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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

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Text Comments (15901)
logan kerr (1 year ago)
what do you call a group of security guards in front of a Samsung store? Guardians of the Galaxy
Cristiano Sabian (1 month ago)
logan kerr 🤣
Turtle.y (1 month ago)
Her this before (I think) (no hate) but nice joke!
Random ass Channale (2 months ago)
logan kerr hahahahahahah
The Joker (4 months ago)
logan kerr Oh, I see what you did there
Riley Pierce (5 months ago)
Daichii Policarpio (1 day ago)
Do a review video on a new galaxy s9.
Ghulam Hussain (2 days ago)
Touchy touchy😂😂😂
Zach Savage (4 days ago)
The device is great in every way! and Xeoma remote video surveillance works perfectly on it!
Johmatri (11 days ago)
Watching a video about which 4k camera is better, in 480p
Lily Marlie (14 days ago)
Just like jacksfilms
Jason Brady (22 days ago)
Samsung is a bit better for rear facing camera and 100% better for sound.
Noah Levine (24 days ago)
You should do a review of the s8 and the iPhone X. My dad has one and it looks like the phone is more screen than the s8
Trocolix (25 days ago)
The iPhone 7 camera looks better
Trocolix (25 days ago)
Why not compare it to the iPhone 7 not 6
hulk the beast (29 days ago)
you having many phone can you please give me a phone pls
MitchFilm (1 month ago)
The color is too flat on s8
Dylanwaffle (1 month ago)
Remember that vlog that Casey made called "apple fanboy?" Ironic.
plica06 (1 month ago)
Maybe there were Samsung security guards stationed right outside the door to Caseys studio.
Shannon Cleopas (1 month ago)
S8+ sounds like you have put a external mic
uday kumar (1 month ago)
officialmcdeath (2 months ago)
Suggest the orange white balance on the crapple is for shooting family stuff, so skintone-orientated. Cleaner, bluer android FTW \m/
Alan Ballantyne (2 months ago)
Two gripes I have with Samsung. Since the S5 is signal quality..ie lack of compared to other phones and audio, extremely poor for a premium phone compared to my Moto g 4 which out performs on dB and quality. Eg iPhone with same same sim is 3 bars with 4g ang 44mb download.. put same sim in Samsung and bars go down to one and 3G and 6mb download
Timothy L (2 months ago)
*Claims the footage is from an iPhone 7+*. Clearly an iPhone 7... smh lol
Regan Peng (2 months ago)
Just realised something, those pixels, aren't dirty smudges from your hands that i always thought were
Very Lonely Vader (2 months ago)
Name of opening music?
MuDDZ FC (2 months ago)
8 is my favorite number
Casey u were using iphone 7 and telling us all as 7+😂😂....cmon man😁
almin (3 months ago)
you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours
That LIFEBoy1000 (3 months ago)
That’s not a 7 plus that’s a 7. The plus has a dual camera. But love the phone!
LyricalMajesty (3 months ago)
I’ve always been an iPhone person, and still am, but I gotta say... damn that note 8 looks good. Too bad I hate android.
ScottC (3 months ago)
Not a review of the S8, but the S8+
Christopher Jazzstar (3 months ago)
11 months later, S9.
Samy_06 (4 months ago)
I have an S7 edge since it got released , do you think it's worth upgrading to an S8+ ? My S7 edge is in mint condition, and still performs great even now 2 years after its initial release ...
Zout (4 months ago)
Touchy-touchy no Touchy-touchy🤓
Jorden Shahrestani (4 months ago)
iphone 10
Charle B (4 months ago)
S8 audio is amazing
adibee88 (4 months ago)
Loved the review and headphone jack comment, especially!
Karim Kassam Khoja (4 months ago)
S8 lags
DMoacn (4 months ago)
I have samsung galaxy A5 2017.
tof fleee (4 months ago)
Not iPhone 5 its a 5s
Stu (4 months ago)
this is why i love this dude. that intro was phenomenally creative and interesting.
L D (4 months ago)
The end sold me 😂
muckerz 504 (4 months ago)
Samsung rule
Gurmehar Bajwa (4 months ago)
I mean it’s a good phone. I just prefer Apple. Aha
SG (4 months ago)
is this worth getting 1st quarter of 2018, or get the 5t?
Seth W (5 months ago)
caesy should do iphone x vs. note 8
Gheo Anto (5 months ago)
ReCo Fizzy (5 months ago)
Watching on my s8+
Felipe Giraldo (5 months ago)
Can I get your S8+? Please
JackGamingFTW (5 months ago)
I want one so bad !
Ivan P (5 months ago)
S7 edge is really good with silver color
Succ Loves You (5 months ago)
Casey loves MKBHD
David Voron (5 months ago)
Does Casey use his Samsung's without a case?
Daichii Policarpio (5 months ago)
the S8+ is a waterproof phone
Damon Mullins (5 months ago)
The S8 is better
AwesomeAdam From 2099 (5 months ago)
Casey you did some awesome blogs on your channel
Succ Loves You (5 months ago)
correction: Casey you do some awesome vlogs on your channel
Robin (5 months ago)
Samsung S8 rapes Apple again
no name (6 months ago)
what a buy new phone. beggals
mehedi hasan (6 months ago)
i phone is the best
Fear S4ZQS (6 months ago)
Lmao go gaming iPhone vs Samsung see Samsung smd
Mac Mac (6 months ago)
Casey is not the right guy to listen about mobile technology or issues.
Dante Janes (6 months ago)
s8 and iphone 7 cameras both look shit compared to casey's camera
Stephanie Ferrante (6 months ago)
I know why you love Samsung. I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and love it.
Junho Son (6 months ago)
Егор Смирнов (6 months ago)
wanna try Xeoma video surveillance software on my S8
Nikola (6 months ago)
My next phone will be a Samsung
Noelle Irina (6 months ago)
He lives
Ben Marsh (6 months ago)
OK that mirror trick to double background defocus. Genius.
kidda (6 months ago)
Samsung camera makes people look pale Iphone makes them looked tan? I've had samsungs since s1 but I find it annoying.
Isaily De La Rosa (6 months ago)
Send me one of those cameras you don’t use 😂
Ryan Carty (6 months ago)
You kept giving it a lower third that said iPhone 7 Plus but its an iPhone 7. If you're going to compare an iPhone to the Galaxy S8 PLUS then you should use an iPhone 7 PLUS. The optical stabilization in the iPhone 7 Plus is amazing and destroys the super wobbly, more digital (feeling) stabilization of the Galaxy phones. I think the iPhone camera wins.
Fritzser (6 months ago)
Mine got run over by a truck 😢, BUT! I have a warranty, so I get a new one in a few days... 😜
Aidan Au (6 months ago)
Samsung S8+ has a better white balance than iPhone 7+, which looks yellower
Joseph Haubert (6 months ago)
Apple buries the 4k setting because if people used 4k by default, the phones would run out of storage very quickly. Bad press and Apple sheep can be a bit ignorant.
Raghav Sharma (7 months ago)
Does not it seem that he is trying to find problems in the iPhone when there is none
Tu N (7 months ago)
Horrible instruction video
WeLiveWeDie (7 months ago)
A new HBO seris
Nick Parks (7 months ago)
I just bought one I thought it'd be fun to watch the review on my s8plus lol I'm lonley
Alex Sanders (7 months ago)
Samsung is like the ps4 and iphone is like the xbox one popular in the past but the ps4 i sway better
Ubeyd Yilmaz (7 months ago)
How many times did you said screen
mat (7 months ago)
What work does he do for samsung
Emad Salha (7 months ago)
I hope that north Korea destroyes south Korea and gets rid of Samsung
Chad Hero (7 months ago)
How do you make a reaction type video where there is a small window at the corner and a video or pics or playing but you are on the large screen talking about the video
Albert Kim (7 months ago)
the sound of the iphone is kinda bullcrap but the samsung sound really smooth.
Mr Chicken (7 months ago)
111K like and 11K dislikes Strange
pie worm Worm pie (7 months ago)
Samsung rocks
pie worm Worm pie (7 months ago)
Casey neistant is a samung fan
Jstar1991 (7 months ago)
Sean penn?
Thats a headphone jack
abdulla al shareif (7 months ago)
S8 is better
MuffinsAwake (7 months ago)
Just put up a 4K video test of the S8 camera so it woukd be great if y'all could go over and see it! Feedbacks are appreciated :)
Harshitanshu Sinha (7 months ago)
That’s not 7+...
Ismail Roslan (7 months ago)
cassey can u give me that s7edge . because mine the screen malfunction. 🤕🤕
1- -2 (7 months ago)
111 11
Mambutu O'Malley (8 months ago)
My biggest issues after 6 weeks of out-of-the-box use: Lags, almost daily crashes, apps not working properly (GMail, Messages, WhatsApp, Musicplayer) and the dramatically worse battery life. Had to go back to iPhone. Will give Android another shot once my iPhone doesn't do the trick anymore (probably 3-4 years from now).
ahmad bassem (8 months ago)
Isn’t this the iphone 6+ not the 7+
Armand Finni (8 months ago)
Why does samsung always have to be compered ro iPhone
John Seed (8 months ago)
You use a iPhone7, not 7+
Iniflyi (8 months ago)
i would love an s8 but its so much money ! D:
CHINOBREEZY (8 months ago)
Why is he just dropping the phones bruh?
Ruxi Wang (8 months ago)
There were no cellphones when you’re a little kid.
GibAdam (8 months ago)
Iphone has the better camera
GibAdam (8 months ago)
It would be a better comparison to compare this phone to the iPhone x since they’re so similar
Epic Benjo (8 months ago)
As much as I love the S7, I can't bring myself to love the S8 screen. Yeah, it's an infinity display or whatever, but it reflects light like nobody's business, which blocks what you see on those sides anyway! I really wish the S8 had the S7 screen and not that ridiculous curve. Even if there's no light reflecting, the colors aren't 100% like the middle of the screen. It bothers me so much! I really wanted to love the S8, but I just can't with the curved edges of that screen. The bezel difference between the S8 and S7 is very minuscule that I'd rather have an S7 screen.

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