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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2 XL Camera Test Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Google Pixel 2 XL Detailed Camera Comparison. ►►► dbrand skins: http://dbrand.com/SuperSaf SUBSCRIBE for more ►►► https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSafTV?sub_confirmation=1 Comparing the front-facing selfie cameras, the 4K dual rear facing cameras, auto-focus and audio of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Google Pixel 2 XL for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors, slow motion and in low-light. Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: US: http://amzn.to/1PGgasB UK: http://amzn.to/1XK6ZLU Follow SuperSaf on: Twitter - http://twitter.com/SuperSaf Instagram - http://instagram.com/SuperSaf Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/SuperSafTV Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SuperSaf GooglePlus - http://www.google.com/+SuperSaf YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/SuperSaf Web: http://www.SuperSaf.com/
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Text Comments (2988)
SuperSaf TV (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching, which do you prefer overall? And which SuperSaf Style video would you like to see next? 😎
Shreyansh Dokania (1 day ago)
merman101 Lora
Shreyansh Dokania (1 day ago)
Vaibhav Gautam (11 days ago)
S9+ is better but the software is not good as pixel
Melancholy Milla (19 days ago)
Pixels photos look incredible and beautifully detailed
Diego Natan Santos Resende (17 minutes ago)
pixel 2 xl me surpreendeu
vendeTTa008 (2 hours ago)
Pixel’s 2 XL audio quality sucks meanwhile Samsung’s camera stabilization is awful.
Maron Manalo (15 hours ago)
S9 is sooo good !! 👍👍❤❤❤
youssef flis (1 day ago)
Tied xd they are too close to each other except the front camera pixel killed s9 there
Scott Reyes (1 day ago)
The stills from the Pixel 2 XL are better than anything out there. I wish the iPhone X was that good.
l (3 days ago)
fight back against the niggers ;) black lives matter is a thing :( go with the ku klux klan :)
James Gerard (3 days ago)
*Pixel 2 XL!!!!*
Weech0 (3 days ago)
damn I just ordered the s9+. I kind of regret it! The camera is one of the most important features to me. I MIGHT return it for the Pixel or wait for the Pixel 3.
Hunter Thorne (4 days ago)
very very good comparison, i agree that the pixel 2XL has a better camera, but the s9plus wasn't as bad as i thought it would be! But what good is an amazing camera if you look at it on a dead, lifeless screen? I'm trading my pixel for a samsung
Marcos Urena (6 days ago)
Should I buy the Pixel 2 XL or wait for the 3 XL?
Noel Sebastian (7 days ago)
Pixel 2 vs P20pro cam test plz
S. Studio (7 days ago)
Waiting for a GooglePixel 3 XL
Lucky Heryanto (8 days ago)
Thank supersaf
an gupta (10 days ago)
Samsung video is very shaky
an gupta (10 days ago)
U r motherfucker u always show in favor of samsung unsubscribed
Ahsan Yasir (10 days ago)
not only see camera but other specifications are good in s9plus pixle was also good but the samsung is one and only most useful and greate mob
Muhd Farid (11 days ago)
I think...in terms of camera overall, Pixel 2XL is definately is the best! But when it comes to video recording, that is a different story, I would say that Samsung Galaxy S9+, is doing better job. 960fps is pretty amazing! By the way I love your video 'Supersaf', awesome, thumbs up!!
Dimitar Berbatov (11 days ago)
No lie pixel 2 xl is leading in the camera game right now
Vaibhav Gautam (11 days ago)
S9+hardware is better but the software is bad
Alvy Aryandi (11 days ago)
Wow Pixel 2 is great,overall pixel 2 Cameras not bad for 2 years later👍 Thanks supersaf Tv for detail review👍👍
Irfan Jamaluddin (11 days ago)
All I can is, Samsung always have the best microphones even in mid-ranged phone.
revenant warrior (12 days ago)
I have to admit The pixel 2 xl has a more poor audio
akshay gupta (12 days ago)
Somebody help me: Which one should I get? (I don't take selfies a lot) Pixel 2 XL S9+ iPhone X HTC U12+
Still pixel 2xl is best......
Tujuh Menitan (13 days ago)
S9 👑
Rilwaan Waheed (14 days ago)
pixel 2 xl is best phone & I'm waiting for Google's Pixel 3
Vrian Lim (14 days ago)
for the low light performance, its maybe coz of the difference in camera mpixel that makes the S9 more sharper when zoomed in..
Kendrick Mcqueen (14 days ago)
Pixel kicking ass😂
Jude Bryan Co (15 days ago)
front cam and low light samsung Pixel has more details in rear camera and better flash
Kim Jong-un (15 days ago)
Iphone X wons
genni grava (15 days ago)
S9 plus 🔝
Ayush Hooda (15 days ago)
S9 wins
Monty Dizon (15 days ago)
Camera is dope on Pixel. Galaxy's isn't bad at all ! However from day to day usage, Samsung's phones are more fun to use. Stock Android gets boring like iOS
Sparq (16 days ago)
wtf is wrong with his pixel's selfie cam is messed up, its not as shaky for me as it is for him, i'm so confused
a nice guy (16 days ago)
i am a samsung fan but pixel 2 xl wins every time in the camera department
Tippotipo (8 days ago)
Only in selfie mode. The rest is dominated by Galaxy S9 Plus. Majority of Pixel 2 shots are easily reproduced on S9 Plus via settings and post-processing.
Meet Vyas (17 days ago)
Please do camera companions between pixel 2 xl and htc u 11+..…..
Meet Vyas (17 days ago)
It might be the game changer 🤘🤘
Meet Vyas (17 days ago)
Please do fast as u can
David Bilal (17 days ago)
Mending xiaomi !
Richardo Lasakar (17 days ago)
S9+ - Winner rear camera Pixel 2 - Winner front camera
GAME STUDIO 2017 (17 days ago)
Pixel win
Aakash Patel (18 days ago)
both are doing good job
Bunyway (18 days ago)
Photo : Pixel 2, VIdeo : S9
Kiril Kirov (18 days ago)
Pixel 2 is killing it even now ! I can't imagine what the next generation will do . Can't wait to see Aaaand yes well done Google well done
Purba Shandy (18 days ago)
Pixel (single camera) better then galaxy s9 (dual camera) 😂
Tyler Williams (18 days ago)
Google Software might go down as G O D. But hardware on the S9+ is top notch and you can tell when zooming in that the dual cameras are much better
Brendon Pereira (19 days ago)
Samsung is better
Rama Maulana (19 days ago)
Just imagine if you have a phone with a camera hardware like Samsung Galaxy S9+, a camera software like google pixel 2xl, the natural picture like iPhone X, and the bigger megapixel like Huawei P20 Pro. I think you don't need to buy a DSLR anymore....
Joe (19 days ago)
Thank you for the video!
General (19 days ago)
How can you not show 4k at 60 fps on the s9? what?? because everything else is at 30 fps? BS!
kashattack (19 days ago)
Pixel selfies are incredible. Samsung don't help themselves with the "beauty face" mode which you can't seem to remove and makes the pics look unnatural.
Zuriel Stuart (20 days ago)
I love the S9+ yh
naits1993 (20 days ago)
I watched this in 144p
Gam3sAdvanc3 (20 days ago)
พิกเซลภาพสวยจริง แต่ดูแปลกๆ เหมือนโพรเซสจากแอพในตัวกล้อง S9 ออกไปทางธรมชาติกว่า แต่งภาพง่ายกว่า
Kulamani Khilar (20 days ago)
Beast vs beast
Charlie Kilby-Pollard (20 days ago)
Phones can keep getting sharper etc but as long as the pixel 2 has so much better dynamic range and colours the other phones sort of have no chance imo
spheretubebox (20 days ago)
LOL. “Smoothening”.
Lino Blanco (21 days ago)
Watched this comparison several times becuase supersaf is just awesome 🔥 BUT DAMN that pixel front and rear camera is insane
Jhonny Xavier (21 days ago)
Pixel King XL
roldan buenaflor (22 days ago)
vote is go for pixel 2 XL.. superb
roldan buenaflor (22 days ago)
vote is go for pixel 2 XL.. superb
proto type (22 days ago)
If google makes a pixel note xl I would definitely buy one.
Chaehwan Moon (22 days ago)
I prefer the Pixel 2 cuz the price is way lower. And, the camera is way better then the S9 plus.
Matthew Bryson (23 days ago)
The Pixel 2 blows away the S9+. It's amazing how good the shots look like on the Pixel. So much before dynamic range and better looking photos.
Devin Stepp (23 days ago)
I think it's best to do camera reviews on phones a few months after they come out, because of camera software updates… as you can see the s9 plus had some jitters during 4k 30 section... I think that could be fixed with updates. My s9 is doing great so far though
COCC Video (23 days ago)
Excellent review! Thank you very much!
Derek Kronenberger (24 days ago)
S9 has got nothing on the Pixel. I disliked almost every S9 image and video
TBNR BaddyPlayzZ (24 days ago)
Does He Even Run There Isnt Any Difference?
akada Alexander1 (24 days ago)
PLEASE!!! compare the Samsung galaxy s6 vs s9's camera for those wanting to know if to upgrade because of the dual camera on the new s9+
hubertle85639 (24 days ago)
Love my pixel 2 xl, although Samsung's slow motion and optical zoom is pretty nice as well.
Peter J. (25 days ago)
Your videos are great with side by side comparisons. Others seem not understand that pictures should be side by side, to compare :-) Hope P20 Pro can be compared to S9+ or Pixel2 as its currently the best camera according to dxomark. Also maybe a comment about P20 as that phone also has better dxomark than Pixel2/Samsung S9+. Video/camera in darkness and normal light.
Tony MoSo (25 days ago)
Pixel is A Beast... still
Batalha de Rima Irati (25 days ago)
The pixel BEAT UP S9 on the selfie images, oh lord
Ramil Francisco (25 days ago)
Damn S9 is untouchable right now in camera department.
James Crain (25 days ago)
The pixel is fucking crazy
Ritesh Tandon (25 days ago)
Hey the stabilization in your test for s9 seems much better then any other video
Infinit3Enigma (26 days ago)
Surprising results. S9+ hardware will give you more detail but that HDR+ is too op. Video the s9+ destroyed that plastic crap. Also let's not forget due to better hardware in pro mode the s9+ will win.
Febrian Kusuma (26 days ago)
Samsung S9 plus Best smartphone flagship
obvious_humor (26 days ago)
You misprocessed the audio coming out of the Pixel 2 XL! I only hear it coming out of the left speaker. You should have doubled the audio track in your video editor!
Alain Moret (26 days ago)
For videos, I do prefer the S9+ but for fotos, seems like the Pixel 2 XL is the winner.
Alain Moret (26 days ago)
No doubt, for the sound, S9 is the winner!
Ahmad Malik (26 days ago)
Pixel is best
madhav murali (27 days ago)
If you count each advantage..... The s9 has 10 while the pixel have 6
madhav murali (27 days ago)
S9 is way better than pixel
Adan Ibarra (27 days ago)
I think it has to do with opinion. To me the s9 is so much better in every way. Picture and video s9 wins for me.
Logan's commentary (27 days ago)
The audio on the s9 sounded better to me,it was more loud
Sam Tarly (27 days ago)
Samsung needs a software update to fix some things because the hardware is there.
Andre Louiz (27 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL wins!
a mystery (28 days ago)
Pixel 2 still wins in back camera, much clearer images
AAO 786 (28 days ago)
iPhone X best, then Google Pixel and then S9
Vihari Gollakota (28 days ago)
All google has to do is to improve the hardware on pixel 3 and they have a winner
Chance Carlson (28 days ago)
God damn pixel is crazy amazing
HIvanH91 (28 days ago)
If only the s9+ had the pixel's HDR settings it would be perfect! Sadly, no headphone jack or water resistence on pixel means it's a no from me!
Thomas Falcon (28 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL computational photos are really incredible. Google should open source this stuff
Dao Yang (29 days ago)
Pixel needs dual camera and it's gonna be hard to beat
Vince Vince (29 days ago)
1st. Pixel 2 XL 2nd. Samsung S9+ 3rd. iPhone X This comparison is good.
gooldii1 (29 days ago)
Jackifanboy is sooo boring
Raju Sharma (29 days ago)
S9+s display omg...it's awesome
fazil abdulla (29 days ago)
S9 king
mark gt (29 days ago)
hahahaha samsung fans are crying the pixel destroyed s9+

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