and did another. Communication is a piss poor as the device (my own experience not reflective of the S8 world community) Verizon could have helped more too but I am not pissed over the phone, they fucked up my billing so many times and tried to straight up rob me of money after having to show proof of their own mistakes. Why can't I just get my startac back!
sachin kumar (10 months ago)
a quality video
Sergio Carreto (10 months ago)
Bixby is a joke. It is not ready for prime after a month and half. There are rumors saying the Bixby is having trouble with the English language. S voice was trash and so does Bixby.
Tanmey (10 months ago)
Sergio Carreto I don't really think so, it's beta can do things no other personal assistant can
Justin Beast (10 months ago)
Sergio Carreto But it's better than Siri
Sergio Carreto (10 months ago)
Why everyone upset? Bixby is not ready in its current form and noone is giving me links to where it beats Google Now. I'm not doing anymore research on that because i seen enough atm. Also if the team behind Siri is behind Bixby then why is it in beta and still garbage.
arnoni11 (10 months ago)
Sergio Carreto Bixby will be out either this week or next... rumours any way
Gaurav Talreja (10 months ago)
Bixby is THE SHIT. Go watch videos on. it can do so much more than what Google assistant and Siri can do
Hadley V. Crutchley (10 months ago)
bxactions is an app that allows ypu to remap bixby. it is a bit buggy, but worth it. I made it to where my button doesn't do anything when pressed.
Hadley V. Crutchley (10 months ago)
I always crop that shit. I love my midnight black s8. I have mine set up to stay unlocked while in trusted places: home, work, and my mum's house.
Jorge Valdez (10 months ago)
the black lines make this video feel like a movie instead of a YouTube video
Achiri Achoh (8 months ago)
ಠ_ಠ same
RCmies (8 months ago)
I have a 21:9 monitor so I don't mind when I can watch full screen
ಠ_ಠ (9 months ago)
incH3206 ahhhhhh I'm on an S8 too
incH3206 (9 months ago)
Jorge Valdez Not if you're on a s8 ^^
Michele Petrelli (10 months ago)
song in the intro?
Rahil Jain (10 months ago)
great video
Smurf (10 months ago)
i got it 4 days ago
Hamza Omari (10 months ago)
thumbs up for the grass eating cat
preetham konda (10 months ago)
super bro has always can u plse gve me a shout at tech decoders channel
TechCilium (10 months ago)
very nicely presented man! 👌👌
Gian Paolo (10 months ago)
Awesome (re)review! Love your work!
zorkor (10 months ago)
I still cant believe with this premium price, great design, they put a stupid mono speaker on it. I mean even the most crappiest chinese phones are coming with stereo speakers. Come on Samsung.
sweepy sniper squirrel (10 months ago)
love ur work man .. youre good keep it up
Somya Maheshwari (10 months ago)
Bought S8 last week, Sexiest phone i have ever used
Mohssen Kettouche (10 months ago)
I like where u put the phone on Walt that table is just so waaawoo
Mohssen Kettouche (10 months ago)
walt case
darshit pattan (10 months ago)
good job on the video👍
frontier884 (10 months ago)
Damn that hair made me jump back!
Ultimate Gohan (10 months ago)
frontier884 lol it reminded me of napoleon dynamite 😂
Jai Raymond (10 months ago)
how child Galaxy S8 me no understand?!?
Ponne D (9 months ago)
Jai Raymond Try writing your sentence again.
Blys (10 months ago)
nice vid
Sharan Kumar (10 months ago)
im more into smartphone photography...do you suggest s7 in 2017? but im also concern about the software updates..
Stephen Searles (3 months ago)
Mustafa Abuodeh I've got an s8 and the iris scanner works every time so your either a Apple fanboy trying to slag off the s8 or you haven't got a bloody clue
Nadav Shaknay (9 months ago)
Mustafa Abuodeh the camera is a new Sony sensor!! The same one from the Xperia XZ Premium.
Kunal Tiku (10 months ago)
Buy HTC U 11
Jabriel Sisco (10 months ago)
Sharan Kumar HTC 11. better camera than the pixel
Hari Sankar (10 months ago)
My reply to your comment 1) Exynos 8895 is built on a 10nm architecture and is more power efficient.Since SD 835 is considered to be qite superior to 821 ,it is only natural that exynos 8895 is considerably better than 8890https://www.gizmochina.com/2017/03/17/exynos-8895-benchmark-score-spotted-see-compares-kirin-960-sd-835-kirin-8890/ 2)One can get used to the FP scanner within a few days and it is not as much of a problem as people make it out to be (I own an S8) 3) Battery is decent ,not bad(speaking from personal experience and also as i told you earlier chip is more power efficient) 4)4k display is overkill on a smartphone and can cause significant battery drain 5) I agree that lack of dual speakers is disappointing. But the existing single speaker is quite loud 6) Samsung ui eventhough not the best is much more refined and better than it was in S7
Ahmed Aref (10 months ago)
haha , I like your intro. :D
May Yee (10 months ago)
Ahmed Aref me too

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