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What is Stopping Flexible Displays From Taking Over?

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Text Comments (2428)
SpeedWolf (6 days ago)
you got to be stupid if you purchased a curved TV when this one come up to Market
Im Omelalala (16 days ago)
vince digangi (28 days ago)
Cover your walls with this and hook up a supercomputer to it and start building houses
Humble Cosmas (1 month ago)
It isnt ready for market distribution ita still being prototyped and tested for alot of things
waverleyrocker (1 month ago)
I think fragile covers is a big issue too. Flexible plastic is soft. After a short period it will appear scratched and dull.
Brian Wilkes (1 month ago)
Rumor is the new Apple Watch coming out is going to have the watchband as part of the display
MostlyExplicit (2 months ago)
does anyone else groove to the outro?
Ioganstone (3 months ago)
Robert Periwinkle (3 months ago)
Samsung may launch foldable display phones this year. They're a little more innovative than a lot of the other phone developers out there depending on who you ask.
Makis Abrikidis (3 months ago)
Sony did this back in 2007... no one remember this?
PETER JOHN BRANDAL (4 months ago)
As a display technology, it may be novel, but it's not especially useful. The real value of this technology is its use in solar which, due to its ability to wrap, allows for dramatically improved rates of energy capture.
k ly (4 months ago)
concert venues are going to have fun with theses
Trump (4 months ago)
because its bullshit
tande pasta (4 months ago)
I have a project for a flexible gaming device since over 15 years and was waiting for the technology to be there. But now I need developers and loads of money to realise it. Drop a note if you want to get in touch.
fuzzywzhe (4 months ago)
Remember when the consumer market was demanding flexible displays? Me neither.. This is a solution to a non market need. Nobody cares about this.
fuzzywzhe (3 months ago)
There's not a market demand for them. It's as simple as that. Compact, portable, and light weight has to be balanced with durable. You already have a super computer in your pocket with a modern phone. That's compact, portable, and light weight. A typical smart phone today, is entirely capable of doing nuclear bomb simulation, its power is simply wasted on inept coding and trivial visual effects. I'm not kidding when I say this either. My first computer had 4KB or RAM, and ran at less than a 1Mhz. I learned to write code on that, at 9 years old - that machine can be simulated on my phone at the transistor level at over 10,000 times the speed, written in Java,which is interpreted. People who weren't born before, say, the Nintendo Entertainment System, have absolutely no idea how far we've progressed.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
I care because it is compact, portable, light weight and can easily be put in small places.
guesswho kk (4 months ago)
You do know that "Samsung Edge" has a flexi display right? Roll up display & interchangeable component phone was a very old concept by students all over the world ever since before the release of Minority Report. Both concepts doesn't sit well with current sales strategies, where financial values for the interchangeable concept is highly questionable (considering USB-C only taken seriously because of Lightning connector). And the roll up / flexi display? The folding mechanism isn't reliable enough for mass market, (not volume, demands are there). That is why ALL the flexi screen trade show will able to tell you about their screen with such "bend X angle" and "bend radius value", because it will dictate how the folding mechanism works on a phone. Right now it just too limiting to be reliable, not volume.
Haris Laghari (4 months ago)
How about roll able screen in a pen like cylinder stretch out for screen press button so spring roll the screen back and it becomes a pen. Easy to carry unlike these bricks that we carry around.
Berry Hills (4 months ago)
i would fkin put it on my window during winter, turning on some beach footage and pretend im in a beach house fml
Energi2DmaxX (4 months ago)
So how many would it take to wrap a "car" in this? is there a minimum order?
Deano Moore (4 months ago)
Great idea phones t.v. and watcher will be lighter .less wasted too
Fritz Wilhelm (4 months ago)
Two words: Hurry up....
Kwij Gaming (4 months ago)
I feel like the foldable oled in a phone would be a huge problem. What are the use cases with that kind of device? And when it folds, the biggest issue I see happening is that it can't fold FLAT. There needs to be some bend, and it would make the phone fatter as a result. I assume you can't crease these things, but if that becomes possible who knows
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Kwij Gaming (3 months ago)
Since I never said that, I have no idea. A "use case" is something different.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Why would you need a case?
SCIENCE classes (4 months ago)
it's like we are now making Doraemon gadgets come true and soon we will have a doremon too.
WAQAR ALAM (4 months ago)
Can any one guess how much money is required to setup new Industry for that product ?
Raptor Swire (4 months ago)
well...I never wanted flexible display, because....you know...its useless :D
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
It is not useless, it is compact, portable, light weight and can be put in small places.
Sovereign Reign (4 months ago)
some entrepreneurs may be hesitant to launch a product due to the sheer size of an investment that would needed to be made. That does not mean those inventors have given up or are afraid (of that ideal being knocked off) it means they could be very well looking for ways to ensure they have a leadership position in the industry. If you know your product has viability in this highly competitive environment and you don't want to go the way of the 15-minutes of-fame-inventor-genius-who-was-unable-to-finance-grow-adapt-and-compete you would take your time as well. Nothing beats innovation like cheating, thieving, patent infringing, politician bought corporations that can mass produce a product (your stolen ideal) over night and tie you up in litigation for decades. Combine that second paragraph with crooked financiers, insider trading corporate executives, bubble creating loud mouth hedge fund duplicitous flunkies and you have the perfect storm that can halt or slow down investment in great ideals. The only thing a lot of inventors are thinking about is how to launch successfully and stay relevant (and in some cases those who give a crap trying not to become one of the above).
part [analyst] (4 months ago)
How are they made tho?
William Conner (4 months ago)
I'm ready to see and experience the new flexible screens
Baco Miric (4 months ago)
Who needs flexable screens. I don't.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Flexible screens are compact, portable, light weight and can be put in small places.
nexus1g (5 months ago)
I want light-up, interactive wallpaper.
keith moody (5 months ago)
At larger sizes would this be touch screen? Have they resolved the power, scaling, resolution issues? What are the largest dimensions for this technology?
Tadesan (5 months ago)
Because there's no point?
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
There is a point, flexible screen are compact, portable, light weight and can be put in small places.
Jussimäyssi (4 months ago)
Tadesan no point?
dimitris liapis (5 months ago)
well new technology needs at leats 4-5 years of testing and solving various problems before it hits the market, but i think we will be able to see the first products in 2019. personally i would like to see a flip-phone with this screen thechnology.tell me your opinions.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
2019? That's maybe a little too soon considering the dificulty and challanges that needed to be overcome to make this technology a reality.
musikdoktor (5 months ago)
2:15 it's me or it looks likes she is inside the iron man's helmet?..
iPhone Doctor (5 months ago)
I permanently unlock any device including Samsung, iphone, apple watch, ipad, macbook, & any other android. Instagram: mrcellunlocker
damysticalone87 (5 months ago)
That flexible curved big inch TV at 2:13 looks immersive. A link to its specifics would be interesting
Edgar Martinez (5 months ago)
put then in cars, in planes and it's less weight, on school desk, my daughter already get assigned a tablet at school to do some class assignments that i pay for upfront put then on desk i don't have to worry about my all thumbs 12 yr old dropping it and breaking another one.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Put them in car? But you shouldn't look at screens when you are driving.
nightmisterio (5 months ago)
This screens should be used in VR headsets for a bigger field of view
ReCycle Spinning (5 months ago)
Old flip phones were safer when driving. Phone rings,, flip,, talk... Now phone rings,,, you have to slide the button to talk .. Not safe while driving. Have a phone that flips open again u talk,, or you flip open large screen mode.. Now u got some thing.. Now they gonna steal my idea.. How bout some royalties or a free phone at least,?? Also if you work construction a foldable phone which had built in drop protection would be good...
dailyflash (5 months ago)
The way things are changing so quickly, I think it's foolish to call a new technology useless or a waste.
Yash Pal Goyal (5 months ago)
My opinion is that the mentality many people (for phones) have is that they dont want to try new things and new concept phones simply dont take off. Ara, ubuntu edge, modular phones, lg g5, moto mods.....u name it....these products are criticized (I dont know y), people may seem interested but these are not widely purchased.....same will go with flexible displays I think.......TechAltar explains this well in his video for android authority- 'age of ultrapremium flagships'. People want "BIG BRANDING" !!!! (not aimed at some particular brand, nor at their fanboys, personal opinions based on the trends for the phones with pretty new experiments)
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Idk about you but when it come out, I WILL BUY IT.
Sunil Singla (5 months ago)
No benefit of such technology if it can't reach the majority of the people because of the less availability and unbelievable price...
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Price will go down over time as they improve their products.
David Rusev (5 months ago)
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
It is not useless, it is compact, portable, light weight and can be put in small places.
Matt Luino (5 months ago)
I like would to get about 50 of them and laminate a drone with it super stealth mode.
kangzheng xia (5 months ago)
360 degree visual gaming experience :) hows that sounds
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
I'm not into gaming but that does sound cool!
PrinzMidas (5 months ago)
And when? Since more than ten Years, they talking about it, but no one device is announced. Not only one.
Evan Stark (5 months ago)
2 more years.
Carlo de Guzman (5 months ago)
every new tech will have early problems in ramping up its production. Look at the face id with apple and teslas model 3.. all have production bottle necks. this type of product will come with consumer expectations and those are something companies are racing to complete even if it takes years to accomplish. Hopefully with AI learning and integration, solutions to problems or hurdles will be completed alot quicker than predicted.
Prince Pandey (5 months ago)
What about the 6th sense technology by Pranav Mistry ? That is better than foldable screens.
BandomBeviews (5 months ago)
Uses for the technology Magazines Newspapers Wallpaper Folding phone Mounting a TV Smartwatches Packaging Labels Clothing Replace projectors Portability
Andrei OK (5 months ago)
We could make flexible processors. But can we make flexible batteries? Doubt. And a screen needs a good battery anyway.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Just put the battery outside of the screen.
Arnav Singh (5 months ago)
Current LCD & LED industry is worth billions of dollar, they certainly don't want to lose that potential of billions of dollar and flexible screens don't have a practical implication in the smartphone market. simply, curved screens don't do much but I think other than trying to find their share in the current market they are going to make a new market for itself because it will make digitizing environment easy and will even revolutionize it for advertizement world.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Flexible screens are practical, they are compact, portable, light weight and can be put in small places.
congausa1 (5 months ago)
Asian level lol
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Vince (5 months ago)
I won't be able to crack my phone when I drop it
Star Hek (5 months ago)
Sir can you please recommend me a video by which I can know more about flexible display
LeManley Gishie (6 months ago)
i believe this will affect how we use space either that be in the house, car, plane, spaceships, workplace, etc.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
Yes, this technology might be revolutionary.
FoxeyPlays (6 months ago)
Theres a tv thats flexible
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
*there *that's
SNoemxiCat (6 months ago)
the first few seconds were so cringey because you know the girl is acting.
free mason jesus meeting (6 months ago)
this is LG
kckrol85 (6 months ago)
Samsung manufactures the Apple X screens lmao...All the Apple freaks believe they are revolutionary
Andrew Li (6 months ago)
Though, gaming on a curved display surrounding you would look awesome. Like a semi circle.
Lincoln Pascual (6 months ago)
I could see a big military application for this. Remember the OPSAT from Splinter Cell? That level of Intel at the hands of ground level troops would be a game changer. Today's options at to stiff and clunky... they do it so that it's durable. But being big and beefy isn't always the correct answer. A tough, durable but flexible product would be able to survive impacts a lot better than current options.
Stephen (6 months ago)
Where do you connect it to your video source? What if you want multiple inputs? How robust are they? How many times can you fold/roll them before they crack?
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
They don't crack, flexible things don't crack only hard things like rock crack.
Neiko Black (6 months ago)
What about the Nokia 888
SwifterAnimations (6 months ago)
2:13 thats why
Arrika irwin (6 months ago)
How do you become an investor, please send me a link
olehh1 (6 months ago)
are you reading this one?
D M (6 months ago)
https://bluescape.com/features/............no place to hide .... now
tripjet999 (6 months ago)
"WAY back in 2014..." Really?
Sam Gautam (6 months ago)
It's awesome
Verse Jumper (6 months ago)
Ok yes, I didn't even think of titanfall being played like that...that'd be freaking amazing
Nörmel_Nam (6 months ago)
Android has No Authority
pure pumpkin (6 months ago)
Hey I have a joke for you, Apple
kim love (6 months ago)
I really would like to get my hands on one im always breaking my phones..😝
Max Williams (6 months ago)
Chinese innovation can't be trust.
redstone craft guy (3 months ago)
I Am God how can you assume all chinese people are bad base on a few bad one you know?
Supremearchangel (3 months ago)
And American are buying more and more of them. Their act is not so honest is it?
Terry Spanky (6 months ago)
Yeah, Thinking the whole china sea is there's is already absurd..
wuffendok (6 months ago)
I would also use it. I gave you a thumb down.
Minghao Wu (6 months ago)
I give you a thumb-up. But I would use it :)
Can't wait for my Flexible fidget spinner touchscreen phone
opene ite (6 months ago)
Hi everyone Please subscribe to my channel for support Thanks
opene ite (6 months ago)
Mathias Bacher (6 months ago)
Why would you want a flexible phone? It's just not useful or practical.
poody fighterlover (7 months ago)
can u explain the componints and material of this display ?
UltimateGamerA7 (7 months ago)
2016: What is Stopping Flexible Display From Taking Over? Samsung: Hold my beer 2017: Samsung declared that the next galaxy series will be foldable and can turn bigger into a tablet.
Dr. Banter (7 months ago)
It's not Volume lol - Those greedy bastards are selling a film screen now for 17k lol
Ivan Iñiguez (7 months ago)
Is not holding back Samsung is being using it from the first edge to the new note 8
eazy14 (7 months ago)
No benefit at all !
poop (7 months ago)
I think its still 10 years away. Who wants a screen thats all floppy and gets all bent and shit.
S. Nath Chaunan (7 months ago)
Logo is best don't change
Nicolas Cacace (7 months ago)
Medical Automotive Architecture Retail Military Aeronautics Astronautics logistics Mining Consumer electronics is a no-brainer
William Nilson (7 months ago)
Heck balls yes
Steve Bergman (7 months ago)
What's keeping flexible displays from taking over is that flat, nonflexible displays make way more sense.
Sandro Fortini (7 months ago)
One obvious used example of applying this was in military by creating illusions to deceive eyes and surveillance with cameras on opposite angles replicating images on objects of many types facing the direction that is being perceived, this can permit soldiers or injured people to moved around easier with other tactical methods outsmarting others, smoke and mirror techniques, the real future is perfecting hollow graphics, or combining these two together,how, I refuse to specify
Sandro Fortini (7 months ago)
I’d like to comment on how it can be used but it might involve someone stealing the concept...
MIHAI VLAD (7 months ago)
Flexibel display........Apple still have those bezels, they nedded Samsung for an amoled display and an infinity display
Its YaBoyy (7 months ago)
Lg just released one ultra thin flexible display
Sebastian Jaeger (7 months ago)
I have a product that I would LOVE to present with a display of that kind but where are the manufacturers that can actually afford to go custom made? Do you have a list of some of them? Maybe I was talking to the wrong people... thnx and cheers
Zachary Law (7 months ago)
The fact I don't want a flaccid phone !
Daren Wilson (7 months ago)
The problem I see is: what useful worthy application do these have? Especially in the next five years or so. If I want to watch a documentary, or a music video, or whatever, why would I want to see it on a surface that isn't flat or slightly curved? I can imagine maybe a computer/video screen I can roll up for portability, but not for use while playing video. Or start with flexibility - what things need to curve? Clothes. Furniture. Car exteriors. Why would I want to play video on those surfaces? To make interesting patterns, changing colors, have visual design change with the time of day or season of year. That could be interesting. But for now, this stuff is too stiff for clothing, probably not rugged enough for furniture, and I don't know how well it would survive a car wash or splatted bugs. Maybe in a few years...
Edmond Edilo (7 months ago)
Iphone 6 already have that features lol😂
dogbitr 58 (7 months ago)
Hahaha insane
Faisal Hussain (7 months ago)
There is no demand for them wait a few years then it'll happen
Mr Danny Lane (7 months ago)
I want tv's to come out of a rattle spray can/hydrographics. Then i can plastidip a tv on my car or hydrodip a mask with a tv so i can be a tv face cyborg.
Josh Alvarez (7 months ago)
No one will make this brcause its plain stupid for a phone

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