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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

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Samsung's flagship smartphone for 2017! Bluetooth 5.0 Explained: https://youtu.be/0n1x-wxESaM Galaxy S8 skins: https://dbrand.com/samsung-galaxy-skins Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Baby by 20syl ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by Samsung for review.
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Text Comments (12253)
silas adam (1 day ago)
Battery is very good
Patrick Karrow (1 day ago)
I’m looking at getting a new phone and I’m stuck between these two. What do you suggest? Google pixel 2 or Samsung Galaxy s8?
Patrick Karrow (19 hours ago)
Onur Aslan thank you so much!
Onur Aslan (1 day ago)
Patrick Karrow well if the camera is really important to you, i would choose pixel 2, but if the display, design and all the options that you can do on samsung, i would choose the s8
Sokkimhay Um (2 days ago)
I’ve use the s8+ more than a year now “exynos version(SM-G955FD)”. The phone stutter and hang a lot, but after Oreo update it work really well, I’m really impressed, everything you do it’s really snappy. The thing that I want to complain are: 1. Battery life is at most average around 3 hours screen on time. 2. The speaker is suck. 3. The fingerprint sensor position, well after use it for a while I’m kind of get used to it, but still not an ideal position. 4. It stutter!!! To be exact when you scroll like in Facebook( it getting worse when you scroll inside the page) and in the internet(its the problem of all Samsung phone anyway). Well except those issues the phone still perform really well, unlike the previous Samsung phone I use before. If you can live with those problem above I’m differently recommend the s8+ instead of s9+. It’s a lot cheaper now compare to the new s9+ and trust me it performs really really well.
Somesh K (3 days ago)
Here after watching S9 review. Almost the same ;)
Kunal (3 days ago)
came after the S9 review
Sai Krishna Kaushik (3 days ago)
Hey welcome from s9 video😉
Ramin (4 days ago)
Thank you is a useful video
DR. Skillz (4 days ago)
Where's your link to buy it?
Marquis Sanders (4 days ago)
Samsung IconX Review?
Chileshe Zulu (6 days ago)
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Customer (6 days ago)
You know what annoys me about reviewers nowadays they tell you whats good and bad about the flagship noting what's bad is not a big deal whereas on a mid range they tell you good and bad noting how it's still not good enough you know they get paid to kiss Samsung or apples ass
Toxic_Kapkan_Main 321 (8 days ago)
Does this take a USB charger like the S7, or a charger tip like the Note 8?
Nate Super (9 days ago)
bro have you noticed that when you update your s8+ to OREO you can no longer go full screen on youtube...
Mystical Samurai (12 days ago)
How did you get that wallpaper
Game Professor (12 days ago)
What wallpaper is he using?
Niles Carr (13 days ago)
I could have swear i saw u have 10m subs
MrSharkBait561 (16 days ago)
Can anyone help me? Whenever I try to increase/decrease the volume, it changes the volume for the wrong thing. (When I'm on a game or YouTube it changes the volume for in-call volume or the ringtone)
Lucy Walsh (17 days ago)
Hug mud ceremony out male innovation deer walk hallway airport
CASPER MOB (19 days ago)
Samo..samo... Come on samsung!!! Get your shit right!! Give us some NEW shit! Like put speakers on the front of the phone and in the back so if we are watching a video we can hear it right in front of us and in back so when we bump music. Take out the head phone jack and make the headphone jack connection same as the charger port and with a splitter cable so if we are charging the phone we can still have the headphone jack connected. And make the wireless charger work when we have the case on. Its dumb to take my case off when i charge it.
Grace McGee (19 days ago)
What do you do with all your old phones?
bava 46 (19 days ago)
Shit battery life. Samsung purposely heat phones up after a while, slow charging and quick battery draining! Had 3 samsungs they all done that! Just how apple admitted slowing phones down samsung are fucking up phones for more business! Rather get a cheap chinese phone
Reaper of Pandas (18 days ago)
Did you wake up on the wrong side of your bed?
bava 46 (19 days ago)
You dubbed the audio over? What a douche
Jazz434343 (19 days ago)
I like hearing you have big hands 😝🍆
Jazz434343 (16 days ago)
Just saying it’s a big positive 👍
stevegamer17382 (16 days ago)
Jazz434343 niggaaaa
keggerous (20 days ago)
Samsun needs to learn from this and MAKE THE FUCKING BIXBY BUTTOM MAPPABLE!! you know how awesome that would be to have the button mapping be supported by the developers from the get go? Instead of having to get a 3rd party solution that gets broken after a few months. It annoys me that they are fighting this so hard. So they not see how cool it could be>?
blazin' awesome (20 days ago)
Not Almost... Yes
Gustavo Frias (21 days ago)
Watching this a couple of days before samsung galaxy s9 releases and it's better improvement if you like the camera and taking pictures, recording videos
c0oldude63 Plays (23 days ago)
Watching on s8
Rachelthebear (23 days ago)
i still have a 4, hoping to get a upgrade soon
Sohaib Mahagri (25 days ago)
Okay not so great battery, bad fingerprint location, terrible speakers but guess what the s9 fixes all of that and ads an insane camera that can compete with with the pixels 2 and maybe 3 . Now you can call the s9 the ultimate smartphone especially the s9+ -better performance. 6gb ram -better camera. telefoto lens -bigger screen 6.2 -better battery 3500 mah I think I'm going with these s9+ Not to mention that it still has Micro SD Ip68 Fast charging Fast wireless charging And a Headphone jack! That's easily a phone that can last 4 years, honestly, it's insane.
Sohaib Mahagri (11 days ago)
Well seems tat the battery is the same as last year and updates are still a samsung problem, maybe the s10 will fix the battery issue and be part of project treble which makes the phone easily updated. apart from that there is noting to complain about ,it a perfet phone with not the best battery and software updates
Basil Fabian (26 days ago)
Everyone keeps saying the battery is smaller cause note 7. The s7 edge never blew up and it had 3600mah
Jess Erlund (26 days ago)
Not sure if I really want to ditch my Moto X Pure 3rd Gen for a Samsung Galaxy S8 ? Not sure with a cost of $750 is it worth it. The only reason I was considering it was for a camera upgrade.
Jay Dinotanic (27 days ago)
Guys I just bought an iPhone X should I get a Samsung s8+?
Ty McDonald (20 days ago)
Jay Dinotanic no get an s9+ it's the same price as the 8+ but is a lot better
K. Yilmaz (27 days ago)
From where do I get that awsome wallpaper ?
Graffetta (27 days ago)
Would an S8 edge be curve even on top and bottom of the screen?
Vegito Blue (1 month ago)
Who's watching this on their S8+?
Hasmukhbhai Soni (1 month ago)
How can I get that wallpaper?
Sonam Gideon (1 month ago)
Bro can u suggest me which mobile will be best rite now??. Thinking of buying s8.
vinay babu (1 month ago)
Does s8 really need a screen protector...as it is difficult to Find perfect protector for that curved screen
Arun vk (1 month ago)
Which Bluetooth speaker was found in this review vid
vertigo (1 month ago)
I'm considering getting one once the s9 is released so the price will be much lower
Anh Tuấn (1 month ago)
How can i find wallpaper on his s8
Liam Donaldson (1 month ago)
Fuck the bixby button
Chris (1 month ago)
Tinny speakers tho
Isaac G (1 month ago)
it might be less secure, but the number pin still works
Kqog (1 month ago)
Fun fact: iSheep and caled iSheep because they are like sheep. (The term came from the bible, which states that Jesus is the Shepard).
Soulax A (1 month ago)
Got a Samsung Galaxy S9 ad🔥💪
Cyril Win Evero (1 month ago)
watching this on my s9
Asmir (1 month ago)
I went from s2 to s5 to s8. Great phone 👍
IceRex (1 month ago)
That music is really annoying with the higher voice and everything. Idk why it bugs me so much 😂😂
Candide Deschênes (1 month ago)
He said "Jif" ? Lol
Vitycam (1 month ago)
I might upgrade this from my S7.
Barbell Myth (1 month ago)
Marques, your review is perfect however there is one big problem. That third right black rhomboid in the background is not aligned with the other two.. c'mon man!!!
manoj kumar (1 month ago)
Is switching from iPhone 7 to S8 worth it pls suggest me
Vitycam (1 month ago)
manoj kumar YES!
Thank you for acting like a normal person, being yourself, and relaying the information in a highly logical and efficient manner. I was looking at other videos on this device, and other reviewers come off like over-affected histrionic megalomaniacs. You are a pleasure to watch and listen to. Thanks for keeping it real.
Lesley Harrys (1 month ago)
Still a great phone. And I still have no interest whatsoever in owning one.
Aditya_A2105 (1 month ago)
why am I watching a video about my phone on my phone
What is the wallpaper
Vitycam, what is the wallpaper????
Vitycam (1 month ago)
Nicola Pasqualin Jiménez dunno
satnam singh (1 month ago)
Does any one have screen burn in on their s8
khalil taylor (1 month ago)
Too much talking about the bezels and lets talk about that headphone jack thats still there thx Samsung :)
Haameem Rathore (1 month ago)
The pc in the back 👅
TinySparklette (1 month ago)
I've spent the last 3 days researching phones to buy because I've had the iPhone 4 for nearly 6 years now. I keep coming back to Marques' videos because he seems to give every phone it's fair shot, I just wished he would go into more depth with the audio quality in terms of videos that you record with the camera. Other then that I'm still tossing between different phones, I just wished there was a simple answer to which has the best quality with the camera with both photography and recording. I need to upgrade from my shitty iPhone!
Jakob Krogh (1 month ago)
TinySparklette 6 years? Wow.
TECH AND FUN (1 month ago)
Mo Go (1 month ago)
Samsung has bad batteries buy fire insurance with it for your house.
Belinda Ginete (1 month ago)
I have a case with separate camera cutouts at the back for my S8plus it really helps me in distinguishing the fingerprint sensor.
Prabhat Agarwal (1 month ago)
I dropped it twice ..
Viktor Hill (1 month ago)
Is a GS9 coming out this year??
Shaurya Mathur (1 month ago)
I need that wallpaper on my s8 Can anyone tell which wallpaper is he using
Un Canny (1 month ago)
Why other flagship don't have curved screen?? I am fan of curved edges..
Jason Bushland (1 month ago)
I for one can't wait until my case comes in the mail. This phone couldn't be more slippery if you buttered it up.
Un Canny (1 month ago)
Ofcourse they are vulnerable BUT i have used s8 for a while and from what i experienced they gives awesome in hand feel and experience due to curve edges
Neo Pantoja (1 month ago)
Jason Bushland that's true especially with the display being OLED which are expensive.
Jason Bushland (1 month ago)
I have an s8 and feel like the curved edges are gimmicky and you sacrifice protection in a case because the sides of the cases dive down below the surface of the glass leaving it open for impact
Rayman123 (1 month ago)
Un Canny its a samaung thing.
Lavi Yatziv (1 month ago)
You said 'jif' not 'gif' - Unsubscribed. :(
amijah (1 month ago)
That's cute,I am watching this on my LG G2 Mini
VitoTheo (1 month ago)
Am i the only person who likes the fingerprint placement? When i reach for it, it feels perfectly fine. Probably because im right handed.
Shashank Joglekar (1 month ago)
who is selecting intro sounds for videos!!!!
Into the Unknown (1 month ago)
I have an iPhone 6+ should I leave the iPhone club for the S8?
rinzleR R (1 month ago)
Who else is Watching on they're s8/S8 plus?
rond361 (1 month ago)
I am watching it on my Galaxy Book 12 but my S8 is laying next to it. BTW the proper word is their not "they're"
TheGreenac12 (1 month ago)
22%-8% standby overnight should be a red flag for any potential buyer. That just sounds defective,.
L D (1 month ago)
What else can u want
N0ob gamer :p (1 month ago)
Watching it on my S8+ <3
IAmFaria (1 month ago)
Still deciding whether to get a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel 2 XL. Such a difficult decision
Sharon Mathew (1 month ago)
The only phone which can compete with the Pixel 2 XL would be the Note 8, not the S8.
Nishitha Sapukotanage (1 month ago)
Samsung is better than apple now after a long time
MrChaos2peace (1 month ago)
every review I see, "almost..." "not quite there yet..." "not the best.." in reference to smart phones...so which phone is the one?....:(
vinay babu (1 month ago)
Is s8 worthy at that price ???? Battery back-up, performance... S8/op5t ... Pl suggest
Rajesh Nair (1 month ago)
hi marques, could you review a8 2018
How did you get this thème??
Johnny Wayne (1 month ago)
Great review! Would you recommend the S8 in January 2018?
A8 plus
Victor L (2 months ago)
Guys if you want that wallpaper search up Backdrops - Wallpapers on Google Play. After you installed the app then search on the app "Gradient Glow". You are welcome.
manu cute (2 months ago)
where can i get the wallpaper in that video
James Smith (2 months ago)
satnam singh (1 month ago)
James Smith download backdrop from play store
jay taylor (2 months ago)
James Clark (2 months ago)
I just got done watching his video on the s3, how far things have came since 2012.
Minion Bay (2 months ago)
The Samsung Galaxy S9 should put the fingerprint sensor where the A8 (2018) places it
MAZETOY hyi (2 months ago)
watching this on s8
zty (2 months ago)
Why do Samsung phones lag so bad? Quite disappointed, I don’t recommend it. Especially Bixby. :/ I got the S8 about a month ago, now it’s lagging quite badly, even though I don’t download many things. Is it because of TouchWiz? Need help, thanks.
zty (1 month ago)
Tevo41 I don't even use a micro SD card. That's how little things I download onto my phone. :/ I'm considering getting a different phone now. Preferably a Pixel or an iPhone
Tevo41 (1 month ago)
I have read that the micro sd card can affect performance.
How to know Hindi Urdu (2 months ago)
Most beautiful phone
Tate del Olmo (2 months ago)
Please fix your wall panels
Cliff Allen (2 months ago)
Marques: I've had my galaxy s8 plus now for 6 months as my daily, and i have to agree on the finger print sensor, sometimes it works great and other times not so much! The retina scanner is frickin fantastic though!!! My biggest complaint is spending so much for the phone it SHOULD BE ULTRA CONFIGURABLE AND IT IS NOT!!! Themes are okay, but, I will download a theme and possibly 90 percent of the theme I might like but 10 percent I don't and that just ruins the experience!!! Yeah I can go get something else such as substratum or the like but why? I spent a lot of money on the phone and I have to put up with something on a theme I really don't like????? I should be able to configure every aspect of the display and swipes my way, not the way someone thinks I should do. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I THINK THIS IS A GREAT PHONE AND I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT TREMENDOUSLY BUT I'M JUST SAYING!!! Know what I mean? Thanks a bunch
CHDAMBARANATHAN S (2 months ago)
18:9 ratio
tech boy vishal (2 months ago)
Nice video like
Noaman Farooq (2 months ago)
Marquess please make a video having comparison between Sony Xperia XZ1 and Samsung Galaxy S8 (NOT s8 plus).
Pyramid Head (2 months ago)
When I left my S8 Plus off the charger around 75% I woke up and checked it and it was at 75%.

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