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One Plus 3T Sapphire Camera Lens Test - Battery Swap

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HERE IS THE ONEPLUS 3T GIVEAWAY TWEET: https://twitter.com/ZacksJerryRig/status/804241636024664065 Yes it is International Will the OnePlus 3T Battery fit inside the regular OnePlus 3? Can you swap the batteries between the newest OnePlus Phones? Wouldnt it be awesome if you could add a higher capacity battery to your OnePlus 3, just by inserting the battery from the one plus 3T when it dies? #BringBackRedOnePlus HERE is the OnePlus 3 Durability Test: https://youtu.be/8PZ8W_g6Vvk HERE is the OnePlus 3 Teardown video: https://youtu.be/Hh_XgrcQ9oo Is the Camera Lens of the OnePlus 3T really sapphire? Can you trust it to be scratch resistant over regular glass? I answer all these questions and more in this video. Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit: http://amzn.to/1XdJPuA Green Pry tool: http://amzn.to/1Tu57pI Phone opening metal tool: http://amzn.to/1WdOFv0 The camera I used to film this video: http://amzn.to/1IjlaCD The Lens I used for this video: http://amzn.to/1QOXDw2 And this Metabones adapter: http://amzn.to/1R7Ltic *Follow me for updates!* Instagram: http://instagram.com/zacksjerryrig Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1U4bQqv Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZacksJerryRig Snapchat: http://bit.ly/1UAb2Fq GooglePlus: https://bit.ly/1YyKice JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.

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Text Comments (798)
Jeung Seng (2 months ago)
Where can I get original OnePlus 3T battery?
Vishnu V R (4 months ago)
Are the batteries Li-ion or Li-polymer ?
Dr. MG M (5 months ago)
OnePlus is a dope company ! They just get the Job done without the hype unlike Apple icrap which is all hype & milking money out of customers. The amount of features on a OnePlus Phone are twice with less than half the cost of icrap. OnePlus 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
The Infinite- Hex (5 months ago)
Saaim Huda (6 months ago)
Saaim Huda (6 months ago)
Jure Željko (7 months ago)
Does anyone know where i could buy the oneplus3 OEM battery(A3003). it has to ship to slovenia
Tom (7 months ago)
2 oneplus 3s is 8. The more you know
Baconface McGee (7 months ago)
I'm late.
Sahil Akhtar (8 months ago)
My screen has broken can you link replacement screen.
Cristiano Adiutori (8 months ago)
would be possible to mount the 3t camera onto oneplus 3?
Ibrahim Al Ali (9 months ago)
a big thumb up for jerry because his name is actually zak.
jc carl (10 months ago)
Enjoyed your humors on your videos. Like how could the engineers sleep at night with those green tabs. 👍
6cmh3 (10 months ago)
Hey Zack/anyone out there, has anyone been able to find an nfc chip replacement online? I want to put the soft gold back on my graphite oneplus 3 but I do not want to remove the nfc chip from that back plate. I have seen videos online of the replacement but they do not have any links for a replacement part
GAZI MUSA Al JOHAN (10 months ago)
can you exchange the front cameras of both phones so that we can find out if op3 supports the 16mp front camera or not?
Faidh Hussain (11 months ago)
Sir is oneplus5 having sapphire lens glass or not? Please let me know..it's very urgent..thanks
Rukesh Khadgi (11 months ago)
your voice as well as your videos are so satisfying.
syammohan k (11 months ago)
my 3t was falls into the water and I couldn't found any services nearby, logic board is short circuited, I want to buy knew one but I couldn't found any where, please help me.
arbocorp (11 months ago)
What's the significance of the green battery vs the red battery? Do you have a video addressing this?
Lucas T (11 months ago)
There's no significance. Just aesthetics.
Arman Fidanoglu (11 months ago)
gimme the 3t boi
Fahad Vlogs (1 year ago)
Does the OnePlus 3 have sapphire lens too?
William Damron (1 year ago)
You're a bitch, it's​ just a fucking red battery, nobody cares
MR Singh (1 year ago)
Jerry please vedio of repairing of lence in 1+3t
NeeP (1 year ago)
is the OP3T easy to reassemble? I wonder how expensive it will be in 2 years to change my battery...
vaishali alaskar (1 year ago)
# bring red
来打广告的 (1 year ago)
Mindaugas Raginskas (1 year ago)
I really need more than sapphire camera lens, because when I replace my op3 lens, I immediately broke it by hitting to the corner of the table or something like that. #BlameTheBump Love the video! Immagine red battery and clear back of the phone. It would be perfect..
Soumya Prakash Nayak (1 year ago)
Really appreciate OnePlus for including a bigger battery within the same dimensions with the 3T! And specs wise, it's a beast!
신혜원 (1 year ago)
does the oneplus 3 and 3t have the same screen? i need to replace it of my oneplus 3 but they say they only have screens for oneplus 3t.
Santhosh (1 year ago)
oneplus is giving great phone for such a low price, shame for apple
Dylan Harris (1 year ago)
I thought i was the only one that missed the red battery
Max :c (1 year ago)
Should i be afraid of scratching my rear camera on One Plus 3T'?
Akash Gupta (1 year ago)
watching in my 3t :)
Mohamad Rahmat (1 year ago)
please do the bend test on the one plus 3t midnight black?
陈卤面lumia (1 year ago)
Crypto Board (1 year ago)
Iphone 7+ black / Iphone 7+ red. OnePlus 3T Gun metal/ ??? It's time for Oneplus 3t "Midnight Black" Please review it and let me know about is camera lens sapphire or not in black version of OP3T Thanks
Scott Olinger (1 year ago)
1:26 #jeffy
Abelash Rajagugan (1 year ago)
dafuk saffire lens on a 430 dollar phone , o.O! im stunned!!
you could try recalibrate the battery
Javed Aslam (1 year ago)
Nice and neat video Jerry..Well Done !
himanshu sharma (1 year ago)
Can you please get Leeco Le Max 2/Le Pro 3. and Zuk Z2 or Lenovo Z2 Plus please do it
S Mi (1 year ago)
SketrickTV Thanks...
Preetam Roy (1 year ago)
hey zack could you pls link the oneplus 3t screen replacement link
This is amazing. Oneplus really takes time to make quality phones, even when they cut their prices so low. My decision is clear, I'm going to order this phone, taking all of what I've see into account.
Squall0833 (1 year ago)
the signature on the lens gives 30 megapixel BEST PHONE CAMERA EVER
Vivek Andrews (1 year ago)
Is there option to upgrade ma one plus 3 to one plus 3T?? Like replacing d front camera and battery??
Green Building (1 year ago)
This video is really really cool 👍👍✨
LUKMANUL HAKIM (1 year ago)
can i purchase your reviewed phone?
trAnwhiz (1 year ago)
Zack, you often complain about phones not having their front glass screwed into the metal frame, like in the Nexus 6P, for example. It doesn't look like this phone has that, either. So what gives it the strength to survive your bend test?
René Castillo (1 year ago)
is the back housing case from OnePlus 3t compatible with the OnePlus 3?
Andy (1 year ago)
Wish Oneplus used a better vibrator. Man the thing is loud.
MY INDIAN TECHIE (1 year ago)
damn. u r. crazy. brother.........
почаны,в op3 можно поставить аккумулятор от op3t?
Qopiq q (1 year ago)
I love how he is so sad about the battery. If the battery is going to be green in the next one he'll go crazy.
Jacob P (1 year ago)
what about flashing the 3T software to the 3? will it work then? can anyone confirm I'm interested as I'm a OP3 owner
ProCreeper 2000 2 (1 year ago)
Try charging the 3T battery in the 3 fully, and then let it discharge. The controller will register the higher capacity. (Hopefully)
Arek R. (1 year ago)
At *#808# fab test menu there is a postion called "Charger(<chinese letters>)" that tells the type of installed battery: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8pmYEYBMHsRWnBtWXh1SnJwMEE Maybe this will work?
Nuovo (1 year ago)
as always #BringTheRedBack petition ----> https://www.change.org/p/make-the-battery-of-the-oneplus-4-red-again?recruiter=336978007&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
Nick Psil (1 year ago)
guys what does the green mean in the battery and what does the red mean?
Osama Hassan (1 year ago)
0/10 didnt write 'send nudes' on the lens
JerryRigEverything (1 year ago)
Id get so many many naked dudes sending pics. Not really what I am after...
Innocent Hall (1 year ago)
Jerry do the op3 have the same charging port as the op3t
MrTristan (1 year ago)
Can a OP3 replacement screen be used for the OP3T without compromises? If not, is anyone able to find a 3T replacement? I can't find any.
Mukesh Chandra (1 year ago)
jerry can you tell me the apps you used to check the battery capacity
J M (1 year ago)
Your videos make me happy, very happy. Currently rocking a 6splus and I'm looking towards a 3t at the moment ❤
Navraj Gill (1 year ago)
DURABILITY TEST REQUEST::: do a samsung gear s3 test. supposedly the gorilla glass SR+ is cornings first shot at saphire
Rakib Rahman (1 year ago)
Watching this video on my OnePlus 3T. Life is good.
Eren Jaeger (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot 👍👍 you really are AWESOME...
RomzYi Romz (1 year ago)
Thx 4 reactie
soumyadeep biswas (1 year ago)
who would want a scratched phone hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Christopher Flanagan (1 year ago)
Anyone have any idea where I would find a replacement housing for the 3T? Dropped it today and dented very easily 😥
RomzYi Romz (1 year ago)
Sagar Patel (1 year ago)
does we can swap back plane from oneplus 3t to oneplus 3 ?
Sameer Singh (1 year ago)
Guyz here is chance to win oneplus 3T get 200 point by creating one plus account by following link https://oneplusstore.in/december?_act_referrer=17041892#.WFUuK10Cy4M.gmail Try it your self this link works. Only condition is you should use phone number which is not registered.
arafath islam (1 year ago)
knowing some great app mistakes!!!
Exia2004 (1 year ago)
seems.I need to register on tweeter
Exia2004 (1 year ago)
I realy like this phone!!!!
Prince Smaran (1 year ago)
Sir can u please check weather the dimensions of batteries of one plus 3 and one plus 3t is same and can we put the 3400 mah battery of 3t to one plus 3
Harry Shukla (1 year ago)
Now i know what's inside thee 3T :P :D
Gaurav Bhaiya (1 year ago)
Does finger print scanner had ceramic
Zaza Javakhishvili (1 year ago)
Hi, Can i buy Oneplus 3 or Oneplus 3T battery cover from you?
Rizwan Shaikh (1 year ago)
Custom ROM like Sultanized RR & Sultan CM13 might fixed the battery swapping 3400 mAh info on software level! @JerryRigEverything #JerryRigEverything
Tú Thanh (1 year ago)
Jerry! Try to test the Oppo F1S from Vietnam !!
RomzYi Romz (1 year ago)
will oneplus 3 screen work on oneplus3T , or oneplus 3t one oneplus 3?
Beat (1 year ago)
i still hate twitter
b888 (1 year ago)
What if they simply labelled a 3000mah battery as 3400 mah?. And tweaked the software on oneplus 3t to see it as 3400 mah?. Whose gonna know?, would it be more easy and profitable to hack the software like that or add extra 400 mah?. I am just curious and not a pro, pls explain.
Alexander Jacobsen (1 year ago)
Just ordered oneplus 3t today i hope its good and worht it :|
Aaron Morris (1 year ago)
Crushing disappointment.... No Red battery hahahaha this guy is great
Eric Ding (1 year ago)
lol,just buy the OnePlus 3T battery, place in in your One plus 3 and voila! 400mah boost!
Vikas g (1 year ago)
who got the phone
Syukri Lajin (1 year ago)
someone that can do their own battery upgrade probably know how to install a custom kernel. i'm assuming that the front camera and sapphire lens are interchangeable too? if so, you can technically upgrades your one plus 3 to a 3t right?
Ян Цонев (1 year ago)
So who's the winner?
Ismail Elabbassi (1 year ago)
Today is the day of pick a winner Good luck
Sil Obdam (1 year ago)
Olaf Does (1 year ago)
Excellent no-BS review. thx!
Immersive (1 year ago)
"But the JerryRig signature adds atleast 30 more megapixels.." this made me giggle.
sushi (1 year ago)
do huawei y5
Sir Can You Plzz Test google Tango
Xolo Black (1 year ago)
Hey!! Can I use your intro music? or could u give me the source of your intro music plz do reply
kanhaiya vishwas (1 year ago)
jerry do yo know you have wonderful voice

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