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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Ultimate Smartphone?

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Samsung's flagship smartphone for 2017! Bluetooth 5.0 Explained: https://youtu.be/0n1x-wxESaM Galaxy S8 skins: https://dbrand.com/samsung-galaxy-skins Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Intro Track: Baby by 20syl ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by Samsung for review.
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Text Comments (12086)
A8 plus
Victor L (22 hours ago)
Guys if you want that wallpaper search up Backdrops - Wallpapers on Google Play. After you installed the app then search on the app "Gradient Glow". You are welcome.
manu cute (1 day ago)
where can i get the wallpaper in that video
James Smith (1 day ago)
jay taylor (2 days ago)
James Clark (2 days ago)
I just got done watching his video on the s3, how far things have came since 2012.
Minion Bay (3 days ago)
The Samsung Galaxy S9 should put the fingerprint sensor where the A8 (2018) places it
Ash Win (5 days ago)
watching this on s8
zty (8 days ago)
Why do Samsung phones lag so bad? Quite disappointed, I don’t recommend it. Especially Bixby. :/ I got the S8 about a month ago, now it’s lagging quite badly, even though I don’t download many things. Is it because of TouchWiz? Need help, thanks.
Most beautiful phone
Tate del Olmo (8 days ago)
Please fix your wall panels
Cliff Allen (10 days ago)
Marques: I've had my galaxy s8 plus now for 6 months as my daily, and i have to agree on the finger print sensor, sometimes it works great and other times not so much! The retina scanner is frickin fantastic though!!! My biggest complaint is spending so much for the phone it SHOULD BE ULTRA CONFIGURABLE AND IT IS NOT!!! Themes are okay, but, I will download a theme and possibly 90 percent of the theme I might like but 10 percent I don't and that just ruins the experience!!! Yeah I can go get something else such as substratum or the like but why? I spent a lot of money on the phone and I have to put up with something on a theme I really don't like????? I should be able to configure every aspect of the display and swipes my way, not the way someone thinks I should do. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I THINK THIS IS A GREAT PHONE AND I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT TREMENDOUSLY BUT I'M JUST SAYING!!! Know what I mean? Thanks a bunch
chidambaranathan s (11 days ago)
18:9 ratio
tech boy vishal (12 days ago)
Nice video like
Noaman Farooq (12 days ago)
Marquess please make a video having comparison between Sony Xperia XZ1 and Samsung Galaxy S8 (NOT s8 plus).
Pyramid Head (13 days ago)
When I left my S8 Plus off the charger around 75% I woke up and checked it and it was at 75%.
Jérémie Schuler (13 days ago)
Broke my S7 Edge today, watching this video one year later. S9 will be released in one Month in Barcelona.... What to do ?! :)
John Benson (14 days ago)
Why am I still watching this knowing that I can't afford it.
Mohamed Msn (14 days ago)
The best phone in the world. Number 1.👏🖒🎯👏🖒🎯
Randall Garcia (14 days ago)
@marques how big is your hand ???
Mukesh Luhar (14 days ago)
best phone thumbs up
Adel Bkr (15 days ago)
Oh my god . i want it so bad
OnlineReviews (15 days ago)
Nice review. Like it
Cohenjameswhalley (15 days ago)
Ok I'm moving from the iPhone 7 plus should I get the nite 8
Sebo Tuna (16 days ago)
great review I'm getting this phone thx
It's a me Mario (16 days ago)
Yet you liked the fucking face id on the x
Andrew fox (17 days ago)
I like it
Arcadias (18 days ago)
How do you get the phone to stand upright like that?
Milhaus Milhaus (18 days ago)
S8 Luxus
Phan Tyon (19 days ago)
Bixbie definitely is a No No for me. Samsung always have been keeping me away with the software intrusion. I get they need us to teach their AI ... but it is not fair to pay for that ... Right now AI needs to "learn" more before they charge us (and man, the one who hits the price on AI will win)... but right now I see Samsung as the hardware company and Google as the software provider. If samsung wants to ride the software wagon they need to offer something in exchange until they are in par with Android or IOS. Both of them had something unique at their point in life ... a new kid in town without nothing new (or in exchange for the preference) might end as Microsoft (in phone area) who was the first in the business but did not commit fully with the customer, until it was too late.
Ansly Chua (20 days ago)
Two words: Expandable memory
Spoopy Ghost (21 days ago)
I fucking hate my iPhone 7+ I can’t wait to make to switch to the s8
Moe (21 days ago)
I love my s8
El Capitan (21 days ago)
samsung should remove the bixby button...
mohd Jaber (22 days ago)
pon dhinesh (23 days ago)
where is your sweatshirts man
Yamen Faraghaly (23 days ago)
I want it on my s8
Yamen Faraghaly (23 days ago)
Where did you get the wallpaper
mikakami93 (24 days ago)
Why need note 8 when you have s8plus and custom stylus
Matt Chong (24 days ago)
He pronounced gif as jiff...
Systamatic (2 days ago)
Matt Chong the creator of gifs said you should pronounce it jiff, but fuck that still gonna call it gif
Robert Hosein (24 days ago)
Thanks for this review. Keep up the good work!It was really helpful.
xXKILLER56Xx (24 days ago)
Do people notice a major dropoff in the resolution when playing games
Meme Gamer (25 days ago)
This phone > iPhone 10
Mcmbandz33 (25 days ago)
Samsung fanboys angry because pixel 2 is better than s8 in every way lololol
Guillermo Ortíz (26 days ago)
Reasons to avoid this phone: Bixby
EddyGraphic (27 days ago)
The bixby button has become a feature for me, I can make it do 4 different actions with an app called BxActions, I recommend getting it if you have a Galaxy S8 or Note 8.
Mr. Potato (27 days ago)
Here are my grades for this phone: Build Quality - 9.0 Display - 9.0 Camera - 8.5 Performance - 8.5 Battery - 8.0 Solid performer here, great job Samsung. The design is beautiful. 👍
Micah'sFitnessJourney (27 days ago)
wallpaper name??
Shangrila (28 days ago)
The Iris Scanner you don't have to hold it at an awkward angle! It Works !
c0oldude63 Plays (28 days ago)
What is the wallpaper u used in the video
c0oldude63 Plays (28 days ago)
Watching on s8
Criddy (29 days ago)
Got it on Christmas and I love it. Watching this in 1440p XD
Crazycauses 51 (22 days ago)
Criddy Got this phone on Christmas also :D
Saad Nmo (30 days ago)
The intro song please 🌚
Zariyan Khalid (30 days ago)
...but i still love my galaxy S7
CookieKing123 (30 days ago)
I wish apple took a lesson from Samsung and actually made the camera fit in the phone. I love my iPhone, but I wish the camera didn't jut out like an inch.
Angel Prado (1 month ago)
really beautiful phone
Angel Prado (1 month ago)
watching on the s8
moorebounce (1 month ago)
Samsung needs to bring back the IR Blaster. I used to control my TV with my Galaxy S6. Then when I upgraded to the Galaxy S8+ I found out the IR Blaster was taken out of the S7 and S8 versions. Which sucks major ass. My phone is by me at all times (and I'm sure this is the case for everybody else who has a cell phone) so having the IR Blaster to control my TV(s) is a major convenience.
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
Saad Khan (1 month ago)
what kind of video surveillance app should I use on my Android?
Steven metz (1 month ago)
But does it have iMessage or take snapchat videos that aren't in 240p???
HolyBlue Berries (1 month ago)
The intro was fucking beautiful
el3xtrosky (1 month ago)
Great review as always. But a more in depth review of the camera capabilities would be much appreciated.
Ayele Ashby (1 month ago)
Gimme one😍
Ayele Ashby (1 month ago)
Great desingn and functiinality
Ayele Ashby (1 month ago)
jnmks (1 month ago)
best phone i never had
Kieran Baines (1 month ago)
Marques Brownlee do the debrand skins disable the wireless charging on the S8 Plus?
Utsav Kishor (1 month ago)
Which Wallpaper was that topblue fading to green at bottom ? Can you share the wallpaper
Bruh (1 month ago)
I wish I had it
tryhardnoob (1 month ago)
I feel like every time I feel like every time I see a phone I think is perfect, there's always a catch. My idea of a perfect phone is: - Fingerprint Scanner - Waterproofing - Clean, Quick OS without bloatware - A Headphone jack (it's sad I even have to list this) - SD Card - OLED Display
Brittney Maree (1 month ago)
I love this phone. I just got it 2 days ago after my s7 edge blew up on me so I got the s8 as a replacement
I NMTB (1 month ago)
Its super sexyy
Gavin Schleich (1 month ago)
Would you recommend this over the google pixel 2?
Jin Yang (1 month ago)
copycat company, just making hw beautiful.
AllAboutLifestyle (1 month ago)
The s8 actually has a Super Amoled display, not Oled :)
RoshanGamer (1 month ago)
Great Phone revieuw but what you could do better is on the end of every phone revieuw give it a rating example. S8 10 out of 10 stars. Or Iphone 7 plus 10 out 10 stars
Mohamed Siyadh (1 month ago)
I wish to buy s8+ from the day it released...I saved every penny i can to buy this phone....Is it good to buy this phone now??? will it be good for long term use
Mohamed Siyadh (24 days ago)
Erwin Cruz yeah I bought it and I'm happy
Erwin Cruz (24 days ago)
Mohamed Siyadh u won’t regret it if u buy it
bajrang rahul Karre (1 month ago)
hi I'm Rahul from india.. pls let me know which is better note 8 or s8 (Samsung devices).
v cxv cxvxcv (1 month ago)
lg g6 man
Dado dira (1 month ago)
For me sony xz premium and Moto z are the best designe phones
OrangestApple (1 month ago)
Hi Marques. Just bought an S8 and was wondering if you use a screen protector and if so, what brand
WassupGaming (1 month ago)
I get a Samsung Galaxy S8 ad right before watching this...
Chris B (1 month ago)
I just watched your review on the Galaxy S3 review and wow we have came a long way into technology
Charlie Wright (1 month ago)
You can remap the Bixby Button now after a recent update. The voice feature isn't brilliant but it's great for the widgets and shopping
the back button is on the left this time im triggerd lol not really, i love samsung
i love this one
Chris Wiken (1 month ago)
I enjoyed this review until the soft g
Tx - AV8ER (1 month ago)
A = Another P=
Inno Cent (1 month ago)
Nice one right there @mkbhd
I'm getting this phone tomorrow. Any warnings?
Daniel P (1 month ago)
Jaraxxus The swedish Eredar lord nope. I had my s8 since August and I haven’t had any issues with it
M. A. H. (1 month ago)
How you got the phone from Samsung for review?
MightySabean (1 month ago)
I am getting an iPhone x.. but I will need an android phone for super Mario on the snes emulator with my moga Pro .. might go with th s8 or note 8
Infinite Knight (1 month ago)
What computer chair is that?
Salem Saberhagen (1 month ago)
man my iphone 5 and eve 1st gen itouch has better standby time
MongEatingMung (1 month ago)
Watched on my Note Edge :3
christopher Roldan (1 month ago)
I am watching this in my Samsung galaxy s8 love this phone
Vinay Kumar (1 month ago)
Goody good

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