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NTSB: Southwest jet landed nose first at LaGuardia

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The NTSB says the nose gear hit the ground first when a Southwest jet crash-landed at LaGuardia Airport. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Keith Purdue (1 month ago)
Usually you want to land nose first, not tail first. The nose should be ahead of the tail.
MasterAustin50 YT (1 month ago)
What is the world is going with Southwest Airlines there planes keep blowing apart these now and then
Stephen R. Resler (1 month ago)
The Crap News Network strikes again. How 'bout waiting for the full NTSB Report before you armchair quarterback the pilots on an aircraft with a blown engine, casualties in the rear, bad weather, cock-pit indicators going haywire.
Christos (1 month ago)
Fake ! Fake news! How is it possible in this day and age that there is no video of this supposed incident? All there is here is a blur of something. Intentional chaos ,lies and the lying liars telling them!
manifestgtr (1 month ago)
Good god, this chick is retarded hot... She’s one of those chicks who make you go “who? whaaa? oh yeah....plane crash...”
Jeff Bryan (1 month ago)
a brave calm woman landed that cattle-truck with wings with an exploded engine and a big fucken hole in the fuselage and you pieces of slime criticize the landing?
Jeff corsiglia (2 months ago)
Lots of Monday quarterbacks on this video. Bet most just have model airplanes and computer simulators.
Rat Task (2 months ago)
How many accidents did south west have??
timothy whitmer (2 months ago)
CNN sucks
Donald Dolenc (2 months ago)
useless gun haters! I HATE YOU CNN
Leafpool 737 (2 months ago)
I see a U.S. Airways tail. YAAAAAS!!!
Catira App (3 months ago)
Well, first of all, give the pilot props that it didnt freaking explode,. Even pilots learn avery day.
XXSLAYERGAMER (3 months ago)
Ryan air is roasted
Aussie 1 (3 months ago)
Derek’s Universe (3 months ago)
James Grant (3 months ago)
0.09 thanks Sherlock
J Santiago (3 months ago)
There is nothing wrong aborting landing and going around
itzjoshhy19 (4 months ago)
Southwest is shit when it comes to training their pilots. It was 100% pilot error. They're the most reckless, unsafe, and misinformed pilots in the airline industry. They make countless, simple errors all the time. The only thing I can think of, besides the fact that a 15 year old student pilot knows better to flare and touchdown with the mains, is that one of the idiots extended the last notch of flaps at the last minute, causing the nose to pitch forward. Either way, I hope they got their licenses revoked.
Forza Aviation (4 months ago)
She didn’t flare, that’s why
mikemoair (5 months ago)
I thought SW hired pilots who could land?
To think, all they had to do was switch names and get away with flying agian, and when you complained about this understanding, you got them over your house all day n night?
Michael Haeflinger (7 months ago)
If I want to learn what happened to this airline, I sure as hell wouldn’t watch CNN for anything accurate.
Jeff corsiglia (2 months ago)
Michael Haeflinger Then why are you here? Apparently your a closet CNN watcher who secretly has to watch because Fox news is fake. Or, you're just a Russian POS bot.
algorithm (3 months ago)
Joe Bramblett (3 months ago)
Well, they did get the part about it being an airplane right.
Maybe it’s Just me (4 months ago)
Michael Haeflinger ikr
TAV4000 (7 months ago)
he looked a bit fast
Dana Steele (8 months ago)
This entire plane was written off from this. There is no way that whole plane was damaged anywhere near a write off. Unless the front landing gear some how broke up the front of the plane.
Maybe it’s Just me (4 months ago)
Dana Steele are you serious...smh
jeremybr2020 (8 months ago)
Dana Steele Would you wanna go up in a plane that had once been in a crash landing? Even a minor one? There's to many factors that are now being put into play after an accident such as this. All it takes is one stress fracture in the wrong area to have catastrophic consequences. And those are extremely hard to find. So essentially you would have to do a total overhaul on the whole plane. Which is likely more expensive than the plane is worth. Hence the write off. Not to mention that if there was another crash after it gets put back into service then suddenly the lawsuits are double what they normally would be.
Mark The Zucc (10 months ago)
Why the fuck are they blaming the pilot for all of this it was landing gear failure Jesus christ
maxtanicfilms (11 months ago)
If you watch the video from inside the airplane (passenger view) they flew it onto the runway plain and simple. Poor approach will equal a bad landing most of the time if not worse and is why you simply bag it and go around. There can be many human factors that lead to this just don't make it worse by continuing a non stabilized approach. Fatigue, impatience, low fuel, ego, in a hurry to get home, poor CRM can all lead to poor judgement. My father and I have done a lot of GA flying over the years and have had some clunkers. Ran our 1955 C310 off the end of the runway one time back in the 70's. On a 2000 foot grass strip coming back from Vegas Dad didn't realize it had rained hard 30 min prior to touchdown and hydroplaned off the end. Never did that again.
theESTONvlog (11 months ago)
1pilot2000 (1 year ago)
What happened in the cockpit prior to landing? The pilots were suffering from a bad case of incompetence!
Kaylee Liles (1 year ago)
ive been with that airline before
Carlos Martinez (1 year ago)
Like always...blame it on the Pilot. I had been in worst landings at IAH with strong winds and Winter and wet runway hard landings. This was poor maintenance. 737 are tough.
Alex Hess (1 year ago)
You can only put all the gear down at once idiots. You don't put each gear down individually! Other than the gear failing to come down, that was a perfect landing.
King_fake (1 year ago)
This is why I don't like 737s
DA42PIC (1 year ago)
So here is the real reason for this incident directly from the NTSB report: "The captain was also provided refresher crew resource management (CRM) training in February 2010 as a result of complaints received by the chief pilot from first officers who had flown with her."
machine7269 (1 year ago)
fake news shut up black bitch
Alan (1 year ago)
Thanks for the news reporter clearing up you don't land nose first👍😂
fortress1133 (1 year ago)
This is why I don't watch CNN. He didn't land nose gear first. The nose gear gave out when the pilot brought the nose down. Then she goes on to question the angle of the flaps which were correct. CNN has become even more worthless since then.
Apricot Theory (1 year ago)
CNN = fakenews. If you know any CNN staff, report their address online. We must kill every single last one of these animals.
Louis Johnson (5 months ago)
Apricot Theory Good luck, they move every 5 years.
Dominique Stephenson (1 year ago)
Really!!!.....like we need to be told the main gear should touchdown before the nose-wheel. I guess we couldn't figure that out on our own! The media is so stupid when reporting aviation stories. Most of the time they dont know what they are looking at or talking about.
Tallishyeti27 (1 year ago)
The captain and FO were fighting over weather or not to go around because they were too fast on approach but the captian was in a hurry and wanted to land so the two started arguing and forgot to land the airplane. My mom was the southwest attorney that was assigned to the case.
Dee Kuz (1 year ago)
VV Kim Yes its the actual truth. Captain took over plane.
VV Kim (1 year ago)
Is this true? Intriguing. But do you have any source for that?
Jetmech01 (1 year ago)
Flaps were set for 30 degrees but airspeed was for 40 degrees.
AL Ian (1 year ago)
*Wolf Blitzer doing his best to blame it on the plane and not the retard who landed the plane nose first. Nice try Wolf! LMAO*
Spooky MGTOW (10 months ago)
AL Ian Jews and feminists fellatio each other.
onomana (1 year ago)
wat kind of evacuation is dis,...fricken disgraceful..wat a disgrace to da flight attendant community...DISGRACEFUL
Speedbird (1 year ago)
"Flaps were set 30 to 40 degrees 56 seconds before touchdown" YES THEY WERE! THAT IS NORMAL CONFIG FOR MOST 737 LANDINGS!
Chris B (1 month ago)
Actually that is incorrect. Flaps 30 is the typical landing configuration for the 737. Flaps 40 is for short runways, etc. (I've sat in the cockpit jumpseat on Southwest flights and discussed this with the pilots) (No, not the one behind the captain ;)). It's not the time before touchdown that matters. It's HAT (Height Above Touchdown). Most airlines, including my own, require that the airplane be in it's final configuration by 1000' HAT. Part of the stabilized approach concept. If you read the NTSB report the captain was apparently not happy with how the first officer was conducting the approach so she took the controls at 200' HAT, then, for reasons beyond my comprehension, pitched the airplane nose down on to the runway to force it to touch down. A student pilot on a solo flight knows better than to do that, much less a pilot with 12,000 hours of flight experience.
St Sabados (2 months ago)
Are you saying the flight gear was correct or not correct?
boss hog (4 months ago)
Speedbird you fly in the Bahamas?
Mike Halsall (1 year ago)
According to the NTSB report, flaps went to 40 only at 500' before TDZE after the captain noticed the profile didn't look quite right. SOP for SW requires fully stabilized approach at 1000', else go around. The report is worth taking a look over, as it's pretty interesting to see what seemingly small things went on in the cockpit to cause a $15M mess up: https://www.ntsb.gov/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/brief2.aspx?ev_id=20130723X13256&ntsbno=DCA13FA131&akey=1
Zachary Legaspi (1 year ago)
Always happens to me on kerbal space program
I remember this I was on that
Adrian Oquendo (1 year ago)
Kvng Christian I bet that was fun...
Diet_Crack (2 years ago)
Fuck this newscaster, "these are the basics of landing" "it's the first thing you learn" - no shit sherlock, the pilots know this. They've only been trained to make landings over hundreds of hours. There's tons of factors as to why this could have happened. In short, fuck CNN and everyone associated with it with their sensationalized bullshit.
Maddie Rose (10 months ago)
Diet_Crack i know right?! i knew how a plane was supposed to be landed and i sure ain't no pilot and don't have intentions on being one!
Airbus_Aviation (1 year ago)
Damn, chill out.
willw2242 (2 years ago)
+Diet_Crack read the NTSB report. the captain was fired from Southwest. they continued with an unstable landing long after they should have called a go-around according to airline procedures.
madpilot01 (2 years ago)
How stupid and childish is this news commentator... I mean really.... she acts if we are all stupid...
Aaron Hall (2 years ago)
+madpilot01 its CNN go figure
KevinAero (2 years ago)
I heard a women flew it
A Smith 24vegan (2 months ago)
KevinAero i heard a woman just landed a southwest plane that had catastrophic engine failure.
Jeff corsiglia (2 months ago)
Okay, woman is singular and women is plural for one. Let's just thank the Lord you weren't flying it.
Pants Up Don't Loot (3 months ago)
True, and an AA pilot in the jumpseat.
Awesome But Just a Gamer (4 months ago)
Ok. A woman flew a plane? She just some how saved people on that flight? Jesus.
KXNG LEVII DA DORITO (9 months ago)
Nobody nothing was wrong bitch
marshalcraft (2 years ago)
Looks to me like the landing gear failed. I feel fairly certain that the main's touched down first. And they are blaming it on the pilot. Also I had heard the pilot may have been a women, there are other videos of southwest pilots displaying sexism. Judging by southwest's methods of handling it, that is shoveling it under a rug, I would not be surprised if it is rampid in aviation. But reguardless of that. I looked at several videos and it seems it is possible to work out exactly the pitch of the aircraft and thus determine if nose gear had in fact touched down first. But to me it looks like it hadn't.
Southwest Airlines (2 years ago)
+marshalcraft it is possible
marshalcraft (2 years ago)
+Southwest Airlines what about the co-pilot angrily releasing control of the aircraft, possibly shoving the yoke forward? Or in any case not taking caution in transfering control. I argue that because the transition in control it was both pilot's faults or at least the co-pilot is responsible as well.
Southwest Airlines (2 years ago)
+marshalcraft yes but It was the pilots fault because the nose gear touched down first instead of the main gear. The pilot forced the nose down first. It was most certainly not mechanical failure. By the way I fly for southwest.
corisco tupi (2 years ago)
+Wesley Holt Exactly what I thought when I saw the video from the inside.
Wesley Holt (2 years ago)
+marshalcraft watch the videos from inside the plane, the pilot didn't flare upon landing which is why the gear failed.
Richard Phillips (3 years ago)
That's why I ride greyhound...
lool lool (3 years ago)
Suck my hairy balls CNN
windh (3 years ago)
@TheStockDok yep, they have flaps 40. That's full flaps on the 737NGs. If there's some tail wind or a short runway, then 40 can be used with advantage. 30 is probably the most common setting for normal landings around the world.
YouOnlyLiveTwice (3 years ago)
I can't imagine 'OOPS' would have been a sufficient enough explanation from the captain afterwards.
tigersfan14 (3 years ago)
I've read a few online forums frequented by pilots about this crash and they noted the Captain was fired by SWA afterwards. She took control of the plane away from the FO seconds before touchdown and is heard on the CVR telling the FO "here let me show you how it should be done". Taking over control right before touchdown is a big no no.
Central Scrutinizer (1 year ago)
...........now that's interesting.
DavidMD5 (3 years ago)
mainstream sux (3 years ago)
I would rather get the news of this from TMZ than CNN or Foxnews. Those two would milk every ounce of possible tragedy, errors, 737 schematics, landing gear experts, runway experts, meteorologists, and on and on until no one any longer gave a shit. Or 5 minutes later, in other words.
yeah I was wondering, on the footage shot from inside the plane during the landing, it didn't look like the pilot flared for landing as usual. It looked more like the plane swooped towards the ground nose first, you could see the descent rate seemed to be increasing just before the landing, where it would normally be decreasing. It looked like the pilot was desperately trying to get the plane on the ground to avoid a go-around. 
LandRoverWay23 (3 years ago)
How can a pilot make that big of mistake? maybe he hit all the wheels at the same time with a hard landing and the front wheel collapsed.
Kpoole25 (2 years ago)
+alan jackson Not necessarily, the airline must evaluate the pilots skill and knowledge of the aircraft, instruments and FAA policies or if they fly to international locations they must understand the countries regulations, its just how the law works.
Nikola16789 (2 years ago)
+alan jackson Oh, you are talking about auto approach. It makes sense.
alan jackson (2 years ago)
+Nikola16789 ILS (instruments) is normally used for landing with reduced visibility due to fog and there are different ILS categories based on how far visibility is in metres. ILS can be fully automated to land the plane. The southwest pilots probably intercept a glide slope becon and keep the plane on auto pilot until just before landing.
Nikola16789 (2 years ago)
+alan jackson I'm still not sure I understand? They cannot be at ILS bellow 250ft? What is full, and what is partial ILS approach?
alan jackson (2 years ago)
+Kpoole35™ That's a stupid policy. Pilot should have control prior to the reaching 500fts minimums unless conditions dictate a full ILS approach. That's how your pilots de-skill and lose the feel of the aircraft in changeable weather conditions. Good job I'm not American... Don't think I'd fly SW
pjzdreamz (3 years ago)
I really hate these armchair quarterbacks and the "experts" who feed them more incendiary speculative fuel with their comments. The flight recorders and crew interviews haven't even been collected yet, much less reviewed. This is why the FAA and NTSB take so long to investigate Everything.
Hugh Lusignan (3 years ago)
I have flown on many commercial jets in my time, and I know at Southwest they do have some pilots that handle aircraft very rough on landings.  Thank goodness most SW pilots are very good at landing their aircraft.
Mega Davis (3 years ago)
The first officer didn't like how the approach was going at 500 feet; the Captain took over and forced the issue - too high, too fast, unstable, short runway. She should have abandoned the approach and gone around. The culture at Southwest frowns on this action - going around - or at least it used to. I believe she lost her job, however. I heard the first officer sarcastically said to her after the airplane got stopped: "Nice job, Captain." Don't know if that's true or not.
TheStockDok (3 years ago)
Terrorism ...  Clearly ;) - I bought my Cessna cheap because of a collapsed nose gear.  It happens. 40 deg of flaps? on a 737? - anyone know if they have that range?
Major Bjork (5 months ago)
TheStockDok yep that’s full flaps on a 737
James Murphy (4 years ago)
Southwest pilots only need 200hrs of pc flight simulator training.
Kenneth Billis (4 years ago)
I'm assuming the NTSB determined the cause of this accident and most of the comments below are based on their report and are entirely irrelevant or the contributor is demonstrating that the NTSB is a waste of money!
Scott Reeves (4 years ago)
Sounds like the pilot needed to go back to pilot school to learn how to land a plane correctly. No wonder the front landing gear gave way!! It could have been much worse. 
R Martin (4 years ago)
To the female and other journalist: YOUR A FUCKING RETARD!!!!  Learn to give the news.....IDIOTS!!!
Ben Schaeffer (4 years ago)
It could have been MUCH worse....
Henry Falkner (4 years ago)
Lots of speculation, and no information.
Spooky MGTOW (10 months ago)
Henry Falkner because a woman is liable here.Thats why.
VentureCapitalist202 (4 years ago)
Fucking Idiot Pilots.
Richard Kennedy (3 years ago)
Hahaha loner
VentureCapitalist202 (4 years ago)
You like Big Balls in your mouth Dickface.
Luis Silva (4 years ago)
+VentureCapitalist202 you go fuck your self bitch
VentureCapitalist202 (4 years ago)
+Luis Silva Go F*** Yourself. 
Luis Silva (4 years ago)
Nathaniel Smith (4 years ago)
Unstable approach that should have been aborted? High sink rate plus crappy flare? Shouldn't there be enough procedural safeguards to avoid this kind of thing by now? Crappy pilot training?
dylan160w (4 years ago)
True on all counts, but could have been a microburst.
BProduction222 (4 years ago)
He was too fast which led to when he had to flare for landing it would have made him climb due to high speeds.
JordanCO_ TV (1 year ago)
Not really that. More of fast taxing xD
BProduction222 (4 years ago)
haha sounds about right
Joe Oh (4 years ago)
Typical of Southwest pilots to approach too fast on the final
YourRealDaddy100 (4 years ago)
Death traps
YourRealDaddy100 (2 years ago)
that is true but i can't do it man lol
RnB NerdyGeek (2 years ago)
+YourRealDaddy100 overall, safest way to travel
jeff henley (4 years ago)
reply to paperconcepts; The American Airlines pilot was in the flight deck jumpseat commuting to or from work. This flight deck jumpseat is located directly above the the nose landing gear strut, during impact the strut was compressed into the pilots jumpseat braking his back.
TheStockDok (3 years ago)
Do you have a source?
Jack Strek (4 years ago)
I always suspected this to be pilot error in one of the passenger video's it looks like the pilot was coming in fast and went down to fast and forgot to raise the plane as he or she was landing.
matthew pakozdy (4 years ago)
I agree if you dont "flare" the plane and slow it the hell down on landing your screwed
darklinkjr12 (4 years ago)
Its called a flare stupid lady
HBCertified (4 years ago)
the pilot got fired... I wonder what happend, did he do it on purpose?
Spooky MGTOW (10 months ago)
HBCertified he was a she.PMS....surely.
davlber221 (4 years ago)
SOUTHWEST Airlines are poorly managed and maintenance of planes is extremely poor!!! WORST AIRLINES IN AMERICA!!!!
cuban121783 (4 years ago)
Do you realize that video wasn't taken by any media's camera, but instead by a security camera or a cell phone >>>> I really don't think it was CNN OR NTSB
PilotRyan1533 (4 years ago)
"I can tell you it is not supposed to go that way" -Well gosh, I had no Idea..
paperconcepts (4 years ago)
How did an American Airlines pilot get involved with this scenario involving a Southwest plane?
brandons72vette (4 years ago)
An American Airlines pilot was injured pretty bad in this. He said that the female captain was a severe bitch, had a long history of complaints from pilots, and thought she was something else. The NTSB is building a case against the female captain. She was from CA and had only flown into NYC twice in her lifetime. Way to go SouthWorst!
Chris Addison (4 years ago)
Also reported by NTSB: "SWA 345 proceeded on the approach when at a point below 400 feet, there was an exchange of control of the airplane and the captain became the flying pilot and made the landing." Hmmmmm
Chris Addison (4 years ago)
Flaps full at 56 seconds out is acceptable in the right conditions. They take about 6-7 seconds to configure, add another 15-20 for the pitch adjustment and there is still plenty of time to position and flare for touchdown. The GPWS callouts should have given them all the notice they needed......unless the alt was incorrectly set ?
Jeff corsiglia (2 months ago)
Everyone is suddenly an expert
javacup912 (4 years ago)
If the statement/rumor with the flap change from 30 to 40 degrees seconds before the incident turns out true, then it makes sense that it was "driven to the runway" Flap configuration changes, at any speed, causes the nose to pitch down, and also causes a drop in speed (due to extra drag) but not knowing facts about the aircraft speed, attitude, and altitude, it's just speculation based on first hand knowledge and experience on type.
iamJahwill (8 months ago)
Only if you increase flaps do you slow down or maybe drop the nose if you don't compensate while the flaps go down.Standard procedure to increase if approach is a little fast due to wind or a lot of other things.
CoasttoCoast AM (4 years ago)
In the aviation world this is what we call driving the plane on the runway
iamJahwill (8 months ago)
no,driving on the runway is taxiing.lol
Forrest Colby (4 years ago)
@LiverpoolFC YNWA you're right is it called flare its where pilots pull back the yoke 5-10 feet above the runway so that the nose gear doesn't get damaged
DannygsfgTV (4 years ago)
This isn't a crash this is just a nose gear collapse
Marko San (4 years ago)
Its called flare, but yeah two clear video evidence here, one is the amateur footage from inside the cabin, the pilot was going a little too fast and steep plus nose first = this.
johnnytheprick (4 years ago)
nope, it was Sum Ting Wong.
shmbbrkr (4 years ago)
the lead pilot was captain morgan and his crew of johnnie walker black, jack daniels, jose cuervo, and bud weiser.
Ryan Duong (4 years ago)
Dude thats racist and those r not the names of the piloit
JBofBrisbane (4 years ago)
Have you thought that this is a digital zoom of a small part of a wider angle shot, caught completely fortuitously? Put that next to your "Photoshop and lie" theory and apply Occam's Razor.
blu3cobra (4 years ago)
i am going to be in this airport very soon, not that worried though
NismoFury (4 years ago)
You racist fucks need to shut up. This is an american airline with white pilots. So stop with the asian mockery. Turns out you are just as prone to error also so shut up and grow up. Where are all the jokes for this? Wheres the mockery of white names? I see why black ppl hate whites so much.
chopkiller96 (4 years ago)
I think Snowden is inside..
Ksler's R/T (4 years ago)
I don't believe shit the CNN or the NTSB has to say.. For fucks sakes you have MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and that shitty fucking video is the best you can do? Replace those piece of shit half megapixel cams with something worth a shit. Oh but wait if the quality of the picture sucks major dick its easier to Photoshop and lie about it. Fuck bunch of crooks CNN NTSB the NSA CIA and anything government related
Wearis MoE (4 years ago)
plasticiconoclastic (4 years ago)
I think they're just vogue right now; like, it's possible they happen often -- train derailments, plane crashes, etc. -- but haven't been made so focal before as they are now with this steadily more media oriented world we're living in. It's kind of like the heavily covered court cases that draw national (international, sometimes) attention, but the case in and of itself isn't really unique.
Vullnet Selimi (4 years ago)
WTF is up with all these plane crashes it's like someone is behind all of them
Scott Roth (4 years ago)

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